Don't Cry Tonight

By: Nikkibeth

Chapter 1, Claire Opeth is fed up with her alcoholic mother, so she left home. On the way to a friends house, two sexy strangers kidnap her and take her away. She wakes up in a stunning mansion and the two men staring at her. Brent Scott is in love with her, and just wants her to love him back. Blake Scott, the younger brother, wants her to be his sex toy and slave and will harm her if needed. Claire is trapped with these men, and finds herself wanting to escape. When she can't, she has to deal with their plans. On the way, she finds herself wanting them both. The men also finds themselves wanting her more and more everyday.


*A/N: I have put Tomorrow's Promises on hold. IceBreaker (Brielle) and I talked on facebook and as I talked about this story more and more, I had to write it. This is different than any of my stories. This is dark, darker than You're Mine Now. Hope you will enjoy! I have character pictures!*
Chapter 1
Why Are You Doing This to Me?
Mom is on her second 12-pack of Bud Light. It’s Friday night, she always drank this much. She has some man over that I never met, also a normal Friday night thing. I can hear Alice Cooper blaring out of the stereo and mom hooting and hollering and having a good time. I tried covering my ears with my pillow, but with no success, she got louder. “HEY BABY, COME OVER HERE AND GIVE ME A KISS!” Mom screamed and I can hear her moan. Fuck this shit, I cannot stand this anymore! I am nineteen, I can do whatever I want to. I will just go to a friends house and stay there for a while, get out of this place. I threw the covers off of me and grabbed a pair of jeans, a sweater and my knee high boots. I put them on and started to throw everything into a carry-on bag. When the last thing went into my bag, I looked over at my art easel and sighed. I will buy another one soon whenever I get the money. I was in a middle of a painting right now, but it will have to wait, I will start over on it. I threw the carry-on over my shoulders and I walked out of my bedroom door and I can hear my mom make out or fucking the strange man. “Oh baby, I got to have you!” the man said and mom giggled. I made it to the living room and mom and the man is against the bar and their lips are attacking each others. I rolled my eyes and walked out the front door. What a mother she is, she should have wondered who had left, but she didn’t check. I looked through the window and she grabbed the man’s hand and ran to her bedroom. 
It is snowing out here and it’s so cold. I pulled my coat tighter around me and began to walk down the sidewalk. I miss my home in Twin Lakes, Washington. I hate it here in Tacoma. It’s big and noisy and mom can do all the drinking she wants. I never knew my father, hell, she doesn’t even know who my father is! Hate to say it but my mom is a bar whore. I stuffed my blonde hair deeper into my ski hat and walked more down the street, there is hardly any cars out since it’s Friday. I heard a car pull up beside me and the lights are flashing. I waved my hand at them to keep going, I don’t need a ride. The lights flashed again and I turned around to talk to the person and the only thing I seen is a white cloth and it smelled funny as it covered my mouth and nose. The last thing I heard is this sexy male voice saying, “I am so sorry, Claire.”
I woke up feeling very warm, warmer than I was when I was outside. I jumped up and there is a fire going in a fireplace. I looked down and I am in the same clothes that I was in, but my boots are off. I looked down at the bed and it’s a rich red in color and the material is satin. I stood up and I looked around. Where the fuck am I? I don’t recognize this place at all! The doors opened and a blonde man came in and he looks very angry. “Fuck, I told you that you didn’t put enough chloroform on the rag, Brent!” The guy said and a dark headed guy came in and shook his head.
“If I put more on it, she would have probably got killed!” The other guy said and they both looked at me. 
“Who are you? What do you want from me?” I said and the both walked over so I can see them. The blonde man is very muscular and he has light green eyes. The dark haired one has black hair and it’s very sleek and he also has light green eyes and he is slightly older than the blonde one.
“Claire, you are at Blake’s mansion in Seattle. You are safe here, I am Brent Scott and this is my younger brother, Blake Scott,” The dark headed one said and I shook my head. Seattle? I am about an hour away from home! 
“Whatever you want, I will do it and I won’t go to the police, just let me go!” I don’t want to cry right now, it will show these two very good looking men that I am weak, and I am not weak!
“You are not going anywhere, Claire Opeth, you are staying here with us!” Blake said and ran pass them. I heard Blake curse and I ran down the huge stair case and I finally seen that I am in a HUGE mansion! I finally made it to the front double doors and I grabbed the handle and it’s locked. Fuck! I looked up and Blake and Brent are running down the stairs and I ran again, to some place I can hide. I ran to a library with a billiard table and into a closet. I closed the door and sat there, covering my mouth. “Where did she go?” Sounded like Brent, and he sounds more worried than angry.
“When I find that little bitch, she will pay for this!” Blake said and he sounds very mad.
“You are not going to touch her!” Brent said and Blake laughed.
“Remember the deal? You get to have your little fun and I get to have my little fun with her.” They both got plans for me, oh God! I got highly uncomfortable and moved my feet, but I knocked over something which made a loud racket. The doors swung open and the two men looked down at me and I began to cry. “Please don’t hurt me, please!” I said and I am so mad at myself for crying.
“Oh baby, I will do much more than hurt you!” Blake said and he grabbed my arm and began to drag me. 
“Blake, you promised, you will not fuck her until she’s been here for three days!” Brent said and I fell to the ground as he let go.
“Fine, I will find my own release!” Blake said as he stumped off. Brent kneeled down and helped me up. I can see it now, Brent is going to be the caring one, and Blake is going to be the rude and mean one. 
“I am so sorry, Claire. Want me to help you get comfortable and go to bed?” Brent said and he ran his fingers though my blonde waves. I jerked away and gave him a questionable look.
“Look, I can take care of myself. Don’t touch me! Just take me to my room, looks like I have to stay here for a while,” I said and he smiled.
“Oh it’s more than a while!” I didn’t bother asking anymore questions. I am a victim of kidnapping, and no way out. I need to do a little investigation tomorrow.
The sun is beaming through the expensive curtains and I stretched my arms and lay my hand down on the blanket. The satin cover, I am still in my kidnappers house. I jerked the covers up and I looked up and Blake, the blonde guy, is staring down at me. He has this…evil glare that makes my heart race. “Good morning, ready for breakfast?” Blake asked me and crossed his arms across his muscular chest.
“I am not hungry, I want to go home!” I whined and he chuckled.
“You want to go back to your alcoholic whore of a mother? We’re you running away when we grabbed you?”
“Yes, but…”
“That’s what I thought. Listen, you have two roles here. You are going to be my little toy, giving me everything I want and need. Brent, I don’t know what he wants from you, but he has plans for you too. If you don’t want to get hurt around me, you better listen and follow through without argument…got it? I would have fucked you so hard last night, but I did promise I will not fuck you until day three.” I swallowed loud and closed my eyes and nodded to agree slowly. I have to listen to Blake and do whatever Brent has planned for me, until I can plot my escape. “That’s a good girl. Now, have you been kissed or fucked or been touched?” Oh fuck, he might hurt me! I am a virgin and I only kissed two guys in my nineteen years of life.
“I kissed before, but never had sex or been touched,” I mumbled and he smiled really big.
“This should be fun. You will eat breakfast, Mary, my housekeeper, made breakfast and wear this…” he threw two pieces of fabric, barely any fabric really. He left the room and I sighed as I put them on. It’s black lace and it’s a bra that barely can contain my breast and lacy boy short underwear that barely covered my pubic area. I went to the mirror and looked at myself. I am pale, I look terrified, just the way I feel. What am I going to do? 

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