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Don't Cry Tonight

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FIISHED- AUTHOR'S PICK FOR FAVORITE STORY) Claire Opeth is fed up with her alcoholic mother, so she left home. On the way to a friends house, two sexy strangers kidnap her and take her away. She wakes up in a stunning mansion and the two men staring at her. Brent Scott is in love with her, and just wants her to love him back. Blake Scott, the younger brother, wants her to be his sex toy and slave and will harm her if needed. Claire is trapped with these men, and finds herself wanting to escape. When she can't, she has to deal with their plans.

On the way, she finds herself wanting Brent more and more due to his love. Blake loves her pain and wants to cause her pain. When Brent and Claire leaves Blake, will Blake leave her alone? Will Brent win over her love? View table of contents...


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*A/N: I am totally enjoying writing this story. So, I decided to add another twist to the story, which I know will just add more excitement and fear for Claire. So, enjoy!*
Chapter 3
My Innocence…Gone!
The look of his eyes, I only seen lust. He climbed on top of me and pulled the covers down off of me. I am only in a loose tee-shirt and the red lace panties he gave me today. "Oh Claire, you're still wearing them…" Blake said and he grabbed my mound and cupped me. I tried pulling away, but he just squeezed me tighter. "Now, if you don't want this to hurt more than it should, I think you better listen to me, pet," Blake said and I swallowed. Oh, I forgot, I AM HIS SEX TOY! Oh God, if you hear my pleas, make this just a horrible nightmare! I know this is not a nightmare because I can feel him running his finger up and down my pussy. I grabbed his hands and pulled them away. "NO!" I yelled and he shook his head.
"You're going to fight me, well so be it!" Blake said and he ripped my shirt off and tore my panties. "I was going to prepare you and let you feel what fucking feels like, but no, you have to be a little bitch!" He climbed on top of me and sat up. He pushed his sweat pants off then put the condom on. I closed my eyes and fought the tears building in my eyes. I can hear him in my mind, from my childhood. Crying is not getting you anywhere, you little bitch! I shook my head when be pawed my breasts and he groaned. "Perfect tits, just for me," He moaned and I finally opened my eyes and I looked up at him. I have never looked so scary and evil in my whole life, even scarier than my mom's ex when I was seven years old. I can see how much he is enjoying this, about to rape me. He got on his hands and I can feel the head of his erect cock at my entrance. He didn't give me any warning, and I felt him forcefully pushed himself inside me. I felt pain, only pain. I can feel the blood gush out of me. Don't cry, Claire, please don't cry! I don't wanna cry! I screamed, that's all I managed to do. "GET OFF OF ME, PLEASE!" I yelled and he just pounded into me more. I can see the pleasure in his face, and I just kept screaming. I wish somebody, anybody, would stop this. His pace got quicker and I am out of breath from screaming and one single tear left my eye. I just lay there, like a dead body as he finished off inside me and came into the condom. He jerked out and I didn't feel like moving at all. "Ah, Claire, you are going to be amazing. You will eventually fall for me and want to fuck me. Good night, my pet," Blake said and leaned down to kiss my cheek, but I pulled away. "Get the fuck away from me!" I whispered and he chuckled.
"Oh baby, in a week, you will be begging for me to be inside that hot pussy of yours. It won't be long before Brent will want inside you." I cannot bare anymore of this, I will not have sex with Brent, he will end up raping me too! The door closed and I curled up in a ball and trying to rest, trying to make the pain go away.
The curtains we're pulled apart and I thought it might be Blake. I jerked awake and sat up and it's Mary. "Blake and Brent has already left. Blake requested for you to take a bath and wear anything you want. Brent has plans for you for tonight," Mary said and she sounds very monotonous. For a housekeeper, she has no personality. I went to the bathroom across the way and I started the hot water and once it was filled to the rim, I sat down in the nice hot water. I scrubbed between my legs, wanting the feeling of my virgin blood off my thighs. I scrubbed and scrubbed until I screamed. The door was pushed open and Dette is standing there with a very ugly but powerful looking man. His face is very long, nose too big and he has dumbo ears. His dark hair in a ponytail and both of them looked irritated. "What is wrong now, Claire?" Dette asked annoyed.
"I am so dirty, I want this blood off!" I groaned and she told her husband to excuse us. He closed the door behind him and Dette walked over and grabbed another rag. I lifted my leg and she seen the caking of the blood on my thigh.
"So, who done it?" Dette asked when she lathered the soap into her rag.
"Blake, he came in right at midnight and took my innocence…unwillingly!" I said and I held back a staggered breath from an incoming cry. Don't you cry, no body can hear you! I can hear him, my mom's ex husband, still. Why doesn't he just go away?
"Sounds like you need a good cry," Dette said and she began to scrub pretty hard on my thigh and it sort of hurt.
"I cannot cry. I haven't cried really hard since I was seven." She looked at me and she looks confused. I have cried, yes,
