Hungry For Love

By: Nikkibeth

Chapter 1, Kylie Barnes is seventeen years old and had a rough half of year. She lives with her older brother, Jeremy. She is a math whiz and she meets her new math teacher, Dylan McKenna. She finds herself having a crush and sexual interest in him. One day in the school court yard changed everything (Why am I ending my summary with the CHANGED EVERYTHING thing LOL)


**A/N: Hey everybody! I was gonna wait till StarryEyed made my bookcover, but I couldn't wait any longer. I had this done right after I released the last chapter of Kickstart. I know when you read the summary that this is a Teacher/Sudent thing, but mine will be different. You can tell by reading this chapter that this story is different from any other story! Also, I am warning you, there is a part in this chapter that contains violent sex (if you know what I mean) so, yeah, I warned you! Thanks for reading! Whenever she sends me the bookcover, I will replace the one I put up LOL**
Chapter 1
I love the smell of the ocean. It relaxes me and makes me feel so good. I remember my mom taking me here for picnics and to take me and my brother swimming. I sank my feet into the warm sand and sighed. Mom is not here anymore. She is not here beside me laughing at my jokes and she is not here to lend me her ear. I felt my phone vibrate in my shorts and I seen that it’s my older brother, Jeremy.
“Kylie Elizabeth Barnes, I’ve been worried sick about you!” Jeremy said and I sighed again.
“I am just at the beach, Jeremy, where mom use to take us,” I said and the other end went silent.
“Come back as soon as you want to, I got dinner made, okay?” I told him to give me a few minutes and I will be home. My name is Kylie Barnes and I guess I should give you an introduction. I am seventeen years old, just started my senior year at my high school in Oceanside, California. I love my town, its right on the Pacific Ocean and I wake up smelling it. I have long red hair, almost the color of a fire truck and green eyes. I am not in any clique, I’m just me. I have a best friend, Lauren Stephens. She is a cheerleader and she plays softball in the spring. I play nothing, I don’t even like to do anything but stay at home or go to the beach. I stood up and brushed the sand off my shorts and walked down the street and went home. I don’t drive, I can I just don’t want to. I opened the door and I hear Jeremy cuss out the stove, again.
“Mother fucker, why do you hate me?” Jeremy said and I laughed. Jeremy gets his looks from our father, which passed away a few months after I was born from a fatal accident at work. He has his dark hair and blue eyes from him and he is very tall as I am like my mom, I am very short. Jeremy is twenty-three years old as well. I walked into the kitchen and he has the pan of spaghetti noodles off the stove and in the sink and he is saving the spaghetti sauce.
“Having trouble, Jeremy?” I asked and he looked at me and smiled.
“No, just the stove again,” He said and I laughed. 
“I’ll be in my room,” I said and he nodded. Jeremy took me in after my mom died from a car accident coming from San Diego. An 18-wheeler hit her head on and she died instantly. I miss her so much. Some days are worse than others. She only died six months ago and it seems just like yesterday I seen her smile at me before she left and I went to school. She never re-married after dad died, she dated a few times, but never married. I guess once you fall in love with the man that is the father of your children, you can’t fall in love again. I never had a real boyfriend, just crushes and I kissed a guy on a dare and let him feel me up. 
“Kylie, get in here, dinner’s ready,” Jeremy said and I went and sat in front of my brother and ate silently. He looked at me and he smiled as he seen me eat. I have not eaten a lot since my mom’s death and I am eating a lot now, I am now getting my appetite back. 
“I am happy that you are eating more,” Jeremy said and I smiled.
“I finally got where I want to eat again,” I said and we finished our dinner and I cleaned the dishes. Jeremy just recently graduated from UCLA with his bachelors degree to be a English teacher. He is working at a middle school and he is loving his job. I hate English, if I want to be a teacher, I will go for math. Math is my forte and I have been told to tutor in calculus already. My calculus teacher just recently got fired for stealing money from the cafeteria, which I never really understood why, it’s very weird. The new math teacher is from Los Angeles and they have been teaching for five years, so I think he or she knows their stuff! 
“I wrote up my first student today, he had an attitude with me because he didn’t want to turn in his paper on Where The Red Fern Grows,” Jeremy said and I nodded.
“I cannot believe you are still making your students read that. I even read that when I was in seventh grade!” I said and he laughed.
“All the other English teachers assign that read, and a lot of my students loves that book, just not him. I heard Mrs. Caldwell got fired for stealing money from the cafeteria at the high school. How is that even possible?”
“Fuck I don’t know, I guess she seduced one of the cooks and robbed them blind.”
“That’s the only way I could figure it out. Do you know who is the new teacher up there?”
“No, We only know that they are coming down from LA and they have been teaching for five years.”
“Oh somebody young!” I smiled and I sat beside Jeremy and we watched some television together. For a teacher, he doesn’t make me do my homework, which I already done it in the library this afternoon. I went to bed early that night and I dreamed about my mom. I seen her beautiful sculpted face and her wavy red hair and smiling green eyes. She kept repeating the last words she said to me, “I love you, see you Friday honey.” Those words repeated in my mind over and over throughout the night. 
