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Kickstart My Heart

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) Pippa Wilson is a high sprung, sarcastic eighteen year old. Tyson Cassidy has an ego the size of Texas due to his hometown racing fame. One night at the race track changed Pippa and Tyson's life forever. View table of contents...


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*A/N: Hey everyone! Thanks for the ones that understand about me quitting Cowboys Can Love Longer. I decided to go back to my style of writing, modern times erotica. I can write better if I know my own time period! Yes, this is a racing type story. There is a dirt track an hour away from my house and that inspired me to write this and I don't know why. Sorry if my grammar sucks in this chapter also, I am sleep deprived. I promise PROMISE you that I will finish this! I think I will enjoy writing this story. Make sure to go see the character pictures!!**
Chapter 1
I tried to ignore my best friend, May Young, talking about the big dirt race tomorrow evening. She loves dirt races because usually the drivers are very good looking and its very exciting to her. What is so exciting about watching cars go around and around in a circle? The only exciting thing happening is when they crash.
"Pippa, will you please come with me to Harris? I will pay for everything, promise!" May, my friend, begged. I rolled my brown eyes and slammed my soda bottle down on the table and sighed. We just graduated from high school not even a week ago and she is already bored. May and I have been to parties, clubs, you name it, to waste time.
"Alright, what time do you want me there?" I said and she squealed and threw her arms around me and hugged me tight. Even though May is annoying as hell, I love her like a sister. I have an older brother and he is a jerk off. Dave is working as a substance abuse counselor in Richmond, Virginia, leaving me, mom and my step dad in our small town of Lexington. Lexington is known for our dirt track racing. It's dirtier than any other race and its very country and redneck.
"Be there at four tomorrow. Better wear something you don't mind getting dirty cause we are going into the pits!" May said and I groaned. "The Pits" is where the drivers go park their cars and get ready for their league to race. You pay an extra ten dollars a person to be there at the action. Maybe I will have a good experience there, maybe not. The only reason we are going is because May wants to get laid, like I want to. I never had sex, thought it was a waste of time. Teenagers here just wants sex, not the relationship thing. Oh, I want to have sex, I can tell you that much, but I want the whole romance thing too. Oh shit, forgot to introduce myself. My name is Pippa Wilson, yes, it's a strange name. I think my mom wanted to name me Piper but she was too doped up on pain meds and she said "Pippa" instead of "Piper". I have curly brunette hair, brown eyes, average weight and height, I am not a future model. May is a blonde, blued eyed beauty with a quirky attitude. My personality is very lay back and I am a sarcastic smart ass. I went to my bedroom, which is not very organized and covered with rock band posters, and went through my clothes. If I am going to go to the race tomorrow, I better find something that is sexy and easy to get mud off of it! Mom came in and she leaned against the door frame and she cleared her throat. Regina Barnes is one of the most well known stylist in this area, which is not really big because we only have two salons in Lexington!
"What are you doing, Pippa?" Mom asked me. I got her looks from her but she is not a smart ass and sarcastic, so I must got it from my biological father, which is a no call no show in my life. Dave knew him, he told me that he was not a nice man. He beat on my mom through her pregnancy with me and he left them when she was seven months pregnant. Good riddance, who needs a man who beats on a woman?
"I am going to the track tomorrow with May and I am trying to find something to wear," I said and she sighed.
"You need to stay home for once," She said and I rolled my eyes.
"I am fucking eighteen years old, I can do whatever I want to!" I yelled and pushed my way around her and ran outside. My step-dad, Tom opened the front door and I pushed my way through him and I thought I had the clearing to the street, but he stopped.
"Young lady, what is your problem,
"Your wife!" I said and he rolled her eyes.
"Pippa, she just wants you home once in a while."
"I was planning to stay home today, I am going to the race tomorrow with May."
"I thought you hate dirt track racing."
"Might as well give it a shot."
"While you are there, get Tyson Cassidy's autograph, he is one hell of a racer." Tyson Cassidy. A wanna-be NASCAR racer. Born and raised in a town two hours south of Lexington known as Dansville. He moved up here just to race. He has become a local celebrity because he always wins, and he is VERY good looking. I think he is hot myself, but his ego is bigger than Texas. He has a charming smile, strong jaw line, brunette hair and brown eyes. I think he is about twenty-six years old as well. What is weird is that May is not even interested in him! She is interested in Jason Mackenzie, his best friend and his competition in racing. Jason also has a big ego, but not as big as Tyson. Ugh, men, once they become sort of famous, it goes to their heads!
May and I walked around the pit's the following afternoon. May ended up with phone numbers already and I didn't because I am not there to find me a man. We seen camera bulbs go off and May dragged me to the area and Tyson and Jason are posing for the camera with their cars. Tyson has a huge smile and I knew he is milking the fame.
"Dear lord, it is true about him, ain't it?" I said and May sighed.
"But you have to admit, Jason is very hot," May said and Jason looked over at our direction and I knew May's heart is doing cartwheels and he winked at her.
"OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD! JASON MACKENSIE JUST WINKED AT ME!" May squealed and I rolled my eyes and May dragged me closer. We ended up beside the cars almost and Tyson and Jason looked behind us and one of the camera men seen us.
"Hey you two, get up there!" one of them said and May looked at me like she didn't understand what he meant, which I didn't either.
"Yo, Blondie and cutie, get up here!" Tyson said smiling and then I knew they meant us. May squealed and pushed me and I am not thrilled by this. May stood beside Jason and I stood beside Tyson. I have to admit, standing beside Tyson Cassidy is very exciting.
