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Bind me Tight

Novel By: Nellh

A new erotic romance
A car accident on a dark, country lane throws these two together. Jessica is sweet and not entirely innocent but innocent of men like Justin. He is handsome, arrogant but most of all controlling and very soon he is controlling Jess. He is unlike any man she had ever met and very soon she is falling hard. But Justin is flawed. His need to control her life, her friends but most of all their time spent in bed gets out of hand. He introduces her to a different sort of lovemaking. The sort where she is restrained and helpless against Justin’s lash and his need to inflict his delicious torments on her body. But far from hated it Jessica is hooked and can’t get enough. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1

Jessica Hall was driving too fast - fast and far more reckless than was prudent on these unfamiliar country roads. But she was late and she'd tried so hard not to be and now her tummy was churning with nerves. The oversized map she was trying to navigate with had her flustered and frustrated and to make matters worse the new killer heels she had on her feet kept slipping off the pedals. All this haste and anxiety just because Darren had decided tonight was the night she met his parents. But why now and why couldn't they have met somewhere more convenient like a restaurant in town and not out here in the middle of nowhere?

"They've insisted, Jess," he'd told her with that excited eagerness he did so well - the one where his boyish face glowed with excitement. But Jess just hated the idea. Parents could be tricky and with Darren constantly going on, telling them how wonderful she was Jessica had a lot to live up to. And now, with her nerves shot, after this ride from hell, she was bound to fail badly.

Nonetheless there were times when Jessica really thought she loved Darren. On those nice, warm, comfy days when everything went right and she'd get in from work to find he'd let himself into her flat, cooked dinner and bought her chocolates. But other times, when he was being a right pain, like now with this parent thing, she knew she didn't. A night like tonight highlighted how much she wished things were different, very different. Jessica wanted a man in her life, of course she did, but not necessarily Darren and that was the nub of it.

But if she didn't want Darren then who did she want? Someone far more exciting that was for sure. She wanted to live a little, take risks, travel and experience life and all it had to offer with a like minded soul. But really, if she was being brutally honest, she wanted more sex, exciting sex and lots of it. Hot, rampant and dirty, the sort of sex she'd never had and always drooled about! Darren was lovely but far too predictable and a little boring- well a lot boring really. And if the truth be told he didn't quite do it for her anymore - that was if he ever had.

Jessica could picture him now placating his parents, irritating the waiter and getting more and more frustrating with what he saw as her I just don't care attitude. All wrong of course. Jessica did care. She hadn't deliberately set out to upset him. But stuff just seemed to conspire against her and where Darren was concerned quite frequently it seemed.

She had tried, she really had. But at the last minute, just as she was about to leave the flat, her cat, Mog, had returned home with a gashed paw. He'd thrown up and covered the dress she'd bought specially for the occasion in blood and vomit. So with having to find something else to wear, change and sort the cat she was late. But there was no way Darren would understand any of that. He'd just be mad and think she'd done it on purpose.

Darren's parents, an award winning restaurant so far out in the sticks she couldn't find it and a boyfriend seething with rage. Perhaps it would better if she didn't make it after all.

Her head was pounding. This road went on forever twisting and turning like tangled string. Plus she could barely see a thing through the windscreen. The sky was black, there were no lights and the road was like jet. Jessica growled with frustration. Why did things always have to be like this whenever it really mattered?

As Jessica rounded the next bend she could see the blaze of light from the country pub in the valley below - thank God, nearly there. Only minutes now and then she could relax. But this new confidence made her sloppy and she hurled the small sports car around the next hairpin far too fast. It swerved sharply and before she could regain control there it was - looming in front of her - another car. But it was already far too late to do anything about it.

It had stopped, all lights flashing, just beyond the bend and she was hurtling towards it. With her heart pounding like a jack hammer and shutting her eyes tight against the inevitable outcome Jessica slammed on the brakes and slithered to a grinding halt. She skidded forward clutching the steering wheel and braced herself for the impact. A sharp jolt, the sickening crunch of metal on metal and it was over.

