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Daughters of The Incubi-Book 1: Scarlet

Novel By: NansiLondon

I hate writing synopsis. Just take a look and if it is not your cup of tea, it is because its coffee. come on...you wanna...
*UPDATE: This story is currently on hold. Sorry!!!! View table of contents...


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Her fingers raked down the mattress and clutched the sheets as she screamed out her release. It was the eighth one that day and she was spent and tired from them, yet every one she'd had felt different and carried a new release for her. What was odd was, no matter how many times she climaxed, it was as if she never had. The hunger was always still there and it was thick at the back of her throat. It tasted of vanilla and rose petals, his scent, his taste. She felt her body convulse at the thought of tasting him.

"Eliza you must try to clear your thoughts, thinking about him in anyway will only ignite you afire again." Eyola said as she sponged Eliza's sweat glistening body. Months had passed, six to be exact, since the day she had first found the little cottage. Six months and still no sign of him…six months and she still burned for him…

"Eliza!" Eyola scowled.

"I am trying Eyola! It is not so simple! He's on every breath I intake and release, I can't not think of him!" With that exclamation came her tears of frustration. All Eliza wanted was Aaron, yet she had no sign of him ever coming. Every day was the same, if not worst burning desire. When she breathed it was like breathing in thick hot air and choking on it. There was no comfort…

"Please think positively Eliza…he will come…" Eyola said…she always was optimistic about her master's return, never wavering for a moment. Eliza had shared her enthusiasm as well…but as the days drizzled away, so had her enthusiasm. She was on the verge of giving up. The only thing that kept her the tiniest bit optimistic was the fact that she could still feel his power. He was still touching her in his own way. That much, Eliza could appreciate.

"I am so thirsty…" She whimpered as the tears started to subside. She felt the bed give under Eyola's weight as she sat with a cup of water in her hand.

"Here, drink. You must remain strong little one…the worst has not yet come. How will you nurture and birth his child if you can not bear his touch? It will get worst, of that much I can say, but the trick to all of this is to be strong and to be patient." Eyola said as she lifted her head and gave her water. Eliza was too weak to move, only when the surge of desire washed over her and drowned her in its substance, did she move.

"I will keep trying Eyola. Please don't think me weak." She whispered through full pouting lips that seemed swollen from so many kisses. A shiver ran through her just then and she felt another attack coming.

"I do not think you weak love, just a bit tired and frustrated. I felt you shiver, is another coming?" She asked with a frown.

"Yes…" Eliza whispered through clenched teeth. "But I did not think of him just then…" She whimpered her head rolling back as she breathed deeply through her mouth. She tasted the scent getting thicker in the air, and that left her breathless.

"Yes I know…this is a good thing Eliza…this means he is close to arrival." Those words made Eliza's heart stumble in her chest on its unsteady pace.

"Really?" She asked, praying so hard that Eyola was right.

"Yes. That also means that I must go now." She said in a voice that held sadness.

Eliza's eyes opened quickly and she felt panic rising in her like unwatched dough and too much yeast.

"What is this you speak of Eyola?" She asked as the woman placed her head back onto the pillow. She felt her skin beginning to tingle like it normally did before another attack. Eyola kept her eyes away from Eliza's worried eyes and began packing items into a small bag.

"Eyola? Eyola answer me…please. Where are you going? You can't leave me now…" She tried to sit up and it was fruitless, her body simply didn't have the energy.

"Be calm Eliza." She said in a gentle voice, still packing and still not meeting Eliza's eyes.

"Be calm? How do you suppose I do that? I…I…" Sobs broke from her throat as she fought the wave that was coming and tried to understand Eyola's sudden need to leave. She pressed her head back into the pillow, closed her eyes and wept. This was going all wrong. She couldn't survive this by herself. It was simply not possible.

"Why? Why now?" She whispered between sobs. Eliza gasped when she felt a soft warm palm on her cheeks, wiping away her tears. She opened her eyes to see Eyola's staring down at her with grief ebbed deep in them.

"You're not coming back…" Eliza whispered after what seemed an eternity looking into the elderly woman's eyes.

