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Growing Lust

Novel By: Nikkibeth

*FINISHED* Lucy Hogan comes home from University, home to her step-father, Donovan Nichols. She misses him, he raised her from the age of fourteen when her mother passed away. When she comes home, now a woman, she makes a startling realization, she is attracted to her step-father. Who can blame her, he is a very good looking man, even her best friend Brielle Jensen wants him! She just doesn't think he wants her, but she is WRONG!

Donovan Nichols wants Lucy, but he fights it due to the fact that she is his step-daughter and she is eighteen years younger than him. When Lucy wants him too, their relationship changes and takes flight quick.

When feelings rise and people find out about them, decisions need to be made and desires are to be met! View table of contents...


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Chapter 11

Don't You Dare Leave Me

*Donovan's POV*

I had to leave work. I would have punched Jack and the captain if I stayed. They are giving me mortal hell. They think I am with Lucy just for the sex. I am not. I love her and I plan to tell her today. I went to the florist and bought some beautiful flowers and went on home. When I went to the door, the door is cracked open. I went on inside and my heart began to race. The song "Suicide Solution" is playing and it ended and repeated again. Why would Lucy listen to that? "Lucy?" I yelled and heard no response. I sat the flowers down on the side table and went to the kitchen where the song came from and I seen two empty bottles of wine and two glasses that are drank dry. Oh no!

"Lucy? Where are you baby?" I yelled, beginning to get scared. I went down the hallway and went to the bedroom and she is not there. I looked on the floor and seen our picture and it's wet, from tears. Lucy, where are you? I turned around and the bathroom light is on. I see a red glow. Oh shit! I ran to the bathroom and opened it and Lucy's unconscious body fell to the ground, her wrists are bleeding. Blood surrounds her and I seen a bloody razor on the sink. "Oh no, oh no, oh no!" I said and I kneel to the ground. I slid her to my lap and tapped on her cheek. She is so pale! I grabbed my cell phone and dialed 911. "911, what is your emergency?" The operator asked.

"My girlfriend just tried to commit suicide. Please send an ambulance! Address is 1878 Spruce Street!" I said and my eyes began to fill with tears. Why Lucy why?

"They have been dispatched. Please stop the bleeding if you can sir!" I got off the phone and grabbed two towels and pressed them down on her wounds. I began to rock her back and forth, crying.

"Don't you die on me. Don't leave me! I love you, Lucy! I love you, God Dammit!" I said and cried out. Her body is so limp, so cold. I felt for a pulse and it's very weak and slow. She is still alive! "Baby, it's Don! I love you, please don't die! Please don't die! Don't you dare leave me!" I said and I shook her. I seen a roll of gauze on the sink and I reached up and wrapped it around her wrists. The bleeding has stopped for now, thanks the heavens!

I hear the sirens in our lawn and I yelled for them to come in here. The EMT's came in the bathroom. "I-I found her in here, with her wrist's slit. She tried to kill herself!" I said and they asked me to get up and leave the room. I did just that and they put oxygen on her and lifted her almost lifeless body into the stretcher.

"Good Job for wrapping her wrists up. That probably stopped the bleeding. Meet us at Aurora Memorial," one of the men said and I nodded. I grabbed her cellphone from the dresser and called Brielle.

"I was just getting worried..."

"Meet me at the hospital. Lucy tried to kill herself!" I interrupted Brielle. There is a long pause then a hysterical laugh.

"You're joking, Donovan. Lucy would never..." She stopped herself and she sighed. "Those people got to her Don."

"What people?"

"The town, they kept calling her a whore and awful names. A woman spit on her at the store. I think she wanted to rid herself from the world!" I heard her start crying and I told her to meet me there.

When I got to the hospital, everybody stared at me and I looked down and my police uniform is covered in Lucy's blood. I ran to registration and the woman looked up at me in shock. "Lucy Hogan, she just got brought up here," I said and I heard someone clear their throat. I turned around and a woman probably my age rolled her eyes. "What's your problem? Because of y'all, she tried to kill herself!" I said and all of their eyes went agape.

"What do you mean us?" The woman asked me.

"Yes, I am in love with her, there is no shame in that. Because of all the name calling you done to her, she believed it. Now she on the bed fighting for her life!" I said and stormed into the emergency department and they pointed to her room. When I seen Lucy, I covered my mouth. She is so pale, and I looked up at the monitors, her pulse is only at 50. "Are you her boyfriend?" A doctor said and I turned around and I nodded. "I am Dr. Adams, I am taking care of Lucy." I nodded and looked at her.

