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Kickstart My Heart

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) Pippa Wilson is a high sprung, sarcastic eighteen year old. Tyson Cassidy has an ego the size of Texas due to his hometown racing fame. One night at the race track changed Pippa and Tyson's life forever. View table of contents...


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*A/N: Um, this chapter has no cliffhangers, which I was thinking about having one, but changed my mind, but something does happen. This story is gonna be short, I decided that last night. This only has 2 more chapters and I will tell you, they will be good...hopefully! Well, enjoy and please comment as always :D*
Chapter 8
The race Saturday has everybody on the edge, except for Tyson. All the racers wants to impress the NASCAR reps so bad it is killing them. Except for Tyson. He is doing what he does before he races.
"Wow, I never seen so much craziness here," May said and I shook my head. I look at the group of representatives and who do you know, James Brown is standing there, talking to him. The black eye is going away and he has not bothered us since that day in the garage.
"He is kissing some ass, ain't he?" Tyson said wrapping his arms around my shoulders.
"Of course, since he is not getting famous because of you, he will just find somebody else to torture with his words," I said and he laughed and kissed my temple. The announcer said that the race is about to begin, so in exactly in sixty minutes, Tyson will race. Tyson grabbed my hand and took me to his truck and when we got in the truck, he pushed my pants to my ankles and he kissed my navel. I moaned at the sensations he is causing right now as he licked my skin around my belly button. When he slid my panties off, he slid his finger up and down my wet and hot pussy and then pushed his fingers inside me.
"Oh Ty!" I moaned and he unbuckled his pants and got on top of me.
"We are gonna do a quickie. I wish we can just make love here and now, but we risk getting caught," Tyson said and I nodded. He pushed his dick inside me and he fucked me hard and fast and I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his neck as he fucked me. He began to hit my g-spot and I wanted to scream, but Tyson covered my mouth with his so nobody can hear us. I have to admit, this is very kinky! The idea of getting caught is very kinky and sexy! He kept hitting my spot, which made me cum quick and he cum a little bit after me and we lay down for a little bit. Afterwards, we got out clothes back on and we got out of the truck. There is still a good forty-five minutes left and the NASCAR people are walking over to our station. Tyson wrapped his arms around me and I fixed my tussled hair and smiled at the guy.
"Are you Tyson Cassidy?" the man said.
"Yes sir I am and this is my girlfriend, Pippa Wilson," Tyson introduced us and we all shook hands.
"I am Marcus Adams and I know you know where we are representing," Marcus said and Tyson just smiled.
"NASCAR sir, and I know you will like me race," Tyson said and the man nodded and look at me.
"Are you his biggest fan?" he asked me.
"Yes sir," I said and he grabbed Tyson's arm and squeezed it.
"James Brown has put in a good word for you, so we will look at you especially." Marcus walked away and Tyson sighed and we looked at James. After that tussle in the garage, he is still determined to get fame and fortune from Tyson.
"He is a low down piece of shit!" Tyson said and I sighed.
"We will just have to forget him, Ty. Don't let him distract you!" I said and he nodded and I kissed his nose.
"I love you, Tyson," I said and he kissed me on the lips and he smiled into him.
"I love you, too, Pippa," he said and Jason called him over and he sounded urgent. I ran over with Tyson and Jason pointed something out in the car and he used car lingo which I don't understand.
"Do you think it is safe enough?" Tyson asked Jason.
"Yeah, I had this happen once and I raced just fine." Tyson sighed and I still couldn't hear what car part they are talking about, so I do what a good supporting girlfriend does, support.
"Ty, he said that it happened to him once and he raced just fine, so go on and race," I said and Tyson nodded.
"Okay, if I detect anymore problems, I will pull in here and I will forfeit the race," Tyson said and everybody was in agreement. May and I went to the diner that is in the raceway and let the men prepare for the race. Also, since me and her found Tyson and Jason, we didn't have quality time alone. Those thirty minutes when she came over was as much alone time we had lately. We ordered our drinks and food and May sighed.
"Do you think its safe enough for Tyson to drive?" I asked May and she shrugged her shoulders.
