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Hiding in the Darkk

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) Laura Peyton and her boyfriend Jase Michaels thought today is going to be a normal day. They are planning to announce their relationship to her father and brother. As they made a stop, they see an unfamiliar sight, tanks entering their Wyoming town. As Laura leaves the store, she hears gunfire and screams from her High School. They run over, these people are killing the students of her school. They run to the ranch, and these people, the Romanian Soliders, killed her father. They gather supplies, save her brother, Ethan, and rescue the 5 survivors of the high school attack.

As they make it to the abandoned warehouse, they need to stay alive, and protect each other from the soliders. As survival mode kicks in, Laura and Jase's love grows stronger every day. The survivors gather with the townspeople to get rid of these soldiers and save the town, and possibly USA. View table of contents...


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*A/N: This chapter is pretty interesting. It has a HOT sex scene and action and something bad happens. Let's just say I almost cried writing this. Probably gave it away LOL. Enjoy!*
Chapter 5
The Unthinkable
*Josephine's POV*
Great, everybody's asleep. I wrapped my blanket around my shoulders and I looked over behind me and Patrick is already gone. I stood up and I made double sure everybody is asleep. Laura and Jase are cuddling in their corner, Ethan is snoring away, Vanessa and Regina sound asleep and Max is asleep also. I ran quietly to the entrance Patrick showed me earlier today and I seen the glow of Patrick's cigarette and he smiled. I wanted him right this second, he is shirtless and in only loose sweat pants. "Thought you weren't coming," Patrick said dropping his cigarette and stomping it out.
"I want you, I already told you that. I still want you, right now," I said and I dropped my blanket and threw my arms around him and kissed him. His arms went around my waist and one hand went low and grabbed my ass. I gasped and he smiled into my lips.
"I cannot believe I am about to have you," Patrick said and I swallowed.
"Believe it, Pat!" I said and his hand went to my pajama top and he pulled it off. I don't wear a bra to bed, and he cupped my tiny breasts that I hate. I wish they are as big as Vanessa's, they are about D cups! I am a tiny A cup. I moaned and threw my head back, enjoying the feeling of Patrick's hands on me. "I am sorry for being so small," I moaned and he groaned and he pulled me closer. I can feel his warm breath on my nipple.
"They are perfect, just for me baby," Patrick whispered and his tongue flicked my nipple and I moaned loudly. I grabbed his hair and pulled him closer, wanting so much more. My hands left his hair and I began to try and pull his pants down. He let go and slid his pants off and he began to untie my pajama bottoms. I looked down and I can see his erection through his boxers and he has a wet spot at the tip. "Pre-cum, means I really want you baby," Patrick said and I smiled. His hand went back to my ass and he cupped my ass cheeks skin to skin, since I decided to wear a thong. His fingers went between my legs and he can feel me very wet and warm for him. "Mmmm, you do want me, don't you baby," Patrick said and he leaned to me and nibbled on my neck as his fingers rubbed against my clit. I couldn't say anything but whimper. God, why is he doing this to me? His fingers left my clit and he pulled my thong down my legs then off. He kneeled down and stretched my blanket across the concrete floor and asked me to lay down. When I lay down, he stripped his boxers off and I just stared at his erection. I never seen a dick before, but even with my inexperienced eyes, he is fucking huge and thick and hard for me. "I cannot count on both hands and feet how many times I had to jack off to you in a year, Josie. God I want you so bad, I need to taste you," Patrick breathed into my ear and I got confused. Is that what kissing does?
"Taste me?" I asked and he just smiled and slid down my body and he is face to face with my wet and hot pussy. I can feel his breath on my clit and I am already moaning. His tongue flicked my pussy once, twice three times before his mouth latched on to it. I moaned loudly as I raised my hips up and ran my fingers through his hair. His tongue is driving me crazy and I already feel like coming. He slid a finger inside and I groaned from pain at first, then pleasure. My muscles in my lower tummy began to clinch and a wave of pleasure washed over me and I moaned his name, this orgasm is a lot stronger than the one I gave myself. When I finally relaxed, Patrick crawled up my body and his head of his dick is at my entrance. "Ready baby? It will hurt, and I am sorry," Patrick said and I swallowed.
"I'm more than ready," I said and he slowly pushed his dick inside me and he broke my virgin barrier. I gasped from the little pain I felt and it immediately changed to pleasure. He stay still for a little bit so I can adjust to his size, then he moved, REALLY moved. He grabbed my legs and wrapped them around his waist and he began to really fuck me. He is pounding my pussy and he is hitting my special spot inside me. I cannot catch my breath and I wrapped my arms around him and dug my nail into his back. "Oh God, this feels so good!" I moaned and Patrick growled in my ear.
"You're so fucking tight! I am already about to come!" Patrick said and he thrusted inside me for a few more blissful minutes and my whole body shook from my orgasm. I moaned his name and he thrusted hard into me two more times and he threw his head back and moaned his orgasm. He fell on top of me and pulled out of me. I lay against his chest and he kissed into my hair. "That was amazing," I mumbled into his chest and he smiled into my hair.
