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Kickstart My Heart

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) Pippa Wilson is a high sprung, sarcastic eighteen year old. Tyson Cassidy has an ego the size of Texas due to his hometown racing fame. One night at the race track changed Pippa and Tyson's life forever. View table of contents...


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*A/N: Heya everyone! I am loving this story so far, its gonna be one of my favorites! Do me a favor, my friend, username Heav, just made an account on here and she is in the process of writing her first story on here. Please read it when it comes out and give good critism so she can write better :D. This chapter is pretty hot and its only gonna get hotter! Is it me or am I sweating? HA HA HA! Hubby dared me to put that!*
Chapter 3
I walked over to him and pushed him onto the bed. I bit my lip instead of showing my nervousness and I leaned down and kissed him. I slid my tongue into his mouth and sucked on his tongue when his entered my mouth. When he reached for my breast, I grabbed his hand and stopped him. I wanted to tell him I want to be dominant, but then, my nervousness took over. Damn! I guess I will let him do whatever he wants with me tonight, but some other time, if there will be another time, I will be dominant!
"You nervous, baby?" Tyson said and I swallowed then nodded fast.
"I'm a virgin, I never done this before," I said and he smiled.
"I can tell, you are shaking like a leaf, lay down." I went to the pillows and he got on top of me and he began to kiss me again. His lips touched my lips, my cheek, nose, then my neck. I loved it when he kissed my neck. His soft lips brushed against it and I moaned. His lips left my neck and kissed my collarbone then the tops of my breasts that came out of the lingerie. I closed my eyes and calmed my virgin nerves down as he pulled down the top, exposing my breasts.
"Your breasts are so beautiful," Tyson said and he kissed all the way around my left breast then my right one. His tongue lapped one of my nipples and I pushed my chest up to feel more of his tongue.
"Oh my God!" I moaned and he went faster, driving me fucking crazy. He gave the other breast the same amount of attention then his lips trailed down my navel and his tongue played with my bellybutton ring. I felt his hand go down to my inner thigh and he left it there, not moving at all. A few moment later, his hand went to my bottoms and started to remove them…
*Tyson's POV*
I have never took a virgin before. She defiantly is one because when I just barely pulled her skirt off, Pippa covered her pussy with her hands, covering herself.
"I wanna see you young, virgin pussy, Pippa," I said and she slowly removed her hands. I tossed the lingerie over my shoulder and looked down at her beautiful, tiny pussy. She has trimmed around her bikini line so she can look sexy in underwear and in a bikini and that is it. She is not shaved and I like it that way. I love when a woman wants to be natural. I ran my finger down her slit and she moaned and pushed her hips up.
"Are you sure?" I asked and she moaned her agreeing answer. I pushed one finger inside her tight pussy and she breathed heavily. "Are you okay?" I asked her scared that I hurt her.
"More, put one more in!" Pippa moaned out and that just turned me on more. I pulled my finger out and I ignored her whine as I unbutton my shirt off and Pippa got quiet. She sat up, beautifully naked, and watch me strip naked for her. As my hand went to my pants button, she watched with uneducated, yet eager eyes. I pulled my pants and boxers off and I heard her catch my breath. I am not the one to brag about his dick being big, but I am pretty big. I had a few compliments on how big and thick I am. I got worried because I can tell when I just put one finger in that she is tiny and very tight and I could really hurt her.
"Lay back, Pippa," I said and she obliged and I got on the bed and pulled her legs apart and my tongue went straight to her clit. She began to moan and she ran her fingers through my hair and pulled me closer.
"Oh my god, this feels good!" Pippa moaned and I smiled. I love making a woman feel good, but making Pippa feel good, it's a lot better than any other woman. I continued to eat her out and her taste is getting quite intoxicating. She tasted better than ice cream and candy. She was so sweet and her legs began to quiver around me.
"What's going on, Tyson, I feel funny!" Pippa said sounding scared. I fingered her clit and looked into her eyes and smiled.
"You are going to have an orgasm, don't stop it!" I groaned and went back to her pussy so I can taste her cum. Her breath began to be labored and then I tasted her sweet cum as it hit my lips. I slid up on top of her body and kissed her. I wanted her to taste herself and how good it was.
"I don't want to hurt you, Pippa," I said and she got scared.
"It's gonna hurt?" She asked and I ran my fingers through that beautiful brunette hair and sighed.
"Yes, but its normal to hurt for the first time." She understood and I pushed my dick into her tight pussy and I moaned loudly. This is gonna feel too good!
*Pippa's POV*
I squeezed my eyes shut as Tyson pushed his dick inside me and then hit my virgin lining. I felt the instant pain and the gush of blood come out of me and he stopped and looked down at me.
"Tell me when we can continue, I don't want you to be uncomfortable," Tyson said and just a minute later, I didn't feel pain anymore, I felt his huge dick fill me up and it felt very good.
"Fuck me, Tyson! Fuck me!" I moaned and wrapped my arms around his neck and he began to thrust in and out of me and I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him closer to my body and my lips are now closer to his ear.
