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Hungry For Love

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINSIHED) Kylie Barnes is seventeen years old and had a rough half of year. She lives with her older brother, Jeremy. She is a math whiz and she meets her new math teacher, Dylan McKenna. She finds herself having a crush and sexual interest in him. One day in the school court yard changed everything (Why am I ending my summary with the CHANGED EVERYTHING thing LOL) View table of contents...


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*A/N: Hey guys. Two more chapters! This story is definatly coming to an end. Basically, since they got caught and their relationship is out there, there is nothing left. After her auditions, graduation (which will be HOT!) and you know me, a future event, its over. I am writing a BDSM story after this one. I will post character pictures soon! Thanks for reading! Also, I don't care for the number of the reads, I care about my fans and friends that reads them...I love you all MWAH XOXO!*

Chapter 9

I knew school will not be fun after yesterday. Dylan is replaced by some old man name Mr. Gouge, which is just a sub until the new math teacher comes in January. When I walked into the school with Lauren, everybody stared at me. I knew Mrs. Cromer will tell everybody, well just the teachers. Teachers loves to gossip around here, so the students heard it. I kept hearing whispers and they irritated me. Everything everybody had to say is not nice. When I turned around with my books in hand, a football player came over and knocked my books onto the floor. "WHORE!" He yelled and his group of friends laughed. I kneeled down and gathered my books and a group of girls hovered above me. "You must be loose since you fucked Mr. McKenna," the blonde bitch said. I stood up and rubbed the dust from my pants.

"No, its calling falling in love. He saved me from being raped, he showed compassion and we fell in love. You are the one that is loose, Samantha. Did you fuck Coach Patch in eighth grade?" I asked and she walked off. I went to math class and the old man is sleeping on his desk. Lauren sat beside me and she grabbed my hand.

"Just think, two more months and you are out of this hell hole," Lauren said and I nodded.

"I already know this is going to be hell for me," I said and she sighed.

"No, this will go on for another week and it will go back to normal. I just cannot believe Dylan gave up his job to be with you."

"It's called love, Lauren. I would have got expelled if it meant to be with him. Would you do anything to stay with Jeremy?"

"Yes, in a heart beat. Jeremy already told me he would quit his job to stay with me, he loves me." I looked at Lauren and I adore her smile she has right now. I am so happy that my best friend found happiness in my brother and vice versa. Jeremy deserves somebody like Lauren, a woman that loves the very ground he walks on. The substitute math teacher slept through the whole class, which made me mad. The next two months in math will be a breeze for other people, but I need good grades for Wolfgang. At lunch, no body bothered me at all, but no body but Lauren talked to me. Second and third periods, which is Chemistry and Sociology, my teachers picked on me all the time for the answers, and those subjects are my worst. When my Sociology teacher asked me about the abundance of love in the world, I stood up and told her, "Love is abundant for the ones that want it. I am in love with Dylan McKenna and no body will stop us with our love!" Lauren and two others clapped their hands and the others just sat there. I think that is the cause of everybody shutting up to me. "So, when you move to LA January, will you miss me?" Lauren said and I grabbed her hand.

"We are not going to stop being friends just because I am moving to LA. You got accepted to UCLA, so you will be seeing me! Also, Jeremy said he will be coming down to see us, so you just get your ass in that car and go with him!" I said and she smiled.

"Can you go to Dylan's school?"

"Dylan and I decided that it will be better off if I go to a different school than him. We would be going through the same thing we went through here. I never felt so scared in my life!"

"If Jeremy and I had to go through that, I would probably die. Did you try to lie?"

"Yeah, but she seen us kiss and heard us tell each other we love each other, so that was a dead give away. I never knew Cromer would get out of the church long enough to go to the beach!" Lauren laughed and we finished our lunch. After school, which was not hell, I went to Dylan's place and he is fixing his car. He is shirtless and only wearing swim shorts. His hair is in a ponytail and he is looking mighty tasty right now.

"Mmmm baby, get your sweaty ass over here and kiss me!" I said and he turned around and kissed me. He let go and grabbed his towel.

"Tried to go to the grocery store this morning, but the water pump went out. My neighbor took me to the auto parts store just an hour ago so I am getting it on so we can go," Dylan said and I nodded.

"I just watch you and get turned on as you shake your ass and get more sweaty." I wiggled my eyebrows and he put his hand on his hip and smiled.

"Quit with that sexy talk or I will take you right here, right now," he said and I walked over, pulled the string down on the garage and we are now alone.

"Then take me," I said and place my lips against his. He grabbed me and placed me on the truck of the car and pulled my pants down. I took my shirt off and he slid my panties down. He shoved his cock inside me and I lay back against the car. The cold metal feels very good against my hot back and the friction of Dylan pounding me didn't even hurt. "Oh, Oh, Oh!" I moaned as he hit my spot.

"Oh Kylie, fuck!" Dylan moaned out and we both cum at the same time. That is what you call the best fucking quickie on the face of this planet. I slid off the truck and my ass caused a loud sliding noise and Dylan laughed.

"Nothing beats on a car quickie sex!" Dylan said and I giggled.

"We will be doing that again!" He leaned over and he kissed me. We went inside and talked about his old place in LA. Well, it's gonna be our place when we move down there. Everything is working out for us, we got a place, Dylan has a job and I get to keep the man of my dreams. Only thing left to do, make it through Wolfgang auditions!

*One and a half months later*
Jeremy has been showing signs that he wants Lauren to move in after I leave, even sooner. Lauren turned eighteen two weeks ago, so she can actually just get up and leave. Lauren came over one day and we sat and discussed it. I am leaving in a week and a half and Dylan is already sending some of our stuff down to LA. Jeremy and Lauren finally said that they want to move in together. "I know Lauren wants to move in with you, but it's a bit too soon! You only dated her for a month now!" I said and Lauren stood up and started to fiddle with her fingers. I looked at her belly area and realized that she has gained some weight.

"Kylie, I don't have any way to say this to you…" Lauren said sounding scared. Why does she sound scared. She knows that I'll NEVER turn her away!

"Just tell me!" I said and she looked at Jeremy and he looked at me.

"Kylie, I am pregnant," Lauren said and I sagged into my seat. Jeremy got Lauren pregnant. Wow! What a shocker. Two weeks before I go to LA, I find out that I am gonna be an aunt.

"When did you find out?" I asked her calmly.

"This morning," she said and I smiled and I gave her a huge hug.

"Congratulations Lauren, good job Jeremy!" I said and he laughed.

"We thought you'll get mad cause I am your brother and she is your friend," Jeremy said and I rolled my eyes.

"I am just shocked. You are pushing safe sex on Dylan and I and you get Lauren pregnant."

"I know, I guess I contraindicated myself." I went over and gave Jeremy a hug. This let him know that I approve of Lauren moving in, and becoming an aunt. Me, Aunt Kylie and Uncle Dylan. Wow, just…WOW!


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