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Hiding in the Darkk

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) Laura Peyton and her boyfriend Jase Michaels thought today is going to be a normal day. They are planning to announce their relationship to her father and brother. As they made a stop, they see an unfamiliar sight, tanks entering their Wyoming town. As Laura leaves the store, she hears gunfire and screams from her High School. They run over, these people are killing the students of her school. They run to the ranch, and these people, the Romanian Soliders, killed her father. They gather supplies, save her brother, Ethan, and rescue the 5 survivors of the high school attack.

As they make it to the abandoned warehouse, they need to stay alive, and protect each other from the soliders. As survival mode kicks in, Laura and Jase's love grows stronger every day. The survivors gather with the townspeople to get rid of these soldiers and save the town, and possibly USA. View table of contents...


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*A/N: Hey! Hope y'all had a lovely Valentines day! This chapter is short, but it's got action in it. Not as much as Chapter 1, but it's got shooting and killing in it LOL. Also, the second couple in the story is now known. Yes, there will be more sex that is not Jase and Laura (They will have LOADS of sex), but this couple will add the hottness! Enjoy!*
Chapter 3
Getting Supplies Is So Hard!
Day five of living in the warehouse. Us girls are sitting around and doing what we feel like doing and the men is checking our supplies like toilet paper and stuff to start a fire. "Fuck, we need to run into town," Jase said and I stood up and walked to them.
"But, the town is taken over by those Romanians, how are we going to get in?" I asked and he sighed.
"We all have to go, and if those men start attacking, we have to attack back, understand?" All of us nodded and he pulled me into his arms and kissed my forehead. "You stay by my side, I better not lose sight of you, okay?" I kissed him softly on the lips and the men got all the guns and ammo and threw it in the bed of the El Camino. Ethan drove us into town and the town scared me. It is completely empty, nobody is around. I still wonder where is everybody? I know they wouldn't leave their kids behind, unless they thought they we're dead from the high school shooting. We stopped at Regina's house, since its closer to the general store and Josephine jumped out first because she really wants to see her father. Since we went to the warehouse, I have been watching the five really closely. Patrick has his eyes on Josephine a lot. He watches her and I can tell he wants to talk to her. I told Jase about it and he laughed. "It reminds me of myself before I met you. I stared at you a lot and was scared to talk to you," He said to me.
"But you came up and talked to me, and look what happened," I told him with a smile.
"Yeah, I got you." Jase thought I should give Patrick a little push of confidence. I walked over an tapped on his shoulder.
"Hi Laura, how may I help you?" Patrick asked and he pushed some of his ear length black hair off his face.
"I know you like her…Josephine," I said and winked. He looked around at the others, which are getting the guns out of the El Camino bed, then looked at me.
"Please don't tell anyone! I want to go up to her and talk to her so bad," Patrick said and I grabbed his shoulder.
"Just go up to her and talk to her."
"What will I say to her? When I get around beautiful girls like her, I start stuttering."
"Just take a deep breath and began with a smile and a hello, and go from there." I tapped on his shoulder and went over to Jase. I looked behind me and Patrick is walking behind Josephine and he is rubbing the back of his neck. Go Patrick, get the girl!
*Patrick's POV*
Fuck, what do I say to her? Laura said to start with a hello, so I going to go with that. I made it up to Josephine and tapped on her shoulder and she quickly turned around. Our eyes connected, my brown eyes to her clear blue eyes. God, I never seen anybody so beautiful like Josephine Ryder. I had a crush on her for little over a year now. She was in my math class last year and we had to partner up for an assignment. Since then, I wanted to ask her out, but I am so scared of rejection and acting like a fool in front of her. "Hey there Josephine," I said and she smiled.
"Hi Patrick," Josephine said in that cute, tiny voice of hers.
"Can't wait to see your dad?"
"Yeah, I really miss him. Care to walk with me?" She smiled and I nodded really quickly. Okay, this is off to a good start!
*Laura's POV*
"James, you there? We are here for some supplies," I yelled and James came out from the back and he put his index finger to his lips and told us to duck. All eight of us got down and Josephine immediately went to him and hugged him. "Daddy, I missed you," Josephine whispered and James kissed her head.
"Romanians, outside in the back," James said and my heart began to race. Oh God, not again! Myself, Regina and Vanessa went to the aisle farthest away from the windows and Jase, Ethan, Max and Patrick held their guns against their body's and walked to the window to check it out. "There is four of them, but they aren't holding any heavy guns, just pistols," Ethan said and I swallowed. A pistol is still a gun!
"What are we going to do?" I whispered.
"You girls stay right there, we will take care of them. James will keep y'all safe in here," Jase said and I tried to hide my fear. The door knob began to jingle and I can feel Regina and Vanessa's hands on my arms, squeezing. The door opened and then, guns began to fire. I heard body's land on the floor and I immediately jumped up and the four men is pointing their guns at the four dead soliders. "We better get going, more will come!" Jase said and James gave us all the supplies we needed and kissed his daughter.
"Stay safe, Josie!" He said and Patrick grabbed her hand and smiled at James.
"I'll keep her safe, Mr. Ryder," He said and James nodded. We all ran down the road, trying to make it to the El Camino, but three more soliders came. Jase pulled out his shotgun and shout one of them and Ethan and Max shot the other two. I screamed and Jase held me closer and we kept running. I can see the El Camino from here, but three more soliders ran towards us. The men tried to reload their guns, but they are not fast enough, so I grabbed my pistol and pulled the trigger. I screamed as I shot one shoulder square in the head and shot another in the chest. Jase reloaded the fastest and shot a round on the last men. I dropped the pistol and sank to my knees. Jase sank with me and held me in his arms. I began to shake because I never shot anybody before and it's so scary. I had to do it, we could have gotten killed! "You done a good job, Laura, a very good job," Jase whispered to me and kissed my temple. "I love you baby."
"Yes Laura, you done great!" Regina chimed in and Vanessa and Max repeated what she said. Jase pulled me up and I jumped in his arms and rubbed my face into his chest. He grabbed my pistol and he carried me to the El Camino and sat me in the middle seat. When everybody got in, I looked up at Jase and I smiled. "I love you, too," I whispered and Jase gave me a kiss on the lips and Ethan grabbed my hand.
"You done good, baby sister. Let's get back before any more sees us," Ethan said and I squeezed his hand and we drove back to the warehouse.


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