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Kickstart My Heart

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) Pippa Wilson is a high sprung, sarcastic eighteen year old. Tyson Cassidy has an ego the size of Texas due to his hometown racing fame. One night at the race track changed Pippa and Tyson's life forever. View table of contents...


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**A/N: OMG for reals? Chapter one has over 300 reads! I about fell out of my chair this morning! This is starting to get hot, and it will the next chapter *hint hint*. There is a part towards the end of this chapter that MIGHT creep you out, and I don't mean to. Also, it's kind of slow and I am sorry.There is a lot of music refrences in this chapter and if you just go to my profile to my playlist, you can hear them. I was listening to it as I wrote this LOL. Well, enjoy!!!*
Chapter 2
Tyson said our date is Sunday evening at six. Now, its four hours till the date itself. I told my parents and they are not too thrilled about it, mainly Tom. He is supposely Tyson's "biggest fan" and he freaked out about this date.
"Honey, Tyson is twenty-six years old, he is a wee bit old for you," Tom said and I rolled my eyes.
"Tom, I am eighteen years old, I can date anyone I like!" I said and mom just sat on the couch, drinking her red wine and watching the football game.
"Reggie, are you really gonna let Pippa go on a date with Tyson Cassidy?" He asked her and she sighed.
"I promised Pippa that once she turns eighteen years old, I will let her do anything she wants to. Yes, I am letting her go on this date with Tyson," she said and I looked at Tom and he threw his hands in the air.
"Go on, have fun, fuck him I don't give him a shit!" Tom went to his bedroom and he slammed the door behind him and I just looked at mom and she just sipped on her wine and I rolled my eyes. My mom has been an alcoholic for as long as I can remember. Her and my step dad has been married for ten years now and she just slowed down on the wine. I sat down beside her and she squeezed my knee and smiled.
"Well, today you pissed him off and you got pissed at me yesterday," Mom said and I sighed and leaned against the couch. She looked down at my clothes, which I am wearing my Rammstein shirt and a pair of torn blue jeans and she rolled her eyes.
"Please don't tell me that you are wearing that to the date, he might not like Rammstein," she said and I laughed.
"Hell no, I got my skanky dress on my bed and my stripper heals by closet all ready for the date tonight," I said and my mom just stared at me with her mouth agape. I laughed and slapped her knee. "I am just kidding mom! I have a nice lacy tank top and a skirt to match it and I am wearing a pair of pretty sandals," I said and she looked relaxed now.
"Let me do you hair and makeup!" she said and I smiled. I sat in the dining room chair as she fixed my thick, curly hair which I despised because how thick it is and it's hard to style it. She straightened it, which is a miracle she can do that, she even trimmed and layered it a little. She twisted me around and put some makeup on me and then, she began singing. I know that is random, but she sings before she finishes.
"Hungry eyes, I can feel the magic between you and I…" she sang and I began to laugh. Mom is a HUGE Dirty Dancing fan and that song is on it, and I admit, I love that song too. I began singing along with her and when she finished, my cell phone rang. I went to the table and seen that it's an unknown number. I answered it and a deep, southern male voice answered.
"Is this Pippa Wilson?" the man asked.
"Yes, who might this be?" I said and he laughed.
"Tyson, May gave me your number when you left last night."
"Oh, I was just about to ask you how you got my number."
"I am coming to pick you up, so what is your address?"
"165 E. Maple Street. Where are we going?"
"There is a kick ass restaurant in Lynchburg, an hour away. Is that cool with you?"
"Yeah, of course, there is nothing here in Lexington other than the race track anyways."
"I will be there in an hour."
"Okay, see you then." I got off the phone and began to freak out. An hour! I better get ready now! I ran to my bedroom and put on my clothes and mom is there with me. I seen that she put her glass of wine on my dresser, so I leaned over and took me a good gulp and she did not say a single thing to me. I went to the mirror and looked at myself. The makeup make my already big brown eyes bigger and my hair is beautiful and straight.