"Ah but I did not say that young one…" She said in a voice so gently it felt like feathers playing against her heart, a soft touch.

"I will be lost with out you Eyola. What if I do not survive?" Eliza asked, her hands holding onto the woman so tightly as if they were to anchor her to that spot. Yet, Eyola took hold of those hands and with a strength no elderly woman should have, she pried Eliza's finger away and kissed them softly.

'You will not…and you will." With that she dropped her hands, stood and without a backwards glance at Eliza's frantic screams for her to come back, she left.

"Eyola! Eyola! Please….please come back! Don't leave me! Don't leave me…don't-argh!" Her cries were broken off just as the wave clashed into her and left her clawing to find the surface. Her skin felt like a flame was licking beneath every pore and heating her blood. She thrashed against the pleasure and prayed for it to stop and to never. Her voice hoarse with so many wails, she clenched her eyes shut and drowned all over again in the thick air of vanilla and roses.

"Aaron!" She shrieked as she climaxed. It was the hardest one yet, and Eliza believed that was so because she didn't have Eyola there to whisper sweet words of peace in her ears.

It could've been hours or minutes since the last attack, all Eliza knew was that she was surfacing from sleep. Feeling too hot and clammy, she opened her eyes slowly and moaned in discomfort. The only light in the room was from the fireplace. It felt as if she sat right next to the crackling flames, but the bed was on the opposite side of the room. She was hungry, thirsty and desired to feel cold water at her skin. She was sure she was too weak to move but she had to make an effort. So, with a low groan she rolled to her side and attempted to swing her legs over the edge of the bed. The effort seemed like nothing but it felt like the hardest thing she'd ever done. By the time she had gotten both legs dangling from the side of the bed, she was breaking out in a sweat and panting. She only had to get her feet on the ground and she could attempt to stand, but just as she tried to roll her hips closer to the edge, she heard a loud bang at the door. Eliza started and went crashing to the unyielding wooden floor. She winced as she tried to move her hand from under her. She'd landed hard on it and feared it would be sprained. The knocking came again and Eliza began to believe that the person was trying to break the door in. The thought was confirmed when she heard the door being kicked from the hinges and onto the flooring. She looked to the room door, it was shut but not locked, then she looked outside the window, it was dark.

"Hello there!" she heard a male voice boom.

"Anyone home?" Another said, with a chuckle.

"Come out to play eh?" a third said. Eliza knew then that this was bad news. She panted in her panic and cursed her body for being weak. She was still naked, so that obviously was another thing she cursed. Three loud footsteps could be heard in the house. She heard things being moved, and a few others crashing into the ground.

"It appears that we have stumbled across someone's home Henry." She heard one of the say.

"Well if they don't show themselves real soon, it'll be our home." She heard Henry answer.

"Kipper, go and search the kitchen. Jacks you will see to that room over there…I'll go check the back. I think I see light under that door."

Eliza gasped and looked to the fireplace. Fear shook her body and she tried to scramble to her feet, but got no where. She looked to the bed and pulled the skirting up. With as much strength as she could muster, she shuffled her body under the bed and pulled the cloth down. All Eliza could do then was pray…pray that they never found her.

The knob turned with a squeak and the hinged cried as it swung open slowly and hit the wall with a bang. Eliza saw worn out black boots in the door way and quickly placed her hand over her mouth. She was breathing heavy and feared he'd hear her. Tears were already pouring streams down her cheek and she fought the sobs that wished to follow them. She watched as he walked into the room, still not able to see his face, and stood by the fireplace. From the way his toes faced, it meant he was facing the fire. Eliza closed her eyes and tried again to swallow a sob. The thought of what they would do to her if they found her was all that echoed through her mind. She remembered how it felt to be handled not so gently by a man. Lord Senthwil had seen to that for her.

"Anything?" She heard Henry ask as the other two booted feet entered the room.

"No, there is no one else here." She heard one of the men answer.

She watched as Henry's feet turned away from the fire and began to stroll away from it towards the bed. Eliza held her shaky breath and prayed she was silent enough.

