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Daughters of The Incubi-Book 1: Scarlet

Novel By: NansiLondon

I hate writing synopsis. Just take a look and if it is not your cup of tea, it is because its coffee. come on...you wanna...
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"Even after all this time, you still remember my touch." Aaron murmured into her ear, not forgetting to kiss her lobe gently.

Eliza pushed away from his embrace and still stuck between the table and Aaron, turned to face him with her arms shielding her bosom. She strained her eyes to focus in the dimness of the light to see his face and when she did it was as if her body was stirring awake. This was not fair; he didn't get to hurt her and stay away for so long to only come back out of the clear blue and make her want him. But had she ever stopped wanting him? Was there ever a moment that she wasn't yearning to feel him once more? Though she pretended otherwise, Eliza had hoped to meet him in her dreams every night and whenever he wasn't there she would be depressed the moment her eyes opened.

But now was not a dream; Aaron was truly before her with scarlet red hair that her daughter had inherited trailing down his shoulder. Had it gotten longer? It seemed well pass his waist. She dared not to look but met his eyes. It was probably not the wisest thing but she was drawn to them. The look he gave her was gentle but there was something hot and hungry that wished to devour her in that silvery gaze. Resist, Eliza had to resist him or all the strength and bravado she had mustard up would be for nothing. She remembered the hurt he had put her through; better yet she remembered that night. It was the night that changed it all and it was that night that her heart was crumbled to dust in the palm of his hand.

"Why are you here?" She whispered. Her words wavered but she managed them the best she could.

"For you Eliza. I came back for you." He leaned forward and placed both palms on the table behind her; trapping her there and forcing her to lean away. She could smell the musky yet sweet scent he exuded now. She wanted to inhale it deeply but that would damage her. When he'd visit her dreams through the night, there had only been a phantom of the aroma that haunted her sleep. Now, it was all she could do not to pull him closer and swallow the taste of him at the back of her tongue.

"Yes, but why? Why would you come back after all that has happened? Why Aaron?"

Her voice was gaining some strength because she was finally feeling the emotion she needed…anger.


"Stop calling my name! For once just answer me truthfully!" she snapped. Tears began to fill her eyes; signs of her anger boiling over inside of her.

Aaron towered over her and stepped closer till there was no more space separating them. She looked up at him and watched the knot form in his forehead. She couldn't guess if he would but she felt as if he would hit her at any moment. She braced for it but she refused to show fear. Through clenched teeth she spoke.

"Why are you here?" Each word was emphasized as if it were its own sentence. She kept her arms tight about her and tried to take slow even breaths but failed. It was hard to when he was standing so horribly close and the heat of his body was washing over her skin. She felt muscles in her face twitching from her restraint sobs. She was trying not to break down and weep but it was harder than she could've imagined. She felt his right hand graze her rib cage and she jumped away on impulse but bumped into his other arm. She jumped again but he caught her in his embrace. He held her but she struggled. Eliza beat at his chest and kicked his legs; only hurting her self more than she was him.

"Let go of me Aaron! Let go!" She was trying not to scream it but she was on the edge of fear tittering into hysteria. If she screamed one of the others would hear her and she wasn't sure what his reaction to any of them would be. Scarlet might be well and fine but her mother and Greenwick were another story. She felt her tears crawling down her face and obscuring her vision but she saw the look of confusion in his eyes and hurt. Hurt? Why that when he had no right to be?

"Aaron stop-"

"Why are you so afraid of me?" He asked with genuine confusion.

"Why are you here!"

"Because I missed you! I missed you Eliza and I love you. I needed…" Pain etched lines in his face as he confessed his reasons for his return. He pulled her arms from over her chest, not without a struggle, and fought his way completely against her skin. She cried and begged him to stop but he couldn't.

"Please Eliza…" He wept and truly it hurt her to hear him but that was not enough.

"No, you do not get to leave me broken as you please and return with expected happiness."

"I am sorry, I am so sorry please let me hold you." He begged as she still fought him.

"No, stop it Aaron!" She sobbed along with him.

