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Daughters of The Incubi-Book 1: Scarlet

Novel By: NansiLondon

I hate writing synopsis. Just take a look and if it is not your cup of tea, it is because its coffee. come on...you wanna...
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Time is a fascinating thing. It changes things, it changes people. Whether it be physical or mental, there is always a change. Even in death time changes the make up of what that person once was. Interesting thing indeed. And so it seemed as if time had changed Eliza. The beauty sat inside her room by the fire place, humming to herself as she practiced her embroidering. It seemed as if that was all she did the whole day, but it was better than sitting by the window staring aimlessly at nothing. Honestly, if she didn't have the joy of her daughter to keep her company, she would go insane from the silence. She looked up from her needle work and smiled as Scarlet changed the page in her book. She was always more interested in reading than needle work. Eliza had tried to prick her daughter's interest in the art but her heart wasn't there. She would spend hours upon hours with her nose in books and if not there, lying on her back in the lake. Eliza liked that her daughter loved doing her own thing. When she was her age, her parents had deprived her of a free will. Even to this day she found herself still following their laws.

Scarlet had been a wonder as a babe; something to stop and marvel for as long as she would have you. Her beauty had grown to surpass her mother's and she was only ten and seven. Amazing. Though if anyone was to see the two together, they would not really suspect Eliza to be her mother. Aaron had been right. She hadn't aged since becoming his mate. In truth, Eliza had been taken by her mate at ten and eight, which meant she was 35 years old but looked just as young as she had that night. She wasn't sure how she felt about being altered into being something other than human, but to know that she could live forever with the love of Aaron and Scarlet, well that realization wiped away all her worries. However, of late, particularly since Scarlet turned ten and six years old, his presence was scarce. At that thought she looked into the crackling flames and felt her eyes stinging. He kept telling her that it was nothing to worry about and that she should just see to their daughter's proper upbringing. She in turn would ask him if he supposed that Scarlet only needed a mother for this and not a father as well. Eliza saw the anger in his eyes when she'd asked this and immediately she'd apologize and vowed to never ask again. She loved him, heavens she did, but of late she didn't know who he was or what he was up to. She felt he was hiding something from her. Not just him, but Eyola as well. Eyola's kindness had dimmed over the years. She hardly spoke to Eliza and once she was sure she saw the woman grimace at her. Perhaps her fairytale life was about to wither away right before her. A tear slid down her check and she found another followed right behind it.
"Why do you cry mother?" Eliza jumped at not just the sound of her daughter's voice but the proximity. When had she moved so close? Eliza watched her kneel in front of her and grasp her hands. Scarlet had no doubt inherit something from her father that made her so different. Eliza could feel it, but her daughter would always say she felt normal. She touched her daughters face and smiled in spite of the water in her eyes.
"Do not fret for me my daring. I just miss your father so much, it makes me weep." She said, only half of it true.
"There is no need to worry about father; he said he had much to do. Till he comes back, you have me. Is that not good enough?" Scarlet's words cut deep. She hadn't meant to make her feel less than she was worth. Eliza pulled her daughter into her grasp and held onto her. She felt horrible for making Scarlet ask such a thing.
"Oh Scarlet...you are my everything. I will lose all my bearings if I did not have you."
Scarlet held her mother and waited for her tears to stop before she asked.
"I was wondering mother..." She trailed off.
"Yes what is it darling?" Eliz coaxed.
"Would you make me something? Like a present that I can always have and will never grow old?" It was the first her daughter had ever really asked her for something. Scarlet was always too content with what she had to ever find time to ask for anything. Immediately Eliza felt compelled to give her daughter this one thing she wanted so badly.
"Anything you'd like my dear. What is it that you would have me make?"
She watched her daughter's mind tick as she tried to think of the perfect gift. Eliza knew it would be something that she will wear because she'd asked her to make it. Scarlet's lips curled up in a wicked grin and she turned her eyes on her mother.
"I know what I'd like. Winter is coming soon and I would really love something warm I can wear. Perhaps you can make me a cloak with a lovely hood."
Eliza smiled at her daughter's choice and nodded as she tried to picture Scarlet in a lovely cloak. Perhaps something bright and brilliant. Maybe something of wool and silk; something that would not itch her skin in the frosty weather.
"That sounds wonderful Scarlet. I can do that. What color would you prefer? Perhaps something emerald to carry off your eyes and hair-"
"What's my name mother?" Scarlet interrupted with a mischievous grin. Eliza frowned at her and answered. What could her little beloved be up to?
