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Cowboys Can Love Longer

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(CANCELLED) The year is 1881. Alicia Tate is the daughter of the well known rancher in Western Texas. At eighteen, she is ready to take on the world and she gets her opportunity when her father gives her a piece of land to start her own ranch. She has to hire a foreman, or the head ranch hand, to help her run it. Ross Langston has been working at the Tate Ranch since he was seventeen after his parents death. He gets hired as the foreman of Alicia's ranch. Alicia likes Ross and Ross likes Alicia, will they end up falling in love each other? Will they go exceed the boundaries and find lust in their hearts as well as love? View table of contents...


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*A/N: That was fast wasn't it? I had this finished a few hours ago and I was going to wait till tomorrow, but I got impatient. This is my first story I wrote that took place in this time period. I hope I get pretty accurate about this stuff, but if I don't I will apologize. I have been reading Sandra Brown's Another Dawn like crazy cause it takes place around this time. People in this time period get horny like us LOL (Hubby wanted me to put that). I hope you enjoy this cause I will make this really hot and romantic at the same time! This is the first chapter, so its short and very slow due to the fact you are getting to know the characters, so sorry!*

Chapter 1

Texas, 1881

"Papa, why can't I go with Abigail tonight?" I said to papa. My friend Abigail Henry wants to celebrate her birthday at the saloon in our town of Larsen, Texas. Papa doesn't want me to go. He never lets me do anything fun.

"You know all about saloons, Alicia, they are trouble and I cannot see my youngest daughter going there and get mixed in with those rascals!" Papa said. My papa, Charles Tate, has one of the most well known ranches in Western Texas. I live on the ranch known as Big T. My name is Alicia Tate, and I help out around the ranch. I make sure our steed is well fed and I tend to the horses. I been around this ranch my whole life. My mother, Lydia, does all the house work and before my older sister, Katrina, left, she helped out mama.

"But papa…" I whined.

"Don't sass me girl! You are not stepping foot near that saloon, understand?" Papa said and I bowed my head down. My brown hair is covering my face and I sighed, giving in.

"Yes sir."

"Now, go out and feed Daisy, you don't have to feed the cattle today." I walked out to the barn and seen my beautiful horse papa gave me on my birthday two months ago.

"Hey girl, hungry?" I said to her and her tail began to wag and I threw some hay in front of her and sat down. I straighten out my dress skirt and I looked out into the afternoon sun. I never get to go out and do anything. I am eighteen years old for crying out loud!

"Don't you think I should go out with Abigail tonight, Daisy?" I said to Daisy and she just looked at me and went back to eating her hay. "I think I will go tonight, what papa doesn't know won't kill him!" I said and I patted Daisy's head and walked back into the house. I walked into the kitchen and mama is already making supper, which is a roast and some baked beans. Mama is a very beautiful woman with long blonde hair, blue eyes and a very nice bosom for a woman of forty years old. She met papa when she was sixteen and when she turned eighteen, they got married. Mama is getting worried that I haven't found a man yet, but I just haven't found the one yet.

"Alicia honey, some of the ranch hands are eating with us tonight, care to join us? You don't have to, I'll save you a plate and you can warm it up over the wood stove," mama said and I sighed. If that certain man is coming, I will eat.

"Depends who's coming," I said and she stood there and thought who is coming.

"Jake, Randy, Ross…" well, I am defiantly staying. Ross Langston is one of the most handsome men working for papa. He may be twenty-nine years old, but I am eighteen, I am a woman.

"Yes mama, I will stay and eat. How much longer do you think supper will be ready?" I asked her.

"Maybe another hour," mama said and I went to my upstairs bedroom and began making myself pretty. I brushed out my brunette curls and grabbed a wash rag and clean around my hazel eyes. I grabbed some perfume Katrina left me when she left us for Denver, Colorado and dabbed some behind my ear and on my wrist. I grabbed my nicest skirt and blouse and the color of my skirt made my eyes glow. Wonder if Ross think I look pretty? About an hour later, mama hollered that supper is ready and everybody is here. I ran down stairs and Ross is sitting in one of the chairs, laughing at a joke that was just told. I smiled as I walked down the stairs, hoping he would see me and he did. My heart beat faster and he smiled at me too.

