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Deflowered by the Billionaire

Novel By: Nellh

What can a girl do when she’s desperate to loose her virginity? How does she get to indulge in wild, rampant sex when no one in her circle of men friends is suitable? Who can she get to satisfy that deep hungry need? Sophie’s been told about a club, a club where a girl can go and choose a man or men and have all the sex she craves – any type of sex. No names, no questions and no guilt; it sounded just perfect. View table of contents...



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Chapter 1

A statuesque blonde wearing a dress so tight every inch of her curvaceous figure was straining for its freedom opened the door. She smiled invitingly at the redhead who'd rung the bell, and with a 'come hither' wiggle of her index finger gestured her to enter.

"Welcome to Club Viveur," she smiled invitingly. "You are Sophie I take it? She asked holding out her hand.

Sophie smiled at the woman and entered the dimly lit hallway. So far so good - the welcome was encouraging. Coming here tonight had taken a great deal of courage so hopefully she wouldn't be disappointed. Nonetheless she was still dubious about whether or not she was doing the right thing. A sex club, Sophie, were the words rattling through her head - whatever are you doing?

"There's no need to be shy," the blonde said noting the nervous shake as she took hold of Sophie's small hand and held it in her own. "First time at the club or not you mustn't worry. We're all here tonight for the same reasons," she winked, fluttering her long black lashes and smiling again. This time the smile was wider and she licked her luscious red lips in a predatory fashion as she eyed the younger woman up and down. "We all want you to enjoy your time with us," she insisted. "You're here because you're seeking pleasure," she noted coyly. "Pleasure of a certain kind, isn't that right Sophie?" She added stroking the girl's arm. "That wicked, wanton pleasure that your anonymity here can give you. So embrace it - welcome the opportunity and make the most of your time at Club Viveur."

Sophie felt the butterflies assert themselves as she looked past the woman at the crowded room ahead. What was she getting in to? What had possessed her to imagine she could do this? She'd come here tonight - to a BDSM club to find a man who'd fuck her. But now - faced with the reality of going through with it Sophie wasn't sure she could.

All she really wanted was to feel normal - to feel like every other woman she knew. They'd had no problems. All of them with the exception of her had had sex by the time they were sixteen. So what had gone wrong? Why at the age of twenty two was she still a virgin? But given how she felt now if she did meet a suitable man would she actually have the nerve to submit to a complete stranger?

"You're quite lovely," the blonde complimented moving her hand to Sophie's hair and running her fingers through the girl's long, titian locks. But what really got her attention were Sophie's large breasts. For a girl with such a small frame they were fantastic. They jutted forwards and tilted slightly skywards with prominent hard tips that stuck out through the flimsy bodice of her dress. They must be supported somehow, the blonde reasoned, so she must have cheated.

"You have followed our dress code?" She frowned. "I did explain when we spoke over the 'phone that it's important you follow my instructions to the letter," she added now running those fingers boldly over Sophie's breasts feeling for the telltale signs of a bra. "Because if you haven't you will have already broken a very important rule," she paused, her red lips pouting and wondering if she should tell her. Yes, she needed to know - it was only fair, and anyway a little fear only added to the fun. "Broken rules mean punishment and despite this being your first time with us, no allowance would be given."

Sophie nodded her head, thankful that she'd followed instructions to the letter.

"I did exactly as you said," she confirmed. "I'm wearing the dress and the shoes but no underwear, none at all," she confirmed and stuttered slightly with discomfort as the blonde's hand kneaded at her breasts.
"Sorry I doubted you," the blonde allowed as she felt the sensuous swell of naked breasts under the dress. "But with tits like yours you can understand why I might."

Then she cast her lascivious gaze down the long, shapely legs below the short flared skirt. Smiling again the blonde dipped down slightly and slipped a hand up Sophie's thigh and felt between her legs, the girl was telling the truth, no panties.

"Part your legs wider for me," she instructed.

Sophie was embarrassed and blushing. They were standing in a hallway and the main room, only metres away, was full of strangers and anyone of them could be watching this little interlude. But she was too nervous to refuse so she obeyed without question and winced as she felt the blonde's hand stroke over her smooth pussy mound then curious fingers slide down her slit.

"Sweet, I like a pampered pussy and so do our gentlemen," she cooed.

Her fingers lingered on Sophie's plump labia before slowly and deliberately parting them. Her eyes narrowed and her breathing slowed as she slipped a long, elegant finger deep into the girl's already moistening cunt.

