Hiding in the Darkk

By: Nikkibeth

Chapter 10,


Feeling Honored
Ten Years Later
“Mom, do we have to go? I don’t want to meet the president!” Josephine and Patrick’s ten year old son, Maxwell, said. Josephine laughed and rubbed his blonde hair and sighed.
“Yes baby, it’s been ten years since the Romanian ambush. The president wants us to be here for the memorial service,” Josephine said and Patrick kissed her forehead and he is holding their four year old daughter, Leigh. Josephine found out she was pregnant two months after the Romanians retreated. Patrick and Josephine got married a month before Maxwell was born. James was not thrilled about his fifteen year old daughter being pregnant, but he knew Patrick loved her, so no fights we’re needed! I looked up at Jase, my husband of nine years, and he is smiling. He looks good to be thirty-six years old. My nine year old daughter, Bethany, pulled against my skirt and her brunette hair is in cute pig tails and she is smiling.
“I cannot wait to meet the President!” Bethany said and her little three year old brother, Cameron, smiled. I heard the familiar crazy laugh and I turned 
“I want to be president!” Sam said and we all turned around and Vanessa is holding her two year old daughter, Regina, and Sam is carrying their five month old daughter, Bernice, in the carrier. That surprised everybody when Sam proposed to Vanessa five years ago. Vanessa was only twenty-one years old and Sam was thirty-five. They got married a few months later, a few days before Vanessa’s grandmother finally passed away, happy. 
“Please, if you are president, Sam, then we all shit out of luck!” Ethan said and he wrapped his arm around his wife, her name is Hilary. She was one of the people in the camp ten years ago and Ethan and Hilary immediately connected, got married seven years ago. They have one son, Jacob, he is five years old.
“Hey, if I was president, then no body would be able to come in!” Sam said and Vanessa laughed. 
“Come on guys, we better get inside,” Jase said and we all walked inside the White House with smiles on our faces.
We we’re here before, ten years ago. We all got medals of honor for our courageous acts against the Romanian army and Koreskova. Sam got a job for the FBI in Los Angeles, and of course, Vanessa moved in with him. Josie, myself and Patrick went back to school and finished high school. I am Jase’s paralegal for his law firm and Jase is the best defense attorney in Cheyenne. Ethan and Hilary lives on the ranch, keeping it up and the Peyton ranch is known for the best beef in the Western United States. Josephine is a mother and wife to her family and Patrick and Vanessa has their own shooting ranch. Vanessa teaches the people of Casper how to sword fight, figures!
We all sat down in the front row, Bethany is sitting in my lap and Cameron is being impatient in Jase’s lap. Vanessa’s daughter Bernice is asleep and content as Regina is complaining about sitting in Sam’s lap. “Your lap is too hard, daddy!” Regina said and Sam rolled his eyes and began to tickle her, to make her laugh. Maxwell and Leigh are being highly respectful and they are sitting quietly beside their parents. The room got dark and a blonde woman came in with a smile. “I would love to announce the arrival of the president of the United States,” She said and a dark haired man came out and he smiled at us then his expression got serious.
“Ten years ago, Wyoming, Utah, Montana and Colorado was ambushed by the Romanian army, lead by Anya Koreskova. It took us all by storm, shocked us. Nine small town residents, five of them high school students, took a stand and killed thirty-one soliders in two weeks. They lost two of their own, Regina Robinson and Maxwell Causby. Along with the two deaths, the death toll reached two thousand and fifty-six innocent Americans. Those seven that survived, one girl, she was seventeen years old, killed Koreskova to save her friends, family and her love.
“If it wasn’t for her, Laura Michaels, Americas future would probably have been grim. Thank you Laura and the six that saved America,” The president said and the audience clapped their hands and then they all stood up. The audience woke Bernice up and she began to cry. Vanessa got her out of her carrier and held her against her chest to calm her down. Cameron, my son, joined the fun and clapped along with them. The seven of us looked at each other and smiled. We are American heroes, God Bless America!

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