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Daughters of The Incubi-Book 1: Scarlet

Novel By: NansiLondon

I hate writing synopsis. Just take a look and if it is not your cup of tea, it is because its coffee. come on...you wanna...
*UPDATE: This story is currently on hold. Sorry!!!! View table of contents...


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The new day came with the rays of the sun warming the rich earth that the Govferi's Manor sat upon. Eliza stirred from her slumber with those rays streaming through the open doors of her balcony. She turned, eyes still shut, towards that light and peeked them open slowly. As she beheld that day, her lips curled up into a blissful smile as she remembered the night before. His warmth still lingered under her skin and his scent was dancing upon each breath she inhaled and exhaled. Aaron. She was so happy to have remembered his name as well. The only thing she regretted right then was not having him there with her to greet such a beautiful day. The gold of her hair looked like sun rays upon her pillows as she stretched and turned, tousling it a bit more than it already was.

"You enjoyed your night I see…." A soft voice whispered into her empty chambers. She opened her eyes with a start and sat up quickly. Her muscles protested at the sudden change of position, obviously not ready to begin this day. She looked about her chambers for that familiar voice and waited for her to show herself.
"Rowena?" She whispered back at the voice. Just as she spoke the name, the beautiful fey like woman appeared at the foot of her bed. The first thing Eliza noticed about her was not only did she look amazing, she also looked angry. But whom or what could she be upset with on such a beautiful morn as this one? Eliza felt uncomfortable under her glare.
"I wish I could say good morning Eliza, but the night before has soured this day for me…but surly not for you…" She knew. This was all that Eliza could think. She couldn't think for the life of her why she felt so afraid right then. She also felt guilty as if she had betrayed Rowena in some way.
"Rowena I…"
"How could you Eliza? Wasn't it obvious enough how I felt about him?" She questioned but her voice never rose in her rage. It was safe for Eliza to call it rage because that was how it felt. Rowena was enraged with her.
"What are you talking about Row-"
"Do not play fool with me Eliza. I do believe you can give me that much considering what you have done."
"And what is it that I have done that is so wrong, Rowena?" Eliza felt her anger growing as well. Her beautiful morning was slowly becoming a mess all thanks to Rowena. She was not interested in being questioned about her lovely night…not if the questioning was in anger.
"You have laid with that demon!" She hissed. Rowena's visage become more ferial and ferocious. Eliza winced and pressed her back against the head rest. It took her a bit longer than a moment to find her voice again. She didn't know which to be frightened of first or most; Rowena's anger or her words.
"Demon?" She asked…choosing that first.
"Yes! Demon! Did you not feel how alluring he was? How extraordinary his caress was? How odd yet bespelling his eyes were? He is not human Eliza! I tried to protect you from him…I tried."
"But he didn't hurt me…he didn't-"
"Fool! It may not hurt now but it will later when your flesh aches for his again…or worst…"
"W-worst? What do you mean worst? Rowena you are scaring me." Eliza whimpered, her eyes slowly welling with water.
"You should have shed those tears when he first touched you. You should've feared him, but instead you called to him…not me!"
"I didn't know!" Eliza yelled as she held her self as if to keep from falling apart.
Rowena had gone quiet. She didn't want to hurt Eliza in any which way, but her anger was almost unquenchable when it is set ablaze. She went to her side and sat on the bed. Eliza kept her eyes cast down, too ashamed and afraid to look into Rowena's eyes.
"Little one…" Rowena cooed as she pulled Eliza to her side and held her close to her chest.
"I only fear that this situation has gone too far for me to lend aid in. I don't want you hurt."
"But he did not hurt me Rowena. He was gentle and kind to me." She ensured her.
"Yes I'm sure he was darling, but you failed to see his guise."
"I am new to this world, though I have been here for so long, Rowena. I never leave my home. I did not know that your kind existed until yesterday. And I did not know that there were men that are so cruel to women until then either. Please bear with me."
Rowena took in her words and saw her point. She was sorry that she'd exploded her anger on her. The poor thing was innocent and had nearly been robbed of it unwilling by a fiend. Perhaps the demon had been gentle with her. But…
"Yes Rowena?" She answered timidly.
"Did the demon spill his seed within you?" She asked with a slight shake to her voice. Eliza felt her holding her breath and new that she was about to hear news that she could do without.
"Yes…" At her answer, she heard Rowena sigh a sorrowful breath.
"Young one…then it is too late after all. You belong to him now." She released Eliza slowly and begun to stand. Eliza grabbed whole of her wrist before she could walk away.
"Wait! What do you mean too late? Rowena please stay and help me! Please!' Eliza was frantic. She wept and pleaded with the beauty but she wouldn't give her eyes much less her soothing words.
"You are his now Eliza. You will mother his seed…he will come to claim you."
"No!" Eliza yelled as she wrapped her arms about Rowena's waist.