Sophie had never been touched so intimately by a woman before, or even by a man for that matter, which was the whole point of tonight. But this felt so weird and she'd no idea what the correct reaction was. This was a sex club - a sex club where most members were into BDSM. Same sex liaisons and liaisons involving more that two people were bound to be the norm. So Sophie took a deep breath and tried not to think about the finger that was so eagerly exploring her most intimate place.

"You're very tight, Sophie," the blonde noted, pleasantly surprised at the way the girls narrow passage gripped around her finger. "A rarity, believe me and a surprising one in such a lovely young woman," she allowed. "The gentleman who gets to fuck you tonight is in for a real treat," she complimented.

Then she slowly pulled her sticky finger free and put it straight into her mouth and sucked slowly. "I just love the taste of sex, don't you?" Her large eyes twinkled and taking Sophie's hand again she led her into the house.

"Anything is allowed here." She explained as they went. "And I mean anything, straightforward sex, boy on girl, group sex, same sex couples or groups. Or perhaps you fancy something a little darker," she suggested, her eyes suddenly sharp and hard looking. "Most of our members do. Most of the men we have here are wonderful Dominants. And we have the perfect Master who will tame you beautifully if you want him too. In fact, break any of our rules and a session with Master Gregor is mandatory." She pulled a face. "He is an expert at giving a girl a hard time; his favourite pastime is whipping pussy. Hurts like Hell but it doesn't half bring on the best orgasms.

Sophie was horrified but fascinated both at the same time. She'd done her homework and read about this stuff. Erotic stories - books about sexual torment and domination were her normal bedtime reading these days. Sophie wasn't sure exactly what she wanted from tonight - to get laid, that had to be her starting point. But did she really want to be bound naked to a bench and used by strangers? It was odd but the idea of being tormented in this way sent a shot of tingly pleasure down her lower body. Was that normal? She'd no idea but perhaps under the right circumstances…

However, for safety's sake she decided there and then she'd take exactly what she wanted from this evening and then there was every possibility that she'd never come back. The temptations here were just too great and goodness knows where it might lead her.

The blonde continued with her introduction to the club and pointed to various rooms that led off the main large, square, central hallway. "These rooms hold a feast of delights and during your time as a member, Sophie, I hope you will try them all." She patted the girl's shoulder. "As I said, don't be shy. Take the experience and enjoy everything, you won't regret it."

Sophie smiled weakly, but she knew already there was no way she'd do that - she might fantasize and be intensely curious by what was on offer but she was too much of a coward. She only wanted this one night, just the one. She wanted to find a man who'd fuck her, no questions, no complicated relationship - just plain, unforgettable sex with a stranger.

Sophie was so desperate to be rid of her virginal status she was prepared to try anything. And when she'd been told about this club, it had seemed so perfect and so wonderfully anonymous. And at twenty two Sophie was almost frantic that she'd never loose her cherry to anyone, particularly as she didn't fancy any of the men in her usual circle of friends. So hopefully among this room full of strangers she'd spot the right man.

"I don't want to experiment," she told the blonde simply. "I like men," she added, "but only one at a time, please."

"Well I think that's a shame." The blonde admitted sadly. "I'll admit - I'd really like to have a crack at you myself," she added rubbing the girl's buttocks and her eyes on Sophie's breasts again. "You could have me all to yourself tonight. Believe me I'm good. Imagine laying on your back, naked, your legs held wide apart. Imagine my tongue in your pussy, my fingers working hard on your clit and then me fucking you senseless with huge a dildo."

Seeing the look of disgust that crossed Sophie's face the blonde laughed and pointed to room straight ahead. "All right, I get the message. Come with me - I'll introduce you to one or people," she said taking her hand and leading her in. "Remember though, we don't allow complaints. Once you spot someone you like and he's willing he's allowed to sample before he dives into bed with you. And unfair as it may seem to you he's allowed to sample in any way he wishes," she reminded the girl with another predatory lick of her red lips. "And remember what I said about our male members being Doms - so it's his choice, not yours."

The blonde threw back her head and laughed loudly then took hold of Sophie's chin gently between finger and thumb lifting it closer to her own face. "You won't be hurt, just wonderfully pleasured, so enjoy it all and loose all those inhibitions I sense you are carrying around."

The blonde led her into a large sumptuously furnished room and halting at the door allowed her to sweep the room with her large blue eyes.

