Hiding in the Darkk

By: Nikkibeth

Chapter 1, Laura Peyton and her boyfriend Jase Michaels thought today is going to be a normal day. They are planning to announce their relationship to her father and brother. As they made a stop, they see an unfamiliar sight, tanks entering their Wyoming town. As Laura leaves the store, she hears gunfire and screams from her High School. They run over, these people are killing the students of her school. They run to the ranch, and these people, the Romanian Soliders, killed her father. They gather supplies, save her brother, Ethan, and rescue the 5 survivors of the high school attack. As they make it to the abandoned warehouse, they need to stay alive, and protect each other from the soliders. As survival mode kicks in, Laura and Jase's love grows stronger every day. The survivors gather with the townspeople to get rid of these soldiers and save the town, and possibly USA.


*A/N: This is going to be a KICK ASS story. I watched the ORIGINAL Red Dawn the other day (the one with Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen) and it inspired me to write a love story about the same situation. To let you know, THIS IS NOT A FAN FICTION! It's just the same situation! This is probably the LONGEST first chapter I wrote LOL! Enjoy and leave lovely comments!*
Chapter 1
Get Us to Safety!
“Oh c’mon, Laura, he won’t be THAT bad!” Jase, my wonderful and sexy boyfriend said smiling. We decided today that we will tell my dad about our relationship. Jase and I have been dating for the past six months, and dad never knew. I am more afraid he will freak about our major age difference. I am seventeen years old, Jase is twenty-six years old. I looked up and smiled into his grey eyes and his dark, curly hair is tossled and he just looks downright sexy. I sat up and kissed his sexy lips and smiled into them before I let go.
“What will you do if my dad will start beating you to the pulp? He is highly protective over me!” I said and he pulled me closer in his big pickup truck and kissed into my chocolate colored hair.
“I love you, Laura, you’re worrying too much! I am more worried about that brother of yours, Ethan. We never got along in high school and when he sees that I am dating his baby sister, it won’t be pretty!” Jase said and I giggled.
“Well, we still got a long ways till the ranch, can we stop…” Jase and I looked out and five Army tanks passed us with an unfamiliar flag on the side. The men on there look mad and holding very big guns. “Who are they?” I asked Jase.
“I don’t know, they didn’t look awfully friendly. Maybe somebody here will give him a good ol’ Casper, Wyoming hello!” Jase said and he kept driving. “Are you sure it’s okay for you to skip school today?”
“C’mon, I ain’t missing anything! I can use a day off anyway to spend it with the man I love,” I said and he smiled that genuine smile I fell in love with six months ago.
“I love you, too, baby. Want me to stop at the store?” I nodded and we stopped at Ryder’s General Store and James Ryder, the owner, smiled at me and I waved at him and started shopping. I went through the store and I can hear the TV whine.
“Damn TV won’t work today…there is something going on in DC,” James said and he hit it one more time and the news came on.
“This just in, Romanian tanks has been found traveling through Wyoming and Utah. They have not say anything or done anything to portray any violence. Citizens stay in your homes until we know for sure what they want,” The newscaster said and I feel sort of scared. Is that the tanks we seen? Is it the Romanians?
“Well, that is strange. Hey Laura, make sure you and Jase stay at your father’s ranch for a little while okay?” James yelled and I nodded. I grabbed a few drinks and a couple of bags of snacks and paid James. “Tell Josephine I say hey, okay?” I said to him and he nodded. His daughter, Josephine, is very shy, quiet and very sweet. I went back to the truck and I heard something in the background. Sounds like gunfire. “Jase, did you hear that?” I asked and I heard it again along with screams. Jase and I looked at each other and we ran to the High School. James must have heard it too because he joined us. The gunfire got louder and all of three of us ducked. Jase wrapped his arms around me and I looked up and I seen all the students run out of the school and these men shooting them. Rows and rows of teenagers are being shot. Tears began to build in my eyes and I began to scream. “WHAT IS GOING ON?” I yelled.
