His Voice Not Heard

By: Nikkibeth

Chapter 3,

Sorry it took me so long to update. I am a very busy woman. The next chapter will start Autumn's journey, and you will see what kind of "Journey" this will be. Things are beginning to get heated, so you know what will happen soon ;) so I hope you enjoy! Love y'all!


Chapter 3

One Last Chance


I just stared at him, shocked. I just slapped him! He needed it, him flirting with other women around me... then making fun of me saying for a deaf girl, I got a mouth on me! He touched the red hand print on his cheek and I rubbed the stinging away in my hand. We just stared at each other for a while. A few moments later, I turned around and finally got in my car. Ben grabbed the window and I looked at him. “Listen...I'm sorry, Autumn. I will not do that again!” He said and I rolled my eyes and drove away. I cannot see him anymore, I just can't!


*Ben's POV*


Autumn just over reacted to the situation, that is all. She saw me flirt with another woman by grabbing her ass. That is just me! Women LOVE me grabbing their asses, but Autumn. I remember her disgusted expression when I grabbed her ass at the club Saturday. For once in my life, I feel like an ass hole, an idiot...everything I can downgrade myself.


I finally made it home and when I parked, I looked at my cell phone and no messages from Autumn. I sighed and stepped out of my car and went to the elevator to go to my penthouse. I live on the twenty-sixth floor, and I love it. I can see all of my hometown of Boston. I love this fucking town! I went to the bar and poured me some expensive Brandy and sat down on the couch. Why do I feel like shit? It is the first time I EVER got slapped by a woman. It didn't feel so good, my face still stinging right now. What can I do to get Autumn back and let her know that I am very sorry about what happened this evening? I will NEVER do that again! I feel this need for her, I want her so bad.


Joseph came right in and he seen my face and he sat his stuff down, since we are roommates. He just got back from work, he owns his own gym. “Dude, what happened?” Joe asked me.


“Autumn slapped me, I flirted with another woman during our dinner,” I said and I failed to mention that I kind of made fun of her because she's deaf.


“You need to stop that shit. Some women hate when men flirt with other women. What if Autumn just reached out and grabbed a random man's ass...how would you feel?”


“Pissed off.”


“There you go! You will be lucky if that woman even talks to you again. You better apologize right now, while you got the chance!” I nodded and grabbed my cell phone. What can I tell her? A simple sorry will not cut it. I need to make this as heart felt as I can.


Autumn, I know what I did was uncalled for. Grabbing that woman's ass in front of you. Making fun of your condition. I feel like mortal shit right now. I can really kill myself right now. I am so sorry, please forgive me. I will make it up to you by a private dinner at my place. I can cook pretty good! Oh please, forgive me Autumn!


*Autumn's POV*


I waited till the morning to even LOOK at my phone. I know Benjamin would rape my phone with text messages. I grabbed my phone and there is only one...wow! I read it and Bethany walked in through the door. I told her all about the disastrous date last night over text message. “Please tell me you are not giving him another chance, Autumn!” Bethany mouthed to me. I read the message and I can feel his pain. He really feels like shit for doing that to me last night. He wants a private dinner, just the two of us. Should I even talk to him? I cannot help it, I will give him one last chance. I looked up at Bethany and began to sign to her. “Yes, he feels like shit for doing that to me, so I will give him one last chance. If he fucks up at anytime, it doesn't even have to be today, I will leave and never talk to him again!” I signed and she nodded. I text him, telling him what I said to Bethany.


Okay, I will give you one last chance. I forgive you, for now. If you fuck up one more time, does not have to be today, I will leave and never talk to you again. You are the first man to even talk to me. Please, don't fuck this up for us! I sat and waited for his message back and it is almost instantaneous when he messages back.


Great! I want you to be at my place at about 7 tonight. It will give me time to cook and clean up after work. I will make sure my roommate is out of the building. I really want us to be alone for this. Thank you, Autumn, for forgiving me. My address is 1784 85th Avenue. I live in a pent, so go up to the 26th floor. Elevator door will be unlocked, come right in and make yourself comfortable. I want you comfortable around me. See you then! “He has a fucking penthouse!” I signed to Bethany and her mouth went agape.


“Holy fucking shit! So, are you going to his place tonight?” She asked me and I smiled and nodded. Alone time with a man, I need to feel this for myself. And it's with Benjamin, and he wants to be alone with me.