"See anyone you like the look of," she smirked.

Sophie looked in, it was crowded with couples and groups all chatting and laughing. Was she brave enough for this? Sophie just wanted to turn tail and run. What had she got herself into? Was she mad? No, she reassured herself, she was just desperate and despite being a lovely young woman she didn't have the confidence to start a relationship in the normal way. So this was her big chance to get laid and she mustn't blow it.

And anyway it just looked like every other drinks party she'd ever attended, not that scary then, she tried to convince herself. She scanned the room looking for a small group she could join and spotted one made up of three handsome looking men and immediately panicked. Dare she join them? Did she have the confidence to boldly walk across and take one aside?

Reminding herself just how much membership of this club was costing her, Sophie took a glass of champagne from a waiter's tray and pointed them out to the blonde who nodded with approval. They were all tall and wearing expensive clothes. One immediately caught her eye as he stood out from the others. He was taller with lightish hair and a well toned physique. Something about the way he stood, laughed and interacted with his friends attracted her. She nursed her drink and watched him for several minutes more but then became suddenly embarrassed as one of his friends nudged him and pointed her way

"They've noticed you," the blonde smiled. "Come on then I'll get you started," she added pulling her forward.

They'd seen her staring, she thought horrified watching them pointing at her and smiling. If the blonde didn't have such a firm hold on her hand Sophie might well have run for it but she couldn't so she'd just have to brazen it out. She sighed - it would be a shame to miss this chance.

If she was really going to do this then it had to be one of these three. A very quick decision but a good one, she decided, and confident or not, she would have to make the first move. For a female who'd come here alone that was the rule.

Sophie helped herself to another glass of champagne from a waiter's tray, took a big swallow for confidence and untangling herself from the blonde sidled up to the group and bravely stood beside the fair haired man.

"Hello," she opened simply. "Are you with anyone yet?"

He turned, winked at his friends then grinned down at her. He had an open, handsome face with big clear eyes that were now raking her up and down. What he saw pleased him. She was a beauty with a superb curvy figure, huge breasts and unusual red hair and porcelain skin.

"Well, not yet," he answered with a backward glance at his friends who knew full well she'd approached him for sex. "Why, are you interested in getting together?" He asked, placing an arm around her waist. "Please me and you could be my lucky girl for tonight," he added with an arrogant smile. "But I must warn you, I have high standards. But if you're willing to be the submissive little slut I'm looking for then we can give things a try."

"Enough! And Alec - try to curb the dirty talk if you don't mind," a deep voice rang out. "This young woman is new so give her the courtesy of politeness at least," the stranger who'd now joined them added.

"I'm sorry Miss," he intoned looking down at Sophie. "My friends here can get a little over excited when they're picked out," he smiled. "Perhaps for your first time with us you would do better to choose someone with a little more experience - someone with a modicum of finesse."

Sophie stared up at him and blinked - he'd appeared from nowhere and he was just so gorgeous, so utterly perfect. He took her arm and led her away and she swayed at his side. He was tall with dark hair and the sexiest smouldering chocolate eyes. She shivered - was he considering having sex with her himself? That would be just too delicious, she thought feeling the sizzle of excitement shoot down her spine.

"You're right this is my first time here," she admitted. "So I'm grateful for any help I can get," she told him. "I really don't want to fall foul of the strict rules - so thanks for the help."

He laughed and leaned her up against the wall. "This isn't help, babe - this is nothing more than pure selfishness," he smiled. "You see I go for all the newbies - I enjoy destroying their innocence and forcing them to see what this place is really all about."

"I don't understand - I know what this place is about. Having sex with no guilt," she whispered. "Getting laid anonymously with no regrets afterwards."

He laughed again and shook his head. "I'm afraid it's about a little more than that, babe. You see the members here - the male members," he qualified. "Are leaning more and more towards the kinkier side of sex and they expect the women that join to be equally as keen," he shrugged. "So - ask yourself, did you come here to get laid or to get tied to a leather bench and fucked in every hole by numerous men after being lashed until your sweet ass is the colour of beetroot?"

Sophie flushed and to think he'd criticised the other's language. She freed her arm from his grasp with a sharp tug. "I know what goes on here - that blonde woman told me," she explained. "But I also know that I can simply opt for something more traditional," she noted firmly. "That is if we both agree."

