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Kickstart My Heart

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) Pippa Wilson is a high sprung, sarcastic eighteen year old. Tyson Cassidy has an ego the size of Texas due to his hometown racing fame. One night at the race track changed Pippa and Tyson's life forever. View table of contents...


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*A/N: Hey everybody! I am so glad how successful this story is! This chapter is sort of short and I am sorry. I had to go to the ER for some bleeding in my female area (sorry personal but I am very honest what is wrong with me) and its not normal to me but the docs ran some tests and everything came back normal so I have to go to the good ol' OB/GYN Thrusday for probably MORE tests! Gah, I hate feeling like a pin cushion! Well I will end my personal life and let you read this chapter! Oh yeah, Please Please Please read my friend Heav's story calledThe Things That Bind. It's her first booksie story and she wants honest opinions! She is actually my best friend in RL!*

Chapter 4
Announcing to my mom and Tom that Tyson is my boyfriend now was a hell a lot easier than telling them that I actually fucked him. I don't care how they feel about me doing adult things, but they kind of need to know.
"So you fucked him then y'all started dating? Should he asked you to date him then fuck him?" Mom said and I covered my face.
"He wanted to date me, but sex brought it out of him," I said and mom finally understood. Tom has been a complete dick since that day we went on that date. He just tells me to do whatever I want and that he doesn't care anymore. He knows I would have done it anyways with him disagreeing with it. I was going to be with Tyson today but he has to fix something on his car, so I left him alone. Tom was off work and Mom has a huge client, the mayor's wife, coming in to the salon today. Tom is sitting on the back porch, smoking a cigarette and just looking out on the back yard. I sat beside him and he handed me a cigarette and a lighter.
"Do you know why I am treating you like this, Pippa?" Tom asked. I let out some smoke and looked at him.
"No, why?" I asked.
"I cannot get over that you are eighteen now. I still remember you ten years ago when you actually loved playing with dolls and thought the Backstreet Boys we're the greatest band ever. I still remember kissing your knee scrapes and your boo boos when you and Dave played in the road. I just cannot stand that you are a woman now." I looked at Tom and I knew that he is telling the truth. Yes, I use to like the Backstreet Boys and I had a shit load of dolls. I remember falling on the sidewalk and skinned my elbow bad and Tom was there, kissing my boo boo and he carried me to the bathroom and cleaned it up and put a band aid on it. Tom is the only father I ever had. My real father is a jerk and a woman beater.
"I'm sorry for being such a smart ass to you and I bet it is hard to cope with Dave and I growing up," I said calmly and he smiled.
"Dave grew up when your father left, from what Reggie told me. I was ready when he turned eighteen. When you blew your candles out on your eighteenth birthday, I still seen you as the little girl I seen grow up. When you announced that you slept with and now dating Tyson, it hit me hard that you are a woman now, having sex and dating."
"Would it make you feel better that Ty is my first sex experience?" Tom threw the cigarette on the ground and made it go out with his foot then looked at me.
"Yes, it does help a lot knowing that he took your virginity. Maybe he is the one?" Tom said and I sighed and threw my cigarette in the yard.
"I don't know about that yet. I do feel a connection between us and its almost electrifying," I said and he leaned against the bench and smiled.
"It didn't take me long to realize that I wanted to be with your mom. I met her at AA. I became an alcoholic after my first wife died along with my child. When Regina stood up and admitted that she became an alcoholic due to her abusive husband, and he left her pregnant and with a six year old son, I fell in love then." I never knew that Tom was an alcoholic. I knew he drinks beer on occasion, but wow!
"I hope he is the one, Tom, but what if I am not the one for him?" I said and he put his arm around my shoulders and squeezed them.
"I can see it in Tyson's eyes, he really cares about you." We sat on the back porch for a little while longer until I heard somebody knock on the door. I went to the front door and Tyson is standing there, dressed in greasy clothes and his hands are black. I opened the door and threw myself on him and hugged him. He hugged me and kissed my neck. I held my head up and kissed him passionately. His lips moved underneath mine and I felt him smile on my lips.
"Glad to see me?" Tyson said and I nodded.