"Oh I don't think that's the case Kipper. There is someone else here. A woman…" He finished after a slow sniff. He stood where she had lye and that was too close for Eliza.

"The bed is still warm." The other voice said, she assumed it was Jacks.

"Precisely my point little brother…" Brothers, they were brothers, and a smart bunch at that.

They had all gone quiet and that left Eliza glancing from feet to feet. She watched as Jacks and Kipper turned and sat on the bed, each on both sides, and at the same time, Henry moved to stand at the foot of the bed.

"She probably ran off when she heard the door being kicked in." She heard Jacks murmur. Then it was Henry's turn to sit on the bed. Eliza realized quickly that she was cornered from all angles. There was no way of slipping past one of them without bumping into a calf or an ankle. The room went quiet and so did the men. They simply sat there and did nothing. She looked hopelessly from the three pairs of boots and then closed her eyes in defeat. She placed her cheek against the floor, too weak to hold her head up any longer. Moments passed and still no one moved, no one said a thing. There was a sudden breeze under the bed and Eliza opened her eyes slowly to it. She lifted her head and turned it forward. Her breath caught in her throat as she struggled on a scream. There before her, framed in a beautiful face was a pair of crimson eyes staring back at her. She scrambled away from them and saw quickly that there were two other pairs. They had found her, they had known all along that she was there and toyed with her hope. Eliza shrieked in horror as the bed was lifted and tossed to the side. There she lye curled up into a ball, naked and exposed to them. She felt a handful of her hair being gripped and pulling her body up by it slowly. She struggled fruitlessly in his hold and sobbed as she tried to pry his fingers free. They were not moving at all. He shook her head and pulled it back with a force that stole her breath from her lungs. Her sobs sounded strained with her head pulled back so far. Eliza had to hold onto him to not fall, because if she fell it would probably yank her scalp out from his grip.

"I got tired waiting… was anxious to see your face madam…and now I see you were worth the wait.' She'd recognized the voice as Henry's from his previous conversations with the others. Eliza tried to keep up right on her shaky legs but there wasn't any energy left in her to fight.

"Please…please…" She cried weakly. She heard the other two step closer and saw them from her peripheral sniff the air about her. Henry inclined his head and gave Eliza the full weight of his crimson eyes.

"Please? Why do you plead with me my naked beauty?" He came closer to her and she felt his nose against the pulse that danced wildly in her throat. Eliza quivered in fear and God help her, pleasure. The other two chuckled as they stroked her hair, arms and thighs with feather like fingers.

"Are you pleading for us to touch you?" That voice was Kipper's. He stood behind her and she felt not heat but the cold at her back. What were they and what would they do to her? Eliza's legs gave out and she had a second to realize that he still held her hair. The feeling of it pulling from her scalp made her scream in agony. In his hands, was a fistful of the blond beauty's golden, silky strands. Eliza's shrieks were heart retching. She grabbed for the spot where her hair had been yanked out and cried out with a weak voice. Her hand quaked as they came to rest in that spot and she moaned her pain through tears. She heard them come closer and come to stand over her. She even felt when Henry knelt and placed his hand on her wrist.

"Now why would one wish to cause one's self such pain? Honestly my naked temptress you must be as weak as a newborn kitten." His brothers chuckled softly and came closer to her.

"Let me have her first Henry." Eliza groaned in protest at the voice that was Kipper's. She heard Henry hiss and it sent a cold chill down her spine. She was too afraid to move her arm from over her head, too afraid to see their pale beautiful face, and even more afraid to see the blood eyes that were set in those faces.

"No…I will have her first." Henry declared, and Eliza felt when he gripped her aching wrist and pulled her hand away from her head to only pin it to the floor above it. She cried out as the pain ran through her wrist and up her arm and fingers. She was sure it was broken now, especially after hearing the sickening sound it had made with his force. When Eliza managed to open her eyes, she saw him straddling her and looking down her body as if he were feeding his eyes and becoming full on what he saw. She squirmed under his grasp and tried to lift her hips so she could push him off or unbalance him, but that wasn't happening. He didn't budge, he was too strong.