"Stella's full of crap and you really only have to take a walk down that corridor - listen to the screams, look at what's going on behind the closed doors to see the truth. Women are forced - coerced into sexual acts and they can't do a thing about it." He shrugged and watched her face flush a shade deeper. "I'll admit to being every bit as bad. I use the women that come here - use them terribly at times for my own pleasure. But they don't complain so I continue to have my fun."

Perhaps this hadn't been such a good idea after all. Yes Sophie was here for sex - but did that have to include the darker element? "I think that's awful - so unfair and I think perhaps you should leave me alone."

"So you can go back to him," he said nodding at the fair haired man. "Because go back to him and all three of them will take you. Want to be the subject of a gangbang do you?" He asked wryly.

Sophie was horrified and looked up into his face. He wasn't pulling any punches she could see from his expression that he meant it.

"Men are dominant here and the women submit," he told her simply. "And they must be willing to submit to anything we require of them - within reason doesn't come into it," he qualified. He smiled and took her arm. "Unfair I know but we men get all the perks and we get to make the final choice, and before we make our minds up we also get to sample the goods," he squeezed her hand. "If you are still up for this then we should get started - what do you say?"

"And the other stuff - do I have to agree to that too?"

"We'll see how we get on," he replied giving her a small smile. His mind suddenly filled with images of that glorious body naked and spread eagled for his delight. She was a treat too good to miss out on.

"Okay then," Sophie nodded and felt a blaze of need streak through her core. "But if I want you to stop then you must - can you agree to that?"

"I'll take what I want - agree or leave. But if you agree then - yes - I could go easy on you, this being your first time with us."

The idea of having a man touch her - particularly this wonderful specimen only doubled the electric need permeating her lower body and it ended its delightful little dance by tingling through her pussy. She gasped - she really wanted this, she wanted to feel a man's hands on her body, to feel male fingers inside her doing what the blonde had just done. But most of all she wanted to feel a man's cock penetrate her at long last.

"If I like what I sample then I'll fuck you," he shrugged. "But my way - not yours. That's the deal, do you agree?" He asked gently getting straight to the point. "And that means that I'll restrain you while I have my fun," he admitted sending more shots of dark delight down Sophie's spine. "Do have a problem with that?"

Sophie shook her lovely head and looked at him. He was gorgeous, tall and dark with handsome chiselled features. He could do anything she was so desperate - even the BDSM stuff she'd read about.

"Good. Put both your arms behind your back and open your legs," he ordered. "I want you to understand how it will be. If I decide to take you I won't be rough but I will do things my way and the sex will be thorough, okay?"

What - she wondered - did he mean by thorough. And - of course - he'd yet to make his mind up. Choosey as well as gorgeous and Sophie began to worry that he wouldn't like her. What would he do to her by way of 'sampling'? And what if he was disappointed with her body? But what mattered to her most, what after sampling he didn't want to fuck her after all?

"And I also like to sample my way," he explained with a wry smile. "Yes I know what you're thinking - is there anything that you get to have a say in," he smirked. "Well the short answer is no - you don't. The males rule here and we get to do what we want. The females just have to go along with it."

Well she'd known that and that was part of the attraction. Reading about this place - hearing more about the one sided rules was doing nothing to put her off. She was confused - this was all so new but Sophie didn't want the experience to stop any time soon.

"I don't just go for a quick fumble up your skirt either. I like to feel and to probe carefully." He paused watching her face flush again with embarrassment. "If you don't want this then you just leave and don't come back. No one's making you have sex, it's entirely your choice."

But before she could say or do anything about her feelings he'd already snaked a hand up her short skirt and was fondling between her legs with strong masculine hands.

"Nice thighs, soft and smooth, I like that," he complimented, next feathering his fingers delicately over the mound of her pussy. "Smooth pussy too - more of what I like," he soothed in her ear. "So what do you think? Do you want me to go on?"

Sophie was knocked off guard by this sudden move and his directness to reply. But his hand felt good - not at all threatening and she instinctively moved her foot so her legs were wider apart for him. He quickly took this as her agreement and ran a finger hard down her moist slit.

"In that case I will," he whispered sexily in her ear. "Do you like what I'm doing?" He nuzzled in her ear as his thumb massaged around her clit. "You're wet - so my friend was right - you are a little slut after all," he teased parting her folds.