“I don’t know, but we need to get out of here!” Jase said and James ran to the school to find some survivors and as we ran to his truck and more tanks came in. We looked up and a man pointed a gun at us and began to shoot. I screamed and covered my head and Jase pressed the gas and we sped off. Jase turned on the radio and I can hear screams and gunfire in the background. “THE ROMANIANS ARE ATTACKING CHEYENNE, GREEN RIVER, CASPER AND SALT LAKE CITY. CITIZENS NEED TO FIND COVER AND REMAIN THERE UNTIL THE SHOOTING ENDS. I REPEAT, THE ROMANIANS ARE ATTACKING CHEYENNE, GREEN RIVER, CASPER AND SALT LAKE CITY.” 
“What is going on, Jase? All my friends we’re killed back there!” I said and I covered my face and began to cry. Jase pulled me closer to him and he held me against his fit body.
“We will get to your fathers, and we will stay there. We should be good over there, right?” Jase said and I can hear the fear in his voice. Romania is attacking us, why? What did we do to deserve this? I looked in the rear view mirror and a army vehicle is behind us, catching up to us. “Jase…they are behind us!” I said and he looked up and he pressed the gas harder. I gripped the seats and closed my eyes. I prayed and prayed that we will lose them and make it to my ranch. “Fuck, they are catching up on us!” Jase said and I looked behind us and they are on our ass. They got closer and closer and finally, they bumped us. I looked at the mirror and a man is leaning out the window and has a pistol in my hand. “GUN! GUN!” I screamed and Jase yelled for me to duck and I held my head between my legs. The solider fire his gun and the rear view mirror got shot off. Then, I heard the gun fire again and he shot the tire. We lost control of the truck and we began to flip on the road and after five flips, we landed in the ditch. I heard the army vehicle drive off and I reached over for Jase. “Jase, Jase, are you alright?” I asked and he moaned.
“Fuck, we need to get to the ranch, and fast. How much farther do we have?” Jase asked and we climbed out of the truck and I looked around. I can see the driveway from here. 
“There is the road, not that much further!” I said and Jase grabbed my hand and we ran down the road and we ran across the field and we finally began to see my house. Something didn’t seem right, there is extra vehicles here. Army vehicles! “Why are they doing here?” I whispered to Jase and he pulled us behind the haystack. I can hear talking and yelling and we got closer and closer. I can finally see the people that are yelling. The army men is yelling at my father, which is on his knees with his hands in the air with guns pointed at him. “Please, don’t do this! My daughter is on her way over here! Why are you doing this to us?” My dad pleaded with tears in his eyes, I never seen my father like this. Not even when my mother passed away when I was six. The men yelled in Romanian and then hit my dad with the butt of the gun and he fell to the ground. I covered my mouth and I leaned into Jase and we just watch these horrible men beat on my father. “If you are going to kill me, then go ahead! I am not going to let you use MY ranch for YOUR needs, over my fucking dead body!” Dad yelled and as he said that, a solider shot five bullets into my dad’s chest. Jase covered my mouth and I screamed and cried. They killed daddy! Oh my God, they killed my daddy! The soliders kept talking and then they all got in their trucks and they left. When we couldn’t see or hear them anymore, Jase and I ran over to my dad and he is barely alive. “Daddy, oh Daddy!” I cried and lay my head against his chest.
“Baby girl…take Rosie…gather survivors and supplies…survive….Ethan…warehouse…Highway 25,” Daddy breathed and then, he went pale. I shook him and yelled for him to come back and Jase pulled me away. He cradled me into his chest and rocked me as I cried. I reached down and grabbed the keys to my dad’s 1972 El Camino and I sighed.
“Baby, we need to find your brother, then we need to find some survivors,” Jase said and I shook my head.
“We…we can’t just leave him here!” I cried out and Jase nodded. 
“Let’s find Ethan, then we will bury him.” We stood up and we ran to the barn. I know Ethan loves to hide in here so he can do his reading and listen to his music. He has to be in here, if he is not already dead.
“Ethan, you in here?” I yelled out and I heard something move.
“Laura?” Ethan said and he stood up from a pile of gardening tools and I ran over and hugged my brother. Thank God he is alive!
“They killed daddy! We need to find some people and run somewhere!” I said and Jase walked in and Ethan stared at him. 
“What the fuck is Jase Michaels doing here?” Ethan asked and Jase just looked at him, almost emotionless. It’s pretty bad that your boyfriend is twenty-six and your brother is twenty-eight years old, AND went to school together AND didn‘t get along.