"Oh my god, it feel…ah…so good!" I moaned into his ear and he moved his lips to my ear and moaned into my ear.
"You are so tight," He said and I moaned. His thrusts got harder and much quicker and I felt another orgasm come and my legs quivered around his thighs.
"I'm gonna cum again!" I screamed and he began to fuck me really hard and his breath got more labored.
"I am gonna cum, too," Tyson said and with one more harsh thrust, we cum together. Tyson collapsed on top of me and I ran my fingers up and down his sweaty back and tears began to form in my eyes. He rolled off of me and I just lay there, exhausted and feeling very emotional. I finally figured out why also, he might not see me again and I lost my virginity in a one night stand. I began to cry and I didn't know I cried really loud because Tyson gathered my body into his and rocked me.
"Did I hurt you, please don't tell me I hurt you!" Tyson said and I shook my head into his massive, muscular chest. "Then what is wrong, baby?" he asked. I looked into his brown eyes and wiped the tears from mine and let out a breath.
"Are we going to see each other again after this?" I asked and he just stared at me puzzled.
"Did you really think….oh! You think this is a one time thing? No baby, I need you now. I needed you since I seen you that day two months ago. You are not going anywhere!" Tyson said and I sniffed then smiled.
"You are not just saying that to make me stop crying," I said and he laughed.
"Fuck no, I want you in my life as much as possible." Is it true? Is he really asking me to be his girlfriend?
"Are you asking me to be your girlfriend?" I asked and he smiled as he pulled me for a tenderhearted kiss.
"Yes, please Pippa, be mine," he said and I smiled.
"I am yours," I said and he kissed me some more and we went to sleep, warmly and in each other arms.
We woke up from the chime of his cell phone and he groaned as he reached for it.
"What is it?" He said. I heard a male voice and Tyson sat up and ended up pulling the covers off of me and I lay on my back, exposed to his view and I just looked at him and he looked at me.
"We are a hour away so give us time to eat and shit and I will meet you at the garage, okay?" Tyson said and hung up. Tyson threw his phone on the ground and then stared at me again. I stretched my arms up, which somehow made my breasts bigger and he moaned and grabbed one of them.
"You're doing that on purpose, aren't you?" Tyson said.
"Mmmm hmmm," I purred and reached for him and pulled him down and kissed him. I wrapped my legs around him and pushed my pussy to his dick to let him know what I wanted and he situated himself on top of me and pushed his dick inside me. I gasped loudly and he looked down at me and touched my lips with his finger.
"I turned you into a sex…ah, kitten," Tyson said and he moaned when I pushed my hips up and I felt more of him. He fucked me hard and he started to hit a special spot in me and it made me cum within seconds. He cum not that much longer after me and when he lay on top of me, I wrapped my arms around his head and let him lay on my chest. We just lay there, breathing hard and smelling like sweat and sex.
"We need a shower, don't we?" Tyson said and I sniffed him and made a fake gagging noise.
"You smell worse then a dog rolling around in shit!" I said and he smacked my ass and laughed. "You just smell sweaty, we do need a shower," I said and we went to the bathroom. We took a shower, not doing anything sexual, just taking an innocent shower. Tyson did freak out when I washed the dried blood from between my legs and I had to calm him down.
"Ty, it's okay, remember virgins bleed the first time!" I said and he let out a sigh.
"I just thought I really hurt you," Tyson said and I hugged him.
"It didn't hurt long, promise." He kissed me and we finished our shower. I wrote a note to housekeeping explaining that that is virgin blood and that we didn't kill anybody and we are sorry for the horrible stain on the sheets. We checked out and we left Lynchburg. We did stop at a Mickey D's on the way back and got us some breakfast. When we made it back to Lexington, Tyson drove us to his garage and May's car is parked in the front. I walked in with Tyson and he held my hand and May and Jason is…making out? May is against the wall and Jason is holding her leg up and he pushed himself against her and she moaned.
"Lets get it on!" I said and swayed my hips and the couple stopped. May cleared her throat and fixed her tussled hair.
"Do you want to see the newspaper?" May said and handed me the sports section. The first picture is the first picture with May and myself beside the guys. The picture below that one is Tyson and I kissing. That picture looked so beautiful to me because I can see the passion in our kiss.
"Do you want to keep it?" Tyson asked and I nodded and he cut the picture out and I stuffed it down my bra. Tyson laughed and I shrugged my shoulders.
"If you have no pockets, stick it in your bra cause nobody will get it," I said and Tyson reached down and stick his hand in my bra and pulled the picture out.
"Not for Tyson, I know what y'all done last night," May winked and I blushed. "My little baby Pippa has lost her virginity," she said and I laughed.
"Yeah, you lost yours when you were fifteen to Greg Benedict!" I said and she hid her face in her hand and groaned.
"And he was fucking gay too!" May said and we all laughed. Everybody in our school heard about May fucking Greg to see if he was just saying he was gay. As soon as he popped her cherry, he pulled out and cried like a baby and admitted to her that he is indeed gay.
"That had to suck!" Jason said and May leaned against him and he kissed the top of her head. Tyson pulled me against him and my back is against his chest. This weekend has been the best weekend in my life, and I cannot wait what else is in store!


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