"I know it was, lets lay out here for a few more minutes then we have to go back inside," Patrick said and we lay against each other, naked and we looked into the night sky. This is the most memorable night of my fifteen years of my life, and that's not including the take over of the Romanians.
*Regina's POV*
"Okay, Regina and Vanessa will go to the lunch tent to see if there is any officers in the tent. If there is, they will make this motion with their hands," Sam said and he made a waving motion with his arm. "If there is not, they will move in and they will stay there and keep the tent empty. The men, including me, will clear the tents of the soliders. Laura and Josephine will stay in the getaway car, and send us out when we are done," Sam said and I raised my hand. I am so scared right now, I am more scared of us failing and not killing Anya, then dying right now. "Yes Regina," He asked and I tilted my head to the side.
"What do we do if there is people in the tent?" I asked and Vanessa agreed. I have to admit, Vanessa is a pretty cool chick. She is a lot mouthier than I thought she would be, but we have a tiny friendship building. Nobody can see this in their heads, I am the cheerleading captain and she is friends with a emo chick.
"Stay hidden and when they clear out the tent, get inside," Sam said and I nodded. We all finished our debriefing and gathered every gun, ammo and Sam's bombs we can get. We all gathered in Sam's pickup truck and Laura drove us down the highway and I looked over at Josephine and Patrick. Josie is laying on his shoulder and he kissed her temple. I have to admit, they make a cute couple.
The road became bouncy and I held onto the shotgun I grabbed and the truck stopped. "Vanessa, Regina, run to the tent!" Sam yelled and Vanessa and I jumped out the truck and ran as fast as we can to the tent. When we got there, two soliders walked out, laughing and burping and I grimaced. Vanessa touched my arm, reassuring me that we can do this and we peeked in and there is nobody in sight. We ran in and we stood in the middle of the tent, and I looked over at Vanessa and she is staring down at the AK-47 she grabbed. "Where did you get that?" I asked her and she blushed.
"Sam gave it to me," Vanessa said and I smirked at her. She has a crush on a much older man, and it's cute!
"You like Sam don't you?" I said and she put her hands on her hips.
"No I do not!" I laughed and we heard movement outside and we ran and hid in a corner. Two soliders came in and we ducked in the dark corner and I looked at Vanessa, and she shrugged her shoulders. She turned off her safety off her gun and she began to stand up before…The soliders ran out as the bombs and gunfire went off and we ran and smiled. The men made it to the camp and they are going to try and find Anya. "Thank God they made it!" I said smiling and I heard a loud gunfire from a shotgun right behind me and this unbearable pain in my chest. I looked down and touched my blood stained shirt and I fell to my knees. I looked up at Vanessa and she is screaming and covering her mouth. I feel cold and my world went dark as I taste blood in my mouth.
*Vanessa's POV*
I looked up from Regina's dead body and the solider that shot her aimed his gun at me. I pulled the trigger and I shot ten rounds into his chest and blood came from his mouth as he died. I dropped my gun and ran to Regina's body. I grabbed her and held her against my chest. "No, no, no!" I cried out and I can hear Jase's voice in the distance "Anya's not here!" but I wouldn't dare to leave her side. "JASE! ETHAN! SOMEBODY!" I cried as I rocked Regina in my arms. "Please don't be dead! For the love of God, don't be dead!" I pleaded out and God never hears me. I knew she is dead, I don't want her dead. She is innocent, like the townspeople that was killed and taken to the camp in Cheyenne. Jase and the men came in and I held Regina against my chest. "Oh fuck!" Ethan said and Sam kneeled before me and touched Regina's blonde hair.
"T-they shot her, in f-front of me. I k-killed the bastard!" I managed to say before I went into a wailing cry. Max came over and help me stand up and he took his jacket off and helped me to the truck. What are they going to do with Reggie? I want to see what they are going to do, but Max is so strong, he held me as I walked. Reggie, poor Reggie!
*Laura's POV*
I seen Max and Vanessa walk to the truck and Vanessa is shaking. Josie and I jumped out of the truck and Vanessa is covered in blood. Oh fuck, she got hurt! "Are you okay? Vanessa!" I squeaked out and she began to cry. Right before I asked her what's wrong, I looked up as Ethan is carrying a lifeless body in his arms with long hair. I covered my mouth and shook my head no. No, not her! I dropped my gun and ran to Ethan and moved the hair from her face and I began to cry. Regina got killed. "No, no!" I said and I backed into Jase and he wrapped his arms around me and I cried.
"Vanessa said some solider came in the tent and just shot her. Vanessa killed the solider, but it was too late…" Sam said and we heard a loud scream and it's Vanessa.
"REGGIE!" Vanessa said as she ran to us and Max and Josie is behind her. Vanessa grabbed Regina and kneeled down and she cried hard.
"I'm sorry! I am so sorry!" Vanessa cried into her neck and all of us just stared at her. Vanessa and Regina had a close friendship we never knew about. I kneeled down and grabbed Vanessa's chin and nodded.
"Let's go back and we will bury her. We will give her the proper burial, okay?" I said and Vanessa shook her head and Ethan grabbed Regina and Sam helped her onto her feet and we all went back to the truck. This did not go so well. Not only Anya Koreskova is not in the camp, but we lost a innocent soul. God Rest Regina Robinson.


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