Hiding in the Darkk

By: Nikkibeth

Chapter 7,


*A/N: Hey guys! Um, kind of went nuts writing and I ended up finishing it LOL. Once I finished Chapter 7 and 8, I had to write the last two. Well, sorry for making this story short, it's not one of my fan favorites. Tomorrow, I wil release "Seduction by Desire", the first sequel I am writing! Thanks for reading the ones that ACTUALLY read it!* 
Chapter 7
Round Two
“So, you want us to flank them?” I said and Sam nodded. We spent the next two days trying to figure out where Anya, the Romanian General, is. Sam thinks he knows where she is at. So, round two! Jase wrapped his arms around my waist and I looked over and Josie is wrapped in Patrick’s arms and he kissed the back of her head. How cute! Josie got the courage last night and brought her stuff over to Patrick, and slept with him. Max was kind enough and he moved away. “So, flank, that is like surround them and then attack? I played Call of Duty at home,” Max said and Sam laughed that silly and crazy laugh he has.
“Sort of, but this is not Call of Duty. This is real life, son! You cannot be respawned and come back, once your dead, your really dead!” Sam said and Vanessa looked away. She has been sort of herself since she got that sword. Sam found the case for it and she carries it around with her everywhere. You can tell she wants to kill those bastards that killed her friend. She is too modest to admit that she really liked Regina more than a tiny friendship, Regina was her best friend. 
“What we do is that Vanessa will be the leader, since she has a melee weapon and we walk behind her and we quietly surround the camp, then once the soliders are ready to attack whatever is surrounding them, we pounce for the attack. Laura and Josephine is the getaway car, as always,” Sam said and Josie and I nodded. “All right, lets back it all up and head down to the camp. Remember, it can be like last time, Anya may have moved to another camp,” Sam said and we all agreed. We went to the truck and threw all of the ammo and guns in and I jumped into the truck with Josie and Jase. Well, hope this turns out better than last time. It will be a good round if nobody gets killed.
*Max’s POV*
Ah, my little brother is in love. He sat at the front of the truck bed that faces the cab, and he just kept staring inside of it. I knew he would get Josephine sooner or later. He always talked about her, I hear him moan her name at nights, and he is always shy around her. Now, they run off somewhere, be gone for a good while and come back with grins on their faces and Josie fixing her hair. Last night surprised the fuck out of me. Josie came over and made herself at home with Patrick. I didn’t mind one bit, so I went to Josie’s old spot so the couple can have their space. Now, if only I can get a girl like her! 
Everybody has noticed the difference in our looks. Everybody thinks either me or Patrick is adopted. Well, the truth comes out right now, Patrick is adopted. I was two years old when mom and dad brought a baby home. I knew something is up because I don’t even remember mom being pregnant. She kneeled down and I seen this dark haired baby boy, asleep. “Maxwell, this is Patrick, your new brother. We saved him from his old family, so be a good big brother to him okay?” Mom had said to me and I remember touching his nose. I never had the heart to tell him. His real mom was sixteen years old and gave him up right when she found out she was knocked up. She never wanted to meet him. Patrick IS my brother and always will be. “Okay, we are approaching the camp now, park it here, Laura,” Sam said and the truck stopped moving. We all hoped off and Vanessa is the most eager to go in. Vanessa is actually kind of hot with her camouflage shirt and tight black jeans. Her black hair is in a pony tail and she wrapped the strap of the sword around her. Just fucking sucks that she has her eyes on Sam. It’s obvious, she hangs around him all the time. 
“Ready?” Vanessa said to everybody and all of us nodded. I watched Patrick go to Josie’s side of the truck and gave her a kiss. This is not no ordinary kiss, this kiss is passionate. When he let go, I heard him tell her he loves her and she told him with a smile that she loves him too. I shook my head and held the AK-47 against my chest. I blew some air out of my chest to stop my nerves. I always feel nervous before the attack of the Romanians. Ethan and Jase are very cool natured, they are cool dudes. Okay, let’s get the show on the road!
*Vanessa’s POV*
I began to walk slowly into the grassy meadow and I can see the tents from here. I can smell the campfire and hear the roaring laughter from the soliders. Well, their good time is toast. I looked behind me and the men is watching my every move. I pulled my sword from the holder and we began to scatter around the camp. I have to admit, I did play Call of Duty a few times. I know what Flanking is. Basically, it’s the element of surprise. When I can see the men in all corners, I whistled and then, we ran in. I screamed as I ran and held the sword at my side and sliced through two soliders at once. I looked down at them and they are looking at me, blood gushing from their necks and finally, they died. I ran through the camp, stabbing and slicing through soliders. It feels good. This is for Regina! This is for everybody of Casper that got killed and taken! One solider came up to me with a little knife in his hand and I laughed. “Oh really, I have this LOOOOONG sword in my hand and you came up to me with that fucking tiny thing?” I said and pushed the sword into the chest and it came out at the other side. I pulled it out and blood splattered on my face. I turned around and a solider with a rifle ran up to me and a few gun shots came and Sam is looking at me.
“Better watch out, hun!” Sam said and I nodded. I ran over to Ethan and Jase, which cleared out all the tents and the camp got quiet. 
“Fuck, Anya is not here!” Ethan said and sat down on the ground. I looked down at my sword and its caked in blood.
“Um, Vanessa, you got…blood all over you,” Max said and I ran to the nearest tent and went to the mirror. There is a streak of blood on my face and I found the water pitcher and began to rub my face off. I heard somebody walking behind me and I pulled my sword out of its case and spun around and sliced the solider in the stomach. He grunted and held his stomach and dropped to his knees. I huffed and puffed and held the end of the blade against his neck. “This is for Regina and the town of Casper, mother fucker!” I said through my teeth and pushed the blade through his neck. I pulled it out and the group ran in. 
“Wow, I am highly impressed with you, Vanessa. You learned quick!” Sam said and I wiped the blade with the same towel I cleaned my face off. 
“It felt good, really good. Revenge is bitter sweet,” I said and we walked back to the truck and I stared at all the dead soliders. Some of them are shot, stabbed or sliced, but they are dead. Now, the only problem is that WHERE THE FUCK IS ANYA KORESKOVA?

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