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Don't Cry Tonight

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FIISHED- AUTHOR'S PICK FOR FAVORITE STORY) Claire Opeth is fed up with her alcoholic mother, so she left home. On the way to a friends house, two sexy strangers kidnap her and take her away. She wakes up in a stunning mansion and the two men staring at her. Brent Scott is in love with her, and just wants her to love him back. Blake Scott, the younger brother, wants her to be his sex toy and slave and will harm her if needed. Claire is trapped with these men, and finds herself wanting to escape. When she can't, she has to deal with their plans.

On the way, she finds herself wanting Brent more and more due to his love. Blake loves her pain and wants to cause her pain. When Brent and Claire leaves Blake, will Blake leave her alone? Will Brent win over her love? View table of contents...


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*A/N: This chaper is a "Break" chapter from Blake. Blake is not in this chapter, but he will be for now on from the next chapter. I think there is at least four more chapters in this. By the way I am writing I will be done by Wednesday LOL. I am not going to go back to Tomorrow's Promises after this, I got another story in mind. I might go ahead and post the character pics for it, but whenever I get my mind back to Tomorrow's Promises, I will write it again. This chapter has surprises, yes suprises with an s! Enjoy!*
Chapter 9
This is Paradise
Two Months Later…
San Diego is total heaven. For February, it's pretty warm down here. So warm that I can wear a short sleeve shirt and some jeans. I am use to the cold and snow of Washington. I sank my toes down in the sand of our own private beach and smiled. This is paradise! I thought Brent just bought another bachelor penthouse here in San Diego, but no, he bough a beach house, really mansion. It's a gorgeous house that faces the Pacific Ocean and the backyard is a beach. Brent is at work right now, he built another business down here and its highly successful. He wanted to just expand the one in Seattle, but then Blake will find out where we are.
Blake has not found us yet. He tried calling us a few times the first few weeks that we we're down here, but Brent told him that we are in a better place and we cannot get much happier and changed his phone number. I still cannot three months ago, I was kidnapped and I hated both men with a passion. Now, I am happily in love with Brent, living the good life in San Diego with him. As I sat there, I touched my belly, it's getting bigger. I am gaining a little of weight, could I…Brent never uses a condom, Blake did. Could I be pregnant with Brent's child? I stood up and ran into the house and grabbed my…yes MY, car keys and drove to the nearest store. Brent surprised me with an Audi A4 and it's just beautiful. I never had a car in my life, I always just drove my mom's. Speaking of my mother, I finally talked to her a month ago. She sounded very mad when I told her I ran away to San Diego. "Why couldn't you just tell me your problems, baby girl?" She had said to me.
"Because you know what the problem is, mom!" I said to her.
"My drinking? Has my drinking affected you that much?"
"Yes, mom, you need some help, but I am happy right now. I am in love with my boyfriend and we are so happy. If you sober up, I will get Brent to send you tickets so you can come see me."
"I will sober up baby, I am so sorry for this!" That is the first time in my nineteen, I'll be twenty next month, years of my life that my mom wants to sober up. Brent was more than happy to pay for her treatment, and she is currently in a rehab facility in Vancouver, making a lot of progress. She has went thirty-five days without a drink of anything.
I made it to the health department and I had to wait in the waiting room with a bunch of young teenagers with their angry mothers. I know why they're here, the same reason I am, a pregnancy test. At least I am nineteen, not fifteen or sixteen. They called my name and they weighed me, and I gained ten pounds, wow! They took my urine specimen and they took me to an exam room. A young brunette doctor came in and she smiled. "Hello, I'm Jennifer Carter, your pregnancy test is positive…" Jennifer said and I smiled really big. I am having a baby, Brent's baby. It cannot be Blake because it's been almost three months since he last raped me AND he used a condom all those times he did rape me. "If you strip your pants, I'll do an ultrasound to see how far along you are," she added and she left the room. Should I call Brent and tell him now so he can be here? Yes! I want him here to see his child! I knocked on the door and a nurse, an older woman, answered. "Um, can you hold on the ultrasound? I want my boyfriend to be here," I asked and she smiled really big.
"Of course, she has a few patients to do anyways," She said and I nodded. I grabbed my cell phone and dialed his office number. I told his receptionist that it's Brent's girlfriend and she immediately sent me through. "Baby, what's wrong?" Brent asked worriedly.
"Nothing, everything is perfect! I have some news for you," I said and I can feel the excitement build up even more.
"What is it?"
"I'm pregnant!" I almost yelled out those words. There is dead silence at the end of the line and I think I even hear sniffing. Is he crying? "Brent?" I asked now worried.
"Are you sure…"
"Yes Brent, it's yours. Blake always used a condom on me and he hasn't touched me for almost three months. Please come down to the health department in Coronado, they are fixing to check how far along I am."
"I am on my way, grabbing my keys!"
*Brent's POV*
I am going to be a father, a father! Blake always used a condom on her. Thank God the bastard didn't get her pregnant! This is a dream come true, I always wanted children and it's even better to have a family with Claire. She even sounded happy about this. I pulled into the parking lot and ran inside the health department and told the receptionist that I am here for Claire, and she opened the doors for me. "Exam room three, they are prepping her for the ultrasound," The nurse said and I went down the tiny hall and opened the door to the exam room. Claire is covered up from her hips down and her knees are flexed…wait a minute, I thought an ultrasound came from the top. A brunette woman turned around and she smiled at me. "You must be Brent, the baby's dad, I am Jennifer, her doctor. I am fixing to do a transvaginal ultrasound. She is not that far along and we cannot tell how far along she is with a normal ultrasound," She explained and I shook her hand and sat down beside Claire. I grabbed her hand and kissed it. "I love you, baby," I said to her and she had a couple of tears come out of her blue eyes.