"Well that is the color then. A stunning scarlet red to match my hair and my name." Eliza saw that she was very serious. Surely her daughter could pull of the bold color, but the color was just that…bold. She was still so young and Eliza's mother had always taught her that the color was for harlots. Amazing that even now she still followed the strict laws of her mother when so many years had passed. Her mother…
Oh how she missed her. Heavens it felt as if so much time and so many events had flew by and still no word of her mother. When she'd ask Aaron to check on her the look he'd given Eliza made her loath the hour she'd requested it. So much was changing and Eliza was still the same. Odd.
"Mother? Where did you go again?" Scarlet asked as she touched her mother's cheek. Eliza looked up at her daughter and still found that this young beauty could be so enchanted. How she loved that about her but fear that she would have to keep her as her mother had kept her.
"I' m still here my love. I was simply thinking on how to start your present. I have just the material for it, but the hour is late and it is time for all maidens to be to bed." Eliza patted Scarlet's thigh and her daughter arose with a groan of displeasure.
"But mother I'm hardly sleepy. Can't I stay up a bit longer to watch you start it? I promise I'll go straight to sleep shortly after. Please?" She propositioned and Eliza found herself grinning and realizing that she will always have a hard time telling her daughter no.
"Very well, but you must lay down and watch. That way you will be off to sleep in no time."
"Fine. But you mustn't take forever to begin, that wouldn't be fair." There she went again about being fair. Scarlet was a big believer in the word; to her it was the ultimate sin to deceive or manipulate someone with bad intentions in mind. Eliza loved that about her daughter just as she loved everything else. So it was a cloak for her to be made. She'd work on it every night and will be done with it before the winter brushed over the land.
* * *
"Mother?" Scarlet called from the seat opposite Eliza. It had been many nights Eliza had toiled to finish the cloak of red for her daughter and she was glad to see that it had all paid off. She was putting the final touches on the silk lining when she looked up to her daughter's voice.
"Yes my little bud?" Eliza answered taking in how long Scarlet's hair had gotten. It was just as Eliza's had been before her mother trimmed it to a reasonable length. She wept the day she had and refused to force Scarlet to do the same. But my it should be well past a hips now and so rich with deep waves.
"If you are my mother, who is your mother?" Eliza dropped her needle and stared at her daughter. Why would she even hope that she would never ask that question? Scarlet was too filled with wit to pull anything over her. Eliza had hoped to never have to answer the question because it brought her so much grief to think of her mother. Too many gaps in the places where she should still feel her love but never will. Gaps that meant that love was never there. Eliza's eyes stung with the force of her thoughts.
"Mother?" Scarlet called again.
"Yes dear?" It felt as if her thoughts were heavy thick ropes wrapping about her and dragging her down. She felt lost and tangled in them.
"Your mother; who was she or is she still alive?" Scarlet urged as she draped her open book over the arm of her chair. Eliza swallowed the thick solid object in her throat that had everything to do with her mind. There was no object; she was simply choking on her grief. She picked up her needle and kept her eyes focused on the hemming.
"I don't know love." She said and heard Scarlet gasp. She couldn't look up because her eyes were already streaming the hot, salted tears down her cheek. She wiped them away immediately before they soiled the silk. Scarlet was just there. Her arms about her mother as if she knew ever reason for her tears and felt the pain that was cold and jagged in her chest.
"Mother…" She whispered. "Why have you never spoken of this?"
"Its not something I enjoy speaking of." She said, her voice a quivering mess. She'd hold it in all this time, why was it so hard now to do it again?
"But this is your mother. Do you not miss her? Did you despise her or-"
"Then tell me mother? She is my grandmother is she not? Do I not have the right to know? I've waited so long for you to speak of her, but I feared she'd passed and you simply didn't want to speak of it because of your grieving. Please…tell me…" Scarlet pled, and like always, Eliza could not deny her. So she told her. She told her about her parents and then night of the ball. She shivered when she spoke of Lord Senthwil and his roguish ways. Scarlet had squeezed her hand for encouragement then. When lightly skimmed over the details of her first night with Aaron then how Rowena had left her to her faith. Eliza nearly choked on her tears when she spoke of her father's treatment of her and how for the first time in her life, her mother had tried to come to her aid.
