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Hiding in the Darkk

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) Laura Peyton and her boyfriend Jase Michaels thought today is going to be a normal day. They are planning to announce their relationship to her father and brother. As they made a stop, they see an unfamiliar sight, tanks entering their Wyoming town. As Laura leaves the store, she hears gunfire and screams from her High School. They run over, these people are killing the students of her school. They run to the ranch, and these people, the Romanian Soliders, killed her father. They gather supplies, save her brother, Ethan, and rescue the 5 survivors of the high school attack.

As they make it to the abandoned warehouse, they need to stay alive, and protect each other from the soliders. As survival mode kicks in, Laura and Jase's love grows stronger every day. The survivors gather with the townspeople to get rid of these soldiers and save the town, and possibly USA. View table of contents...


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*A/N: Hey guys! I will be concentrating on this story until it finishes. I think there is at least five more chapters left. This chapter has two sex scenes, so enjoy. There is no killing, but there will be a lot more after this chapter!*
Chapter 6
Revenge is Needed
Vanessa stayed quiet the whole time we buried Regina. She didn't shed a single tear. She rejected to say a few words about her friend. She just stood there with her arms crossed. After the mini funeral, Vanessa went back inside the warehouse and went and sat on her sleeping bag. I went over and played with the dirt with my boot. "Are you okay, Vanessa?" I asked her.
"I lost my friend, Laura. I watched her get shot by a fucking shotgun!" Vanessa said and she sighed and stood up. "I need some fresh air, be right back."
*Vanessa's POV*
I ran outside and Sam is alone. Good, maybe he can help me. He has a lot of weapons and knows a lot about bombs. "Well, hello Vanessa, how are you doing?" Sam said and I looked away. Sam is pretty good looking, maybe Reggie is right, maybe I do have a crush on him. I shook my head, and went into business mode.
"Sam, I want to kill those bastards with my bare hands," I said and Sam smirked.
"We all do, so we can go back to our lives."
"I know that, but I really want to kill them." Sam stood up and walked over to me. He is a lot taller than me and he grabbed my shoulders.
"Revenge can be bitter sweet, Vanessa. Sometimes, it can be bad. Are you positively sure you want to fight them?"
"Yes, show me what you got!" Sam just told me to look around his stash and I found a lot of guns, like the AK I had yesterday when Regina was killed. At the end of the row, I seen something glimmer in my eyes and I picked it up and it's a sword. An actual fucking sword! "Ah, that's my baby. My father bought her when I was twelve. I was into that anime shit and this character, forgot his fucking name, had a sword and I wanted it. Dad took me to the flea market where I was from and I found this sword…" He grabbed it and held it in the light. The handle is emerald green with some cool looking symbols on it and a beaded string hanging off of it.
"I wanted it so bad it was killing me, so dad bought it for me. God, I cannot believe this is all happening. I am blessed my parents didn't live to see this," Sam said and I touched his shoulder and sighed.
"My parents and little brother died a few years ago in a car accident in Kansas City. I moved up here to live with my Grandma. I hope she is not being tortured right now. Is it bad I hope her heart gave out on her, instead of being killed by those soliders?"
"No, Vanessa, it's not. My dad died from a heart attack two years ago. I was in LA doing a job in the SWAT team. It was quick and he didn't really feel a thing but a soreness in his arm. If your Grandmother died, I hope it was her heart." I nodded and he gave me the sword. I began to swing it around and around in a circle and Sam began to back away from me and I laughed.
"I ain't going to hit you! Can you teach me how to use it?" I asked and he asked me to follow him. He had stations of sand bags and he taught me the basics so I can kill those mother fuckers that killed Regina!
*Laura's POV*
"She has went Rambo on us!" Max said and I agreed with a slight nod. Vanessa and Sam has been out there for almost two hours. Sam looks like he is training her to use that sword. She is pretty good at it. She is making accurate slices through the bags and stabbing them hard.