"My daughter going on her first date," mom said and I smiled. I sat with mom and watched the Carolina Panthers game, which they SUCK, until someone rang the door bell. I grabbed my mom's wine again and drank some and she laughed this time.
"Nervous honey?" She asked and I nodded. I went to the front door and I looked through the window beside the door and Tyson is standing there with his hands in a pair of dress slacks. I held my stomach and let out some air. Oh my god, why am I feeling like this? I opened the door and smiled at Tyson.
"Hey there, wanna come in?" I asked and he smiled. I closed the door behind him and my mom got off the couch and hollered for Tom. Tom came out of the bed room and smiled at Tyson.
"Tyson Cassidy, nice to meet you son!" Tom said grabbing his hand and shook it.
"Nice to meet you, sir. I hope you don't mind, I am taking your daughter to Lynchburg for the night," Tyson said smiling at Tom then he winked at me. For the night? Please don't tell me he wants to fuck me. Hey, sex on the first date is common lately, so I'm with the in-crowd.
"She is eighteen years old, she can do anything she wants to. Just be careful, take care of her," Tom said and Tyson nodded. I hugged mom then I hugged Tom.
"Have fun honey," he said and I smiled. Tyson wrapped his arm around my shoulder and we walked out. I expected a sports car like a Mustang or a Camaro, but he escorted me to a Dodge Ram. I laughed and Tyson looked at me puzzled.
"What?" he asked.
"You drive a fast car for a living and you drive a truck?" I said and then he laughed, getting where I am going now.
"I had this truck for several years now, I love it." I just smiled and he opened the door for me, very gentleman of him! I expected him to be one of those men that the woman has to do everything for herself. We left and I looked out the window and I seen everyone looking at the truck and I seen young, pretty women pointing fingers at us.
"Don't pay them any attention, Pippa, they are jealous because they are not you," Tyson said and I rolled my eyes and snorted.
"You got a huge ego, don't you?" I said and he chuckled.
"I get that a lot. It happened when I began to win all the time. I just can't help it," he said and I leaned and turned on the radio. I smiled when it came on to my most favorite radio station and Motley Crue, one of my favorite bands of all time, came on. Tyson began to hit his steering wheel, pretending to drum and I sang along.
"Knock 'em dead, kid, knock 'em dead!" I sang and he laughed.
"I would never see you as a metal fan," he said and I smiled.
"You should see my room its covered with posters of my favorite bands," I said and his eyes grew as he smiled.
"I would like to," he said and I blushed. I looked out the window and watched everything go by as we went down the highway. When I seen the "Welcome to Lynchburg" sign, I sighed. Finally, we made it! Tyson pulled into an Olive Garden and I laughed loudly.
"Olive Garden? Really?" I said and he grinned.
"I love Olive Garden, do you like it?" Tyson asked.
"I never been here." He got out of the truck and he opened my door and he held my hand. We got escorted to a table towards the back and it looks very romantic. I remember all the years my mom made me put the napkin in my lap to be more lady like and I just threw it down on the floor. Now, I elegantly place the cloth napkin on my lap and the waiter came.
"Welcome to Olive Garden, I am Melanie and I will be your waitress for tonight. What do y'all want to drink?" she said and I about said what I wanted, but Tyson smiled.
"A bottle of your finest wine, please," He said and I tried to say that I am underage, but the woman smiled and walked away. "I know you are underage, but since I am the right age, they don't ask you," he said and I smiled. The waitress came back with two glasses and Chardonnay. My mouth went agape as she opened the bottle up and poured our glasses for us.
"Thank you, we should be done here in a few minutes with our menus," Tyson said and the waitress walked off. I scanned the menu and I found Chicken Parmesan and I closed my menu. Tyson finished a few seconds later and lifted his glass. I knew he wanted a toast, so I joined by lifting my glass.