He buried himself against her chest and held on as she hit him and pulled at his hair. The basin of water tipped over and spilled over the table and onto them both. Yet even that didn't stop him. Eliza was weak and so tired that she sagged in his hold. Her feet throbbed from kicking with no results and her fists ached from slamming them into him. There was blood under her nails that she knew was not hers but even that hadn't worked. He kept her tight in his arms and cried as he whispered his apologies. Eliza threw her head back and cried so hard but it felt good to get it out. Hitting him and hoping it had hurt him more had felt good. She wanted him to have bruises and aches from her violent punches and careless scratches but at that moment the tears and just sobbing out so loudly felt amazing. Years had passed with her silent tears from her daughter's keen eyes; to have them fall so freely was mind blowing.

"Why must you keep hurting me Aaron?"

"I'm sorry…" He covered her chest with kisses.

"Why can't I be good enough for you?"

"But you are my love. I'm so sorry." Then her collar bone and up the sides of her neck.

"What do you want from me?" She whispered.

"For you to forgive me, please. Please Eliza." He whispered between each kiss along her jaw.

She knew where he wanted to kiss her the most and even though she was trying to keep him away from them, her lips burned with the need to feel his again.

"Aaron, don't…" Her words were hardly a fight when he kissed the sides of her mouth.

"Please…" He whispered as he kneaded her sides and moved his body against hers.

"I can't…I shouldn't…" She felt a brief press of his lips on her bottom lip and it caught her breath.

"I want you Eliza." Another press. "I need you…"

Eliza gave up. She couldn't fight him any longer. She crashed into the sweet spicy taste of Aaron's lips and suckled the ripe feel of him in her mouth. His tongue demanded entry and she yielded to it as it probed her warm, wet mouth. She cried out as her need for him spiked to a staggering height. Gripping his shoulders wasn't enough; she wrapped her arms around his neck and as she pulled her self up against him, he lifted her and felt her legs mimic her arms. Eliza's warm and delicious body wrapped around him made him feel as if he were home. This woman's love was all he needed to survive. He'd hurt her and shattered her heart and yet she still wanted to love him; still wanted to have him. Aaron didn't take for granted that she'd almost slip away. He felt her giving up on winning his love when she'd had it all along. And as he kissed her and moved them to her bed, he wanted to show her how much he loved her.

Eliza felt the bed beneath her and Aaron atop her. She whimpered at the feel of his weight pressing her into the mattress. How could she have forgotten how this felt? It had been so long but the very sensation felt as if it should be unforgettable. Aaron broke there kiss and stared down at her. She saw it before he said it and Eliza nearly wept because she'd waited so long to see the words that sealed their hearts together. He loved her.

"I truly, with all my heart love you Eliza. Just allow me to show you."

Her eyes glazed over with fresh tears as she touched his jaw with a simple caress. She watched his eyes close and his body shivered for her touch.

"Show me…" she whispered and his lips were on hers again. Eliza moaned against his hungry lips and buried her fingers into his hair. He shivered from the warmth of her fingers on his scalp and growled against her lips. His lips moved down her neck working even further south. She felt his nails scraping gently against her rib cages and the sensation drove her mad with need.

"Aaron…" She cried as his tongue licked flames over her nipples. One slow caress and she was arcing for that little demon in his mouth. He wrapped his arms around her back and held her as he suckled the little buds. Eliza held on to him, feeling muscles flex underneath her hands. Aaron's tongue made her thrash her head and grind her hips against the hardness that separated them.

"I want to feel all of you." She moaned. He grunted in reply and Eliza felt hot skin covering her. She never knew how he did it, but at will he could demand ones garments or his from their body within a blink of an eye. The embrace she thought could get no better had just done the opposite. Aaron was simply delicious against her body; all that hard flesh against hers was enough to make her climax.

She felt him sliding down her body and she opened her eyes to watch him kiss his way down her stomach. The slow teasing whispers of his lips as he looked up through thick lashes made her shiver; especially because she knew where his kiss would end. She opened her legs a bit wider for him, showing him that she was not so shy to show him what she wanted. She didn't miss the surprised expression at her gesture but when she rocked her hips towards him the look was replaced with that savage hunger that made her think of something wild. His tongue was a slow dart of surprise beneath the soft curls of her mound. The little bud between her thighs was pulsing with excitement; making her water for him. She arched her back again only this time because he licked her so slowly.