"If Jason said that he drove with it before and done just fine, then yes, I do think Tyson will be just fine," May said and I sighed.
"I just have this feeling of something is going to go wrong tonight."
"Nothing is going to go wrong. They had no accidents this year, and that is very good. Usually by the third race they had a crash and this is the ninth race."
"That sounds very good…" The announcer said something about the V8 division (which is Tyson and Jason's division) is starting in five minutes. We made our food and drinks to go, paid and ran down to the pits where our men are. Tyson and Jason are standing by their cars and they are waiting on us. I wrapped my arms around Tyson and kissed him good luck. He also grabbed my body spray and sprayed some in his car and he got in the line. May and I ran up on the podium and as we waited on the race to start, we ate. I heard somebody clear their throat behind me and it sounded feminine and very young and I turned around and see a nine year old girl standing behind me.
"You are Tyson Cassidy's girlfriend, aren't you?" she said and I smiled.
"Yes I am," I said and she smiled.
"Are you going to be mad at me if I told you that I have a crush on him?" I laughed and kneeled lower to be eye to eye to her and smiled.
"No honey, I bet he will think it will be cute. Wanna go see him after the race?" the little girl jumped and clapped her hands and I smiled. I made May scoot over and the little girl, which her name is Candy, stand between us.
"LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, LET THE RACE…BEGIN!" The announcer said and the racers went around the track to start and then, the race began. I forgot to tell you about the race, its twenty laps and five penalty laps if needed. That is when somebody purposely try to wreck somebody and after the driver fixes themselves, they drive one lap (penalty lap) and then the race starts again where they left off. Around lap 5, I seen that Tyson's car had smoke coming from the hood and I thought he would pull into the pits and get it fixed, but he did not.
"Idiot, you car needs maintenance," I said, but I trusted Tyson. I got worried, so I left Candy with May and went to his crew. Mack, the "leader" said something about the piston is messing up and he probably have to forfeit the next couple of races to get it fixed.
"Do you think he will finish the race?" I asked and Mack ran his hand across his brow to wipe the sweat.
"Lets hope and pray, he may have to give up the win, but he will make it," Mack said and I didn't care if Ty lost or not, I just want him safe. I stayed with the pit crew and then, I heard a loud popping noise coming from the track and a loud crash. So much for a accident-free summer! I tried to see who wrecked, but myself and the pit crew couldn't see anything.
"Oh, looks like Tyson Cassidy is down for the count! The pit crew better hurry up!" the announcer said and my heart began to race. I didn't hear anything and I felt the adrenaline pump through my veins as I ran with the pit crew. I seen May with Candy and I seen her yell at me but I didn't hear what she said. Probably wanting me to stop. I didn't want to stop. I wanted to see if Ty is okay. I knew he was not. The car is smoking and I seen a fire from the engine. It is also badly damaged from it hitting the wall several times.
"TYSON!" I yelled as I jumped over the fence and I made it to the car first. I reached inside for the seatbelt and the inside smelled so strong of gasoline.
"Baby, get out of the way!" Tyson said and I just shook my head and worked on the seatbelt. Mack and the crew worked on the fire and I worked Tyson out of the seatbelt and dragged him out of the window and onto the ground.
"Tyson are you okay? Please tell me you are okay!" I cried out as I inspected him and he raised his hand up and flinched.
"I think I sprained my wrist or something and I have scratches all over me," Tyson said and I kissed him. He scared the living daylights out of me. The ambulance came onto the track and took Tyson to the hospital. May and Candy is standing at the edge of the track and Candy is looking very worried. I walked over and May looked like she wanted to slap me.
"What the fuck was that about, huh? Trying to be a hero or something?" May said and I shook my head. I grabbed a cigarette, oh yeah, I haven't smoked a whole lot since last time you seen me smoke, I am quitting! Right now, I am just stressed to the max.
"I don't know what came over me, May. I wanted to make sure for myself that he is okay. He has a few bumps and scratches and a hurt wrist, but he is okay," I said and Candy let out a relieved sigh. May smiled and she walked the little girl back to the crowd. That is the scariest moment I ever had in my life, and I don't want to feel that way again!


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