"I love you too, and scooter too!" She said and I laughed. She's already referring our baby as scooter. It's cute, so I'll call him or her that too. The doctor put a condom on the probe and lube it up pretty good and she sat down between Claire's legs. She told her to relax and she pushed the probe up. I know this is uncomfortable for Claire, so I just kept rubbing her knuckles with my thumb and looked at the screen. "There he is!" Jennifer said and she paused the screen. Claire and I got closer to the screen and I seen our baby, not really big at all. I smiled really big and wiped the tears from my eyes and I heard Claire sniff. I grabbed my hanky from my pocket and gave it to her and she wiped her eyes. Jennifer done some measurements on the baby and she then printed out the picture. "You are six weeks pregnant, so one and half months pregnant. You said your last period was in December twenty-fourth, so this makes your due date at September thirtieth," Jennifer said and I smiled. My baby's birthday is around my own, which is September twenty-first. Maybe he will be early and my birthday gift is the birth of my baby. "Congratulations you two, I will make an appointment next month for your check up. The nurse will give you all the information and answer any questions you may have."
"Thank you, doc," I said and I shook her hand again. I think a little celebration is in order!
*Claire's POV*
Brent and I got home straight from the health department. I loved the excitement in his eyes when he seen our baby. When I parked my car in the garage, Brent is already at my door and he lifted me up and carried me to the door. Our eyes stayed connected as he carried me down the hall to our bedroom and as we went down the hall, I stared into the empty bedroom, our baby's future room. I smiled and he opened the door to the master bedroom and he lay me down onto the bed. He walked over to the stereo in the room and a sexy song came up and he put it on repeat. "It's Stripped by Shiny New Toys. I heard it the other day in the office from the receptionist's computer and she said this makes her girlfriend go wild…" Brent said and I raised an eyebrow. Wow, he has a lesbian as a receptionist, I don't have to worry about her paws being on him. The gentle woman's voice came on and he began to take my shirt off and then my bra. I closed my eyes as he gentle fingers went down between my breasts and down to my naval. Let me see you stripped, down to the bone… this song is very erotic! I breathed in and when his fingers left my heated skin, I opened my eyes and Brent is taking his shirt off and he leaned down and kissed me. This song is really pumping my hormones up and it made me want Brent so much. Let me hear you speaking just for me…
When Brent let go of me, he looked around and I know he has a few ideas. He left the bedroom for a few moments and he came back with his hand behind his back and he grabbed a tie from the dresser and he tied it around my eyes. Oh my, this is so hot! "Let your senses soar," Brent whispered into my ear and bit down on my ear lobe and they are already soaring. I felt his hands take off the rest of his clothes and I can hear him take the rest of his off. I can feel the hair of his legs on mine. The song has repeated, I love this song now. I began to feel something soft against my neck and he trailed this item down to my collarbone then my breasts. He went around one nipple then the other. I moaned and the item went down to my naval and circled my bellybutton. This feels so good and gentle and I needed to know what this item is. Brent dragged it down to my sex and rubbed it up and down my slit and I raised my hips up. I grabbed the item and it feels like a flower. I pulled it to my nose and it's a rose. He is touching me with a rose! I never had heard of this out of television and books! "Oh my God!" I moaned as he pulled the rose back from me and he touched my sex with it again. The rose disappeared and all of the sudden, I feel something very cold and wet at my nipples. It's ice! He rubbed the ice cube around each nipple, made a trail to my belly button and he tossed the cube onto the floor. I can feel the warmth of his tongue on my nipples and I raised my body up, wanting so much more. He licked all the water up and he followed the trail down to my bellybutton and got all the water up. Where did this come from? Whatever it came from, I don't want it to go away! He took the blindfold off and leaned and pushed his tongue into my mouth and our kiss became fevered. He pushed his dick inside me and I groaned and threw my head back. I remember the nurse mentioning that sex feels better when you are pregnant, and I believe her. I never felt like this in my life, I already feel like coming! I wrapped my legs around his waist and dug my nails into his back as he pumped in and out of me. "Oh baby," Brent said and I leaned forward and nibbled on his neck.
"Fuck me!" I groaned and he growled and he fucked me, hard. I can feel him all the way to my bellybutton and I can feel my orgasm build up. "I am close baby!" Brent groaned and he started to pump harder inside me and I exploded and he joined me as we moaned our orgasms together. He immediately got out of me, probably because of the baby, and pulled me into his arms. His hands went down to my belly, and cradled where our baby sleeps. I joined his hands with mine and I smiled. "Still in shock, we are already starting the life I always wanted. I got the woman I wanted, and she is pregnant with my baby," Brent said and I smiled. "But, I have to add just one more thing," Brent sat up and grabbed his boxers and he walked to the dresser and opened the drawer. The song is still going, and I don't care, it's a good song! He pulled something out and he walked over to me and he asked me to sit up. I kept the sheet on me and he grabbed my left hand. "Claire Opeth, I love you, and I would be so happy if…" He opened the box and a gold ring with a heart shaped diamond is smiling back at me. I covered my mouth with my hand and tears began to slip out of my eyes. "If you be my wife. Claire, will you marry me?" He asked and I began to cry in happiness. The only that came out of my mouth is a whimper then finally, "Yes," I said and he smiled as he slid the engagement ring onto my finger and he got back on the bed and kissed me. This is a dream come true. A dream home, a dream life, a baby on the way and I am getting married. Blake is practically out of our lives, what can go wrong?


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