"I want you to watch me Eliza." He said against her thigh as he kissed it and bit her there. She cried out from the sensation of his teeth and looked down at him. Aaron lay on his stomach and wrapped both arms around her thighs. Never leaving her gaze he opened her wider and let his tongue dip into the sweet juices there. Eliza's jaws went slack and she forced her self to not close her eyes. The sounds that poured from her were wild and frantic for more. She was close to climaxing and she knew he was aware of it.

"Aaron…yes…:" she cried.

Aaron gave her a brief grin and did something that had Eliza's head thrown so far back and her cries so loud that someone had to be awake because of it. She felt his mouth clamp down on the swollen bud between her legs but it was the gentle sucking and the vibration of his tongue that sent her over the edge of ecstasy. He held her painfully still even as she tried to buck against his lips. She couldn't control her body but he was managing that for her.

He finally released her after so many cries and when she managed to open her eyes and look down at him, she couldn't help noticing the changes. His eyes were more brilliant but there was darkness where the white use to be. And the silver of them were thin. He was changing as he was that night with Eyola but this time she was the cause of it. She wasn't sure she should be happy about that but she was.

"I'm sorry; I am trying to control it but you make my need to feed so hard to resist my true form." He said and even in the dim light it was hard not to notice the glimmer of fangs that were long and sharp. They excited her more than struck fear.

"I need you Aaron…" She moaned feeling her body pulse with renewed desire. It was something about the way he reacted to touching her; the way he looked at her that made her want more of him and dare herself to push him to change for her. She wanted him out of control as he was and the fear of possibly getting hurt was drowned out under the wave of lust her body was creating for this man.

"You will have me Eliza." He murmured as he climbed his way back up her body. Her lips were sweeter than fine wine and there were no others that came close in comparison. This woman was meant only for him and only she could bring him the pleasure he needed. The feeling of completeness…and love; were all summed up in Eliza.

Slowly, Aaron pushed his way into that velvety soft warmth that would join them together. He wanted to push his way deep inside her but not with quicken force. He loved watching her squirm and thrash for more. She was hard to control and even harder to resist when the persistent sway of her hips demanded all of him at once. He felt her squeezing him as if she would never let go and Aaron hoped she never would.

Eliza felt charged and nearly crazed by the slow assault of Aaron's cock. She didn't want any more of gentleness; she wanted that wild hunger to burst free all over her body and claim her. So she did what her instinct told her. Eliza wrapped her legs about his waist and roll until she was on top. If he had known what she was about to do and didn't want it so, she knew he could've prevented it, but the element of surprise rewarded her with a change of position.

"Eliza?" He questioned and she mused inwardly at the surprised expression he bore as if he were truly uncertain it was her.

"I said all Aaron. I will not settle for anything less." Her voice was deep and throaty and made his cock jump inside her. The sensation had her biting her lips. Eliza leaned forward and felt him easing out of her but with still much to spear inside of her. She tasted his lips again and licked at his mouth and dared herself to even venture within. She massaged his tongue with hers as she moved her hips in shallow jolts. His moans were delicious against her tongue and it thrilled her to know she was the cause of them.

She pulled away and sat back on all that hardness and it was mind blowing. Aaron's toes curled, his mouth came ajar, and he gripped her hips; coming dangerously close to breaking her skin with his claws that were lengthening. Eliza raked her nails down his chest and found a rhythm that was slow but deep and as her need for more built inside her, she rode him harder and faster; filling her body to the point of bursting with Aaron's cock.

"Fuck, Eliza…" He groaned and she knew he was close. She was nearing another orgasm as well. She looked down at him and wondered what he was seeing. He was struggling not to close his eyes but was enjoying watching her. The bed creaked under the pressure of their love making and Eliza loved the sound it made. Mingled with their moans, it was sweet music to her ears. She moved her hands up her stomach and found her breasts in her hands. She clutched them and kneaded them and he growled his approval. She could hold it no longer. Eliza bucked hard as she threw her head back and came hard. Aaron had waited as long as he could. Finally feeling as if he could, he gripped her tighter and forced her hips harder into him as he came with her. He felt his fangs growing and he knew his skin was glowing a bright hue of bronze.

"Eliza! I ca-"

"All Aaron! All of you!" She cried as he grew inside her. He stretched her and she keeled over him from the sensation. His muscles spasm and convulsed till they grew with a bulge under his skin. He was bigger in every which way and Eliza wondered for the first time if she could handle him.

