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Dark Demands

Novel By: Nellh

A little teaser from Part 1 of my erotic romance series DARK DEMANDS. View table of contents...



Submitted:Oct 23, 2012    Reads: 1,587    Comments: 1    Likes: 4   


By Nell Henderson

"I'm going to tie your wrists," was what he said next as he dangled a silky rope in front of her wide eyes. Was it that silky rope, the one from his bed?

"Give me your hands, Gina," he instructed softly.

She groaned, this was it - this wasn't just him gripping her hands in his own. This time he wanted her helpless - really helpless and then what? She hardly dared think. More heat, more excitement churned through her urging her on, urging her to try this and to be compliant. What had happened to her? What power was it that made her so eager to do as he demanded?

Gina held out her hands for him and watched those dark eyebrows rise and his lips curl into a satisfied smile. He'd got her firmly in his power at last and he'd make sure he used it well.

Matthew placed her hands behind her back and wrapped the rope around them slowly and thoroughly before securing the binding with several knots. Now he took hold of her skirt and eased it up her thighs. His hands burned over her skin she couldn't stop him - she didn't want to stop him. She leaned her backside against the table and spread her legs for him then closed her eyes and whimpered again as his fingers trailed over her stocking tops and flimsy panties.

He slaked at her breasts in that familiar way with his tongue and took both her nipples in his teeth in turn biting gently and making her moan and pull against him. This was delicious torture and only enhanced her growing desperate need for him. He kissed her hard on the mouth again while rolling and twisting her sensitive peaks between finger and thumb, pulling and pinching. Gina gasped and winced again as he continued work these sensitive nubs until she was squirming and wriggling with the glorious pain.

"You like my sort of pain, Gina," he nuzzled seductively in her ear before dipping his head and soothing her tortured nipples this time with soft, gentle strokes of his tongue? "It's a special sort of pain, don't you think? A pain you feel deep in here," he tantalised feathering her lips with his own and sliding his hand between her open legs and covering the heat of her.

Gina's felt his tongue return to her breast and moaned unable to speak and even if she could, what was she supposed to say? He was right, she knew it and he knew it. This man seemed to know her body's every reaction to his touch.

He tugged at the flimsy lace panties until they fell to the floor and she stepped out of them then he lifted her gently so she was sat on the edge of the desk.

"Lie back," he ordered taking a cushion from a chair for her head.

Gina couldn't stop him and felt her face burn with embarrassment as he raised her knees and then parted them wide. Her most private place was utterly exposed to him, vulnerable but still burning hot with raging need.

He lowered his head and she felt him tasting her, licking her with his tongue as he probed between the folds of her sex. He licked between the cleft of her long and slow before settling on her clitoris, dancing around its tip as he flicked and stroked at the sensitive bud. Gina rolled on her back and shrieked with delight she was sinking, loosing herself in a paroxysm of pleasure she'd never known existed.

She gasped and moaned as his tongue worked its tortuously slow dance the length of her engorged, fiery bud. She couldn't help it, she was his, she was on fire with need and restrained or not, it wouldn't have made one iota of difference to the way she felt. She wanted him to take her, anyway he chose. She wanted him inside her, to be claimed and made his for ever. But now his fingers only feathered against her entrance and his tongue had slowed against her clitoris and she felt his teeth. He bit down, gently at first sending her into a wild, needy frenzy. But then he did it again and this time a little too hard for comfort.

"Don't squeal my sweet," he whispered leaning across her body and kissing her cheek soothingly. She could feel his erection large and stiff against her belly and she wanted him. But tilting up her chin with his hand so he could look directly into her wary blue eyes; he shook his handsome head and raised a dark eyebrow. She wasn't going to get the satisfaction she craved, not yet. He knew very well what she'd done, she'd crossed him. He hadn't expected that and now she must be taught a lesson.

He kissed her eager, lovely mouth and moving his hand continued to rub her clitoris in his own delicious way while all the time thinking it such a great pity that this time he was going to have to disappoint her so terribly.


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