"Wow…mother, I can see why you weep now…" Scarlet said as she held her. How many nights had Eliza wished Aaron would hold her when she felt this way? This was all she could get and she was grateful to have it. Suddenly Scarlet sat up and there was a look of utter determination set in her emerald eyes. They shone with unshed tears and with a hint of silver that she was sure was all Aaron.
"Mother…I will go to her."
"What! No Scarlet you can't and you will not-"
"I'm not afraid to go in search of her if you think I am. I am not afraid of the creatures of the forest."
"I don't care Scarlet! You are not going. Your father will have my hide if I even encourage such a thing."
"Mother he's not even here and I'll be back before he even gets wind of it."
"Scarlet I've hardly told you no in all your 16 years. I've given you all you desired if it was attainable. This one thing I ask you not to disobey…please do not venture out there to search for someone who may be no more. Please."
Scarlet deflated at her mother's pleas. She didn't want to obey her on this. This was the one thing she truly ever wanted and her mother knew she hardly ever asked for much. She knew she could find her way through the forest and to the place her grandmother lived. She would have to promise her now that she won't but later, when her mother had forgotten of it, she would sneak away and search.
"I promise…" She said and felt horrible for the lie.
"Thank you. Now," Eliza began to stand and shake out the scarlet red cloak in her hands.
"I do believe this belongs to you. And just as I promised, before the winter. You will have this to keep you warm."
Scarlet lit up and Eliza knew she would remember the moment for as long as she lived.
"Oh my! Mother it is beautiful! And you added a hood to it as well. I will cherish this forever." She went on about how wonderful the silk felt against her skin and how much the color made her eyes seem endless. She was indeed correct. The color did wonders to her skin; a milky alabaster with reds in her cheeks when she smiled. A beauty, her daughter was.
"You are happy then?" Eliza asked, smiling and watching Scarlet twirl and rub the fabric along her skin. She stopped suddenly, the fabric settling with a light rustle. She looked at her mother and found herself moving into arms that were just open the minute she stepped towards them. Scarlet loved her mother. Not just because of her present, but because it was impossible to not love her. She tangled her fingers in her mother's golden hair and sighed from the sweet aroma of her powder on her skin. It was a rose like scent that Scarlet had ebbed in her memory just for her mother. Why her father couldn't love this woman enough to spend more time home than away on his little missions to heavens knew what, was way beyond her. She didn't care; she would give her mother love she needed, the love that she wanted.
"I love you mother. I love you so much…" It broke Scarlet's heart that her mother was treated less than she was worth. It truly hurt Scarlet to know that she feared her mate so much that she couldn't share the knowledge of her parents' existence to her own daughter.
But it broke Eliza's heart even more to hear her daughter say such words and mean it. She hadn't heard them in such a long time.

"And I you my darling. Now it's off to bed with all pretty maidens. Come now." Scarlet chuckled at her mother's bit about pretty maidens and how they should always get enough sleep. Scarlet knew that it mattered not; all she had to do was look at her mother, she hardly got any rest and she was too beautiful for words to express.
"Very well, but I get to sleep with my present."
"Have it your way little bud…"
The night was truly chilly. The wind seemed so angry and vengeful to turn one's clothes to ice. Snow would fall soon and cover the ground with soft blankets of white. Though it was cold, he was burning up with a fever that had nothing to do with sickness, but everything to do with hunger. Another long journey and he was finally back to the place his mate called home. He'd wanted so much for her, but she had settled for less. Was he wrong to allow her comfort?
His boots crunched on fallen brown/gold leaves and dried up twigs as he made his way to the back door. Every light in the house seemed out, except for a candle that burned in the kitchen. Who could be up so late? Hopefully it was Eliza, damn it he wanted her body so bad. He had fought to keep from bedding every maiden that batted a lash at him. It was a hard fight and his groin was frustrated with it. He truly was hungry for her. He found the door unlocked and when his eyes adjusted to the dim light, he saw that his expectations had not been met.
"Aaron!" Eyola whispered as she stumbled from her seat at the small round table only to stop four feet away from him. She'd caught herself.
"Uh, Master…you are back."
"Yes. Why are you still awake and why is this door unlocked? Are you waiting for someone other than me?" His eyes burned to silver as his fist creaked from the pressure.
"Never! Master I waited for you right here every night. There are wards about the house to keep away anyone besides you. I placed them there myself. Forgive me if I was wrong." Eyola got on her knees quickly and lowered her head.