Before she could process the thought, she blinked her eyes open to find her face against the pillows and her hips in the air. He knelt behind her, still inside her and raked his nails down her back, making her shiver for him. A deeper growl rumbled in his chest and Aaron stuck the rest of him deep inside her with no care of gentleness. Eliza felt it then as she grabbed and clawed at the sheets. His power washed over her and took away all thoughts except one. Fuck me…

"Yes! Yes, oh yes! Harder!" She begged as she slammed into him, meeting his every thrust. He growled again and tossed her to her side, grabbing her left leg and finding deeper spots inside her. She could see his face now. Though his visage had changed, she still saw Aaron and he was beautiful with all that red hair tumbling over his shoulders, down his back and over his chest. He ran his palm down her stomach, never losing his pace and gripped her pelvis. He pushed her leg to his side and hovered over her, balancing himself on his elbows and continued plunging into her body. Eliza opened her legs wider for him and it seemed to make him more crazed. Before she could sense it she was screaming her release and it could not end. The more he fucked her the harder it was for her to stop coming.

"Oh God Aaron!" She cried as she clawed his arms. He must have sensed that she wanted his weight on her, because he pressed himself against her and lifted her hips. The bed cried with the force of his thrusts and smacked against the wall behind it. Eliza was lost in her orgasm and she didn't know how to get out. She sunk her teeth into the flesh of his shoulder and bit down till she tasted blood. She hadn't meant to but had to. It was that act that made him come. Aaron bellowed in pleasure and spilled his seed deep inside Eliza's body.

Moments passed with them lying there, still tangled in each others arms. Aaron had gradually changed back to something closer to human. Eliza was set to sleep for at least five days without intermissions. She curled herself around the warmth of his body and listened to his heart try to slow its pace in his chest. She had missed that. It felt as if her love for Aaron was something she was tossed head first into and there was nothing she could have done to prevent herself from falling. Eliza loved him and she had no qualms with admitting that, but she also had to admit to herself that if not tamed, this love would surly see her dead. Aaron had to make a decision on whether he would stay and love her or leave, because she didn't have much of her heart left for it to be broken again.

"I can feel you thinking so hard though I thought by now you would be asleep." He murmured in the darkness. The bass of his voice vibrated through his chest and was a deep hum in her ear. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She had to do this.

"Are you going to leave me again Aaron?" Her voice was neutral and she was proud of herself for it. Inside she was a quivering mess, but she could control it; he had given her years of practice. She felt him stiffen against her. Perhaps it was going to be bad news for her tonight if she went by his reaction. That was fine; she was prepared for the blow.

"Eliza, I don't want to leave you. I never wanted to leave you. I had to."

"You didn't answer my question." She said as she pushed up with her elbow and looked down at him. Her golden hair tumbled to the back of her, leaving her face bare and beautiful. Eliza looked into the emerald hue of his eyes and felt the answer dawn on her. She nodded her head slowly and looked away.

"Perhaps you have…" She started to turn on her side but he held her and turned with her; putting himself on top of her. Eliza was not going to fight him, but she was also not about to let him distract her again. She looked away from his face and when he caught her chin and turned her to him she closed her eyes.


"Stop! Just stop, please!" Her voice was a harsh whisper in the dim glow of her room. She stared back at him and willed her eyes to not well up in tears. How could he do this to her again? Why would he come back and make her body feel at home with his, only to leave her once more? She would never get the scent of him off of her skin, out of her hair and out of her bed.

"I don't know what wrong I have done in my life to deserve this. It could be that I was not the good daughter I should have been. Maybe it is because I broke my father's heart and he died never knowing reconciliation."


"I said to stop it Aaron! You are destroying me! This is torture of a slow death. You hurt me so deep, to a place I can't soothe with my hands, and all I want to do is love you and be loved back. You can't keep doing this to me Aaron. So tonight, if it is your plan to leave again, please plan to never return."

"But I need you…"

"Only when it suits you and never will you care for my needs. Every time I heal, you come back then you leave and bring illness to me once more. I will not do this another time Aaron."

"Are you leaving me?" He frowned.

"I will never be the one to willing leave Aaron. It is you whom always take that role."

