Tamed - Collaring the Domme

By: Nellh

Chapter 1, Ella Hobbs has two big secrets. The first she probably shares with most of the female staff working for the ‘Stone Corporation’ – and that was her enormous crush on the CEO – Sebastian Stone. But her second secret is a little darker. Ella has two personalities. During the day she is the quiet, drab mouse of an accountant working in the Marketing Department but at night she is someone else. At night she works as a Dominatrix in a BDSM club in the city under the guise of ‘Mistress Marcia’

Chapter 1

Ella Hobbs had been doing this for so long that taking on the persona of ‘Mistress Marcia’ was as easy as donning a fresh set of clothes.   All she had to do was discard the shapeless grey suit she wore for her day job and adorn her body in the scanty garb of her alter ego.  A garb of ‘hardly there’ undies, extravagant makeup and finally the wig of luxuriant blonde tresses that covered her own scraped back titian hair and she was ready. But not only ready physically – there was a personality change too, from the gentle Ella to the harsh Dominatrix.

But harsh or not Mistress Marcia was a necessary evil and she’d been good to Ella.  The extra money she provided brought with it a measure of independence she could never achieve with her nine to five job, plus she got to exercise her natural talent.  A talent that had surprised her and had made her an instant hit with the BDSM club she worked in.  

That talent meant she was now a very successful Dominatrix with a growing client base. So successful, in fact, that the club had offered her a share in the business and a say in how the place was run.  Ella Hobbs aka Mistress Marcia was definitely on her way up!

Ella was proud of her status and proud of what she’d achieved, even though it was very much her dark little secret.    But she had no illusions, she knew the demons that drove her and why.   She knew exactly why it was she loved the sound of leather hitting naked male flesh and adored the sight of angry red, buttocks knowing it was her whip that had caused them.  A dark side Ella had learned to live with and given her history – a dark side she understood only too well.

However it was vital that the two roles never crossed - were never allowed to bleed into one another.  So the daytime accountant and the night-time Dominatrix were strangers.  Ella was not Marcia and that’s the way it had to stay - otherwise it wouldn’t work. 

But very occasionally that possibility, the possibility that these two worlds would collide, came perilously close and tonight was one of those times. 

Tonight she was Marcia complete with attitude and whip but this wasn’t the BDSM club she cherished so much.   This was a hotel bedroom and she was about to break her own number one rule.  The one about tormenting men she knew and that was Jed’s fault.   Her clients were all strangers.  Strangers who’d visit her regularly but none of them had any knowledge of the daytime Ella.

Jed had asked for her help and she couldn’t refuse him, not him, her oldest friend.  But what she hadn’t known when she’d offered it was that the man Jed intended to bring here was Sebastian Stone.

“I can’t, not to him,” a shocked Ella had exclaimed when she’d seen the familiar large frame prostrated on the bed.  “He knows me - we’ve met before.” A lame excuse given the infrequency of those meetings but true nonetheless.

The man lying unconscious on the hotel bed was CEO of the Stone Corporation, the company she worked for but that wasn’t the real reason Ella was so upset about this.   She was upset because she had an almighty crush on the man but she couldn’t tell Jed that – she couldn’t tell anybody.  At work she’d watched him, she’d researched him and hoped, silly as it was given the look she adopted for work, that one day he might notice her.

“Don’t be stupid, Ella,” Jed hissed back at her, annoyed at the possibility of a last minute hitch.  “This has gone too far to stop now.  Just do as we discussed earlier.   Work on him a little, do your stuff and let the cameras roll,” he nodded.  “It’s just tonight, I promise.  By tomorrow I’ll have everything I need.”  He assured confidently while throwing her a mask.

He’d not said what that was but this whole thing smelled of blackmail.  There was nothing else it could be, Ella thought with a shudder. 

But whatever this was all about, Stone mustn’t recognise her.  She turned towards the full length mirror and fitted the elaborately decorated mask to her face then gazed at her reflection critically once again.  Was that enough?