"I will assume you are telling me with your body that you want me…am I right my darling?" He asked, tracing her nipple with one finger. Eliza felt the wave pulling back slowly from the shore. That wave of desire that took its time with drowning her, and left her adrift in vertigo of angry waves.

"No! No not you!" She gasped in a breathy voice. The other two laughed and came to lean on both of her sides. They touched her faintly as if to tease her flesh and their hands were doing just that.

"Perhaps you misunderstand my dear…" With that he applied pressure to her wrist and Eliza screamed as the bone shattered in her left arm. She tasted blood in her mouth and smelled it as a strong and offending smell in her head. The room was rolling about her and the wave of pleasure, despite her pain was still building.

"Don't ruin her before we have a try, Henry" Jacks warned. He neither Kipper, were concern with the pain she was feeling. Eliza was about to faint from the pain when she felt a hand going behind her head and pulling her up roughly. Before she could register what was going on, Henry's tongue was in her mouth devouring the breath she had left. The wave was angrier than normal and was pushing up into the sky. She had to open her mouth wider or she would cut her lips as he kissed her fiercely. He swallowed her cries and the blood that had come from her biting her tongue when he'd crushed the bones in her wrist.

Just when she thought she'd never know how to breathe again or what it meant to breathe; he pulled away with blood around his mouth and his crimson eyes gleaming in the dimly lit room. Eliza coughed and sobbed and tried to pull away from his grasp, though her efforts were just as weak as she was. He licked his lips and kept her in place. Eliza's back arced that instant as she felt the wave reminding her that it was still there. She gasped and felt her thighs parting on their own. Henry moved between them just then, thinking the gesture an invitation just for him.

"Good girl…it will feel so much better if you would succumb to my touches." She wanted to cry out for him to not touch her, but her body was making it impossible for her to make any intelligible words. He placed her back to the floor and eased her broken wrist from beneath her. Eliza bit down on the pain and felt the cut on her tongue pulse in her mouth. She tasted the blood again and it made her stomach lift and fall in nausea. Her eyes snapped open when she felt another tongue prying its way between her lips and devouring her little mouth. She gasped for air and choked as he captured her tongue and sucked the blood that lingered in her mouth and pulsed from the wound. With her workable wrist she hit slapped him as hard as she could, but that too was nothing. He simply grasped it and held it in mid attack as he continued to feast upon her mouth.

"Enough fool! She will die if you continue any long!" She heard Henry yell and just as he did she felt her lip being nipped and the weight that had held her in place was gone and with it came an earsplitting crash. Eliza coughed and gulped for air, but couldn't get enough. This was not what Eliza had asked for. When she'd agreed to be Aaron's she'd hope that life would become easier for her. Since then…every day had been torture. She wanted it to stop and if she had to, she'd take her life for it. She came to the conclusion in her mind that was haunting her from day one. Aaron had left her and was never coming back. She was going to be cursed forever with only the shadow of his touch because she and defied her parents and lusted for man. She had put herself in this predicament. The part she loathed most, was knowing that she had fallen in love with a man she had only had one beautiful night with. He had stolen her virtue and left her to clean up the mess. She had no home to go back to now; no parents with open arms to greet their prodigal daughter, and no one to morn her death when these brutes that molested and fought over her body had had their full of her. She ignored the wave that was still building in her…ignored it because giving it attention only fed it. She was too trapped in her thoughts to care if it drowned her or not. Why did she allow herself to want him? Why did she lust for his flesh even before she'd seen him? Was she predestined from birth to be cursed with desire? To first not know it and want it, then to know it and dread the day she first desired it? She sobbed at the over all thought of her conflict…

"He's not coming…"She whispered through her sobs. Henry and Kipper were too busy fighting to pay her cries any attention.

"And just who were you expecting little beauty?" Jacks wasn't distracted though. He had heard her depressive resolve and she wished he hadn't. He pulled her up and her head lolled back on his forearm with the jolt. Her broken wrist grazed against the floor as he half lifted her and she cried out from the pain.

