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Kickstart My Heart

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) Pippa Wilson is a high sprung, sarcastic eighteen year old. Tyson Cassidy has an ego the size of Texas due to his hometown racing fame. One night at the race track changed Pippa and Tyson's life forever. View table of contents...


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*A/N: Hey everyone! I updated fast didn't I? This chapter is longer, like I promised. There is one more chapter and it might be up by tomorrow night or Saturday one. I will publish Character Pictures of my new novel, Hungry For Love. This story is much different than the others I wrote, even though the title seems lovey dovey! Thanks for all the fans and reads and I love you all. Oh yeah, there is song lyrics in here and I did copy and paste from a website, my mind is too slow to try and listen and write down the lyrics. Read on my friends and make sure to comment :)*
Chapter 9
Tyson is okay. He has a sprained wrist that is wrapped with an ACE bandage and a few scratches that just needed cleaning. I stayed the night over at his place and we didn't have sex, dammit! The next day, Tyson and I went to his garage where Mack towed his car there. Tyson winched to see his car basically totaled.
"Looks like you are done for the season, Ty!" Jason said and he slapped his shoulder.
"Who needs racing anyways? Racing is just an hobby of mine. I might quit for a while," Tyson said and I looked at him. Did these past few weeks really change him that much?
"Really Ty, you really want to quit racing?" I asked and he smiled at me and wrapped his arms around me.
"The old me would be killing me right now, but yeah, I think I will be a mechanic and fix the race cars around here for a living. I was not getting rich anyways, NASCAR probably got turned off anyways when they seen me wreck. At least Jason finally won," Tyson said and Jason leaned against the car.
"Only because you wrecked, Ty," Jason said and Tyson walked to his friend and placed his hands on his shoulders and smiled.
"No, I think I was ready to call it quits. Even though we only been here for a year, I know racing is not meant for me," Tyson said and I smiled. I have a feeling that I am involved with him quitting racing, but I don't care. If he races, I will be there by his side and if he quits, well he quit. I sat around the garage for the rest of the day and everything went smoothly. Mom and Tom wanted me home this evening, so I went home without Tyson by my side. I told them about Tyson quitting and they really didn't have a reaction.
"Well, racing is just for hobbyist anyways, except for professional racers," Tom said putting a mouth full of collard greens in his mouth.
"Maybe you coming into his life made him realize about life. Maybe he wants to settle down and be an adult," Mom said and I smiled. That sounds like what I thought of Tyson's reason. May came over an hour later because we needed that girl time. Sitting in a café before a race is NOT girl time. We laid around and watched TV in my room and then we began to paint our toe nails. I told her about Tyson quitting and she smiled.
"Jason said that he wants one good season before he quits. Jason told me about Tyson quitting and I was pretty shocked to hear that. That Brown dude would totally milk that story up," May said and I groaned.
"I really hate that Brown, ya know? He needs a life other than trying to ruin others," I said and she laughed.
"Wonder if he is going to write about Tyson's accident."
"Probably and I actually want to see what he wrote about it." The next morning, May and I went to the nearest store and got a local newspaper and seen that Brown has two articles. One about the race, of course, and special column. We read the race one first.
Tyson Cassidy had a bad accident Saturday Night. As all of Lexington knows, I have been at his heels ever since he came to town and began taking all the races. As you may know also, NASCAR came Saturday. Tyson Cassidy will not be going to NASCAR this round. I have a feeling that because of Pippa Wilson, his girlfriend and so-called "love of his life", I think he will quit racing. I think also, due to Miss Wilson, she distracted Tyson to wreck. He cannot keeps his eyes and hands off of her. I bet his pants don't stay zipped for long! Tyson is ruining his career over this eighteen year old recent high school graduate. Yes, she may be pretty, but he could have done better. Come on, eighteen years old and Tyson is like what, twenty-six years old! Tyson is a wonderful racer and hope to see him race after he fixes the pistons on his car. Maybe next time NASCAR rolls around Harris Speedway, he will get his big chance.
"Are you serious? He basically called you a whore!" May said and I am just staring at the column. What is his problem with me and Tyson? Is our relationship stronger than his so called marriage?
"Do you want to see the special one?" May asked and I nodded. We flipped the pages and seen it.
Well, my readers of Lexington, Virginia, I am resigning my position as head reporter of The Lexington News. My wife of three years has a better job awaiting in Roanoke and we are moving. I will admit something, I hate this town. It's small and boring other than Tyson Cassidy. I wanted to get famous through him, but it ain't happening. He will quit over Pippa Wilson and I hate that. I didn't enjoy writing for this town and hope the next sucker to get this position will actually enjoy it!
I dropped the newspaper on the floor and I am in shell shock. I cannot believe he actually said that in the newspaper and they printed it! The editor-in-chief had to see this. Maybe Brown got away with shit that regular, nice reporters could get fired over. He right out blame me for Tyson's accident, basically calling me a whore to all Lexington and right out telling us that he hates this town.
"He has only been married for three years. Who can stand that man? He must have a huge dick and very good in bed!" May said and I laughed.
"Probably, but good riddance to James Brown!" I said as I threw the newspaper away and May said the same thing, GOOD RIDDANCE TO JAMES BROWN!
I went back to the garage and Candy, the little girl from the race, is there. I smiled and when she seen me, she ran over and hugged me.
