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Love Thy Family

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(CANCELLED) After resigning from the Navy SEALS, Derrick Desmond wants to have a normal life with his seventeen year old sister, Cathy. When he went to the bar with a friend, Cathy is ambushed by men and Derrick gets worried. When he arrives home, there is a note, but no sister. An Irish woman named Teila O'Malley knows who took them and is there to help Derrick get his sister back.

Teila still remembers that dreadful day four years ago. She watched her family and town get killed by the same men that took Derrick's sister. She wants to help him get his sister back, also get her revenge. Along the way, Derrick and Teila finds themselves attracted to each other, more than they should. Will they get his sister back? Will Teila get her revenge? Will the attraction go further than expected? View table of contents...


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*A/N: Hey guys. Sorry I took so long. I have a lot shit happen the past week. First, lost my job, stuff happened between my sister-in-law and myself, and I just been stressed. This is my new story, hope you enjoy. Nothing like VERY action-y happens, but shit does go down. I promise that they will be killing, action, sex, love...the whole bit, with this story!*
Chapter 1
What Is Going on Here?
"Welcome Home Sailor!" My seventeen year old sister, Cathy Desmond, said as she ran into my arms. I laughed as she knocked me on the ground and I held her tight in my arms. I have not seen her in seven months and it about killed me. I am her sole guardian since our parents passed away two years ago. She has to be taken care of by our neighbor. "You here for good?" She asked, her big blue eyes shining into mine.
"Yes, I put in my papers two days ago. I am done with the Navy Seals!" I said and she squeaked and jumped into my arms. Cathy and I have a thirteen year age difference, she was a surprise baby. I still remember walking in and Mom holding her in her arms.
"I want you to meet my friends and boyfriend…"
"Wait, boyfriend?" I gave her a skeptical look and she giggled. I am not use to having my baby sister to having boyfriends. She wrote me once saying she is dating this Jonathon Wiseman dude for about four months now.
"Silly, I told you about him! Come on, they are inside!" She grabbed my hand and dragged my thirty year old body inside and all her friends and Jonathon ran up to me.
"Oh my God, she was telling the truth!" One girl, name Sally, said.
"He is so hot!" The other girl, Beth, said and I rolled my eyes. Great, I hate having seventeen year old girls gawking at me. I looked down at Jonathon and he is smiling at me.
"So, you're Derrick, the big tough Navy Seal," Jonathon said and I jerked back, wow, what a mouth!
"Yes, I am Derrick, the EX Navy seal, I am home for good," I said and he nodded.
"Baby, don't be so harsh on him. My bubba is a hero!" Cathy said and I smiled at her and kissed her forehead.
"I am going to settle in and I might hit the bar with some friends," I said and she nodded. I walked up stairs to my old bedroom and it's same as I left it. I sat my duffle bag down and put my clothes up and dropped on the bed. Shit, it feels good to be home!
"DERRICK DESMOND, FINALLY HOME!" A drunk guy name Mike said and I smiled at him and nodded. "How does it feel to be back in Redford again?" He asked, mentioning our small Maryland town.
"Wonderful, man, can I enjoy my beer?" I asked and he nodded. I heard the door open and my ex-partner in the Seals, Owen Laws. He is the same age as me and he is six foot one and two hundred pounds of solid African American muscle. He almost reminds me of a linebacker. He dropped the Seals last year for his family. "Well, Derrick, you finally got out!" Owen said and I raised my glass of Bud Light.
"Fucking finally, I got tired of the killing and the blood, and not knowing where I'm going," I said and Owen nodded.
"Also, not knowing if you're coming home. That's what I hated the most. I wondered if I get to come home and see my kids again."
"Same with me, bro. Cathy is all I got, my baby sister!" Owen raised his glass and I heard the door bell ding and a beautiful red headed woman with blue eyes walked in. She looks too young to be in here, maybe twenty? She looked around and she seems confused. "Hey there miss, can I help you?" The bartender said and she walked over and she looked straight at me and I almost got a instant hard-on. I am semi-hard just staring at her now! How long has it been since I got laid? I think almost a year!
"Yes, I need to find Richmond Street," She said with a VERY strong Irish accent. Richmond Street? That's where I live!
"Uh, miss, I can show you where that is at, I live on Richmond Street," I said with a smile.
"Well, show me later after I have a drink," She said and smiled.
"Let me see your ID, missy," The bartender said and she handed him her ID, confused. I guess she is not accustomed to our laws of alcohol drinking.