"Answer my question you little whore or you will know far greater pain than what you know now." His cold palm was hard against the back of her neck and that was all he used to keep her upright.

"Aaron…" The wave quivered and not able to build any more, it rushed downward and forward to where she stood on the shores in her mind. She stood in fear this time knowing that this would be worst than the many others she'd experienced.

"Who is-"

"No! Ahhh! No please!" She yelled as her legs flapped open and her bud throbbed to life. She felt the moisture pour through her lips and trickled to the floor. Eliza's eyes were clenched shut and her body was rocking to a rhythm the phantom fingers created inside her. Jacks released her and her head hit the ground with a sickening crack. Eliza was too deep under the wave to feel it; all she could feel was hard flesh entering and escaping her body with a beastly pace. Her back lifted off the floorboards with no aid of the three now stunned and confused men. Aaron's scent was heavy on Eliza's tongue, making it hard for her to breathe agreeably

"What is this?" Henry asked, stepping closer to her. Eliza barely heard him. His voice sounded as if she was hearing from beneath deep waters. She felt her hips slowly being lifted to the deep thrusts and still some force kept her up right. Something in the room hit the wall hard and shattered right before her. She heard the three men gasp with a muffled sound. Vanilla and roses brushed the back of her tongue and she tasted the aroma.

"We should leave Henry. I am having a terrible feeling about this woman. She is human but something is drenching her in its power." Jacks said and he stood slowly and began to step away from Eliza, who was already two feet off the floor.

"She is a witch!" Kipper hissed.

"No she isn't…but whatever it is that is doing this to her, is growing. We need to leave…" Jacks said and was striding gracefully to the door at the same time.

"I am staying…" Henry mumbled as he watched Eliza's body bend to the curve of another and here emerald eyes blink open and found his. A fierce hunger for this thrashing beauty was growing in him. He was not about to leave her now when she was begging him with those eyes. But Henry was interpreting wrong. Eliza wasn't pleading with him to stay; in fact she wasn't really looking at him. With her body bent in that angle she was simply trying to figure out how or what was keeping her afloat. She was seeing everything upside down and what made it worst, her vision was blurred, but it wasn't too blurred to make out the white mist that was pouring over the floorboards. Her heart, already a beating mess, managed to skip a beat at disbelief but ray of hope. He had come to her in the very same manner the first night. Could it be?

"I am leaving…be a fool Henry and stay…you were always too gullible. Kipper, come if you wish to live." With that Jacks was out the room and gone from Eliza's sight. Kipper followed shortly, only pausing to give his brother a look that asked for forgiveness and one other glance in Eliza's direction…a rather longing look.

Henry was the only one left. He didn't mind that at all…he would get to have her all to himself. He looked to the window that had shattered open by some force and watched the mist creep into the room. Yes…someone was coming, but he was strong…he'd either kill them or steal her away before he could find them. With that thought, he strode closer to the moaning woman who was rocking her hips in mid air. Henry looked at the distance from the floor and concluded that she was five feet off the ground. Her eyes still held that pleading that she couldn't voice. He reached out and clasped her arm, but Henry had to pull away because of the fire that ignited his hand. He shook his hand and patted the fire out with a hiss. When he looked back to her, he saw that there was no fire. She was still staring at him and moaning with what seemed to be torturous pleasure.

The mist had covered the floor and was slowly rising, catching Henry at the knee.

"What are you woman?" He whispered at her ears, his hand already covered with skin again. Eliza's breasts heaved with each gasp of breath and with a thrust that was hitting her body violently. Yes, Henry saw this, but there was no one there…yet her actions seem genuine. He watched her body jolt as if there was someone raping her delicate soft spot, but who damn it?

"Answer me woman! Answer me or I will drink you dry…" Before Henry could finish his threat, he felt himself being flung backwards and crashing through the wall. Instantly, he tried to move, but something kept him pinned there. He winced and looked seeing for the first time, a black shadow hovering over the woman. As the shadow began to take the form of a man, her body descended, but didn't touch the floor. He watched her eyes roll to the back of her head and she release a loud cry as she climaxed. As she moaned and flailed, the figure became solid, and he held her tightly in his arms. Her legs straddling him where he stood and her body still bent backwards, but supported by his arms.

