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Hungry For Love

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINSIHED) Kylie Barnes is seventeen years old and had a rough half of year. She lives with her older brother, Jeremy. She is a math whiz and she meets her new math teacher, Dylan McKenna. She finds herself having a crush and sexual interest in him. One day in the school court yard changed everything (Why am I ending my summary with the CHANGED EVERYTHING thing LOL) View table of contents...


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*A/N: Hey guys! Thanks for everybody being so nice to me! I am sorry for being so cheesy in this chapter towards the end. Its actually how me and my hubby started dating :D I will take the weekend off from writing so I will not be publishing till the beginning of next week, my brain hurts! I have a huge test tomorrow and I have to take it to graduate from college. Well, read on my friends!*
Chapter 4
He closed the door behind me and I looked around. Its just a simple apartment with an earthy color scheme.
"Yeah, it ain't hardly anything good, it's the best I could find," Dylan said and I smiled.
"I think its perfect," I said and he smiled. He sat me down on the couch and he sat beside me. Dylan wrapped his arm around me and I scooted closer to him and he turned on the television. We sat there in an awkward silence and we watched a show on TV and it began to bother me that we are so quiet.
"So, what made you decide to take a job here?" I asked.
"I wanted to get away from LA for a while and start fresh," Dylan said and I nodded. Dylan's hand ran up and down my arm and I began to feel electricity run through my veins. I turned to him and placed my lips on his. I can feel Dylan's surprised reaction against my lips and I pulled his ponytail out and let his long hair flow against my fingers. I never knew I would get all hot about a man with long hair. There is something about men with long hair, its so sexy. Maybe because I am an eighties geek, meaning I love listening to eighties music and half the singers then had long hair and are HOT! His hair is almost as long as mine and my hair is mid back and his is barely pass his shoulders and very wavy. Dylan left my lips and he kissed my nose, my chin and my neck. When his lips and tongue grazed my neck, I moaned and arched to feel more of his mouth against my skin.
"Dylan, I want you," I moaned out and he let go and looked me into my green eyes with his electric blue eyes.
"But, the rape…" he tried to say but I covered his lips with my fingers.
"Didn't make me sore and I have no injuries. I want you, no, need you so bad!" I sat up and pulled my shirt off and I felt my confidence build up inside me and I adored his smile on his face when he came face to face with my sheer blue bra. Dylan's hands touched the side of my ribs under my bra and went to my back to unbuckle my bra, but I stopped him. My hands went to his shirt and unbutton his shirt and I pushed it aside and stared at his torso. He has chest hair, not a whole lot, but enough to make me crazy and want to bury my face into his furred chest. He has a washboard stomach and I felt my pussy get wet just looking at him. Dylan got impatient and took my bra off and he just stared at my breasts. I hate my breasts, I am not busty like the other girls and I wish they are bigger.
"I'm sorry that I am so small," I said and he laughed.
"No, you are perfect for me. I am actually more of an ass man!" He picked me up and sat me on his lap facing him and his hands rounded my ass. I adjusted my body where I am cradling his dick between my legs and he is hard alright. I bite my lip and he began kissing me again at my collarbone. His lips made a tiny path down my chest and his tongue lapped my nipple and I ran my fingers through his hair and pushed him closer to feel more of his mouth.
"I love this, Dylan, oh I love it!" I moaned and I felt him smile. He stood up and I wrapped my legs around Dylan and he carried me into his bedroom and lay me down on his pillows. I felt his hands go to my jeans and he unbutton them and pulled them down. When he got back to my body, I spread my legs and let him see my soaked thong.
"Mmmm, you are wet for me aren't you?" Dylan said and I nodded. He pulled my thong down and I am now naked in front of Dylan again, but I want to be naked. He lay down between my legs and kissed my inner thighs. My heart began to race and I began to get very nervous. My hands went to cover my pussy and he looked up at me.
"If you are scared to, we can stop, Kylie," Dylan said. I knew right then that he is a gentleman and it made my nervousness go away. I pulled my hands away and Dylan's warm breath hit my lips and I moaned. He spread my pussy lips apart and began to nibble at my hole then he licked and sucked my clit. I writhed and moaned like crazy when I felt his tongue lick my clit like a lollypop and I pushed his head closer to me to feel more of him. He slid a finger inside me, then another finger and he pushed it into the nub near my cervix. I never felt so much pressure in my life and I began to feel like I am gonna explode. I gripped the blanket underneath me and my orgasm came with a gush of my cum. I panted and as I regain my strength, Dylan took the rest of his clothes off and I looked up and smiled. He has a very beautiful body and I wanted him to get inside me. I want him to feel me up. He lay on top of me and he kissed me.