"To Pippa, the most gorgeous girl in Lexington," Tyson said and I blushed.
"To you, Tyson, to be interested in a sarcastic ass like me," I said and he laughed. Our glasses touched and I drank my wine. The waitress came back and we ordered, which Tyson got Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo, and she left as fast as she came. I have never been on a real date in my life, so I don't know what to do around a man, especially around a sexy man like Tyson.
"So, what made you decide to move to Lexington from a place like Dansville?" I asked him.
"There is an area outside of town where Jason and I raced on dirt and a random man came up and mentioned Harris Track in Lexington and we came up here," Tyson said and I laughed.
"That's it? Just some random man told you about the track?"
"Yep, sounds crazy, but its true. I was just a mechanic that worked under a perverted man that slapped woman's asses that walked passed him, I wanted to leave." I nodded my head and the food came about five minutes later. We ate quietly and I wanted to impress him so much, so I ate tiny bites and didn't eat a whole lot. I am starving and the food looked so good! Tyson didn't say a single word and just ate his food. We left the restaurant and he took me to a hotel that looked rather fancy, hell, I am from a small town that has motels where people go for one night stands! Tyson opened my door, of course, and he grabbed a bag and we walked in. We went to the front desk and he told them about the reservation and they gave us the key card. Sorry that I am getting boring, there is nothing going on. We just walked to the second floor to a fucking HUGE room with a rose on the bed. I went to the rose and there is a note.
"For the most gorgeous woman, Tyson xoxo" the note said and I held it against my heart. I turned around and Tyson already had his shirt tails hanging out and he is leaning against the wall and my heart raced. I have not seen something as sexy as what he is doing right now, and he is just leaning against the wall. For some reason, Madonna began to sing in my head, singing Like A Virgin. I sat on the bed and just looked at him. He walked to me and he kneeled in front of me and placed his hands on my face. Tyson pulled my face to his and he kissed me.
"Like A Virgin, touched for the very first time…." Madonna sang over and over. His tongue slid into my mouth and I moaned. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me and his hands moved from my face to my waist. Tyson jerked back and I can see the lust in his eyes.
"I have to admit to something before we go on any further, Pippa," he said and my heart sank. Please don't tell me that he is a virgin also or he has a sexually transmitted disease!
"What is it?" I said, trying to sound calm.
"I been kind of, stalking you for the past two months. I seen you at the library researching or something and you are jamming out to some music. Don't worry, I didn't like watch you undress from a tree, I just find you and follow you down the street," he said and I gave him a "give me a break" look.
"That's it? That ain't that bad," I said and he gave a sigh of relief. Tyson Cassidy stalking me sounds very sexy to me and it really turned me on. I bit my lip and Tyson reached behind him and grabbed the bag. He told me to open it and I did. I pulled out something black and something lacy. When I held it up, it's a piece of lingerie. I looked at the tag and it's the right size.
"What do you want me to do with it?" I asked, trying to be sexy.
"Put it on for me," Tyson said biting his lip and I got up and before I made it to the bathroom, he stopped me and kissed me again.
"I need you so much, Pippa," he said and I looked into his bedroom brown eyes and smiled.
"I need you, Tyson," I said and I slid into the bathroom and I quickly took my clothes off and put the lingerie on. It barely covered my 36 C breast and it has a bikini bottom underneath the barely there lacy skirt. I leaned against the sink and looked at myself. I am about to lose my virginity to Tyson Cassidy. I hope I am not going to be one of his groupies. I turned on the sink and got a handful of water and drank some. I began to shack, I am so nervous. I know he had to have some women before me, what if I don't please him? I shook my head and that's when I knew I want to be the one to please him, I want to ride his dick. I want to kiss his 6-pack. I gave a evil smile and I jerked the door open and leaned against the door and Tyson's mouth went agape.
"Ready for me, Tyson?" I said sexy and he nodded his head as I walked towards him.


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