She let out a gasp. This was incredible. Sophie was well aware what having her clit rubbed felt like; she'd done it to herself often. But never had the sensations felt like this, and the anticipation of where his wonderful masculine fingers would go next excited her even more. She'd been right to come here - she knew that now. But good as this was it was just so very public and she was intensely aware that they were in a crowded room and virtually on show to anyone who cared to look. Plus she wasn't sure she could control her reactions. His touch had instantly set her pussy alight with such a hot urgent need that was so different from anything she'd felt before. She had to use the wall for support as her legs had gone wobbly. His fingers rubbed inside her slit between her folds - one found her vaginal entrance and another, her anus. Sophie wasn't prepared for that and uttered a low squeal and tried to wriggle away.

"Like I said - thorough, and my way or nothing. I take it all or we forget it, babe," he looked down at her. "I go in deep and wherever I choose to."

So that's how it would be. Seconds later Sophie felt his fingers push into her wet passage while another rubbed hard against her rear entrance. She closed her eyes - this wasn't what she'd expected and she was a little scared.

"You don't have much experience, do you?" He noted. "But you're responses are good. I love how wet you are and the way your clit hardened under my finger and I'll admit your inexperience makes me horny."

He watched her lower her eyes and grinned. "Does what I do make you horny too, babe?" He asked lifting her face and looking into her big blue eyes. "Does the idea of me taking your pussy and then your ass make the slut in you hungry for more?"

Sophie closed her eyes against his scrutiny, parted her lips and moaned her reply. The image of this sexy, gorgeous man touching her and fucking her made her senses swim and, at last, she felt her sex juices start to run fast.

"You need an expert's hand to show you what you've been missing," he told her arrogantly, and as if to prove the point he pushed the finger he'd been pleasuring her so deliciously with back into her tight, wet cunt and began to rhythmically fuck her with it.

He watched her squirm and felt her vaginal walls tense up. She needed to relax, enjoy it and stop being so embarrassed. "No one's watching us," he confirmed. "So chill and enjoy what I'm doing. It's what you came here for, isn't it?"

He continued to work her cunt until he felt her wetness increase then he withdrew gently and inserted two fingers. She squirmed again as he splayed them wide inside her, making the feeling of fullness in her vagina much more acute.

"Ooh", she squealed breathlessly, wriggling her buttocks against the wall and bobbing down to meet his fingers as they thrust into her. "That's lovely but go careful please don't hurt," she moaned moving her arms and gripping his shoulders.

"Put your arms back like I told you," he growled. "It won't hurt if you relax. You're getting wetter, your body is responding so let go and enjoy," he advised gently.

Sophie closed her eyes and did as he asked while he worked his fingers faster and faster inside her. And he was right; gradually the pain eased and was replaced by a growing, burning pleasure deep inside her cunt. She gasped for more and gyrated her hips on his stiff fingers meeting his thrusts eagerly, and this time there was no pain.

This wanton, decadent behaviour was so out of character. She'd never imagined she'd be able to allow a strange man to do such intimate things to her in such a public place. But now she was enjoying it and she just didn't care. No one here knew her, so why should she? What he was doing and her reaction to it was expected and wouldn't even cause a raised eyebrow.

I think we should go somewhere more private now. This might be OK for sampling but I can't fuck you in full view of all these folk, can I?" He grinned. "You really are something once you let go," he complimented.

Then smiling his appreciation he gently withdrew his fingers from her pussy.

"My guess is you don't have a lot of experience, but a load of potential. So if you're willing I'll teach you a thing or two"

Sophie closed her eyes and nodded. The most wonderful sensations were still teasing the entire area between her legs. Her pussy was aflame with need and literally ached for more of him. She could feel her pussy hole drooling sex juice down her inner thigh and knew she'd made the right choice. She really wanted this, needed to have a man inside her and in every possible way. When she done as he'd asked and relaxed, the feel of his fingers working deep inside her cunt had been bliss and she couldn't let this opportunity pass, she had to have this man, tonight.

She smiled back at him coquettishly. "I'd love that," she breathed huskily, in a voice heavy with sexual need as he examined his hand.

"Yes, I think you will," he agreed. "But for now you can lick these clean," he told her holding his fingers out to her.

At first Sophie was horrified, knowing where they'd just been and they smelled of her musky arousal. But then she recalled the blonde and what she'd done, so she knew she just had to do this so she opened her mouth and licked at his fingers tasting her own cum for the first time.

"Good, isn't it," he told her. "And if you still want me to fuck you then that's just the start," he told her squeezing her hand.


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