He stared down at her as if his world was crumbling right before his eyes. Eliza saw the pain, but she had to wonder if it was real. If his pain was as real as the one she carried in her chest, he would never leave. He lowered himself of on top of her and pressed his cheek against hers. Eliza felt his arms tighten about her body and draw her in. He was holding her as if he would be swept away by the tide if he chose otherwise.

She looked up at the ceiling and knew her tears would betray her. Two hot tears trailed the sides of her face and she closed her eyes as more followed. Her arms folded around his back and she wrapped her legs around his.

"I can't loose you…" He whispered in her ear. She fought a sob and swallowed the lump in her throat.

"Then stay…please Aaron, don't leave me or it will be the last time. I swear it. You will see me no more. I will find ways to see to it. Please don't make me…" Each word shook with suppressed tears and though she was threatening to dismiss him, her body held him tighter. She didn't want to let him go.

She felt his hips shift and slowly her body was filled with him again. She gasped at the sudden pulse of pleasure that washed over her skin. She knew that Aaron had powers that could control such things, and she knew the taste of it, but now was natural. This pleasure was all real. It helped that she wanted him terribly. He pulled out slowly and just as the tip of him was nearly out of her he pushed slowly but deeper than before. Eliza cried out and held him as she wept. She palmed his face with both hands and pulled him to look at her but he wouldn't. He fought her and still he continued to push in and out of her body.

"Aaron…please…" She dug her fingers in his hair and pulled on the lush, velvet soft threshes to make him look at her. He finally tore his cheek from hers and when she saw his face, she gasped at the fierce silver gleam of his eyes. Eliza kept her fingers tangled in his hair and watched as his skin began to glow again. The white of his eyes became overcastted by darkness and all that was left was the metallic glow. Fangs began to grow curved and downward from the top row of teeth. He was going to change for her again.

He scooped her up and while kneeling there he made her body meet his cock with every thrust. It was a steady pace, not so fast but it was going to bring her. She felt it building inside her that she was sure it will spill any second, but it didn't. The need to release was intense and making her feel crazed. She should have cried out by now, but all she was feeling was the swelling of it getting bigger and bigger. She clawed at him and tried to move her hips to race for the feeling she needed, but he held her and he controlled the pace.

"Aaron!" She screamed to no prevail.

"I have to go…but I won't leave you Eliza. You are mine. Come with me." His voice was deeper and edged with growls. It took her longer than she should've needed to understand him then answer. Her body was too alive and it felt as if she would explode any minute.

"Come with me Eliza…" He growled again, and she felt him thrust a little bit faster; a little bit harder.

"I can't think!" She screamed. She tossed her head back and forth and grabbed at him till her nails left crimson lines down his body.

"I will give you what you need; just come with me…please."

Eliza was reduced to something not able to feel anything but the need to release. She didn't know what she was getting herself into when she opened her mouth. She didn't care. Anything. Anything to make it stop.

"Yes! Yes! Take me! Take me Aaron! Take me!" She screamed.
He released her hips and allowed her to fall upon his cock as hard and fast as she needed. His arms wrapped around her back and held her in place. She arched her back to get a better angle and her breathing got more labored. The air was charged with something thick and sweet that smelled so much of him that she could taste it at the back of her tongue. His skin became brighter and the silver of his eyes was blinding. She closed her eyes and didn't realize that it was not just his eyes that glowed brightly of silver, but her skin as well.

Aaron watched her body light up and felt the air building with power. She was close.

"So beautiful…" He murmured against her neck and pierced her with his fangs. Just as he bit her, he stabbed her deep with his cock and Eliza screamed for him as the power began to take them both. Their skins crawled as if to run away from the bodies they possessed but it was with pleasure and pain.

Suddenly there was the sound of wood shattering and splintering to pieces. Eliza was too far gone to hear or see it, but Aaron pulled away and looked to where the door once was. Scarlet stood with ax in hand and stared back at him. He watched her body freeze where it stood and then suddenly become slack. She was tasting the pleasure and that could only mean she was on the cusp of her transformation.

"Mother…" She whispered, but it was too late.

Eliza took a deep breath and screamed Aaron's name as she came and their bodies began to disappear in the brilliance of silver and gold. A wave of energy burst from them and slammed into Scarlet, sending her body crashing backward to the wall behind her.

She'd hit her head harder than she should allow but as she started to drift into unconsciousness, she called out for her mother one last time. Eliza was no longer there…


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