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Intense Desires

Novel By: Natasha Gordon

Sophia Joseph is married to her job, she don’t have the time for relationships or a family. When her company goes bankrupt, Sophia finds herself broke and alone, but that is the least of the problem she has to face. Her biggest challenge is finding a job before she end up visiting the soup kitchen and sleeping on the street. That isn’t the life she dreamed of and she will not to settle for less.
But can she control her destiny or will desperation leads her to it?

Leif Spencer has everything he could ever want and more, but still there is something missing. He wants a woman he can call his own. His strong desire to possess and dominate has gotten intense, and he need to free the beast that had being locked away for too long. When Leif decides to submit an advertisement to the local work agency, all he requires was someone with the experience and qualifications for the position. He didn't know what to expect.
Will his decision change his life forever- will it fill the missing part in his life?

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The music was trumping loudly, people were dancing, and talking; everyone seemed to be having fun. The bar area were packed with drinking men and women. And the bartenders looked like they could hardly keep up with the thirsty crowd. A man standing at the counter shouted at one of the bartenders, that she was taking too long to make his drink. By the way the man was behaving it was obvious that he might have had just a little too much to drink already. The poor bartender tried her best to remain calm, although she looked like she wanted to do nothing more than jump the counter and slap the man silly. Sophia admired her professionalism and wondered if she would've ever had the courage to work in such a place. No, not even if her life depended on it, there was just some things she wasn't cut out for.

"You are really something else! You know that?" Sophia said to, Ann who was shaking her ass from they were waiting in the long line outside the club. Ann giggled and pulled her along. They walked over to what seemed like the sitting area of the club and sat down. There were couches and little tables with fancy little lightings to rest theirs drinks on. The club was big and parted up in different sections, there was an open floor for dancing. And on the other side there was a stage with strippers and horny men shouting there hallelujahs. Sophia wondered how the hell she had allowed Ann to talk her into clubbing when they could've gone to the movies as they planned.

"I am going to get us some drinks." Ann, shouted over the sound of the music "Do you want to come along?"

"No, go ahead I will just wait for you here." Sophia couldn't help laughing as she watched, Ann walked away swaying her hips to the music, she had always been a good dancer.

Someone was watching, she could feel their eyes on her. Sophia looked up and it was the first time that she had noticed there was also another section of the club upstairs. And she could tell by the settings that it was the VIP section, then she saw the sign and that confirmed it. They were all dressed in expensive designer outfits and sipping on what looked like the most expensive drinks in the club. She wondered if she had money, if she would've being one of the rich stuck ups that thinks they are better than mixing with the general population. No, she had always preferred being humble and living a simple life. When Ann took forever to return with their drinks she got impatient and started looking around for her. Sophia could've bet her two shilling that she was somewhere in the crowd bumping and grinding. A few minutes later, Ann returned with their drinks wearing a big smile on her face.

"I was just wondering if someone kidnapped you. What are you so happy about?" Sophia asked her, she knew her friend well and she was definitely up to something.

Ann put the drinks on the table and sat down "I ran into an old friend at the bar."

Sophia took a sip of her drink "And?"

"And he asked me out." Ann giggled and winked at her, then changed the subject. "Want to dance?"

"No, go ahead and have some fun. I'll be fine." It was the weekend and Sophia had a lot on her mind, although she would like to be having fun, she needed to remain focus on finding a job.

"Ok Grandma, I hope there is a grandpa somewhere in the club that would like to come and sit with you all night" Ann teased as she swayed unto the dance floor.

Sophia rolled her eyes. "Very funny, Hoochie mama."

She turned around and their eyes finally met. He had been watching her all night, and she had tried her best not to look nervous. His presence alone was overwhelming enough to set a grown woman nerves on edge. He was just standing there with his hands in his pockets staring down at her as if he was undressing her with his eyes. She held his gaze, she refused to give him the satisfaction of looking away. He was tall, she was sure he was over six feet, and his muscles bulged from beneath the well-tailored suite her was wearing. He sported a low hair cut with a clean shave, and his skin was as dark chocolate. And there were no mistaking from the way he was dressed that he was also one of the rich stuck- ups that called themselves VIPS.

Oh! So he wanted to stare, she would give him something to stare at. And she got up and began to dance, moving her hips slowly and seductively to the rhythm of the music. She purposely turned around so he could get a good view of her ass with each move. His eyes burned into her like fire, she could feel that he was still staring.