Henry was frozen were he lay. It was as if the figure had always been there holding her up and having his way with her. She moaned weakly, her body going limp in his arms. The man that held her was naked and from how he held her, he was still inside her. That visual set Henry ablaze with rage. He wanted her, and there this thing stood with her as if he had some claim on her.

Eliza knew only bliss then. The wave was gone…the scent was still there but it wasn't smothering her in its sweet fragrance. She could breathe through it, and for the first time in six months, she felt cool breeze and didn't have to wince at the touch of it on her smoldering skin. Something else was also different about this time as well, it felt so real. She was sure she felt arms holding her body close to another's. She felt those arms pull her up and held her as if she was a child in its mother's arms. Her legs were wrapped about that body and her head lay comfortably against warm skin…skin that smelled like the fragrance that haunted her every breath. She frowned and lifted her good hand to touch the broad, muscled back that it had grazed. There she felt them under her skin flexing to her touch. She opened her eyes and saw a neck, a jaw, and trailing the nape of that neck was fiery red silky hair. Eliza felt her eyes watered and she tried to lift her head, but the pain shot through it and sent the room spinning. She felt one of those hands move from her back and stroked the back of her head. Hot tears trailed down her cheek as she felt the body inhale and exhale as it touched her. She didn't want to hope. She was afraid when she lifted her head or when she spoke to it, it wouldn't be there anymore. She had to know…

"Heaven help my heart if it is shattered by vain hope…please…just let it be him…" She said and trying hard to hold back the sob that was shaking her body. She tensed in his arms and waited for something. She heard him inhale slowly and held the breath.

"Heaven has had mercy upon you this night my love…" The voice replied, and despite her broken aching body, she wrapped her self completely about him. Her hands found his hair and eager finger tips caressed his scalp. She felt him lean into her touch and kiss the side of her jaw gently. There they both stood holding each other as if they were the last real thing on earth and reality was what they needed to hold tight to.

"Release her now…" Both Aaron's and Eliza's eyes snapped open at the other voice. They had forgotten the third party. Henry had finally broken free of the bind that kept him to the floor and was on his feet with fury ebbed deep into his crimson eyes. But Henry was a fool to pick a fight with an enemy he didn't know.

Aaron glared back at him with burning silver eyes that appeared as if they could leak the very color they were. A knot formed in his forehead as the mist grew thicker about them. He held Eliza's head down and kept her close.

"Who are you to tell me to release what is mine?" He felt her shiver in his arms at his words. He hadn't meant to let his power touch her, but he was not keen with the way this fiend looked it his mate as if she belonged to him.

"I saw her first and I have already claimed her!" Henry yelled and he took step forward flexing his fingers as he did so. Aaron arced a brow at the man and felt his mouth twitch with fury. Eliza moaned in his arms and held onto him tightly. He stroked her back apologetically to console her. She relaxed quickly under his touch, and then his attention was divided again with the other man who had taken another bold step forward.

"You will refrain from saying that if you value your tongue. She is mine. I have claimed her long before you. Leave now and I will consider letting you live out the night…either way…you will die for the pain you have caused my woman. You and your brothers." Aaron said, and heard the man's breath caught in his chest.

"Aaron…" He heard Eliza whimper in his ear. Her breath felt intoxicating on his skin. There was no denying that she was made for him. If she could affect him as she had with just the brush of her breath, she belonged to him. So what was this man speaking of? How could he even think that she'd want him? She had waited six months with only the brush of his powers tormenting her with pleasure…she was more his than she was her parents.

"Lies! You are saying that only because you hold her right this moment. Release her and you will see her yield to my touch just as she has for you." A menacing grin was spread across Henry's face as he spat. He was so far gone that he didn't pay any mind to the threats on his brothers. Aaron didn't take that lightly. He truly wanted his Eliza, and that thought left him growling and his incisors growing to fangs. His eyes smoldered their brilliant silver and his grip on Eliza was fierce. She whimpered again and gasped as his powers rolled up her body. He pulled out of Eliza and heard her moan again from the sensation. He wanted her terribly…but that would have to wait until he rid the room of one life. He listened carefully and found that the man's heart did not beat. He was a blood sucker then…that was the only explanation.

