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Love Thy Family

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(CANCELLED) After resigning from the Navy SEALS, Derrick Desmond wants to have a normal life with his seventeen year old sister, Cathy. When he went to the bar with a friend, Cathy is ambushed by men and Derrick gets worried. When he arrives home, there is a note, but no sister. An Irish woman named Teila O'Malley knows who took them and is there to help Derrick get his sister back.

Teila still remembers that dreadful day four years ago. She watched her family and town get killed by the same men that took Derrick's sister. She wants to help him get his sister back, also get her revenge. Along the way, Derrick and Teila finds themselves attracted to each other, more than they should. Will they get his sister back? Will Teila get her revenge? Will the attraction go further than expected? View table of contents...


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*A/N: Hey guys, sorry it took me so long to upload this. Its kind of short, but its just warming up! Enjoy!*
Chapter 2
Welcome Back to Ireland
I packed everything I need to head out to Ireland. Teila is cleaning Jonathon's head wound and he is crying like a little bitch. "THAT HURTS!" Jonathon said and I laughed at him.
"For the way you introduced yourself to me earlier today, you're a pussy!" I said and he rolled his eyes.
"I am no pussy, man! I just hate people messing with my wounds!"
"Quit your whining!" Teila said and she finished the last stitch in his head and let go. "There you go, fresh and new!" Jonathon touched her stitching work and nodded.
"Thanks, so Derrick, what is the plan?"
"Teila and I are heading to Ireland and get Cathy back," I said and he stood up, I know exactly what he's going to ask and its no. He is not coming with us! "No, you need to stay here in the States, in case they come asking for us," I said and he sighed.
"I hope she's okay dude. I really like her." I nodded and Teila and I left my house and headed for the airport, well, I had to make a quick stop first. "Teila, do you care if I stop at my friend Owen's place? He needs to know what's going on," I said and she nodded. I pulled in front of his house and he walked out and he looks scared.
"How's Cathy?" He asked and I shook my head.
"Remember four years ago, the mission to Ireland?" I asked and Marjorie, his wife, opened the door and asked if we wanted to come inside and Teila, myself and Owen went inside. She gave us all something to drink and Owen sat down beside me.
"Ireland? That's the one we had to abort because we couldn't find the general, right?" Owen said and I nodded.
"His men took Cathy, they kidnapped her. Teila and I are going over there and getting her back. Teila's family was killed by the same men that took my sister, she knows everything about them," I said and Marjorie covered her mouth and Owen shook his head.
"Do you need any help from me? I can get you some ammo, rides….anything! I can get you some money as well," Owen said and Marjorie nodded.
"We can really use all three right now. We need plane tickets to Dublin for tonight," Teila said and I agreed. Marjorie got on her laptop and got two one way tickets to Dublin, Ireland and Owen paced the room.
"Why Cathy? Why did he take Cathy?" Owen said and I shook my head.
"He wrote a note saying he knew me and I know him. I must have done something to piss him off," I shrugged my shoulders and Teila and I stood up and I hugged Marjorie and hugged my friend.
"If you need help over there, give me a call. I owe you one!" Owen said and I smiled.
"That sounds good man, I sure will give you a call."
"Eleven o'clock red eye to Dublin is now departing," The announcer said and Teila and I grabbed our bags and we went down the hallway and got on the plane. I sat down and Teila immediate put her ear phones in for her iPod. Huh, not much of a talker ain't she? I grabbed a picture of myself and Cathy right before I joined the navy and she was just in pre-school then. Cathy was a total surprise to our family, but a joy to have around. I still remember her running up to me when I graduated from boot camp and hugging me. I sighed and slipped the picture back in my pocket. "We will get her back, promise," Teila said and I nodded.
"She's all I have left," I said and she nodded.
"I had to move to Dublin after my family was killed, to my aunt and uncles. They all I have left too. They told me we can bunk with them when we get over there." The plane ascended into the air and we stayed silent the whole flight.
We reached Dublin, Ireland about five hours later. It was four in the morning my time, but its lunch time in Ireland. "Hungry? We can get a bite to eat at my aunt's place before we start looking for Cathy," Teila said and I nodded to agree. I rather sleep first, then eat, then find Cathy. The taxi took us to this very nice neighborhood and we walked in and a woman, probably in her fifties with graying brunette hair, smiled at us.
"Top o' the morning to you two! I made some potato cakes!" She said and Teila smiled really big and told me to sit down.
"Nona, this is Derrick Desmond…the man I told you about. They took his sister like I thought they would," Teila said and Nona frowned.
"That's sad, a good lunch will do you good young man! Eat!" I took a bite of the potato cake and it tastes pretty good. Teila's aunt gave Teila the same thing and gave us both a cup of tea.
"Garrett should be here in a few minutes. He ran to the store," Nona said and I nodded. Teila smiled at me as she took a sip of her tea and a huge red headed man came in and he has a deep voice.
"Teila and Derrick here yet?" Garrett said and I swallowed my food.
"Yes sir…I am Derrick," I said and shook his hand and he smiled.
"What a strong looking lad we got here!" His accent is not Irish, it's actually Scottish!
"Excuse my Uncle, he is actually a Scot," Teila said and I laughed.
"Well, I love it here in Dublin, better then Edinburgh!" I laughed and he sat down beside me and Nona gave him his lunch and it got quiet…eerie quiet.
"So…when was the last time you we're in Ireland?" Garrett asked me.
"Four years, when I rescued Teila," I said and Teila nodded.
"You're the lad that saved her? Well, thank you for saving our niece for us. So what's the plan?"
"Um, get my sister?"
"I mean, how are you going to get her?"
"Uncle, we had a long flight, we want to sleep," Teila said and he nodded.
"Go get some sleep!" My pleasure!
"Several of the soliders go to this club at night. I think we need to approach them and interrogate them," Teila said and I nodded. She is wearing a cherry red tight dress with matching heels. Her beautiful red hair matches the color of the dress. She is dressed to go to this club! I feel my cock stir to life and I looked at her parted lips as she talked about the soliders and how we are going to interrogate them. I am highly distracted, I want her legs wrapped around me, her pussy riding me. God lee, I want Teila!
"Derrick, are you there? We really need to get going! The club opens in fifteen minutes!" Teila said and I shook my head and begged for my cock to go down. How am I going to work with her if I want to fuck her like an animal?


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