His hunger was making his judgment fuzzy. Perhaps his hunger was making him look at Eyola in the wrong way. He saw that she was completely naked beneath the sheer night gown and her shoal slipped to the floor just then for him to see the peaks of her nipples. Aaron found himself breathing harder than normal and taking the last few steps that would leave him standing before Eyola. She looked up slowly and her silk like dark hair fell back from her face. Why was she alluring to him tonight? He needed to get to Eliza. It would do him no good to plant himself deep within Eyola. She smelled it on him…his lust. It must be reeking from his skin in waves.
"M-master?" She seemed so afraid, so vulnerable…just like his Eliza. There went his reason…
Aaron grabbed Eyola by her shoulders and she yelped now in fear, but he would soon have her screaming for more of him. It was as if the thought of Eliza and his daughter being under the same roof did not register to him. All he knew was that he craved the woman who was staring back at him with fear filled eyes.
"Does it scare you to see me like this?" He growled in a deep low voice, his fangs already elongated.
"Master please…I am truly sorry. I didn't know-"
Eyola's words were cut short as Aaron seized her lips and devoured them. He kissed her with a strength that had her knees buckling and her body turning to a mass of quiver flesh. It was no secret between Aaron and Eyola that she had wanted him. She had always wanted him but she was the servant and not the chosen mate. But this…this would do. She wrapped her body around his as he cupped her hips and lifted her off the floor. Aaron stumbled to the little wooden table that sat in the middle of the room and laid Eyola out on her back. He ripped her gown down the center and her breast sprung free, ripe and ready to be suckled and bitten. His lips claimed her nipples as she arched her back up to him. She pushed him up and tore his tunic away as he had her night gown. Their skins were like fire against each other, that alone was a meal for Aaron. It also was a lost. They were feeding on each other and not really feeding at all. There was also another reason Incubi didn't mate with their Succubae and Aaron was going to remember real soon what the reason was.
Eyola's eyes burned a haunting glow of gold as she raked her claws down Aaron's chest and left crimson trails in her wake. He loved that feeling and found himself leaving shallow bite marks in her skin. He could hardly contain himself anymore. He was beyond the point where he could stop and go look for the woman he truly loved. He pulled Eyola's legs up and wide. She smelled intoxicating! He was mad with the need to taste her. Aaron lifted her hips from the table and she held onto the edges for what was to come. His tongue found her wet and ready for him, but he wasn't going to give her that until he tasted her. His tongue dipped into the wet velvet feel of Eyola's pink swollen flesh and ate greedily of her. Eyola forgot to keep her moans to a low pant. How could she when Aaron was giving her the pleasure she'd always wanted from him?
He lowered her hips back to the table top and released the clasp on his breaches. He was thick and ready for Eyola. His cock ached with a pain that he found weakening. Eyola nearly came when she felt him at her opening. When he shoved his entire solid extensive shaft deep inside her she released a growl that was all ferial…all pleasure.
"Aaron! Finally…" She moaned as he found a rhythm that was urgent and just as animalistic as her groans. The table rocked and creaked under the force of their weight and his thrusts. Aaron grabbed the back of her neck and made her look at him while he battered her flesh.
Just as their pleasure was building to a peak, their bodies became more flushed, more golden like and the sinews in their bodies became more defined. Aaron's thrusts became more violent as the white in his eyes turned black with silver irises that seemed too cat like to be human. The table shattered and Aaron caught Eyola in time with a grip that made their skins meet.
"Eyola!" Aaron growled as his lips pulled away from his fangs. He sunk those fangs into her neck and felt her body quake under her climax. The room seemed thick with their essence and nearly stifling. Aaron moved her body up and down his shaft, his feet planted apart and his muscles finding no effort to support her weight. Eyola seemed to possess muscles that made her body roll atop him with a skill Aaron knew Eliza would never have. He felt the build up in his shaft; he would release in Eyola and let her feel his seed, but there would be nothing of it except a feeding for her as he had on her.
Just as he came the sweet scent of rose powder invaded his senses like a fist to the temple. His eyes rolled up and to the door where a little body stood. He saw long golden hair tumbling over those frail shoulders and under that night gown was the flesh he had craved more than any…so it had seemed at first. He pulled his fangs out of Eyola, blood bleeding down his chin and pulled his hard shaft out of Eyola. She moaned as he did this and even as he placed her on the floor really slow. Aaron stood completely naked with his skin tanned to a deep golden bronze. He looked every bit inhuman as he was feeling. He also found that he was hungrier than he was before. And there was his next meal. He was too far gone to take in what he had done and what he was about to do. He could smell her fear and that made him grow harder for her, and it brought back the ache he needed gone.
