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Kickstart My Heart

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) Pippa Wilson is a high sprung, sarcastic eighteen year old. Tyson Cassidy has an ego the size of Texas due to his hometown racing fame. One night at the race track changed Pippa and Tyson's life forever. View table of contents...


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*A/N: Hey you guys!!!!! I am just in a happy mood...sort of. I got my car back, so I have been driving around like a mad lady lately. I got 15 more hours at work, so I have more hours at work, so less time to write stories. This chapter make you hate somebody so much (well my husband really hates him LOL) and I will promise you, this is NOT the last time you will see him! Thanks for reading! Please comment! I love comments ^_^*
Chapter 7
"What the fuck do you want?" I said as I looked at the reporter in the eye. He is not a very attractive man, but I see a wedding band on his finger. Some stupid woman is dealing with this man every day of her life and I feel sorry for her! He is very scrawny and he has to be in his upper thirties.
"Just to talk to you about Tyson, maybe I can get some Intel about him," he said and I laughed.
"You work for the local newspaper, Mr.…"
"Oh sorry, I'm James Brown, head reporter of the newspaper." He wanted to shake my hand, but I refused.
"Sorry James, but you don't work for STAR magazine or something like that. You are suppose to just interview his feelings on winning and that's it. Why are you so interested in Tyson?" I said and he laughed.
"Miss Wilson, Tyson is going to make me famous someday. This Saturday, NASCAR representatives are coming to the race and if they like Tyson, I will give them my work, maybe I can get famous as well," he said and I gave him a puzzled look.
"But your work is like you are spying on our lives. We are normal people, not some movie stars. Can you just leave us alone and spy on somebody else?"
"No, not until Tyson Cassidy goes NASCAR, then I will work for a well known magazine, not some stupid small town newspaper!" James threw his card at me and smiled. "Have anything to say, call me, we will talk." He walked away and I grabbed his card and threw it away in the nearest trashcan. I picked up the bags I got and walked on home.
"That reporter dude, his name is James. He actually wants to get famous through Tyson! He said something about NASCAR coming this Saturday," I said to May when she showed up that night.
"I heard of him, he is looking for stardom and I heard through the grapevine that he hates this town with a passion. He is suppose to promote things to come here, he is sending it away," May said and I gave her a puzzled look.
"What do you mean?"
"I don't know, you know how rumors around here are."
"Yeah, I know that. Rumors sent Greg out of town, remember?" May sighed and hugged her knees against her chest. I grabbed the bag of Muchoes and turned on the television and then, I heard something tap on my window. I went over and Tyson and Jason is standing down there. I laughed and motioned May to look and she jumped excitedly. We ran to the front door and we let them in. May attacked Jason with kisses and Tyson wrapped his arms around me and kissed me passionately.
"I needed to see you," he said and I smiled.
"Glad you came," I said and Tyson looked around and then smiled again, but this smile is sexy. "Where is Regina and Tom?"
"At a friends party, gonna be there all night," I said and winked at him. Both couples went to the couch and Tyson sat me on his lap and he wrapped his arms around me and held my hands in his. May is laying across Jason's lap and Jason keeps massaging her neck.
"This night has gotten so much better," May said and I sighed happily.
"It sure did," I said and then we began to watch a romantic movie that so happens to be Rated R and has loads of sex in it. I get freaking turned on by romance movies and novels that has sex in it. When a sex scene came on, Jason and May began to make out beside us and Tyson's arms got tighter around me. I turned around and he is smiling at me. He touched my face and then brought it closer. He kissed me roughly and I liked it. His tongue attacked my mouth and I moaned into his mouth and then, the couch got lighter.
"We, um, we will be right back!" Jason said and May giggled and they left. I knew what the little love birds are going to do. Tyson pushed me onto my back on the couch and began to kiss my neck.
"I want you, Pippa," Tyson said and I purred.
"Oh yeah?" I said and I gasped as his hand went down my pajama pants and cupped me and placed a finger inside my pussy. I moaned and then I heard a echo coming from my bedroom. I laughed and Tyson joined. We knew May and Jason are having too much fun.
"Wow, I got a echo!" I said and Tyson kissed my neck. He pulled down my pants and my thong and I took all of his clothes off and of course, my shirt came off quicker than my pants. I swear, I think Tyson is a boob man. My pants come off slow but when it comes to my shirt, its off in a nanosecond! He grabbed my breast and press them together and then he pressed his face between them and kissed them.
"Quit with the little stuff, Ty, I need you inside me!" I said and he cocked an eyebrow and I knew he is up to something.
