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Hungry For Love

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINSIHED) Kylie Barnes is seventeen years old and had a rough half of year. She lives with her older brother, Jeremy. She is a math whiz and she meets her new math teacher, Dylan McKenna. She finds herself having a crush and sexual interest in him. One day in the school court yard changed everything (Why am I ending my summary with the CHANGED EVERYTHING thing LOL) View table of contents...


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*A/N: The lyrics in this song came from stlyrics.com, even though I was constantly listening to the song as I wrote this chapter. Thank you for all that reads my stories and I have over 50 fans...WOO HOO! This is a highly sexual chapter and yeah, my husband enjoyed it. He is trying to seduce me as we speak. Too bad I got school in a half hour! Enjoy my loves xoxo*
Chapter 5
Dylan and I decided that i will spend the night with him. I told Lauren to tell Jeremy that I am spending the night with her. Dylan is a very comical man. He loves the hair metal bands like I do and he tries to sing like them, but kind of fails.
"You are not the next American Idol!" I said and he laughed.
"I know, but it brought a smile to your face!" Dylan said and I put my legs on his lap and he massaged my feet. I looked at Dylan and I smiled to myself. I am the luckiest girl in the world being with a sexy teacher like Dylan McKenna. I know for sure that I am in love with him and I thought falling in love quickly is for fairy tales, but he is my fairy tale.
"So, what are we going to do tonight since we have the night to ourselves?" I asked and he winked at me.
"We will take a shower together and have sex and eat and watch movies," Dylan said and I laughed.
"Is sex on your mind or what?" I said and he sighed.
"You the first woman I had sex with in seven months, so yes, sex is on my mind," he said and my eyes grew.
"Wow, that last girl you we're with really hurt you." I knew this is leading to him talking about her, but I had to know. What did she do to hurt my Dylan like this?
"Her name was Fawn Smith. She was an RN in LA and she was beautiful to me, at the time. I see her now and all I see is ugliness and hate. She wanted the ideal boyfriend, and possibly, the ideal husband. I fell for her charm and blonde looks. She acted like a saint that loves to take care of the public. She told me she loved me and stupid me, fell highly in love with her. I knew something was up when she told me she was pregnant and I knew it was not mine, but I didn't tell her. The timing was off, at the time she was five weeks pregnant and five weeks before, I went to a conference in San Francisco. She told me she had a miscarriage and I was hurt, yes. A few weeks later, I came home early due to half-day dismissal, I heard moans coming from the bedroom. I went to the bedroom and seen her in bed with one of her co-workers…" He sighed in a heavy breath and I wrapped my arms around him and held him.
"You don't have to finish, I understand what happened…" I said and Dylan shook his head.
"No, I need to finish, you need to know how cruel Fawn was with me." My heart skipped a beat, I wanted and needed to know what she done and when I get older, I want to kick her ass up and down the street!
"Fawn ran after me and I told her that its over and she needed to get her stuff and leave. Fawn was furious with me. She told me that I am not loving enough, and I was ruining her life. We we're together for three years and the whole time, she said she didn't love me. She wanted me to love her and wait on her hand and foot since she had the most stressful job, like teaching ain't stressful! She told me that she was hungry for love and I didn't give her any. She slapped me and she packed her things and left." I looked at him in utter shock. Just in five minutes after finding out the woman he was with for three years didn't love him, cheated on him and slapped him.
"Oh yeah, I forgot to mentioned. She right out told me that the baby was not mine, it was the guy I found her with. And she didn't have a miscarriage, she aborted it to make it look like she miscarried. She is a heartless bitch and she really doesn't need to be a nurse. She is really careless, she tells me all the time that she hates sick people," Dylan added. I sank into the couch and just stared at him. Fawn is really a bitch. I cannot believe she done that on spite. Aborted a baby because she didn't want Dylan to find out that the baby ain't his and then be a heartless nurse. I hope I don't need to go to her hospital anytime soon.
"I am so sorry, Dylan, I will never do that to you!" I said and he smiled and ran his fingers down my face.
"I know, I can tell that you will be a faithful girlfriend and I know for the fact that we will have loads of fun and good quality time together," Dylan said winking and bringing my hand down and he pressed my hand against his crotch. He is very hard and he leaned down and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down on top of me. I wrapped my legs around his hips and let his hard dick grind against my pussy. I am still in a tee-shirt and only a tee-shirt with no underwear. Dylan pulled the shirt off of and I lay there, letting him look at me.