"Come and take her from my hands if she is yours blood sucker…" He said his voice a deep growl. The man inclined his head at the invitation and narrowed his eyes to two bloody slants as he measured Aaron's expression.

"You've discovered what I am, but what are you?" He asked the grin long gone and a snarl replacing it.

"You are brave enough to challenge a stranger to a fight without knowing his origin, I am sure you are brave enough to find out the hard way." Aaron said, reaching behind his neck to move Eliza's hands gently. She cried out when he touched her broken wrist and that made him tense as he stopped.

"I am so very sorry my darling, but I will have to put you down for but a moment."
"No!" She protested and held onto him with a death grip. Eliza had only just gotten him back; she couldn't afford to lose him again. She wanted Henry gone, but not at the expense of letting Aaron go.

"Eliza my love…I will not leave you again…you have me my dear…trust me for but a moment and I will have you in my arms again." He murmured in her ear as he stroked her hair. She was crying again, and he knew part of that had to do with the pain she was experiencing. He wanted to see to her hand as soon as he could…but their problem was still in the room, inching closer. He couldn't risk having her hurt again.

"Please Eliza…do this for me…" He pled. Heavens, her body felt more than right against his…but he had to put her out of harms way.

"Promise me you won't leave me again….please, and only then will I let go…" She said through sobs. Aaron looked to her, realizing only then that he had not looked into her eyes as yet. She'd been too weak to lift her head. He looked up swiftly, seeing the other man take another step closer.

"I promise my darling…you will have all of me when I hold you again."

The words he spoke sounded genuine. Perhaps it was okay to trust them

"Okay…okay…" She whispered between soft sobs. Her grip loosened on him as he turned slightly, not giving Henry his back, and laid her gently upon the mattress that was now on the floor.

Henry released a vicious growl and gave Aaron deadly eyes. He wasn't going to let this man survive for touching what was his. He truly believed her his, and it had only been moments since he found her. Little did he know, Aaron was a force to reckon with.

"Come if you still thing you have the gall to…" Aaron demanded, standing naked but boldly waiting his opponent with arms outstretched.

"Be careful…" Eliza whispered as she felt her eyes lids getting heavy. She succumbed to the darkness behind her lids and slid away into her mind. The wound at the back of her head had left a thick gunk of blood at the base of her skull.

Aaron whispered to her gently, "I will love…"

Henry pounced in the minute the words were past Aaron's lips and crashed head first into him. On the current of his momentum, they flew backwards, sending them crashing through the wall and outside into the chilled air of the night. It was dark indeed and only the moon and the pale glow of the fireplace was illuminating the area.

Aaron landed on his back, but planted his foot in the stomach of the other man, at the same time gripping his collar and tossing him over his head into an unyielding oak tree. He got to his feet quickly as if there was a missing frame in the time when he was on the ground to the moment he stood. Henry was shaking of the impact when he felt the jab of his enemy's knee pushing up his rib cage.

Blood sprayed from his mouth and onto Aaron's bare thigh. The eerie silver glow of his eyes echoed the glow of the moon. Red fiery hair was slightly paled from the glow above but it still held that rich crimson that only blood should have. Aaron grabbed a handful of Henry's hair and pulled him to face level, his muscles locking and supporting the weight of the other man. Fangs elongated from his mouth and a vicious growl that rivaled the one Henry had released, rumbled and vibrated through Henry's body.

"What are you?" Henry asked again, the first hint of fear lacing his words. He strained and growled against the pain of being lifted by his hair.

"If you don't know your enemy, you should at least make him friend first…" Aaron growled as he lifted his other hand, already lengthened with claws that glinted like black marble in the moonlight. He pulled the hand back slowly, bending at the elbow with his claws palm up. Henry knew what he was going to do.

