Hiding in the Darkk

By: Nikkibeth

Chapter 9,


Chapter 9
God Bless America!
The camp is huge, Sam said it reminded him of a prison. It does to me as well. My brother and boyfriend is in there somewhere. I held the rifle against me and I can hear Vanessa’s sword being pulled out. Josie even decided to come along with a pistol in her hand. Patrick looks beyond pissed right now, they took his brother for Christ’s sake! “Okay, ready guys? Vanessa, you’ll lead, your the melee expert,” Sam said and Vanessa grinned big. We all walked behind Vanessa being very quiet and when we made it to the fence, Sam gave us all silencers. “We don’t want them to send reinforcements,” Sam said and we all nodded. I put mine on and Sam helped all of us climb over the fence. Vanessa seen a solider and she tip toed over there and slid the sword through his chest and he went down quick. She waved for us to come and I seen a solider and I shot him twice in the chest and Josie shot another one. The back area is clear and Sam pointed out the door that lead to inside the building. We ran inside and the building is ice cold. As we walked through the dark hallways, I began to hear cries. We opened another door and it’s a big room filled with innocent people. “GRANDMA!” Vanessa said and put her sword back in her sleeve and ran to a lady with barely with grey hair. 
“Oh baby, I am so glad your alive!” Mrs. Ricardo said and Vanessa ran her hands up and down her grandmothers body.
“Did those fuckers hurt you?” She asked and her grandmother waved off with her hand.
“No and I am surprised my heart gave out yet. Go kill those mother fuckers, Vanessa. Make your father proud, remember, he was a marine!” Vanessa nodded and we made it through the crowd, everybody is patting us on the back. When we closed the door behind us, Patrick did not look happy at all. “I didn’t see my parents in there,” He said and Josie hugged him.
“It will be okay. We will go get your brother, kill Anya and it will be all over,” Josie said as she held his head in her hands. He nodded and I swallowed. Where are you guys?
*Ethan’s POV*
“Is that the best you got?” Jase said as the solider punched him and he punched him again. Jase spit blood out of his mouth and laughed. I have to admit, Jase is a strong mother fucker. I can see us going to the bar when this is all over. I just hope Laura and the others come gets us. Somebody opened the door and Anya, must be Anya, came in and her hands are behind her back. She said something in Romanian to the solider that has been punching us for the past three hours and he backed off. She grabbed a baton from the table and my heart race. Oh fuck, we are in for it now!
“Tell me your names,” Anya asked with a very strong accent.
“Why do you care? You just want to kill us,” I said and she walked over to me and the baton hit my leg, and I yelled in pain. “I’m Ethan, that’s Max and this is Jase,” I finally said and she smiled.
“Well, I hope your friends and baby sister comes and rescue you. Then we can kill you all. You killed over thirty of my men, THIRTY!” Anya yelled and she hit each of us with the baton and Jase grunted the loudest. Max began to laugh and blood came from his mouth from the last blow to the face and looked up at Anya.
“You ain’t going to touch my brother or his girlfriend. Not over my dead fucking body!” Max said and Anya snorted and she reached over and grabbed a revolver pistol that looks antique.
“Do you know what this is, boy?” Anya asked Max and he didn’t say a single word and she slapped him across the face and her face is full of anger. “ANSWER ME!”
“Looks like a revolver to me,” Max whispered.
“This is a 1946 Russian Naval Galand. Belong to one of Stalin’s naval officers. I got it from the Russian General before I killed him two years ago. It’s a very powerful gun,” Anya touched the barrel of the gun and then pointed the gun straight into Max’s head. “Now, Max, are you going to smart off at me again? If you do, I will give your brother and his girlfriend a slow and painful death.” Max just smirked at her and Jase and I began to shake our heads. No Max, don’t you fucking dare!
“Over my fucking…” Anya shot the revolver against Max’s forehead and the force from the gun pushed his chair back and I looked down at the gaping bleeding hole and his eyes are wide open. I can feel his blood on me. 
“YOU FUCKING BITCH!” Jase yelled and she butted Jase in the back of the head with the revolver and he is knocked out cold. I just looked up at her and she is grinning.
“Do you have anything to say…Ethan?” She asked and I shook my head, staying quiet. Where are they?
*Laura’s POV*
