Hiding in the Darkk

By: Nikkibeth

Chapter 8,


Chapter 8
Got to go save them!
Vanessa is now more relaxed then ever. We all gathered around the campfire that night after the another failed attempt to kill the leader. I am sitting in Jase’s lap with his arms around my shoulders. The radio is playing a metal band and we all are singing and laughing. We deserve one day without worrying about being killed or wondering where our families are. My only family is with me, my brother and my boyfriend. “Hey, look what I found in the cupboard,” Sam said and he held out a bottle of Tequila and eight glasses. 
“Um, I don’t want any,” Josie said and scooted closer in Patrick’s lap.
“I sure can use a glass!” Ethan said and he poured all of us a glass, except for Josie. I never drank liquor in my life. I think I can use a glass. 
“Are you sure you don’t want any, baby?” Patrick said as Sam gave him his glass.
“Tequila brings bad memories for me. When mama died, daddy drank tequila like it was water. He tried to drink himself to death, but I saved him. He is sixteen months sober,” Josie said and we all clapped.
“Go James!” Jase said and he drank his tequila. 
“Well, sorry to bring a sour subject in, but there is only one more place I can think of where Anya is,” Sam said as he sat down beside Vanessa. “She has to be in the camp in Cheyenne. We ambushed the only two officer camps here, and she was not there. I think we should take a trip to Cheyenne in the next couple of days.”
“Are you sure, Sam? Are you positively sure she is here, but just hiding?” Ethan asked sipping on his liquor.
“I am sure. The Romanians are like the Russians. They make a couple of officer camps and one main camp. We attacked the two camps here, and she wasn’t there. She HAS to be in Cheyenne where they are keeping the townspeople.” I leaned against Jase and sighed. I have not been to Cheyenne in five years and that’s to the Rancher party I went with daddy. Jase use to work for a lawyer there, but he moved down her to Casper to start his own attorney firm a little over a year ago. 
“Haven’t been to Cheyenne since I left there to start my law firm here,” Jase said and Ethan snorted.
“Oh, my baby sister is dating a law man. Smart move, Laura!” Ethan said and I rolled my eyes.
“Shut up Ethan! I know y’all didn’t get along in high school, but that was eleven fucking years ago! Whatever grudge you got on Jase, DROP IT!” I said and Ethan just stared at me, astonished. “I love you, Ethan. You are my big brother, but I love Jase too. I want the two men that are left in my life to get along and live though this madness!” Ethan just stared at me then looked up at Jase. He huffed and puffed, I knew he wants me to be happy. He took care of me when mama died, he is taking good care of me now, protecting me from those soliders. 
“Okay Laura, I will get along with Jase, for you,” Ethan said and I walked over and hugged Ethan. His strong arms squeezed me tight and when he let go, he touched my nose like he use to when I was just a little kid. “Pipsqueak!” Ethan added and I smacked his arm. I hated my nickname he gave me when I was four years old.
“Don’t call me that!” I whined and everybody laughed. Josie stood up and looked at all us and held her hands behind her back.
“I want to say, when this all blows over, I love all of you like my family. I love my boyfriend more and my daddy. I am going to turn in, good night guys,” Josie said and Patrick stood up and gave her a loving kiss. Max and Ethan wolf whistled and I smacked Ethan on the back of the head. Ethan laughed and Vanessa and I decided to join Josie and turned in for the night.
I feel so cold. I opened my eyes and it’s still pitch black outside. I sat up and put my hand on Jase’s side of the sleeping bag, and he is not there. The men must be still outside, probably drunk now. I looked over and Patrick and Josie are sound asleep, when did he come in. I grabbed the flash light and went around the room. Max, Jase and Ethan are not in the room. Sam is sound asleep in his corner, snoring loudly. Vanessa must have seen my flashlight because she sat up. “Laura, what’s wrong?” Vanessa moaned as she tried to wake up.
“Where’s Jase, Ethan and Max?” I asked and the others woke up.
“They we’re still outside when I came in,” Sam grumbled and my heart began to race. Something doesn’t feel right here. I wrapped the blanket around my shoulders and put my sneakers on. The others followed me outside and I can smell the campfire still. I walked around the corner and nobody is sitting around the campfire. Where are you Jase? Ethan? Max?
“JASE! ETHAN! MAX!” I yelled and the other joined me. We all ran around the warehouse, screaming for them and tears began to build in my eyes. Jase, where are you? Please be here somewhere! When we all met again at the El Camino, I heard something rustling in the wind. I looked behind me and there is a note underneath the windshield wiper. I grabbed it and began to read it out loud.
“So, you Americans think you can defeat me? Nice try! We killed one of you already, we will kill these three we got here by sundown tomorrow if you don’t come to Cheyenne. I know the bomb tech knows where the camp is at, so he can lead you here. See you tomorrow, or these men dies!” I dropped the letter on the ground and I went with it. Anya’s men kidnapped my boyfriend, brother and Max. I looked up at Sam with tears in my eyes and Patrick ran his fingers through his hair.
“What are we going to do?” Patrick asked and Josie put her hands on his chest to calm him down.
“There is one thing to do, we are going to Cheyenne, right now!” Sam said and we nodded and ran inside. I usually don’t grab a gun, but I did this time. I found the pistol I used to kill the soliders our first round with them. I shoved it down in my waist band behind my back. I also grabbed a shotgun. I sighed and I looked at the group and they are all staring at me. “This is my boyfriend and brother they took. I am going to get them back, even if it means killing people along the way!”
*Sam’s POV*
Fuck, they messed with the wrong man! I like this group, they are a strong bunch, and very young. Jase, Ethan and myself are the oldest in the group, the others are eighteen and below. The one I like the best is sixteen year old Vanessa. She is a little spitfire. She went Rambo on the group when Regina died, and she is the best swordsmen I seen in years. She is sitting between me and Laura in the cab as the cute lovebirds are in the bed, wrapped around a blanket. “So, what is your plan?” Vanessa asked and I sighed.
“Well, we should be in Cheyenne in the next two hours. Sunrise is not for another four hours. I think we should enter the camp from the back, they have hardly any security in the back, and enter the building. We attack whoever decides to attack, and get the men and kill Anya,” I said and Laura sighed. I know her and Jase are VERY much in love. Jase talked about her all night before I turned in. 
“Laura, we will get them back, I promise,” I said and she just smiled and turned her head to watch the road go by. This is going to be a long trip.
We finally made it to the camp, more like a prison. We parked a half of mile away and Laura is holding onto the rifle and I can see a silver pistol in her waistband. Laura may be pretty shy, but if somebody takes the man she loves, she will do anything to get them back!

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