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Don't Cry Tonight

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FIISHED- AUTHOR'S PICK FOR FAVORITE STORY) Claire Opeth is fed up with her alcoholic mother, so she left home. On the way to a friends house, two sexy strangers kidnap her and take her away. She wakes up in a stunning mansion and the two men staring at her. Brent Scott is in love with her, and just wants her to love him back. Blake Scott, the younger brother, wants her to be his sex toy and slave and will harm her if needed. Claire is trapped with these men, and finds herself wanting to escape. When she can't, she has to deal with their plans.

On the way, she finds herself wanting Brent more and more due to his love. Blake loves her pain and wants to cause her pain. When Brent and Claire leaves Blake, will Blake leave her alone? Will Brent win over her love? View table of contents...


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*A/N: After these two chapters, there is two more. The ending will have a lot of action and maybe, just maybe, will be posted TONIGHT! These two chapters now are kind of short, but a lot of shit happens in them! Enjoy! Remember to check out the character pictures of the upcoming story, "Lust and Desire".
Chapter 10
Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!
*Blake's POV*
It's been three months since I touched Claire, two months since I seen her. They are gone, up and vanished into thin air. I talked to Brent a few times, but he just tells me they are gone and they are happy, then he changed his number. I cannot track them, the only clue I found is in September, Brent bought a house for twenty million dollars, but it doesn't say where. I am at work right now, facing the Seattle skyline, wondering where the love of my life is. She could be right under my feet, laughing at me. "Mr. Scott…" Elisa, my assistant, said as she came in. I turned around and her fake tits are about to come out of her top and her square frame glasses just looks…hot on her. Her brunette hair is curled around her tits and she looks scared.
"Yes, Elisa," I said calmly. I've been on the edge ever since Claire left. Maybe that is why everyone is afraid of me. Good, I want them afraid, it will make them work harder!
"Alec Fritz is on the line…" When Elisa mentioned Alec's name, it gave me an idea. If Brent would tell anybody where they are, it would be Dette.
"Okay, I'll take the call," I said and I grabbed my phone and Alec answered.
"I am rescheduling the meeting until tomorrow at nine, is that fine? I have a lot of shit to do here at work right now," Alec said and I smiled. Good, he was suppose to be here an hour, I can make a little visit to my baby sister's place.
"Is Dette home?" I asked him.
"Yes, why?"
"Um, I was going to pay a visit to her. I haven't seen her in a long time."
"Blake, if she tell me…"
"I am not going to lay a single finger on her. I just want to see my baby sister." Alec sighed and he finally gave me the go ahead. Good, let's see what Dette knows about Brent and Claire.
I parked in the driveway of Dette's mansion and I walked up the white steps and rang her doorbell. I can feel the anger build inside of me and when she opened the door, I pushed her against the wall. "WHAT THE FUCK?" Dette screamed and I growled.
"Now, you will tell me where Brent and Claire is or I will hurt you!" I growled and I can feel her squirm underneath my grip. I want her scared, scared enough to tell me.
"Fuck you!" She blurted out and I slapped her across the face and she grunted.
"Now listen, Bernadette, if you don't tell me where they are at, I will kill you and then come back and kill Alec, understand? Now, tell me…" I said through my teeth.
"You ain't got the fucking balls to kill me!"
"Oh I will kill you!" I reached behind me and pulled out my pistol out of my waistband. I put the cold end on her temple and then smiled at her. "Now, tell me or you and Alec will die today." Tears began to fill in her eyes. That's what I wanted to see, my baby sister whimpering in front of me. Where is the tough bitch now?
"San…Diego," Dette whimpered out. Did she really say San Diego?
"Where, say that again?" I asked her and pressed the gun harder against her temple.
"SAN DIEGO! I…I don't know where, but that's where they are at!" I put the gun back into my waist band and smiled at her. I reached over and I hugged her, what a good baby sister!
"Thanks, Dette," I said as I left her mansion. I got into my car and pressed the Bluetooth button and dialed a man I know that can look up people. "John, Blake, I got a lead on Brent and Claire. They're in San Diego, find out what you can on their location. When you tell me, I will be heading down there!" I said and the man agreed and we got off the phone. Oh, I am coming, Claire, and you will pay. You will pay!
*Dette's POV*
I kneeled on the floor, crying. Blake has gone completely loco on us! He has not been right for well over twenty years, but he has gone way to far, over Claire! I am so afraid for her right now. When Blake finds out about her being pregnant with Brent's baby and being engaged, he might go ape shit on them! I can still feel the gun against my head. He was going to kill me if I didn't tell him where they are at. I couldn't risk Alec's life, I love him so much. People always thought I married him for his money. I know Alec is not a male model, but he is sexy to me. It's the dark hair and dark eyes that had me. When people portrayed me as a gold digger, well I gave them what they wanted. I regret doing it, I know Claire thought that about me at the beginning, but I gave her the true Bernadette Abigail Fritz! The nice side of me that adores her husband, loves him more than his life. I would give my life for Alec, that's why I told him where Brent is at, I don't want Alec hurt.
Alec came in and he seen me kneeling on the floor. "Dette, what happened?" Alec said and I jumped into his arms. He feels so warm and smells like his cologne and coffee.
"Blake, he has gone mad! He…he threatened to kill us if I didn't tell him where Brent and Claire is at. I told him," I said and looked down at my feet.
"Why did you tell him, he wouldn't kill you!"
"He had a gun at my head. He said if I didn't tell him, he would kill me right then and come back and kill you. I couldn't let him come kill you." I began to cry again and he ran his fingers up and down my back.
"Baby, I would give my life for you, I love you," He said and I smiled.
"I love you too, but we need to warn Brent about Blake. Once he contact John, he will have his address and he will be going down there. What will happen if he finds out about the baby and the engagement?"
"Baby, I don't know, but go call them. They need to know!"


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