"I know now…" He said in a panic. His eyes had gone wide with fear and the vein that was about to be severed by the razor-like claws was fat with its rapid pulse. Aaron inclined his head to the left and gave Henry a look that echoed his next words.

"Oh? What am I vampire?"

It took Henry longer than it should have for him to find his voice over his pulse. He was literally choking on it. How long had it been since he felt fear? How long since his heart thumped with such eagerness to escape its confines? So long…too long. Now, it was as if it was the first time, and now this would be his last.

"Incubus. You are incubus." He chuckled at what his fate had come to be. The vampires had loathed Aaron's kind from its conception. The Incubi were all about themselves and took without consideration of any other race. All had thought them asleep or hopefully extinct. It was obviously not the latter.

"Your kind, they are awakened." It was a sure statement.

Aaron growled a deep and threatening growl as his answer and in a flash of fury he swiped his claws across the man's throat; spilling hot crimson liquid all over his naked body. But that wouldn't be enough. Aaron pushed that clawed hand through the chest of the vampire and found that pumping slippery organ. It moved in his grasp as if it felt fear of its own and not just its owner.

"Please…" Henry choked out. For him to do that, it meant his vocal chord had already started to mend. Impressive. Aaron pulled him closer to him till they were cheek to cheek and the tip of Henry's boot scraped the moist earth.

"When she begged you for mercy…did you grant it?" At that whispered question, filled with such anger, Henry tried to put up a fight and struggled to free himself, but it was too late. He screamed his pain as he felt his heart being yanked out slowly from he confines of his chest. Blood crawled down his chin and onto Aaron's arm. There was no one home in the man's eyes. Nothing but darkness and the promise of pain before death. With one final pull, Henry's heart dislodged from his chest and slowed its painful pulse till it was no more. The now heartless man's eyes rolled to the back of his head and left nothing but gleaming white eyeballs. Aaron dropped the lifeless remains of Henry in the fallen dead leaves and looked at the black heart in his hand. A growl escaped his throat as he squeezed his fist close and what was once a heart was now black gleaming dust.

The nights air felt like a cloak of ice and water; so cold and tight against the skin. Yet steam rose from his body from the heat that poured from his pores. Aaron heard a whimper coming from the back of him. He turned then to see Eliza leaning heavily on what was left of the opening in the bedrooms wall. She was favoring her broken arm and her legs shook with the effort to keep standing. Aaron felt his heart tug and burn all at once; tug because to see her like this hurt him and burn because he felt compelled to find Henry's brothers and destroy them slowly. But to leave her now would not be wise. He went to her and took her about the waist just as her knees gave out on her. She hissed as her injured arm pressed against his chest.

"Darling I told you to wait for me inside…" He murmured against her hair. The scent, just the feel of it against his face, in his head made him groan with delight.

"Are you hurt?" She whispered, holding onto him with her good hand. Aaron bent and lifted her into his arms. She weighted nothing and he could hold her in his arms like that for as long as eternity lasted. For her to be this hurt and ask him how if he was injured just showed him that he had truly made the right choice for his mate. He kissed the top of her head and whispered no against her paling skin. She had hit her head pretty hard; so hard that he wondered how she could still move.

"Aaron?" She called, her voice so soft and fragile.


"Is he dead?" Just to hear the fear make her voice quiver like that made Aaron want to kill Henry all over again. But such is revenge; it expires when death is brought into play. There was still his brother's though and Aaron would take his time dismantling them both.

"Yes Eliza…he will never hurt you again. No one will. I will keep you safe."

Some tension that he had not noticed in her body had been released and he felt when she relaxed. Yes, Henry's brothers will have to follow in their brother's footsteps into death. Till then, he'd see to his mate and he wounds. Eliza was truly his now. As he held her he felt his seed within her, becoming one with her. Months from this night, she would bear him a child. Whether it be boy or girl he will cherish it, but his kind were trying to fulfill goals. If Eliza was truly his, it was a girl that she would bring forth. For too long the Incubi had been passive, willing to let others gain rank over them as they went into their sleeps. Now one by one they were awakening and as the prophecy had stated…he was the first. At that thought he smiled and looked down at the broken form if his woman. His.


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