But what the hell had she done? What had possessed her to drive along these unfamiliar roads like a lunatic? It was pitch black and she'd gone at breakneck speed with no thought of the danger. She'd never make it now and to make things worse she could hear footsteps. Someone was coming towards her. Now there'd be paperwork, anger, and the law. Damn, she thought beginning to shiver - how do I get out of this?

"Are you hurt?" A deep, gravelly male voice asked through the half open window of her car.

"I don't know," Jessica replied shaking her head at the tall figure who was now opening the driver's door for her. "I'm probably fine - shaken up that's all."

"I'm not surprised," he agreed scornfully. "I think I'd be a little shaken too if I was responsible for the damage you've just done. Come and take a look for yourself," he instructed taking her arm and helping her to her feet.

He was big and strong and effortlessly hauled her out before pulling her through the inky darkness to his car. Jessica's legs felt wobbly but otherwise, thankfully, she was okay. All limbs intact.

A few steps later and she stood gawping at what she'd done to his vehicle - his practically new very posh vehicle. The damage was extensive and illuminated in all its glory by what was left of the bright head lights of her car.

Jessica's heart was thundering in her chest. This was truly awful. This was no cheap, run of the mill motor she'd smashed into - not that that mattered. This was a top of range expensive limo and she'd practically destroyed its rear end. She looked up at the owner wondering how to apologise for this one and her heart sank. He was young, expensively dressed - money, she realised. He's wealthy so he'll have lawyers at his beck and call and they'd take her to the cleaners.

"You don't do things by halves - do you," he noted dryly a sardonic smile on his handsome face? "The cost of repairs will run into thousands - what do have to say about that?"

Jessica swept her long, dark hair off her face and sobbed. This was a mess - his car was a mess and it was all her stupid fault.

"I'm sorry," she stuttered looking up into his face for a closer look. This was hardly the time or the place but she couldn't help but notice - he wasn't simply handsome he was gorgeous. "I'll give you my insurance details," she mumbled embarrassed now by just about everything and wiping the tears from her cheek. "I didn't see you and I was late. I've not travelled this way before and Darren will be waiting and he won't understand," she sobbed again taking the hankie he offered her.

"Insurance details? Is that all you can offer me," he asked? "Weeks of waiting for assessors and the corporate wheels to grind around before they finally pay out." He shook his head. "Can't you come up with something a little better?" He asked leaning in closer and allowing Jessica to get a whiff of the expensive cologne he was wearing. "Something a little more… interesting perhaps? He shrugged"

Jessica's eyes widened as her spine stiffened and she looked up at him. What was he getting at? Surely not …. Surely he wasn't being suggestive - was he?

"Okay then, get them and I'll have a look," he said at last when instead of a coy smile and a bat of her long eyelashes all he got was confusion.

His tone was softer now - sexy even - and his arm has slipped. It's now around your waist. There were butterflies in her tummy, lots of them and given the circumstances, very unwelcome.

A sniffly Jessica wriggled free of him and retrieved her documents from the glove box of her car. As she knelt on the driver's seat and rummaged through the junk he stared with growing interest at the way her curvy buttocks moved under the tight skirt she was wearing.

"I had a bit of a bump a couple of months ago - nothing major you understand so it should be fine."

"And they paid out?"

"Well yes, off course - isn't that what we pay premiums for."

"And the premiums you pay - what do you imagine will happen to them after this?"

"That's my problem, not yours," she prickled climbing back out of her car. "So for now let's just get this sorted out," she told him while flicking through a folder of paperwork. "Here you are, this is it," she said handing him a document. "Please - just get what details you need to claim for the repairs and then we can wind this up," she said glancing at her watch. The time was rolling by and she could only imagine the state Darren would be in by now. Perhaps she should ring him.

"You won't get a signal out here," the man confirmed watching her retrieve her cell phone from her bag while studying the policy.