"Miss O'Malley…"
"Call me Teila!" Teila said and I smiled, what a lovely name, Teila O'Malley.
"Teila, I don't know where you come from, but in the United States, the legal age to drink is twenty-one, and you're twenty."
"Come on, barkeep, can you give me one tiny drink? I am going to be twenty-one in like, five months!" Teila bashed her long eye lashes at him and he gave in.
"Derrick, Owen, you didn't see me do this. What is your poison?" Teila smiled and ordered an Irish Whisky and he poured her a glass. She chugged it down and smiled. She turned her eyes on us, mainly on me and tilted her head on the side.
"So…you live on Richmond Street…" Teila said and I grinned.
"Derrick Desmond, and yes, all my life. Who are you visiting down there? Its nothing but a residential area," I said and she sighed.
"An old friend of mine…" my phone rang and its Cathy.
"I'll be back dude, it's Cathy," I said and excused myself from Teila and walked out the bar an answered.
"What is it…" I said and I can hear pant like she is scared.
"Derrick, there is men outside!" Cathy said and my heart raced a little. It could be the neighbors having friends over.
"It could be some friends of the neighbors, Cathy."
"No, Derrick, they are in black SUVs and they are wearing shades and very nice suits and they are staring at this house! I am so scared!" Now I am getting worried!
"Cathy, go to the bedroom and…"I heard something crash through the window and Cathy scream.
"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! MY BROTHER IS ON THE WAY!" She screamed and the line went dead. I ran inside and grabbed my things.
"Something is happening at my house, I'll be back later!" I said and Owen stood up and he grabbed his things.
"Need me to come dude?" Owen said and I shook my head.
"I am sure it's a prank or something. I will call if I need you." God, I hope it's just a prank!
"Is everything okay? Can you show me the way?" Teila asked with worry in her eyes.
"Um, sorry, I would but I got to check on my sister. She is only seventeen." She nodded and sat back down.
I ran out and got on my Harley and drove as fast as I can down the crowded street, with people honking at me. I made it to the street and I see no SUV around my house or anywhere. I parked my bike and I see a hole in the window, a size of a brick. I ran up the stairs and the door has been kicked in. "Cathy, Cathy where are you?" I said and I ran up the stairs, to her bedroom and she is not there. "CATHY!!!" I yelled and ran all over the house, she is no where in sight. When I made it to the living room where the brick was thrown, I see a note.
I know who you are, Derrick Desmond, and you know me. Your sister is with us. Come find her, and she is dead.
I sat down on the couch and wrinkled the paper in my hand. I heard somebody open the door and I jerked up and it's…Teila? "Teila, what are you doing here?" I asked and she walked inside, looking around.
"Looks like his doing here. They took her, didn't they?" Teila said and I got confused.
"They? Who are they?" I asked and she sat down beside me.
"Did she say the men we're in black SUVs, wearing shades and nice suits?"
"Then it's them. I tried to come and warn you…"
"Warn me…of them? Who the fuck are they and what do they plan to do with Cathy? Who the fuck are you?" Teila stood up and she walked around the room. She has a small Irish Celtic tattoo on the back of her neck and she is very pale and slender.
"First let me tell you about them. They work for the Northern Irish Government. They took over all over Ireland five years ago. Four years ago, I remember your team coming into Ireland…"
"Shit, that's why he put that he knew me…is it General Brand?" She nodded, agreeing and I sagged back.
"We never found him, we had to abort mission."
"I remember you as well. You came to my town right after they attacked and killed everybody, except for me and a few others. They killed my family…" She sighed and she wiped a tear from her eyes. "Do you remember rescuing a teenage girl from a cellar of a house?"
"Yes, I actually do…that was you?" She nodded and then she looked like she had an idea. "Have you checked outside?" We ran though the kitchen and went to the backyard, Cathy is not here, but Jonathon is. He is unconscious and has a nasty bump on the back of his head. I kneeled down and smacked his cheek and he woke up and jerked. "What the fuck?" Jonathon said looking at both of us.
"Jonathon, did you see anything? Cathy got kidnapped, did you see the men?" I said and Jonathon stood up and brushed the dirt off of his sweat shirt.
"No, I came out here for a cigarette and then, I felt pain at the back of my head and I got knocked out. Who took her?"
"Some men I tried to track down four years ago and never found. Teila here dealt with them before…"
"And I am going to help him find Cathy and kill those son of a bitches that killed my family!" Teila said and I just stared at her. Well, she does know them, might as well let her help me get my sister back!


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