"I just miss you that's all," I said and he pulled me into another kiss and when he let go, he touched my cheek and pulled some hair away from my face.
"I miss you too, I wish I didn't had to fix my car," he said and I got off of him and smiled. I grabbed his hand and walked him inside my house. Tom smiled at us and held his hands up in the air.
"Ignore me, go do what couples do," he said and I blushed and Tyson laughed. We went to my bedroom and when I closed the door behind me, Tyson literally attacked me. He pushed me against the door and kissed me as his hand cupped my breast. He let go of my mouth and he began to take my shirt and bra off and his lips went to my collarbone. I ran my fingers through Tyson's hair and pushed him down to my breasts. His mouth latched onto my nipple. His tongue went around my breast and licked and nibbled on my nipple. I moaned and my hands went to his shirt and pulled it off. I ran my fingers down his muscular chest, felt every bit of his bumpy abs and then licked them. I heard him groan and when I made it to his pants, I seen his hard on trying to get out of his pants, so I helped out. I unbutton his pants and pulled them down, and his boxers went down as well. His huge, warm, hard dick is sticking right at me and I looked up at him.
"You don't have to, Pippa," Tyson said and I knew right then that I wanted to. I licked my lips then placed my mouth at his head and began to lick it. I began to move down his shaft and I began to suck it. Tyson is moaning loudly and he laced his fingers through my hair and I began to bop my head up and down to suck better.
"Fuck, this feels so good!" Tyson said and I looked up at him as I sucked him off and his eyes are closed and his lips are open. A few minutes later, Tyson made me stop and I made him sit on the bed and I sat on his lap facing him.
"Are you sure, baby?" Tyson said and I gave him a sexy smile.
"I am one hundred percent sure I want to do this," I said and I got on his dick and slid my pussy down onto him. I moaned and Tyson groaned loudly. His hands went to my hips and moved them the way he wanted me to and it felt so good being on top. Tyson wrapped his arms around my back and pushed me forward so he can kiss my lips then he kissed my breasts and sucked on them. I bounced on his dick, which drove me crazy and I felt myself cum all over his dick and I screamed his name. A few seconds later, Tyson cum and he pushed even deeper and it made my almost finished orgasm start up again. I pushed him back to lay down and I lay my hot cheek against his chest. His fingers ran up and down my back and I got off of his dick and lay down beside him.
"That felt even better than the first time!" I said and he smiled.
"I know it did, I am glad it did," Tyson said and we just lay there, staring at each other, lacing our fingers together and smiling at each other. Tyson eventually pulled our laced hands to his lips and then pulled me to him and he kissed me. Our tongues barely touched each other and I loved how romantic this kiss became. When he let go, he smiled.
"I am so glad you came into my life, Pippa," Tyson said and I smiled and touched his hair.
"I am glad you came into mine."
Mom came home a few hours later, we knew cause she woke us up. We are naked on top of the covers and mom came in and cleared her throat.
"Pippa, Tyson, get dressed cause Tom is grilling tonight," Mom said and closed the door. Tyson jerked awake and grabbed his boxers. I just stretched my arms and casually gathered my clothes and got dressed.
"I cannot believe your mom walked in on us naked!" Tyson said and I looked at him and shrugged my shoulders.
"She has seen dicks before, so what's the harm of seeing yours?" I said and he walked over and picked me up and helped me put on my shirt.
"Cause what if she liked what she saw?" he said and I raised one of my eyebrows and smiled.
"It's mine, not hers; she can look but not touch," I said and Tyson laughed.
"Well if my dick is yours, then your pussy and boobs are mine." He grabbed one of my breasts with one hand and the other hand cupped my pussy. I moaned when his finger rubbed against my clit.
"Oh yeah, they are yours alright!" I said and mom hollered again that Tom wants us outside.
"We better get outside or they will come on us fucking," Tyson said and I busted out laughing.
"It will be live porn for them, they may enjoy it!" I said and Tyson and I walked out of the room laughing at my joke. I looked up at Tyson as we sat outside waiting on Tom to finishing grilling. He has a very nice smile and a hearty laugh. His arm remained around my waist and he held me close the whole time. He kissed me a couple of times and it made me feel so good. I wonder if he is falling for me because I am defiantly falling for him!


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