"Well lookie here, it's Alicia looking all pretty!" Ross said and I blushed. I walked to the dining table and mama is smiling at me and papa is too interested in his conversation with Jake. I cleared my throat and ran my hands down my skirt feeling very nervous around Ross. His blonde hair is very curly and down to his ears in length and his electric blue eyes captivates my soul. He has a genuine smile that I can feel in my bones and I cannot help to feel very weird around him. I don't know what it is but when I feel like this, my nipples get hard and tender and the valley between my legs gets very warm and wet. I cleared my throat and smiled at Ross.

"I wanted to look good for our guests tonight," I said and he nodded. Ross pulled his feet off of the chair he had them in and I sat down and mama served everybody.

"Damn Lydia, you have the best beef roast around!" Randy, one of the ranch help, said.

"You know as well as I do is because we have the best steer around!" mama said and I smiled. I ate in silence and listened to everybody talk about ranching and working. This conversation gets pretty bland to me, I like talking about anything else but ranching. I know someday I am going to get some land and my life would be ranching. I don't know when that would be, but papa has mentioned a few weeks back that I am getting an piece of land two miles away from Big T. After everybody ate, I helped mama gather the plates and cups up so they can be cleaned and when I stepped outside in the cool spring air, Ross is leaning against the banister, smoking a cheroot, something I seen all the ranch hands smoke around here. I wanted to go over there and talk to him, but papa wouldn't like that too much. I waited another hour until I went to the saloon. I heard mama and papa going to bed for the night, so I tried to walk down stairs, but the stairs is very noisy. I went back to my bedroom and opened my window. Mama made a rose vine underneath my window, so I used them as a ladder and I made it to the ground safe. I ran to the barn, threw my saddle on Daisy and I rode down the dirt road to Larsen. Larsen is a very busy town at night full of drunks and hooligans. I think its fun and exciting seeing everybody having fun. I found the loud saloon and tied Daisy to the post and walked up the side porch and heard a lot of laugher and cursing. I leaned into the doorway and I seen Abigail sitting at the bar getting a shot of whiskey and flirting with several men. I looked around for any familiar faces, and I didn't see none. I walked in and I heard a couple of wolf whistles coming at me and I sat beside Abigail.

"ALICIA! I didn't know you we're going to show up!" Abigail said and I asked for a whiskey. Abigail has hair the color of the sunset and her eyes are a light brown and she has a bosom to show up. She makes me feel highly uncomfortable because my bosom is not really big.

"I had to sneak out to come here. Papa wouldn't let me come," I said and Abigail laughed.

"Well, ain't you the rebellious type."

"I wanted to come celebrate your birthday, you came to my celebration." I hugged her and we shared a few drinks and somebody got to the piano and started to play fun music and Abigail and I began to dance together. The fun ended when somebody touched my shoulder. I turned around and my heart went to my feet.

"Ross! What are you doing here?" I asked and I can see his frustration in his eyes.

"Having a drink or two, does your papa know you are here?" Ross asked me.

"No, and you better not tell him!"

"Charles is going to be very angry at you when he finds out that you came here!"

"I just want to have fun, Ross!"

"Well, your fun ends here!" Ross grabbed my arm and took me outside. I fought him all the way to Daisy and I jerked my arm away from him. I hated him now, I still think he is very handsome, but I hated him. He ruined my fun!

"You are no fun, Ross Langston!" I said and jerked the tie off from the post and hopped on Daisy.

"I hate to stop your fun, Alicia, but I just don't want you to get into trouble!" Ross said and when I tried to ride off, Ross grabbed my reins and grabbed me. He put his lips on mine and his tongue tickled my bottom lip and I jerked away. My heart is racing and I felt so scared and shocked. I jumped onto Daisy and I rushed down the dirt road, leaving nothing but a dirt trail behind me.


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