"Darren will kill me," she moaned. "I'm supposed to be meeting his parents tonight - down there," she said pointing to the lights in the valley below.

"I think we have a problem, Miss Hall," he decided after noting her name, re-checking the document then handing it back to her. "You see, this policy expired three weeks ago."

"What," she gasped. Tonight was rapidly going from bad to worse. "That can't be right. They didn't contact me," she replied and then groaned and closed her eyes. "Oh God - I've moved haven't I. I moved in with Sophie and I forget to tell them. What am I going to do," she wailed? "There's no way I can afford to pay for the damage myself," Jessica told him with another sob.

"In that case you'd better give me your new address," he told her firmly handing her a pen and paper. "And then we'll just have to find another solution," he suggested smoothly. "Perhaps that more interesting one I mentioned before."

Jessica sobbed again and looked up at him. She'd no idea what sort of solution he was talking about, perhaps some sort of payment plan? But he didn't seem to be very angry, which unnerved her. If that expensive car belonged to her she'd be livid.

"Well whatever we do we can't stay out here all night. I'll push your car onto the grass verge and give you a lift. If you want I'll have it towed in along with mine tomorrow sometime," he offered.

Despite the tears, the smeared make up and the half light he could see that she really was quite something to look at, a stunner in fact. She was fine boned with creamy coloured skin. Long, dark hair swept across her shoulders like a glossy curtain and she had a superb figure. Her breasts drew his eyes. They were full with large nipples, hard biteable bullets that in the chilly night air pebbled firmly through the thin fabric of her dress.

With this pleasing thought in his head he smiled as Jessica nodded her agreement. Then she stood back and watched as he effortlessly pushed her small car then his to the side.

"Give me the keys," he asked rubbing his hands together against the cold. "Now, our lift should be here any moment so in the meantime we can wait in my vehicle," he told her pointing to the passenger seat.

Jessica didn't argue and she sat down to wait for the lift he'd somehow managed to arrange and wondered just how she was going to sort this one.

"Look what are you going to do - if it's not going to be the insurance company then I have a problem?"

"Yes, I'd say that's about right, Miss Hall. You've got one huge problem. Because the damage is extensive and I'm afraid," he paused momentarily to move a tendril of dark hair that was dangling in her eyes. "I do intend to make you pay."

There was something about the way he'd said that. His tone, the deep silky, timbre of his voice, it sent a sizzle through her body and all Jessica could think of was 'oh yes - please make me pay'. And his touch, as his masculine fingers swept over her cheek they made Jessica's legs go all wobbly again. But being realistic - pay how? There was no way she could even come close to affording the repairs to a car like his.

Seeing her worried expression he smiled again. "But perhaps not in the way you think. The money it will cost doesn't really interest me. In fact I'll even get your car fixed along with mine."

Jessica looked up at him in wide eyed amazement. Was she dreaming? She certainly didn't understand. Why would he, a complete stranger, do this? But she still she managed a nervous smile back. Perhaps this was what he was like. Perhaps he was some sort of entrepreneurial do gooder. But it was freaky. It certainly wasn't a normal reaction. Then, of course, she had to ask herself if it wasn't money he was after then what did he want? The possibilities rattled around her brain for a few seconds before ending in another sizzle, but this time darker and it hit the pit of her stomach. He's a man isn't he? A sensible little voice warned. What do you imagine he'll want? She was squirming now. He wouldn't? Surely he wouldn't make her do anything she objected too? But then he was so damn hot - would she object anyway?

"There is another way," she offered. "I'm sure Darren knows someone who'll do it cheap," she assured him hastily. "At a price I can afford to pay."

"No, I couldn't allow that. I drive a very high end car and anyway that's not what we agreed," he replied firmly.

"But I didn't actually agree to anything. I mean you haven't said what you want yet," she reminded him.

"Don't worry," he smiled again. "It won't be anything you won't like, Miss Hall I can assure you of that. Something that pleases us both how does that sound?"