"Tell me to stop if you want me to okay?" Dylan said and I nodded. He pushed inside me and I felt a little pain because of his huge and thick dick. When the pain went away, my legs went around his waist, telling him I want him to fuck me. He began to go in and out of me really fast and hard and I loved it.
"Yes Dylan, fuck me! Fuck me hard!" I moaned and he began to moan my name repeatedly. I felt the same pressure I felt when he ate me out again and I grabbed him and pulled him down to me.
"I'm about to cum baby!" Dylan said and I nodded my head fast as my orgasm erupted all over his dick. He grunted as he filled me with his sticky cum and he placed his head on my breast. I ran my fingers through his hair and smiled to myself. I just fucked my teacher! I cannot believe I just fucked my teacher and loved it!
"That was amazing!" I said and he looked up and smiled down at me.
"That was, wasn't it?" Dylan said and he got off of me and wrapped his arms around me. I didn't want to leave his side, but I cannot expose me and Dylan to anybody. I grabbed my cell phone and called Lauren.
"Lauren, can I ask for a favor from you?" I asked her.
"Yes, what is it?" Lauren asked and I looked down at Dylan.
"You know that crush on that older guy? Well, I am with him now. I need you to cover for me for tonight, I am gonna stay with him."
"Wait, did you have sex with him?" I blushed and then I smiled.
"Yes, I did and it was the greatest thing ever!"
"Oh my God! Of course I will cover for you with Jeremy if he calls, right?"
"Yeah, I am fixing to call him now and tell him that I am staying with you for the night." I got off the phone and Dylan looked at me and I smiled at him.
"I don't want to leave you right now," I said and he wrapped his arms around me and smiled into my neck.
"You told your friend about your crush on me?" Dylan asked and I knew he is sort of scared.
"I didn't say you, I just told her on an older guy."
"Oh okay, you know we have to keep this a secret until you graduate high school."
"Yeah, which sucks, but we can make it, I know. Wait…what you mean? You want to still have sex and meet up?" I looked at him and he ran his fingers down my arms and kissed my neck.
"Kylie, I have not had a decent woman in years. The reason I left LA is because of a woman. She cheated on me and her excuse was she was hungry for love and I was not giving it to her." I felt so sorry for Dylan. He just wants a decent woman in his life, and maybe, just maybe I can be the woman. I looked at him and ran my fingers down his rough face where he had his five o'clock shadow.
"You don't have to worry about that with me. I was hungry for love, and you gave it to me," I said and he leaned against me and I felt like melting. Why do I feel like this with him? I thought falling in love fast is for romance novels and those romance/drama movies. I didn't know it can happen in real life. I have to admit, I am in love with Dylan McKenna.
"I am so happy to hear that I satisfy you, Kylie," Dylan said and I grabbed his hand and held them between mine.
"You more than satisfy me, Dylan, you complete me," I said and he kissed me. I finally called Jeremy after our make out session and told him about me spending the night with Lauren. He told me to be careful and have fun.
"Jeremy, can you please give Lauren a chance? She has the major hots for you and she won't go out with anybody because of you," I said and he sighed.
"I have to admit, Lauren is pretty sexy, sure I will give her a chance. I hope she ain't looking for a one-night stand!" Jeremy said and I laughed.
"Please, she is still a virgin, she doesn't know a thing about how to please a man. She just wants you to give her a chance!"
"I will, don't worry, see you tomorrow!" I said my goodbye and I hung up. Dylan is already dressed and he threw one of his tee-shirts with "UCLA" printed on it and I put my underwear back on. Dylan went to the kitchen as I went to the living room and turned on the television.
"Baby, you want me to call a pizza?" Dylan asked and my heart raced when he called me baby. It made me special.
"Yeah, sure, I love meat lovers!" I said and he nodded. He ordered the pizza and he came and sit down beside me. I will admit, I am very straight forward when I am anxious about something.
"Why did you call me baby?" I asked and he smiled.
"Cause you are my baby, I thought you got the hint I wanted to date you when I wanted to get to know you!" Dylan said and then I smiled big.
"Well, good, I want to be your girlfriend!" I said and I kissed him. When he let go, he touched my chin and looked me into my eyes.
"Well, good, I want to be your boyfriend!" This has to be the greatest day in my whole life. I consider this day that I lost my virginity, and the day I got my first official boyfriend!


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