I walked into first period, which is calculus and Lauren is waving me down like she is on fire. I sat beside her and she is fixing her blonde hair and she looked at me.
“I heard the new teacher is a man,” Lauren said and she looked at me with her clear blue eyes.
“So what if it’s a guy?” I said and shrugged my shoulders.
“What if he is hot like your brother? I mean, god damn if he was my seventh grade English teacher, I would so have the hots for him.”
“You already do, Lauren!” Lauren grabbed her cell phone and began to text her cheerleading friend. As you can tell, Lauren has a MAJOR crush on my brother. He already told me that if she was just a little bit older, he would bang her and date her. The bell rang and a man with his brunette hair in a ponytail rushed in and sat his briefcase on the desk. He looked up and I stopped breathing. He has to be the most gorgeous man on the face of the planet. He smiled at the class and his electric blue eyes looked around.
“Hello everybody, my name is Mr. McKenna and I am your new calculus teacher!” Mr. McKenna said and I heard some of the girls in the back say how he is fucking gorgeous. “What is your last assignment?” He asked.
“Um, chapter 1.3 numbers 1 through 20,” a guy said in front of me and Mr. McKenna grabbed the text book and looked through it. I cannot see a man like him being a math teacher. I see him like a rock star or something else other than a teacher. Even with a pony tail, he is sexy. I can see through his dark blue polo shirt that he is very fit. He went over the answers of the homework assignment, which I got everything right and I handed in. He looked through the paper and he looked up and frowned.
“Only one person got a hundred, a Kylie Barnes,” He said and my heart roared. I loved the way he said my name. 
“That’s me,” I said and raised my hand and he smiled.
“Congratulations, for this being my first day here, I grant you a free homework pass for the day,” he said and the class complained and he sat on the desk, facing us and placed his hands in his lap. “This is how I do things around here. You get an one hundred on ANY assignment like what you just turned in, quizzes and tests, I grant a free homework pass. If I was you, I will be working hard to get an hundred!” he said and I heard a couple of people agree. Lauren moaned and placed her head on the desk. I slid my cell phone to my desk and text Lauren.
What is wrong -Ky
He is so fucking hot but he is making us work for a hundred. I cannot do it! -Lauren
Lauren you can do it you are smart enough! -Ky
Lauren looked at me and smiled and we started to pay attention to the lesson. Since I got the free homework, Mr. McKenna told me I could leave, but I couldn’t. I had to stay and gawk at him. His ass is so sexy as he worked out problems on the board. After calculus, school is boring. English was torture as always because I got assigned to read Othello and I have to write a five page paper on it. Lauren told me to stay after her cheerleading practice so we can go out to dinner tonight, so I text Jeremy that I won’t need a ride. I decided to go out to the school grounds and sit at this bench in the far corner and start on reading that stupid book. There is group of guys laughing and smoking and I looked up to see them and they seen me. I knew it’s a bad idea and I began to read the book. I heard footsteps coming my way and I smelled a very strong cologne like somebody just poured it on themselves. I looked up and it’s the same group of guys that I seen.
“Hey sexy thing, I never seen you around!” one of the guys said.
“I am a senior here,” I said and he smiled.
“Well, I am too, but how can I miss a sexy girl like you?”
“I don’t know, but I better get going.” I reached down and tried to grab my bag and he stopped me.
“Where do you think you’re going?” the other guy asked me. My heart began to race and I became scared.
“My friend is getting off cheerleading practice here in a minute and I got to meet her,” I said and the first guy grabbed my bag and threw it across the grounds and the other guy pushed me on the ground.
“You are not going anywhere until I get a piece of you!” the second guy said and I began to shack my head. This is not happening to me!
“Please let me go!” I cried and they laughed and began by ripping my tank top, exposing my pink bra and I held onto my clasp to prevent them from taking it off and the first guy slapped me. I let go to cover my face from the pain and I felt a pair of hands unclasp my bra. One of them pulled my shorts off and then tore my panties off and I am now naked in public and fixing to get raped.
“Remember dude, she has to pleasure us first!” one of them said and my eyes grew big and I heard a zipper unzip and a huge cock came in my vision. One of them held my head and the other forced his cock down my throat. I began to scream for help, but with this cock in my mouth, no one can hear me.
“Keep her screaming, it feels so good!” the guy said and the guy holding my head slapped me again and I screamed. I felt something warm and sticky enter my mouth and the guy moaned.
“Shit, I loved that! Your turn dude!” the guy said and the guy holding my head got on top of me and pushed his cock inside me, taking my virginity. I screamed as loud as I can for help and the guy slapped me. 
“Dude, she was a fucking virgin. No wonder she is so tight!” The guy inside me said. He began to thrust inside me and I felt so much pain that I screamed even louder and began to cry. The other guy laughed and then told me to stop screaming. I am not gonna stop until somebody is gonna save me! I never wanted this to happen to me. I am getting raped at my own high school and no one is there to save me, until a minute later.
“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE! GET OFF HER NOW!” I looked up and It’s Mr. McKenna with a cigarette in his hand. Thank you God for Mr. McKenna saving me!

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