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Hungry For Love

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINSIHED) Kylie Barnes is seventeen years old and had a rough half of year. She lives with her older brother, Jeremy. She is a math whiz and she meets her new math teacher, Dylan McKenna. She finds herself having a crush and sexual interest in him. One day in the school court yard changed everything (Why am I ending my summary with the CHANGED EVERYTHING thing LOL) View table of contents...


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*A/N: Great, I am now seeing the same thing I seen on NikkiLibby...hardly any reads. I really don't know what to do anymore. I guess I am getting boring now :(. I am not going to write Romance and Guns, I am not meant for detective stories, but I am gonna write a story about domination and submission kind of thing. Please read y'all, I am getting sad that my stories are not getting reads anymore!*

Chapter 8

My heart went to my throat and I can see beads of sweat on Dylan's forehead. "I invited him to a picnic with my brother and Lauren, there is nothing between us!" I said and Mrs. Cromer laughed.

"It looks more than what you say, Kylie. I seen you two kiss, he kept putting his hands on you and I even heard him say he loves you," Mrs. Cromer said and I sighed. We cannot lie anymore. We have been caught.

"You can go ahead and fire me, Janice, but I will not stop seeing Kylie. She is my girlfriend and I do indeed love her," Dylan said and I smiled.

"And I love him too, suspend me, fuck, even expel me!" I said and her eyes grew.

"You two are willing to leave this school to stay with each other?" Dylan reached for my hand and he squeezed it.

"Yes, I am willing to lose my job," Dylan said and I nodded.

"I am willing to lose my spot in Wolfgang to stay with Dylan," I said and she raised her hands up.

"Well, California laws cannot stop you from seeing each other. Seventeen is the legal age to date people over eighteen, and you are eighteen. But, there is two choices in this matter. Kylie, you are our top student and we don't want to lose you, so you are not getting expelled or suspended. Dylan, I have no choice, I am gonna fire you. I promise to not make it hard for you to get a job, but we are the only high school in this county." Dylan sighed and I began to cry. I lost Dylan's job. I stood up and ran out of the office and out of the school. I didn't drive to school, so I ran down the street and I heard a car behind me. It is Dylan. "Baby, get in the car," Dylan said and I got in. We remained quiet the whole ride to his house and when we got in, we sat down and I began to cry.

"I am so sorry for making you get fired, it's my fault," I said and he grabbed my hand and kissed it.

"I am not going to let a bitch like Janice separate you from me. I am glad I left the place. I can get my old job back at the high school in Los Angeles, but that means I have to move," he said and I cried even harder. He has to leave me, he has to break up with me. I felt this urge to beg him to stay and I tried to fight it.

"Please, please, please stay here with me. Don't leave me! I am nothing without you. I will do anything to be with you! Just don't leave me!" I begged and the tears are coming hard out of my eyes. I sank to the floor and my whole body shake from the thought of Dylan leaving me. He got on the floor and wrapped his arms around me and rocked it.

"I cannot leave you, Kylie. I never loved a woman as much as I love you. I will stay here, I will get unemployment until the end of the semester, then you will be eighteen then. We will move to LA together," Dylan said and I wiped my eyes and smiled.

"But, how will you survive the next six months? Unemployment will not cover your bills," I said and he sighed.

"Baby, this is not the first time I got on unemployment, I can make it, promise."

"Why can't we just move now? I can transfer my stuff to the LA high school you will work at."

"Because with teaching jobs, you can't just start in the middle of the semester unless something really bad happens. I will make the call and see if I can start Spring semester, but don't get your hopes up." I nodded and we sat around to calm down and we spent the day together. I called Jeremy on his free period and explained what happened. "Oh fuck, you got caught? What happened?" Jeremy asked.

"Well, I told them that I am willing to get suspended or even expelled to stay with Dylan. Dylan said he is willing to get fired to stay with me. They didn't do anything to me, but Mrs. Cromer fired Dylan," I said and Dylan is rubbing my thigh and going towards my crotch.

"That fucking sucks! What is he going to do?"

"He is going to get job back in LA. They are giving him a call back tomorrow about starting in January. Jeremy, I am going down to LA with Dylan when he goes back. I turn eighteen two weeks after school starts back in January." The other side of the line became silent and I heard heavy breathing. I can tell Jeremy is very upset. But, he is not mad at all, just shocked, I think.

"You love him that much, Kylie?" Jeremy asked me.

"Yes, I love Dylan more than life itself. I know you really don't approve of us dating, but I love him and he loves me. I know Lauren loves you and I can tell you love her. I will approve of anything y'all do, only if you approve what I wanna do with Dylan," I said and Dylan smiled at me.

"I raised you from the time dad died till now. Of course I don't approve of you dating anybody. But, like you said, I do love Lauren and she loves me. If I have to relocate to another school, Lauren will come with me. I will not like it, but I will allow you to go to LA with Dylan."

"Thank you Jeremy, for understanding."

"Of course I understand, you are my baby sister. Love you."

"Love you too, see you after school." I got off the phone and got on Dylan's lap and faced him. I took my shirt off and he played with my tits and I undid his work slacks and grabbed his cock. I slid my panties off from under my skirt and slid down onto his cock and groaned. We fucked until we both came and then I went to my appointment for my birth control. Dylan decided to come with me since there is no use to hide our relationship anymore. The nurse asked me a bunch of stupid questions like "Is he your only sex partner?" "Are you at risk for STD's?" "Are your practicing safe sex?" and of course I answered all of them truthfully, except for the safe sex, I told her we did and we only used a condom once. She handed me a urine specimen cup and I gave her a questioning look. "It's part of protocol. If you want this birth control free, you have to get a pregnancy test every time you come back for your next shot," The nurse said and I nodded. I done the test and I went back to the room and sat on Dylan's lap, not caring if the nurse comes in with me on his lap. "So, what do you hope the test reads?" Dylan asked me.

"Doesn't matter with me, I know you will approve any way it comes out," I said and he smiled.

"Of course I will, but you are still mighty young to be a mom." I agreed and the nurse came back, told me its negative and she gave me the shot. She grabbed a bag of condoms and gave them to me.

"It will take up to 2 weeks for the Depo to work, so practice safe sex till then," she said and I nodded and we left.

I went home when Jeremy said he is home. I knew he wants to talk about the situation at school. He ordered us a pizza and we sat down and he started. "You know Mrs. Cromer has told everybody at the school about you and Dylan," Jeremy said and I sighed.

"I know, I am probably the talk of the school now. I don't care because I love Dylan and they won't stop me from seeing him," I said and he nodded.

"You are just like mom, you know? Once your heart is set on something, you will not let go."

"I know, I am not going to let go of Dylan; he is the greatest thing that happened to me other than Wolfgang…"

"Speaking of Wolfgang…" Jeremy handed me a letter with the Wolfgang emblem on it and I opened it and read:

Miss Kylie Barnes,
We're are proud to tell you that you are in the process of being accepted to Wolfgang School of the Performing Arts. The next step is the audition. Auditions starts on January 16-31. You will be performing in front of six of Wolfgang's finest graduates and the administrator. If you make it through the audition, which the results will be finalized by March 15, you will be a student at Wolfgang. Thank you for your interest, and good luck.

I just kept staring at it and I smiled. I have been accepted to audition in front of eight important people! I ran to the phone and called Dylan. "I get to audition for Wolfgang. It's good timing as well because we will be in LA by then!" I said and I can hear Dylan's smile at the other end.

"The principal called me from the high school, I get to start in January. We got two months to pack, Kylie!" Dylan and I smiled. Out of this horrible day, this day got even better!


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