“No one – not even your own mother, if you had one,” Jed corrected himself, “would link the hot babe I’m looking at now with the mouse who works in that London office,” he assured, as if reading her thoughts while running his hungry eyes down her body.

Ella had to agree – the two personas were vastly different, both in personality and looks.  She adjusted the scarlet basque she just shimmied into.   It was cut below her breasts allowing her full, creamy orbs to spill free.  She pinched at her nipples, twisting hard to make them peak then almost unconsciously ran her fingers down her belly and over the see through thong she was wearing.

Jed felt himself stiffen watching this act and took a step towards her.  Ella smiled at him then went back to fussing with the mask and her hair in front of the mirror.

“Turn around for me babe,” Jed asked huskily.  Despite seeing her naked many times before he wanted a closer look.  Her breasts, that underwear, she was the most beautiful woman he knew.  She was sexy and half naked and as she turned he could not only see her ample tits and dark, prominent nipples but right through the fine silk of the thong to the slit of her sex.  Stone stood no chance against her ministrations.

Ella wasn’t at all embarrassed at being like this in front of Jed.   This was Marcia’s uniform and necessary because of what she did.   It was part of her role as a Dominatrix to encourage men to look, to lust and then to punish them hard for it.

“Believe me you’re as incognito as you’re ever going to get,” he confirmed kissing her cheek as he moved to her side.   Then unable to resist he ran calloused fingers gently over the beautiful bounty of flesh.   “Fuck Ella, you’re one gorgeous broad,” he rasped running his hand down her thigh and settling it between her legs.   “Hardly worth wearing the small amount of cloth you’ve got down there,” he said trying to slip his hand under the silky fabric so he could touch her intimately. 

Ella took a deep breath and gently tapped his chest.   “No Jed.   You know not to do things like that,” she told him with that glint in her eye.   That glint that said it all - that had been saying it to him for years.   That glint that said you can look as much as you want but don’t dare touch.   She’d make allowances tonight because Jed was excited and she was anxious and because Jed wasn’t like other men – not to her anyway. 

Pushing Jed away she cast her wary green eyes over the sleeping man again and felt the flutter of nerves lurch in her stomach.   No wonder she was worried, she seriously doubted she could do this.  Now she knew who it was Jed had kidnapped she should cut her losses and run. 

Don’t be such a wimp – you know you’ll enjoy it.  Her alter ego jibed in her head and, as always, was right on cue.  Confrontational Marcia, daring her on, reminding her that this was a role she loved and one she was exceedingly good at.  

But I don’t want to hurt him, she thought to herself.  I see him at work, we’ve even spoken occasionally and I have this thing – I really like him.

She’d never had any qualms about her role before, it was one she relished.  She had dozens of clients, all men, who relied on her for correction and she was good.  Mistress Marcia could be relied upon to chastise with impunity, whip with vigour and she’d never been more popular.  

But, unlike your usual clientele, he isn’t here voluntarily.  Marcia reminded her.  As if she needed reminding!   And that was another reason she was so twitchy.  What she did to the men at the club, to her clients was always consensual.  And this was very definitely not.

Just get on with it girl – you’re no quivering innocent.  You’re a whore who earns a living by peddling sex. 

Ella stared again at her reflection in the wardrobe mirror and frowned.  She wasn’t a whore – Marcia was wrong.  She passed her pink tongue over her full red mouth and placed her hands on her hips and smiled back at herself.   She had to get rid of the doubt and the jitters – she daren’t risk making a mistake.  She had to do this – she owed Jed.  She tilted her head to the side and pushed a stray red lock of hair back under her wig.   She had to be Marcia now – Ella and her crush had to stay out of it.  