Thank goodness Scarlet slept like the dead. Eliza had awoken with a start when she heard the growls. She'd though a wolf had gotten into their home and might hurt one of them. She'd crept out into the hall and to Eyola's room to ask her to come with her, but she was not there. There had been light in the kitchen and there was a chance that she could be late. She'd grabbed a piece of wood from the fireplace in hopes to scare it off…but that was not what she'd found. She'd stood there and watched in shock as Aaron did things to Eyola that he sometimes did to her, and things he never had. Then when she was about to storm in…they started to change. She watched them change right before eyes. Now fear had left her hammered to that spot with a death grip on the wood in her hands. Just as she had found that she could move her feet, he looked up and saw her. That wasn't her Aaron. It couldn't be. Not with such a monstrous look in his eyes.
What now? Should she run? Where would she run? Her eyes moved down his body and saw that he was not done. Perhaps that was why he was giving her that look. He was going to take her right here when she'd only just found him with his body tangled in and out of Eyola? No…she wouldn't let him. She turned to run but his hands were about her and dragging her back into the kitchen. When had he moved so close? How could he be so fast? The question that plagued her most was what he would do to her. She screamed but his hand was already over her mouth and muffling the sound. She struggled to get free but he held her tight from behind. She tried to kick but it hurt her more than it did him.
"Eliza…" She went still as he whispered her name from behind his fangs. Her heart was fighting to explode through her chest. Any minute she was sure it would succeed. He pressed her front to the counter and bended her over it. Just as he did with Eyola, he ripped away her clothes and made Eliza sob in fear. She'd never been more afraid in her life. Even when the three Vampires had threatened to rape and feed on her all those years ago, she'd had faith that Aaron would save her from them. So who was going to save her from Aaron?
"Please! Please Aaron!" She cried still afraid to wake her daughter. If Scarlet saw this…well she wasn't sure what the outcome would be.
Eliza felt Aaron lay over her back; felt him just between her legs where she was sure she could not take him.
"Eliza…please…help…me…" She went still again and looked up through her hair as he came into her view. He looked in pain. He looked tortured. It occurred to right then that if he wanted to he could take her without her saying yes. She closed her eyes and bit back the sobs that were ready to release as she turned away from him. Maybe what she was doing was foolish, but there was nothing else she could do.
His clawed palms raked down her back, not breaking the skin and palmed her hips. She felt the wave of pleasure break over her and suddenly she was wet and ready for him. She knew it was his power that made her want this. She really didn't want to. It was hard to argue that when he filled her and she moaned as if it was the best feeling in the world. Eliza grabbed the edges of the counter and felt him pushing deeper and harder in her. She cried out as he smacked into her and in between those cries of pleasure were her sobs of pain. Yes this would hurt more after the pleasure passed, but there's the pain of knowing her mate had been unfaithful to her and now needed her body. What had Eliza gotten herself into when she invited him to her bed? Foolish girl. She cried tried not to scream her release but he growled with utter satisfaction as his seed filled her.
She stood there, her body still bent over the counter, her knees to weak to unlock, and a pain so deep between her legs that she was sure she would have to be bed ridden for a week. She felt his fingers pulling away her hair from her face. She couldn't meet his eyes; all she could do was stare at the potted plan across the room. Aaron's body shuck with short rapid jolts. His cheek pressed against her back and she felt his tears hot and crawling down her back. She pushed up slowly and pulled away from him. She needed to not feel him right then. He reached out for her and she pulled away again. The hurt in his eyes destroyed her, but he deserved what he was feeling and more. They stared at each other for so long it seemed as if there was no life in the room. Eliza was the first to recover. She shuffled by him and felt him at her back. His hands were on her shoulders turning her to face him. When she did the tears had left trails down her face.
"I.." She tried but her voice was fighting its way through her throat.
"Eliza I-"
"I need…I need to g-get c-c-" She took a quivering breath and tried again as fresh tears welled in her wide emerald eyes.
"I…need to…get cleaned…up. Please…let me g-go…" She couldn't control her voice. She was barely able to control her legs. She had to. She had to not be touching him. She had to be clean. She…needed to cry…alone. She heard the back door slam and a loud yell coming from the outside. She wouldn't look back. She didn't want to…


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