"I ain't done with you yet," he said and I moaned as we went down to the bottom of the couch. He pulled my legs apart and began to eat me out. I moaned loudly and ran my fingers through his brunette hair and I now needed him more than I ever needed him (did that even make sense, I am horny give me a break!).
"Please, Ty, I need you!" I moaned and he looked up at me and smiled.
"Need me what?" Ty teased me.
"To fuck me!"
"Fucking hard and fast and deep." I screamed out and I heard a wolf whistle coming from my bedroom and I didn't care if they heard me. Tyson groaned and he sat up, but he didn't slide up like he usually does. He grabbed my legs and put them over his shoulders. He slid his dick inside and then he wrapped his arms around my things. Whatever this is doing, OH MY FUCKING GOD! This is the best way to fuck EVER! He began to fuck me hard and fast and deep, like I wanted. I gasped every time he hit my g-spot and I already felt like cumming.
"Oh my god, Tyson, I am gonna cum!" I said and he groaned and pushed in deeper.
"This feels too good!" Tyson said and he pushed in once more and I squirted all over his dick as my orgasm erupted. He only pushed in one more time and he cum inside me. I love the feeling of his hot, sticky liquid filling me up, even though I can get pregnant. Hell, if I get knocked up, so the hell what. Tyson will be a wonderful father and I love to be a mom. Tyson let my legs go down and they are sore from being held so tight and being up very high. He lay on top of me and he slowly pulled out and I sighed as he kissed me on my lips. His lips are so soft and they taste like vanilla to me.
"We better get our clothes on before May and Jason comes back," Tyson said and I nodded. We quickly got our clothes back on and a few seconds later, May and Jason walked out and they are both smiling and well, Tyson and I smiled as well.
"Did we serious cum at the same time dude?" Jason said to Tyson and they laughed.
"I think so," Tyson said and the rest of the night is consisted of watching movies and sleeping. Tyson and I slept in Mom and Tom's bed, since May and Jason fucked in my bed. Mom and Tom came home around nine the next morning and mom defiantly looked hung over. I will not complain to her since she has not been big time drunk since I was nine years old.
"Honey, start the cold shower for me, please. Tom is making the coffee," Mom said and I started the shower as May and Jason finally woke up. May is never ashamed of herself and she walked out of my room in her pink bra and matching bikini underwear. Jason was in his boxers and I just began to laugh. Jason is the male version of May!
"If May was a man, she would be Jason!" I said and May slapped my arm. Tom made everybody breakfast as Mom took her shower and came out, and she only drank the black coffee.
"I feel like shit!" Mom said and I rubbed her shoulders and smiled.
"Mom, you have not gotten drunk in nine years, I am very proud of you!" I said and she smiled and squeezed my hands.
"Baby doll, I am so sorry for those years when I was a bad mom. I would take it all back to see you happy those six years," Mom said and I smiled.
"I wouldn't, then our relationship would be much different." I decided to go with Tyson to his shop. I want to see what really goes on in his garage and see him do his mechanic thing. May has things to do in town, so she did not join me. Around one that afternoon, right before Tyson and Jason took a lunch break, that bastard James Brown showed up. Tyson, with his genuine smile and sunny disposition, showed kindness to him. Me, well I hate the fucking dude!
"Hello Tyson, may I have a few words with you?" James said and Tyson wiped the sweat off his brow and smiled.
"What do you want to know?" Tyson said and James grew an evil smile.
"Once you become famous with NASCAR coming to the race this Saturday, will you drop Pippa Wilson for fame?" I hopped off the filing cabinet and walked over to him and slapped the living shit out of him. Tyson is in shell shock and I knew he is pissed too. Before I could slap him again, Tyson already had James in a arm lock against the wall and he has anger in his eyes.
"What kind of man comes up to me and ask me if I will drop the love of my life for fame? I would NEVER do anything like that. If NASCAR hates, well fuck them! I have a decent job here as a mechanic and I will race in the summers, I don't need NASCAR to be happy, I need Pippa!" Tyson said through his teeth. The man, trying to be gallant, laughed.
"When I interviewed you when you won the first time a year ago, you couldn't wait to be in NASCAR!" James said and Tyson smiled at me then looked at James again.
"That was me before I met Pippa. I began to fall in love with her a few months back, and that is when I didn't give a fuck if I became famous!" Tyson let him down and the reporter wiped down his suit and cleared his throat.
"Mr. Cassidy, let the little bitch take over your life, I don't give a fuck if you are just table scraps anymore!" Before James could walk away, Tyson ran to him and Jason grabbed the reporter and held him so Tyson can punch the living daylights out of him. I loved the sight of that bastard getting his lip busted and his eye being busted open. Maybe, just maybe, this will be the last of James Brown!


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