Good girl.  After all he’s simply a man like all the others you’ve put through this charade a hundred times before, bleated Marcia.  But she was wrong and that thought would haunt her throughout the ordeal she was about to put him through.    He wasn’t just any other man.  He was the man she secretly fantasised about and that didn’t happen often – not to Ella anyway.  Her mistrust of all men ran deep and was rooted in her past.  So seeing this particular man like this really upset her.

The handsome, sophisticated business magnate – a man she wouldn’t usually even dare speak to lay tied, gagged and spread eagled naked on the hotel bed.    She tip toed passed him her ultra high heels tapping on the oak flooring as she studied the rise and fall of his smooth, broad chest.  He was breathing steadily, it showed he was okay and she was relieved.   Jed had given him something – a drug and its effects could be unpredictable.  

She stood over him, her heart thumping in her chest.  He was so gorgeous and soon she was going to…  She bit into her lip – what was she going to do him?  Use her whip, she thought taking it from her case.   And the butt plug?  She felt her cheeks redden, this was ridiculous - she was like a love struck teenager.   Unable to resist she held out her hand and trailed nervous, painted fingertips from his neck to his navel.  He was barely conscious but he still managed to mumble through the gag and strain against the ropes.  She jumped nervously and looked at Jed.

In sharp contrast to how she felt Jed looked so confident - so pleased with what they’d done.   He’d been weeks planning this and tonight he was sure he was finally going to get what he wanted, whatever that was.  

Ella hadn’t asked Jed to explain his reasons for doing this.   He was like her so they’d be complicated.   But he did keep reassuring her that once this was over she’d get paid – generously paid.   But that wasn’t why she’d agreed to help him.   She owed Jed.   She owed him a lot – probably her very life and certainly her sanity.

 “It won’t be long before he comes round now, we should be ready,” she whispered anxiously.

“Don’t worry, princess,” Jed told her softly.   “It’s going like clockwork.   Just do your usual thing and leave the rest to me,” he chuckled running his dark eyes down the length of her.  

Dressed like that she was every man’s dream and even though he’d known Ella for most of his life and she looked on him like a big brother he still fancied the very bones of her   Stone would be putty in her hands, he almost envied him.

 “I’d better leave you to it,” he decided blowing her a kiss as he closed the door behind him.

Now she was alone Ella went back to watching Stone and this time cast her curious eyes between his spread thighs.  Another shiver as something akin to electricity shot down her spine.  Her reaction shocked her.  She’d seen many naked men, more than she could remember.  So why should this one excite her so much?

You know very well why.  Marcia’s words buzzed mockingly through her head.  It’s because you fancy him.   All those furtive glances you cast his way on those rare occasions when you glimpse him at work.   He’s the man you dream about.  He’s gorgeous, rich and very powerful.   Look at him – look again between his legs and hunger.   Hunger for what you’ve denied yourself because even in this flaccid state his penis is very thick and long.   But imagine it erect.  How tempting that would be and you want to know how it would feel, don’t you?  How it would feel to have him take you - penetrate you.   To watch his manhood become a huge monster then feel it rip into your soft, virgin flesh?

Ella shook herself.  She needed to stop this - she had a job to do.  Tonight had been planned down to the letter and she daren’t risk making a mistake.  Mistress Marcia must take charge now so for goodness sake, act like her.  Give her the controls.

She stood with her long legs wide apart at the foot of the bed slapping the leather tongue of her crop provocatively against her thigh.

“Time to wake up Mr. Stone,” she trilled seductively at the sleeping man.  “Time to wake up and take your punishment like the naughty boy you are,” she cooed feeling the nerves leave her as Marcia ascended.

He stirred and tried to roll over straining all the time against his manacled wrists.   Finally his deep, blue eyes fluttered open and he caught her gaze.   For a split second Ella saw the unguarded look of fear as his mind tried to work out what had happened to him.   He ran troubled eyes over the masked, near naked woman staring at him, and for a moment, allowed her to glimpse a vulnerability he usually kept well hidden.



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