but not a heart wrenching cry, not a relief cry, just a few tears here and there. "When I was seven, my mother married this horrible man name Fred. When my mom went off to drink without him, he…" I looked away and I remembered the things he done. He never touched me sexually but I knew he would have if my mom didn't stop him.
"He what?" Dette asked, looking very interested.
"He hit me, slapped me and called me the worst names. I cried every time he did that and he always said something like 'Don't you cry, you little bitch'. It didn't want me to cry, because nobody could hear them and save me. So, when mom divorced him, I never ever cried, not since then." Dette stopped lathering me and she has this…terrified look on her face.
"I am so sorry you had to go through that, Claire. That's why you always fight to cry. I can tell you want to cry, but you don't want you because you think no body will hear you," Dette said and I snorted.
"No body will; do you think Blake or Brent would care if I cried. Blake wouldn't, he would laugh and do what we wants with me."
"Brent cannot stand when women cry, so he will hear you. When he comes home, open up to him. He cannot do anything about Blake's plans with you, but at least Brent doesn't want to hurt you in any way. He tells Alec and I all the time how much he loves you and wishes he never mentioned you to Blake." I wished that too. If Brent never opened his mouth to Blake about his feelings towards me, I would have never been kidnapped. We finally got all the caked blood off my thighs and I finished bathing. When I got out, Dette handed my tee shirt, bra (which is a normal white bra), normal white underwear and a pair of blue jeans. It feels good to be out of lingerie. Dette lead me downstairs and into the backyard where Alec is reading a book about finance. "Alec dear, Claire is finished," Dette said and he looked up and nodded. "He is not much a talker around other people. He usually just talks to me, his co-workers and family back in Berlin." I nodded and we went over to the lounge chairs beside Alec and we sat around and talked. I just want to get comfortable, but I can't. I kept seeing Blake's evil glare in my mind. I can feel his painful thrusts inside me. I heard the sliding door open and close and I feel more relaxed with this presence. "How is my two favorite women?" Brent said and I rolled my eyes.
"Just peachy!" I said sarcastically. Dette sighed and grabbed my shoulder and squeezed it. For a gold digger bitch, she is not that bad. I think I can get along with her.
"Give her some air, Brent, she had a rough night," Dette said as Alec gathered their things and they finally left. Brent sat down at the edge of the lounge chair and I looked away.
"Claire, I wish I could stop all this. I wish I ran him and beat the living shit out of Blake for raping you, but we made a deal…" Brent said and I sat up and threw my sunglasses on the ground, breaking them.
"Whatever Brent, fuck the deal! You are the only that really wants me here! You should kept your fucking mouth shut
and either kidnapped me by yourself or you could have been a man and just fucking asked me out at the gallery!" I am huffing and puffing and he is just staring at me with his light green eyes. I can feel them down to the very pit of my soul. He looked away as he stood up and he ran his fingers through his black hair.
"You are right, Claire, I should have kept my fucking mouth shut. Blake just wants a pussy to fuck, that's why he came up with this kidnapping thing. He is into that weird shit where he pretends to kidnap women and the woman let him! I should have been a man and just asked you out, but I am a coward!" He yelled and I stood up and grabbed his forearm and pulled his hand down so I can see his sexy face better.
"You're not a coward, Brent, just scared. We're you scared of my rejection?" He nodded to agree. "I would have went on a date with you, true!" I smiled and he finally smiled. The door opened and I can feel his gaze on me. He sounds pissed off, more than pissed.
"You two, out!" Blake said and Brent grabbed my arm and pulled me closer. He is going to protect me from Blake!. "The little bitch blabbed to Dette, she should've kept it a little secret about last night, now Dette is pissed at me for hurting her!"
"Cause you did, Blake. She is physically and mentally hurting, you never gave a shit about women in general. I will be more than happy to move myself and Claire to my place!" Brent said and I gasped. So, is the end of Blake?
"That is fine with me! Claire, don't think this will be the end of me. You'll be seeing me very soon…" He turned on his heel and slammed the door. I thought the hell is over with Blake, and I just had to deal with Brent, but this is not the end to my hell. What am I going to do?
"It's not as big as Blake's, but it's still expensive," Brent said as he sat our suitcases on the marble floor of his Esclava penthouse. Everybody has heard of Esclava if they read that Fifty Shades books, I read them myself. I would never imagined this at all. The whole apartment is cream in color and everything is modern looking. "Your bedroom is upstairs, my room is right there…" Brent pointed at the master suite beside us. "…If you need anything," He said and I crossed my arms across my chest.
"Is Dette still going to watch me in the mornings?" I asked him and he nodded.
"Yes, until I can trust you enough and Blake cools down." At least he wants my trust, but I highly doubt he will trust me. I still want to leave, run away some place far away. I am still a kidnap victim, but at least my captor I am now is sweet and kind…and sexy…and in love with me. That part creeps me out, the part of him being in love with me.


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