Leif watched the woman as she moved her body. What a little tease, he thought, but she wasn't fooling anyone. She looked beautiful, and he had been watching her most of the night. He could tell by the way she sat down and sipped her drink that she wasn't quite into the clubbing scene. She looked somewhat worried, and he found himself wishing he knew what was bothering her. While on the other hand her friend, the blonde, looked like she was ready for anything. And he could bet it was the friends that pulled her along from wherever she had been hiding. It had been awhile since a woman had gotten his full attention, there was something about her that intrigued him. It seem she had gotten tired of acting, because she stopped dancing and her back stiffened.

Damn him! Who just stare at someone like that? If she hadn't known better she would've thought that he was the creep that had been leaving flowers on her door step. Thank God she knew better. Where was, Ann when she needed her? It's not like men never looked at her before, what it was about him that made her feel the way she did. Sophia took out her cell phone and started to text.

-Ann, where are you. I have to go now.

She wasn't sure if Ann had received the message or not, but if she didn't return in five minutes or less she was leaving. It was enough that Mr VIP was making her anxious to leave, but she was more anxious to check her email. Crap! She had forgotten that they had taken Ann's car, and that her car was parked back at Ann's house. She was so determine to leave that if it meant taking a cab she would, anything to get away there. Her instincts told her to look around, and she turned slowly. He was no longer standing there, he must've left. And although she couldn't see him, she could still feel his presence, somehow that bothers her even more.

At last, Ann returned, she had the look on her face that asked silently. "What is going on?". She sure wasn't going to tell her about Mr Intimidating VIP, well at least not while they were still at the club. Instead of getting her out as soon as she could, Ann was more to take her by the hand and walk her right toward the strange man. As expected, Ann enquired what the hurry was about. And of course she told her about wanting to go home and prepared for her interview, which was only a part of the truth. She wasn't even sure about an interview as yet, but she had to think positive; she needed to remain optimistic about things. They were about to leave the club, as they neared the exit a hand touched her shoulder, and she jumped. She turned around, and was relieved when she saw that it was only one of the waiters. He couldn't be more than twenty something, and he had a big smile displayed on his boyish face. Was he trying to hit on her, Sophia wondered, or maybe Ann had somehow forgot to pay the bill. She couldn't think of another reason why the boy would literally chase them to the exit.

"Hello Ma'am, the gentleman up at VIP ask me to give you this." The boy said still smiling from ear to ear.

"Excuse me! What man? Give me what?" She pretend as not to know what the boy was talking about. At the same time she could see the confused look on Ann's face; she was dying to know what was going on.

The waiter held up a paper that had been neatly folded. "This Ma'am, he said that you would know whom it's from."

She took the paper from the waiter, It wouldn't do any good to punish him by pretending she didn't know what or whom he was talking about. The truth was that she already knew.

"Thank you." She said tightly. She looked at Ann who was practically eyeballing her at that point and shrugged. "Another creep obviously."

"Hm-hmhm." Ann grunted. "Well I hope this one sends you chocolate instead."

Sophia stepped through the door of her apartment, it was quiet. She felt relieved to be out of the noise, and back into her comfort zone. The first thing she did was kicked her heels off, head to her room, and straight for the laptop. Her hopes were definitely up, there has to be some good news waiting for her. She logged into her email and there were two new mails in her inbox, one was from her Aunt Silvia and the other was from the agency. Things were finally looking up, the fact that they had replied could only mean that they had approved her application. She opened the email and read. Of course they had approved her application, and she also got an appointment for an interview, but it wasn't for the position that she had hoped for. It was obvious that someone had beat her to it, the position was no longer available. Luckily she hadn't set her mind completely on one specific job, she had been open and applied for more than one.

The interview was set for the Wednesday that was only three days away, which meant she would have more time to get prepared. She was to meet with some entrepreneur guy named Mr Spencer for a house keeping job. Sophia had really hope that it would've come to that, but unfortunately it had. She just had to work with it.

The man back at the club was on her mind, he had been ever since she left the club. She hadn't opened the note. Not that she wasn't curious to find out what it said; she was more than curious. There was something about him and the way he made her feel; something dangerous. What confused her was that he was able to draw out a side in her that even she didn't knew existed, by just looking at her. She had never felt the need to behave like a little tease before; she still wasn't sure what had come over her. With trembling fingers she slowly unfold the note and read. The note said "call me," and there was also a phone number attached.

She looked at the phone and wondered if she should call or just forget about him. As intriguing as he was she didn't want to make herself look desperate and available. Who the hell did he think he was anyway, she thought. There were no mistaking that he was very cocky and sure of himself too. Sophia tossed the note on the night table, maybe in the morning she would decide whether to call or rip it to pieces.


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