"Smile for the camera, sweetheart," Tyson said to me and I smiled and the cameras went off. I stepped off because the flashes caused a major headache and May stayed up there with Jason, which I knew she would do. I watched her model for the camera with Jason, and I can tell he is loving every moment of it. When I looked again, Tyson is not there. Probably got a headache from the cameras also. I rolled my eyes and when I turned around, I bumped into a hard rock chest and I smelled cologne.
"Where did you go? Camera shy?" Tyson said and that's the first time I heard him talk. His voice is very southern and very deep.
"Um, no, the bulbs gave me a headache," I said trying to walk pass him and he stopped me.
"Hey hold on, I want you to be part of my team tonight. Your friend May already said she is for Jason."
"Are you gonna pay me, I don't join a team unless I get paid." He whistled and then he laughed.
"You got a smart mouth for being a gorgeous woman, what is your name anyways? I bet you already know who I am." Don't you just LOVE his ego?
"Pippa Wilson, and I can stand here and be a smart ass all day or you can pay me to be part of your team for the night," I said and crossed my arms across my chest and Tyson ran his fingers through his hair and sighed.
"Fine, one hundred and fifty dollars for the night," he said and my eyes grew. I cannot believe he fell for it! Should I tell him I am only kidding and deep inside, the sex kitten I wanna be just wants to be with him, just wants to lose my virginity to a egotistical hot man? No! I can do things with that much money.
"Mr. Cassidy, you got yourself a deal," I said and Tyson smiled and told me to follow him. When we made it to his car and his team of mechanics, May is sitting on Jason's car across the way and she waved and held a beer in her hand.
"I knew she would do it!" May yelled and I put my hands on my hips.
"You know we are only eighteen years old!" I said to Tyson and he laughed.
"I know, May told us and she wanted one and we gave her one. You want a beer? My division don't run for another hour," Tyson said grabbing two beers. I shrugged my shoulders and grabbed the beer from him and drank it. The races started and my heart about jumped out of my chest when the drivers around me started their cars. Actually, I screamed and Tyson, Jason, May and everyone laughed.
"This is her first time coming to a race," May said and Tyson nodded.
"That's why she screamed like that," Tyson said and I rolled my eyes at him and he leaned against the car and lit a cigarette. Thank God he smoked, so I pulled my cigarettes out and started to smoke.
"No wonder you are a smart ass, you didn't smoke," Tyson said and I laughed.
"No, I was born this way, and I have been smoking since I was ten!" I said then laughed at my Lady Gaga pun. Tyson really didn't say anything else, just ordered people around and not me. What kind of team member am I? Am I gonna dress in a bikini, which I do NOT look good in, and wave the checkered flag? Beer run girl? What the fuck am I getting paid for? An hour later, Jason and Tyson jumped into their cars and then, I had it. I want to know what am I doing here!
"Tyson, I have the right to know what am I getting paid to do for you," I said and he smiled and cupped my cheek. I have no fucking clue why he done that, but it felt very good.
"You will know soon enough. Meet me at the winners circle," Tyson said and raced off to the start line. May dragged me to the tall podium that stood a few stories high and you can see the racers. Tyson is number 16 and Jason is number 2, May had to tell me. The race started and seeing the dirt fly did send my adrenaline running. I have to admit, watching them race is very exciting. Hearing the audience cheering them on and watching Tyson go around those curves beautifully is awesome. A few minutes later, I found myself cheering for Tyson.
"COME ON, TYSON, YOU CAN DO IT! WOOOOO!" I yelled and May laughed and cheered Jason on, which he is very close to Tyson. Thirty laps later, Tyson won by the skin of his teeth. I jumped and hollered as he got first place and ran down the stairs to get off the podium and ran to the winners circle. Tyson got out and his team cheered and gave Tyson a beer and I walked over there and he smiled at me and grabbed me. The reporter of the Lexington Herald came over and he had a camera in his hand.
"Who is this beautiful young lady?" the reporter asked and my stomach fell to the ground. I have a bad feeling about this.
"Oh I met her just today, her name is Pippa Wilson," Tyson said and the reporter grabbed his pen and paper out and wrote everything Tyson said.
"So, she is not your girlfriend? You still single?" the reporter asked and I rolled my eyes. This is not STAR magazine, it's the local newspaper for Christ's sake!
"Hopefully, not for long," Tyson said as he turned me around and we are meeting eye to eye. His eyes are not too dark and not too light of a brown and they are gorgeous. "Pippa, kiss me," Tyson said through his teeth. My big eyes grew and I started to freak out.
"What?" I blurted out.
"I paid you to kiss me!" I sighed and he looked at the reporter and his camera is up and ready.
"I really like Pippa, she is very attractive and I am gonna kiss her!" Tyson said and he pulled me to his body and placed his lips on mine. I froze for a few moments and his lips moved on mine and I knew he wanted his money's worth, so I made it look real. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled my body closer to him and I felt him moan in my mouth. He tasted so good, and when his tongue played with my teeth, OH MY GOD, HEAVEN! I sighed in his mouth and when I let go, I realized it was oddly quiet around us. Oh shit, I forgot a few hundred people we're watching us. I smiled and placed my hands in front of my body and Tyson wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close. The reporter smiled and left us alone and went to Jason and May, which I knew they will have a showcase kiss also. I looked at Tyson and I cleared my throat and looked the other way.
"That was…exciting for one night," I said and he smiled.
"You tasted as good as I thought you would," Tyson said and I looked at him. I didn't say a single word as he came closer to me and place his hands on my cheeks again and lightly brushed his lips against mine. Why didn't I slap him for kissing me? Because he tasted so good and he is turning me on right now.
"Want to go out on a date sometime?" Tyson asked me and I swallowed and nodded to agree. "Good, because I want to see you some more," he said and gave me another kiss and smiled. I smiled also because I never knew my evening at the race track will end like this.


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