“He’s my boyfriend, we’ve been dating for six months. That doesn’t matter Ethan, we need to gather some supplies and get the fuck out of here!” I said and the men nodded. I followed my brother and boyfriend to the main house and we gathered everything. We got all of our clothes, the food, drinks, and blankets. “Hey Jase, do you think we need these?” Ethan yelled and Jase and I went to the room where Ethan is and he is holding all of my dad’s guns. I cannot stand guns, look what they have done today!
“Do we really need them?” I mumbled and hugged myself.
“Baby, did you see what they did to your classmates and townspeople? Your dad? We need them to protect ourselves,” Jase said and I nodded. They got all the ammo and we carried everything to the El Camino. Ethan and Jase told me to stay in the car as they buried my dad in the field, beside my mom. They finally got in the car and we drove out of the ranch. I know this will probably be the last time, hopefully not, that I will be at the ranch. We got to town and the town is pretty much empty. Either people are hiding or everybody is dead. My heart sank to my belly. We made it to the high school and there is four students running towards us, yelling for help. Jase waved at them and all of them hopped in the El Camino’s bed. “Go to Ryder’s, he said that he will give us all the supplies we need,” A black haired boy said and Ethan nodded. As I looked at the survivors, one of them is a mortal bitch. “Regina,” I mumbled and the blonde girl just nodded.
“Vanessa is injured,” A football player name Max said. I looked and a girl that looks Emo is covering her leg and it just looks like a scratch. 
“It’s nothing, the bullet just cut my leg a little. I can clean it with some water and put some triple antibiotic ointment on it,” Vanessa said and we finally made it to Ryder’s. All of us ran in and I began to yell for the owner, hoping he and his daughter is still alive. “James, Josephine, it’s Laura!” I yelled and James and his blonde daughter came out from the back of the store and he sighed. 
“Thank God y’all are still alive. Where are you going? Where‘s your father?” James asked and his daughter is gripping his leg tight. I looked down and wiped a tear from my eyes.
“We are going to the abandoned warehouse just outside of town on Highway 25, Dad told us to go there. Those son-of-bitches killed him!” Ethan said and James nodded.
“I am a prepper, I prepared myself and Josephine in case something like this happens. I have enough food and supplies to last about a year. Please take these kids and yourselves there, you should be there. Also, please take Josie…”
“Daddy, I am not going without you!” Josephine said and James got on his knees and grabbed her shoulders.
“Josie, I need to stay here at the store, to keep up the supply. Laura, Jase and Ethan will take good care of you. I trust them with my life. I love you,” James said and kissed his crying daughter’s forehead then looked at us. “She’s all I got, please take care of her!”
“We will, come on Josie…” Ethan said and grabbed her hand and James told us to follow him. We went to the back and he gave us…what else, more guns and ammo.
“Do you get Mike’s guns?” James said, referring to my father.
“Yeah, we got all of them and the ammo as well,” Jase said and James handed me a pistol, a .45 magnum. I just stared at it, why is he giving me a gun? I only shot a gun once and that was a little 22 rifle when I was about 7 years old.
“Listen Laura, this is a pretty powerful gun, only use it if one of those soliders is coming after you, okay?” He asked and I nodded. “Come to town at least twice a week. I will give you any news I heard and if you need anything, ANYTHING, I will get it for you.” We all nodded and we ran to the El Camino and I watched Josephine hugged her father. It is so sad to watch someone hugged her father goodbye, possibly never seeing them again. When Josephine joined the others, which I found out their names. Regina, the blonde bitch I mentioned, Max and Patrick Causby, they are brothers and Vanessa Ricardo, the Emo chick with the cut leg. 
“Ready everybody? We should be there in about twenty minutes, if we hurry,” Jase said and he wrapped his arm around me and pulled me closer. I never felt so safe in Jase’s arms and having my older, over protective brother, beside me, I never felt so safe! “I love you, baby, let’s get to that warehouse and make camp!” Jase said and I leaned up and planted my lips on his. When I let go, I smiled, “I love you too, lets hurry before the Romanian’s sees us!” I said and Ethan agreed and we sped down the highway, getting to that warehouse, our save haven.

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