"It's a way to get her anger out," Jase said and he grabbed my hand and lead me down the dark hall and to a room. When he closed the door, I knew exactly what he wants, and I want it too. My pussy aches for his dick inside me. His lips attached to mine and he grabbed my leg and wrapped it around his hip. "Oh God, Laura, I need you so much," Jase said and pressed his erection into me. I groaned and he took my shirt off then my bra. Jase's lips attacked my nipples and flicked it until every nerve in my body reacted. I wrapped my arms around his head and pushed my chest so I can feel more. He pulled my sweat pants down, along with my panties and I am naked for him. He stood up and he took all of his clothes off and his hand went to cup my pussy. "Fuck, I never felt you this wet!" Jase groaned as his middle finger went up and down my soaked slit.
"Cause I never wanted you this much," I moaned and he slipped two fingers inside me and I bit my bottom lip, to fight a loud moan. He finger fucked me for a few moments and he pulled out as I was going to come. He lifted me up and lay me down on a blanket on the ground. Hmm, he had this planned! He ran the head of his dick up and down my slit and rubbed it against my clit. I panted and bucked my hips, trying to get him to enter me. "Fuck me, Jase!" I moaned and he finally pushed inside me. He reached the hilt, all the way to my g-spot and I about came then. I wrapped my legs around his hips and pulled him face down with my arms and kissed him. I bit his bottom lip and he groaned. He thrusted in and out of me hard and fast and it's making my toes curl. He never fucked me this hard before, and I like it. I leaned forward and nibbled and sucked on his neck. I can feel the tingling feeling in my stomach and my breathing became labored. I bit my bottom lip as I hid a moan as I came. Two more thrusts later, Jase came as well, moaning into my neck. He pulled out and wrapped me in his arms. We are so exhausted and I lay against his chest and played with his chest hair. "That was…" I couldn't think of a word, but I know Jase knew what I mean.
"Yeah, it sure was!"
*Patrick's POV*
"Hey baby, come with me to our spot," I said to Josephine and her bright blue eyes shined in excitement. Max and Ethan continue to watch Sam train Vanessa on the sword. I know Laura and Jase went off to fuck, and I need Josie so bad. Usually, I use girls for their pussy. I fucked girls then we go off with our lives. When I took Josie's virginity, I knew I needed her more, relationship wise, than a fuck buddy. The way she breathed my name as she had her first orgasm when I ate her out, it touched me. Josie means more to me than my own brother!
Once we made it outside, I pushed her against the wall and kissed her, hard. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and she wrapped her arms around my neck. She moaned as I tickled the roof of her mouth and my hand reached down and cupped her pussy. Fuck, she is soaked for me. "Do you like it when I am wet?" Josie moaned and I leaned into her, purposely pressing my cock against her leg. This made her eyes gaped out of her head and she smiled.
"Yes baby, I like it very much. This is going to be quick, we have to get back inside before the storm starts," I said and we both looked up into the dark sky and she nodded. She pulled down her jeans and I pulled down mine and I wrapped her legs around me and shoved my cock inside her wet and tight pussy. Oh fuck, I love her pussy. I love Josie as well. I moved slowly in and out of her, knowing she is probably still sore from our last sex session, when I took her virginity. I am already about to come inside her and I can feel her pussy muscle squeezing. "I am close, Pat!" Josie moaned and I groaned when she called me Pat. No other girl called me that, only family calls me Pat. I want her to call me Pat, it sounds sexy coming from her lips.
"Oh baby, I am coming!" I moaned into her neck and we both came together and after leaning against each other, breathing, Josie let loose her legs and slid down the wall and pulled her pants up. I got dressed and before she could open the door, I grabbed her hand. "Josie, I need to say something," I said and she smiled.
"What Pat?" She said in that cute voice of hers.
"I love you, I would have never took your virginity if I didn't love you." She just looked up at me with those bright blue eyes and a tear slipped out of her eye. I brushed it away with my thumb and she kissed me. When she let go, she is smiling really big. "I love you too, Pat," She said and my heart soared. With all this bull shit with the Romanians taking over and Regina getting killed, the girl I always wanted LOVES me!


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