"Will she..." I said and I didn't want to say it. Will she die?

"She is going to live, we had to give her a unit of blood. Once her body recuperates from the blood loss, she will wake up. I am going to recommend her to see a psychiatrist..."

"She doesn't need one. I know why she done that."

"Lucy is still young, and whatever the cause of this, she needs help to get rid of it."

"She does not need help, doctor. She needs me!" The doctor nodded and I walked on in there and I sat down beside her. Both wrists has bandages on there and I can hear the oxygen hiss and the heart monitor beep as her heart pumps. Her chest rises and falls as she breathes. She is going to live!

Brielle came on in and she covered her mouth. "Lucy..." She whispered and she went on the other side. "Oh Lucy, why?"

"Because of the damn public, they got to her!" I said and she nodded.

"She took whatever she can handle and...and..." she cried and she held onto her hand. "Lucy, don't leave me!"

"She is going to live, Brielle. The doctor said they had to give her some blood and she will wake up once her body recuperates from the blood loss."

"Thank God!" Yes, thank God!

*Lucy's POV*

I woke up and I raised my arm up to cover my eyes from the bright lights. I looked and my wrist is covered with a bandage. What the...I jerk up and I see Donovan asleep in a chair. I looked down and I am in a hospital gown. I am hooked onto an IV and I have a nasal cannula in my nose. I looked down again and both my wrists are covered with bandages. I remember now, I tried to kill myself. I thought the world will be better without me. I know now that my life is more precious than I thought.

I remember before I went completely unconscious Donovan being there. I remember feeling being lifted and his voice. I remember him saying he loves me. "Don?" I said, but I sound hoarse. He woke up and I smiled at him. I never seen him wake up so quick in my life. He was asleep and fully awake in under a minute.

"Lucy!" He said and he came to my bed and kissed me. This was not a sexy kiss, this a love filled kiss. I can feel it down to my bones and soul. "I love you, baby!" He said and I teared up.

"I love you, too, Don!" I said and he wiped the tears from my eyes.

"Don't you dare do that again!"

"The people... I began to believe them."

"You are not a whore, Lucy. You will never be a whore!" A nurse came in and she smiled at me. She opened the blinds in the room and the sun beamed in, hurting my eyes.

"Rise and shine, Lucy. Do you feel okay?" She asked and I moaned.

"The sun is hurting my eyes!" I said and she covered her mouth and fixed them so some sun came in.

"Do you need anything, Lucy?"

"No, I am good. I am just ready to go home and recover from this mess!"

"Those people just didn't understand you and Donovan's relationship. I was one of them, I admit. When I stood here and watched him sit her until you woke up, I feel real love with you two. I think you two make a very good couple and I wish you two luck in the future." I smiled and waved at her as she left. I wish everybody would understand like she did. She just accepted us because she SEEN us in love.

The doctor came in and checked me over. He said he had to give me one unit of blood because of the blood loss. He said that if Donovan didn't come in at the time he did, I would have died. I didn't really want to die, I was drunk on wine. I was hurt from the townspeople. I thought Donovan didn't love me. He said I needed to go see a specialist about me attempting suicide but I don't want to. I don't want to sit there and let some stranger hear about about my troubles.

After the doctor left, Donovan turned on the television and turned to channel 4. Oh great! "Tim Davis here and we have a announcement. Our very own Lucy Hogan is in the hospital for personal wounds and it was all because of the people of Aurora. We admit, we have been harsh to her, but the people of Aurora should be ashamed of themselves to cause her to try to rid herself of the world. She is a wonderful person. We done a little investigation and Caroline Jenkins, our weather woman, made it happen that day for her to say what she said. She has been dismissed of her duties..." I smiled and looked over at Donovan. I don't care how they found out about this, but I am glad I don't have to deal with Caroline anymore.

I stayed in the hospital for one more day, Donovan stayed by my side the whole day. He left long enough to talk to the people from my work, which some of them visited me. Tim, Jamie the new weather woman and Elaine came in. They all apologized to me. Brielle came in and she covered her mouth and cried. "Why Lucy?" She whispered and I sighed.

"You witnessed it, Brielle. Even Ryan was a part of it.."

"Wait, Ryan, as in my ex Ryan?" She interrupted me and I nodded. "What did he do?"

"Done what everybody else done to me, called me a whore. He asked if I loved the attention I am getting."

"What a douche, I am thankful that I dumped his sorry ass!" I laughed and we all sat around and enjoyed the day we had together in the hospital. I also began to enjoy life. I need to appreciate it more, and not let people get to me like it did.


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