I heard gunfire, a loud one then I heard a man screaming. Oh God, that must be them! Please, make them all three alive! We heard some people walking and Sam pushed us all back against the wall. A woman with brunette hair and two soliders walked slowly, talking. Sam said he knows Romanian, so he leaned closer. I took a good look at Anya and she looks content about something. Sam’s eyes grew and I knew she had to say something and he looked at Patrick. “What?” Patrick whispered and Sam shook his head. Oh God, what happened?
“She killed Max, shot him in the head. Then she knocked out Jase,” Sam whispered and Josie immediately turned around and covered Patrick’s mouth to prevent him from screaming. “She said that Max was trying to be gallant and said that she will not kill his brother or girlfriend over his dead body…” Sam whispered and I just stood there, feeling very cold all of the sudden. Max got killed, wanting to protect his family. I wiped tears from my eyes and Sam cleared his throat. I looked over and Patrick is crying into Josie’s shoulder and she is running her fingers through his hair, telling him how much she loves him. “Patrick and I will follow Anya and attack from behind. Laura, you, Vanessa and Josie will go down that hallway and save Ethan and Jase and get Max out of there,” Sam said and we went our separate ways. Vanessa got ahead of us and one solider walked toward us and she ran up and sliced his neck open before he can give us away. Vanessa nodded and we continued to run down the hallway and I can see a door with a light. “That must be them!” I said and Vanessa opened the door and I gasped. Max’s dead body is still in the chair tied up and blood is everywhere. Jase is knocked out in his chair and Ethan is quiet. “We got to get them out of here!” I said and I went to Ethan and untied him. Ethan went straight to Jase and smacked his head to get him to come back. Jase groaned and then looked up at me. “Laura…” He said and when Vanessa freed him, he jumped up and kissed me hungrily. He kissed me like we are not going to live tomorrow. When we let go, the doors opened and Sam and Patrick walked in with there hands behind their heads, and Anya behind them with a mean looking revolver. “Americans, y’all are so fucking dumb,” Anya said and she pointed the gun at me. Why me?
“You must be the girlfriend and baby sister I wrote the note to,” she said and Jase’s hands made into fists and Ethan growled.
“You are not going to fucking touch her, or the others!” Ethan growled an she laughed.
“You know why I really hate Americans? I was going to marry General McKinney, five years ago. I loved him so much, I thought he loved me. He turned me in as a Russian spy, which I was at the time. I shot him in the fucking head, loved to watch him beg for his life,”
“That does not mean to go kill us all!” Josie said and she laughed.
“Shut up little girl, or I’ll kill you first!” Vanessa drew her sword back up and make a dash for her and Anya punched her, and Vanessa fell to the ground. 
“Any more of your fuckers going to try and kill me?” Anya yelled and she began to laugh. I dropped the rifle and pulled out the pistol and hid it behind my back. Jase looked down and I bit my bottom lip. I am going to be the one to kill her. More soliders came in and Sam, Patrick, Jase and Ethan attacked. Josie yelled for me to kill Anya and Anya looked at me and grinned. She ran towards me, yelling for me to die. I put my finger on the trigger and the world got quiet. I closed my eyes and  shot one round, two rounds and everybody stopped fighting. I opened my eyes and looked at Anya and she is kneeling on the ground. One round is in her neck and another is in her chest. Before she can say anything, I can hear people running. “UNITED STATES MARINES!” a man yelled and Sam laughed and he pulled out an object that looks like a microchip.
“I activated it on the way down here, they came as soon the call was made,” He said and I laughed. Why didn't he activated it when Regina got killed or the second attack we done? The Marines came in and Jase walked over and held me as they investigated the area. “Sir, Lieutenant General Koreskova has been eliminated,” A US solider said and the head guy, must be the captain, smiled.
“Who was the one that killed her?” He asked and I raised my hand. “Good job young lady. The people that survived their attacked are being released as we speak and the President of Romania is already falling back. You killed Anya, and they are running back to their mommies!” The captain said and I leaned against Jase. This is over, all over. We can go back to our lives and try to go back to normal. This has been two weeks of mortal hell!

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