Jessica nodded. That sounded fine but there was something about the way he said 'pleases us both', and the way his eyes flew to her chest that set the warning bells ringing again. And it really turned her on - and that didn't happen very often.

"If it doesn't involve parting with money, then yes," she confirmed. "Because I really don't have any," she added hastily. "Well not enough to pay for all this."

"You can take my word for it, Miss Hall, no money will change hands," he said taking hold of hers gently.

Her own hand was buried in his and as she stared into face for some clue as to what he was getting at she looked into his eyes. He had beautiful eyes, the dreamiest eyes she'd ever seen, eyes she could drown in. The sort of eyes that could entice her into doing almost anything.

"All you will be required to do is to respond to a number of requests from me. That simple," he smiled. "A bit like coming on a date really," he reassured. "Then just follow my instructions to the letter. Do you understand?"

Jessica nodded - but she'd no idea what he was on about - requests - what did that mean? The date idea sounded fine but what was he going to request her to do? Some sort of illegal activity, she wondered suddenly becoming jittery about who this man might be.

"I won't break the law," she said hesitantly looking at him for reassurance.

He lifted her hand to his lips and kissed it lightly. Her pulse quickened and the most delightful shiver fluttered down her spine. He knew, he spotted her reaction instantly and his blue eyes twinkled mischievously. He knew full well he was playing havoc with her senses.

"And I wouldn't ask you too, Miss Hall," he confirmed gently dabbing the remaining streaks of mascara from her cheeks with a hankie.

There was more of the delicious tingly stuff and heat, lots of heat. What was it about this man? Why did his touch feel so good, so sensuous and leave her wanting more? She flicked her eyes up to his face and looked at him. She really looked at him and realised with a jolt of something else weird down her spine again just how beautiful he was. He had sandy, blond tousled hair, deep blue eyes, almost navy in fact. And not only dreamy but the moodiest looking eyes she'd ever seen. As her appraisal of him continued each touch of his fingers sent a needy flame down through her core and beyond. In fact all the way down to her nether regions. A feeling so alien in recent times it made her catch her breath.

Goodness, it had been ages since she'd felt like that - down there. Felt that lovely ache that made your knickers moist and yearn for a man to touch you intimately. To feel well practised masculine fingers exploring, penetrating, a feeling so good that climaxing was a forgone conclusion.

What was happening to her? It had to be the shock that was the only rational explanation. But then he was young, handsome and obviously rich - his clothes, his car and the gold watch on his wrist and the huge gold ring on his finger told her that. Gold ring - goodness could he be married? She looked - no - relief, it was on the wrong hand. A huge chunky thing with a weird emblem on it, a raven, she thought. She stared into his hypnotic eyes again and realised that despite Darren waiting patiently somewhere for her this was a man she could like and like a lot.

"Will I see you again?" She asked tentatively knowing now that she'd really wanted to.

"Oh yes, Miss Hall you will indeed. He smiled, a smile that made her hot again between her legs and filled her wild imagination with more wicked, sexy thoughts. Then he pursed those luscious, full lips and stared at her lovely face before letting his gaze fall deliberately once again on her full, round breasts. "Quite soon too I think," he said brushing the finger with the ring on it lightly down her deep cleavage. "I'm not going to pretend, Miss Hall. I like you and the type of payment I'll demand will be very naughty, very naughty indeed," he whispered softly as his gentle stroking continued. "I'm a man with needs, deep, dark needs and I'm currently seeking a suitable woman I can use to satisfy them." Then he retrieved his hand and handed her the hankie.

Jessica gasped as a hot, slick surge wet her panties and she just managed to stifle a moan. The sizzle was back and she couldn't drag her eyes from his full lips. For one wild moment she imagined what it would be like to feel them giving very close attention to her most intimate place, kissing her there and sucking her tiny bead of a clit into aroused wakefulness. She shuddered with a new a very carnal need then blushed scarlet at the image in her mind. What on earth was going on?


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