"You are so beautiful, Kylie!" Dylan said and began to kiss me on my neck. His lips went down and his tongue flicked my nipple and I laced my fingers through his long hair and he stopped. I whined and he just turned around and turned the stereo on and Winger, the band that I loved, began to play their romance song, "Hungry".
"Can't keep holding on this way
Can't go on another day
Can't you hear me when I say
Girl I'm Hungry for your love
Girl I'm hungry
Baby let me in
Hungry for your love
Hungry I can't get enough
Your love's the color of my heart
When I look in you eyes everything's so clear
So still together when we're apart
I begin to die unless you're here…"
As I hummed along with the lyrics, Dylan began to sing it. He sounded so sexy and his lips trailed down to my navel, and he sang again.
"Girl I'm hungry for you're your, girl I'm hungry! Baby, let me in! Girl, I am hungry for your skin…" Dylan said and I looked down and touched his face.
"I'm hungry for love, Dylan, feed me your love!" I said and he smiled. He took his clothes off and he got on top of me. He kissed me with so much love and passion and lust that it made me dizzy.
"I'm gonna feed you my love," Dylan moaned as he slid his dick inside my pussy and I moaned and ran my nails down his back. We didn't just have a hard fuck, this is making love! He is so gentle and he kissed me all over my face and he is looking into my eyes with his beautiful blue eyes. I can see the love in his eyes, so I said what came from my heart.
"Dylan, oh Dylan I love you, I love you!" I moaned out and he stopped for a few seconds and let his hair fall down around his face and he stared at me. Did I freak him out? Please tell me that I didn't freak him out.
"Are you serious, Kylie?" Dylan asked and I nodded and tears began to build up in my eyes.
"Yes, Dylan, I never felt like this in my life. I love you!" I said and he smiled, and began to make love to me. He fuck me until we both cum at the same time and he lay on top of me, on the couch!
"Kylie, I love you too, I love you more than life itself!" Dylan said and I began to cry a little bit. This made me the happiest girl in the world hearing Dylan tell me he loves me.
"I thought this kind of love comes from fairy tales," I said and he smiled.
"Baby, we are making our own fairy tale!" I kissed him and we sat up, put our clothes on and watched television. A few hours later, after the movie ended, Dylan said its time for our shower. I followed him and when he closed the bathroom door behind me, he turned the shower on and I took my clothes off and I watched Dylan stripped his clothes off. He got in the shower and grabbed my hand and helped me inside. I got under the water first and I rinsed my hair off and Dylan is staring at me with a wicked smile.
"What?" I said and he came to me and got under the water with me. The water is hitting his muscular chest and for some reason, it looks sexy and desirable, so I leaned forward and licked the water from his chest. I nuzzled my nose against his chest hair and loved how it tickled my nose. Dylan wrapped his arms around me and I began to kiss down his body and when I got to his already erect and hard dick, I stared at it. I never EVER gave a blow job in my life, well better teach myself then. I licked his head and I heard him take a breath in then I placed it all in my mouth. I don't know if I can handle deep throating it, but its worth the try. I pushed his big dick into my mouth further and it hit my gag reflex and I let go a little. I sucked on his dick and bobbed my hair and looked up at him. Dylan moaned my name and ran his fingers through my wet hair. I got up and got on my toes and kissed him. Dylan's hand went down to my pussy and he pushed two fingers inside me and I moaned and leaned against his chest. He pushed me against the shower wall, breasts against them and he slid his dick inside me.
"Do you want my dick, Kylie?" Dylan began to tease.
"Yes, yes I do!" I said as he pushed deeper inside me.
"What do you want me to do?"
"Fuck me hard and fast!" I moaned out and he smiled wickedly.
"Beg for it!"
"Please Dylan, fuck me please!" I pleaded out and he began to fuck me. I felt his damp chest hair against my back and he began to grunt out my name as he fucked me hard. I moaned his name and I loved how he grabbed my hips to help him get deeper inside me. When I felt my pussy get tighter around his dick, I moaned louder and grabbed his hands and pressed them against the wall.
"Oh baby, I am about to cum!" Dylan said grunting.
"Don't hold back, Dylan! I am so close!" I said and after a few more pumps, we cum together. I turned around and looked into his eyes and he is smiling.
"I love you," I said and he kissed me and pulled my body against his and when he let go, he smiled.
"I love you, too," he said and I hugged him tight. I love this man, and he loves me!


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