"Tyson is a sweetheart, and mama doesn't believe the newspaper dude," Candy said and I smiled.
"Well, that man is very mean anyways," I said and we walked over and I kissed Tyson and Candy looked at us and I leaned over to Tyson's ear and whispered,
"Give her a kiss on a cheek, it will make her day. She has a crush on you." Tyson just smiled, leaned down and picked her up, and planted a kiss on her chubby cheek. Candy giggled and blushed.
"Well, you are a sweet little girl, Candy, but my heart belongs to Pippa Wilson," Tyson said and Candy smiled.
"You two are cute together and I am too young anyways, I am only nine years old!" I laughed and I hugged her. This cute red headed girl really enlightened my spirits. I took her home and when I returned to the garage, everybody is gone, but Tyson. He waved a finger at me to tell me to follow him and when I followed him to the back room with all the car parts, I gasped. He has set up a romantic table, but the food is barbeque take out. He has pulled pork on a bun, slaw and fries on both plates and a red wine in plastic wine glasses.
"Come on, sit down," Tyson said and I sat down and I just stared at the table set up. He has a beautiful red rose bouquet in the middle of the table but pulled away so I can look at my love of my life.
"I never thank you for pulling me out of that car," Tyson said and I smiled.
"You don't need to, Ty. I pulled you out because I wanted to rescue you and make sure you are okay. I never felt so scared in my life," I said and he sighed.
"I wrecked in Dansville before I came here in the field Jason and I practiced. I had a mild concussion and a lot of scratches. This accident is nothing compared to that." I looked at him and became shocked. Racing is not safe, its highly dangerous. Tyson reached for a remote and Kiss's song Forever began to play. I think this song is the most prettiest song ever and when I was younger, for some reason, it made me cry because it's so lovey dovey. I smiled and bit into a fry and he smiled.
"I love you, Pippa Wilson," Tyson said and I smiled.
"I love you, too, Tyson Cassidy," I said and he sighed.
"Please don't believe that Brown dude about you distracting me…"
"Why would I believe a douche bag like Brown? I am glad he is leaving Lexington. We don't need a man like him in our town." He laughed and we ate some more. I began to sing the lyrics of the song and Tyson just smiled. I changed the feminine words to masculine because I am singing to Tyson.
I see my future when I look in your eyes
It took your love to make my heart come alive
Cause I lived my life believin' all love is blind
But everything about you is tellin' me this time
It's forever, this time I know and there's no doubt in my mind
Forever, until my life is thru, boy I'll be lovin' you forever…
Tyson just looked at me and I stared at him and blushed.
"I know, I am not the next American Idol," I said and he grabbed my hand from across the table and kissed the top of it.
"You sing beautifully to me, and you turned me on so bad," he said and he stood up and grabbed my hand. We left the food on the table and he took me to his truck. We left my car at the garage and we went to his place. We didn't say a single word to each other and when we got there, he walked over to my side of the truck, opened my door and carried me bridal style. He managed to open the front door to his place with one hand and he proceeded to carry me to his bedroom. He lay me down on the bed and he went to close the door. He came over and began to kiss me passionately. I sighed into his mouth as his hand went to my pants and took them off and he touched the top of my thighs. I knew he is taking his time with me and that brought tears in my eyes. Usually sex is fast for us cause we are super horny. Tyson stood up and took his shirt off and as he done that, I took my shirt and bra off. I leaned forward and placed my lips against his muscular chest and he moaned and ran his fingers through my brunette hair. I looked up at him and I went to his pants and unbutton his pants and then pulled them off along with his boxers. I lay back and Tyson slowly pulled my panties down and his lips touched my inner thighs ever so lightly, its like butterfly wings. I opened my legs and his lips touched my swollen lips and he pulled them apart and his tongue touched my clit. I moaned as his tongue went faster and he slipped two fingers into my pussy hole. He pushed them further down and Tyson hit my g-spot and with him eating me out and hitting that spot, I came within a minute. I came and my orgasm was strong and lasted for a pretty good while. Tyson smiled and lay on top of my body and he kissed me with my juice on his lips and tongue.
"I love you," Tyson whispered.
"I love you too," I whispered back and he pushed his dick inside me. His strokes we're strong, yet loving. It seemed like he wants to make love to the end of time. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and my legs went around his thighs. I moaned into his ear and he pushed deeper and he moaned as my pussy squeezed around his dick as I had another incoming orgasm. He thrusted into me a few more times and we cum together. He rolled off of me and wrapped his strong arms around my body and kissed my forever. The only thing I hear is our breathing and I sat up and ran my finger down his chest.
"Since you are quitting racing, what are you planning to do?" I asked and he sat up and he put his arms behind his head.
"Well, work of course and spend ever single minute with you. I am not planning to get rid of you, I love you too much," Tyson said and I lay against his chest and he played with my wavy hair.
"Can you deal with me and my sarcastic attitude?" I asked and he laughed.
"You actually have not been sarcastic in a pretty good while, except to you know who. Yes, I can deal with you cute sarcasm, can you deal with my ego?"
"What ego? You lost it when you met me."
"You know you are right."
"Tyson, you got me forever and ever and I am not planning to leave." He kissed me and when he let go, he smiled.
"I am not going anywhere either." He turned off the lamp beside us and before I went to sleep, I smiled to myself. It's been a month and I gained a man, fell in love with him and now, I have him forever.


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