I finally got out of the school around five thirty. That barely gives me time to run home and get ready for dinner. I ran inside my house and threw my clothes everywhere, finding a decent outfit. I finally found a nice frilly black shirt that goes above my knees and a matching top and hats. I have a thing for hats, don't ask why. I sat down in front of my mirror and brushed my hair out and fixed my makeup. Bethany is sort of mad because I gave into Ben. She called me a sucker. I am no sucker, I just...I need him for some reason.


Mom walked in and she sat down on my bed, facing my mirror and I smiled. “So, another date with the jerk?” Mom mouthed and I sat my brush down and rolled my eyes.


“Not you too!” I signed to her.


“Honey, Bethany told me about him. He is no good for you!”


“You are the one that told me to give people chances. I am giving him one last chance to prove to me. He feels like shit for doing that to me!”


“Just...be careful baby girl! I love you!” I smiled at her and turned around and hugged her. She is just a worry wort of a mother!


I am ready for this date. It's a half hour before the date and I am fixing to drive over to his place. I hugged my parents and walked out the door. I am twenty-four years old, and I feel like a teenager again. This is my first time I've been alone with a man. What will he do to me? Will he kiss me? Touch me? He would not go too far... I hope! I drove down the streets of Boston, the sun has already set. Boston looks so beautiful! I found his place and I gasped. I only seen about this place in magazines. Only rich people live here, well he is a lawyer! I got out of my car and walked to the foyer and a bunch of people stood around. They are wearing Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel, all the expensive shit I only dreamed of owning. I went to the front desk and I began to sign out of habit. “Benjamin Causby,” I signed to him, an older man, and he smiled.


“Twenty-sixth floor, my dear, his own floor,” He said to me and I smiled at him. He understand sign -language! I went to the elevator and when the doors closed, it just hit me. Ben has his own floor! I should have been a lawyer instead of a teacher, he is fucking rich! The door opened and I am shocked. This place is huge! It's cream in color and it's modern in interior detail. I began to look around and seen all the pictures of Ben and his friend...whom I recognize from the club Saturday. I see pictures of an older couple, his friend holding a woman around my age...a lot of pictures. I began to feel like there is somebody in the room and I looked up and it's Ben. He sighed in relief and then smiled. “I thought you weren't coming, but dinner is almost ready. Go to the room on your left, it's the entertainment room. The Closed Captions are already on for you,” He said and I nodded. I went to the entertainment room and the first thing I seen is a HUGE flat screen and a fridge and I am guessing, its full of beer. I sat down on the leather couch and went through the channels until I found FX.


I can smell whatever he is cooking, I smell hamburger. I also smell melted cheese and some kind of vegetable. I smiled and cannot help but to get up and see what he is cooking. I went to the kitchen and he is cooking what looks and smells like snap peas. I also see some pretty thick hamburgers on the built-in grill. He smeared some butter on some toasted buns and I leaned against the wall and I guess I bumped into something, because he turned around. He smiled at me and motioned his head to come to him. I walked over and he is still smiling. “Autumn, I am so sorry about last night. I learned that if you want to keep a good woman around, better treat them right. You are a good woman... and very beautiful,” He said and I blushed. He laughed and I grinned at him. I grabbed my notebook and began to write.


“You're lying, I am not beautiful!” He grabbed it and read and he sat the notebook down and touched my bottom lip.


“Yes, you are, Autumn Camden. Your loss of hearing just makes you more unique. You are too special for some men. You're even more special for even forgiving me for the disastrous date last night,” He said and I swallowed. I grabbed for the notebook, but he didn't let me, his hand is holding it against the table. “Let me kiss you, Autumn.” I swallowed again and nodded. He leaned down and his lips touched mine. I gasped at his feather touch and our lips began to move.


I kissed one guy once, I was sixteen at the time. He was the Varsity Football Captain and I thought he liked me. After he kissed me, my first and only kiss until now, I thought we we're going to date. WRONG! He fucking turned around and began to tease me because I am deaf. He called me the most awful names like “Retard”, “Moron”, “Bitch”... yeah, it got bad. It got worse when Bethany got a hold of him to end it all. That is why Bethany is so over protective when I meet a guy.


Ben, his kiss means a lot more than that guy's kiss. This kiss is lovable, passionate... the football captain was just sloppy. Ben's hands began at my hips and began to go up and I moaned when he pushed me closer from my lower back. He slipped his tongue in and rubbed it against mine. Oh my God, this is just fantastic! When he let go of me, he is smiling and I began to smile. I think my little slap from last night changed this man. But...for how long?


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