"This will be the last that you see me Eliza. My hasn't our time together has been so short? It hurts to leave, but you have made it impossible for me to stay…those our the rules love." Rowena said softly, her eyes still not for Eliza. She didn't touch Eliza despite having her draped about her waist.
"Rowena…please…tell me what to do! Please! Please! Rowena!"
"Goodbye Eliza…" Her voice sounded as if it was trapped in an echo. Eliza felt herself falling, and she hit the floor with a smack. She cried out in pain and wept her eyes red when she saw that Rowena was gone. No one to guide her, or tell her what to do next. Mother his seed? Eliza was too afraid of pain to ever mother a child, much less a child of a demon.
"Eliza?" Someone called from behind her door. She gasped and her eyes darted to the door. It was still bolted shut thankfully. She struggled to her feet and looked about her room for her robe. She gasped once more when she saw the blood stains on her white linens.
"Eliza, are you alright? Answer me!" Her mother called from behind the door.
"Eliza open this door right this instant." The other demanding voice was that of her father, obviously prepared to break down the door if need be.
"I am well mother, father…just give me a moment to make myself decent."
"I heard you screaming. Let me see if you truly are well." Her mother persisted. She knew it wasn't so easy. Eliza dried her face from the evidence of tears, though her eyes, still gave her away. As for the soiled linens, she threw her spread over the blood stains and adorned a chamber robe.
"Eliza!" They both yelled.
"I am coming!" She snapped back and regretted it as soon as she had.
Finally, she pulled her door open to find her parents' furious faces blaring back her. She squirmed under their stares and felt the urge to run. The only warning Eliza had that she was about to fall was when her father smacked her across her cheeks with the back of his ring hand. Her face throbbed as he knelt to grip her by her shoulders and shake her senseless.
"How dare you yell at us you ungrateful, spoiled wench?!" Cecil spat. Eliza sobbed and whimpered as her father shook her and her mother stood there as if was nothing out of the ordinary amiss.
"I-I'm sorry father! I'm sorry!" She wept as he struck her again across her jaw. Her face was in pain but her heart hurt more. Her parents couldn't possibly love her. They were so cruel to her for the slightest mishaps. Eliza wished so hard many nights that she'd awake in a new home with a happy family, filled with siblings to take away her loneliness. But Cecil and Phiona had ensured that she'd be the only one. And even though she was the only one, she was treated like trash when it came to their relationship with her.
Cecil released her not too gently and stood beside his wife as they both looked down at their daughter. Eliza pulled her robe tighter about her chest, but her hands were not swift enough.
"Are you completely naked under your robe Eliza?" Her mother said in disapproving shock. She saw the knot built in her father's forehead as he realizes that she is.
"You disgusting whore!" He said as he picked her up by her hair, and wretched her head back, bending her backwards in a scream of pain.
"It hurts father! Plea-"
"Shut your filthy mouth!" He bellowed, knocking his daughter once more like no father ever should. Cecil dragged Eliza to the bed and tossed her face first onto the mattress. He grabbed the buckle of his belt and undid it slowly. As he did so, Eliza, the poor defenseless beauty who awoke that morn with only one desire, to enjoy the first rays of the sun, scrambled to her back with what will she had left. In her scrambling, however, Eliza did something foolish.
"What is that? Is that blood?" Cecil asked as he pushed her aside.
"Cecil how hard did you hit her?" Her mother asked as she strolled closer.
"Not that hard Phiona…wait." As they studied the blood, Eliza tried to crawl away before they discovered what had happened in their daughter's chambers while they slept.
'This blood is dry. She has soiled her linens."
"But it isn't time for Eliza to bleed yet-" they both paused and looked back at their daughter as she struggled away from them. Eliza could only think to escape before it was too late. She had to, or Cecil would have her head.
Just as she neared the threshold of her door, she felt the booted foot of her father press down atop her head, pressing her face harder into the bricked flooring. She screamed in pain and tried to push at his foot but he only pressed harder.
"Cecil be careful not to ruin her." Phiona said, placing a hand on her husband's shoulder.
"Silence! This bitch has had a man in her chambers while we slept! Who is he! Speak now you whore!" He yelled at her and Eliza felt her head pulsing under the pressure.
"No one! No one father! Please!" She sobbed. Eliza knew that it was fruitless to plead with Cecil. He wasn't a merciful person in the least bit. She clawed at the floor and tried to turn over but he kept applying pressure.
"Mother! Help me please!" She whimpered, feeling her body getting lighter and her eyes heavier. She was having problems breathing, and somehow, he'd manage to make her bleed. Blood was draining slowly into her eyes and she had to close them because of the stinging sensation.
"Cecil stop it now, she's bleeding." Phiona said, her voice actually taking on a bit of worry. Cecil was not one to take orders, especially from a woman. He gave his wife the back of his hand, across of her cheek. It was then Eliza pushed up and her father lost his balance. Hearing the profound thud of his body hitting the floor was all the encouragement she needed to scramble to her feet and break into a sprint down the corridor.
"Eliza! You get back here right this instant." She heard him yell, but she wasn't about to turn back. All she could think to do was run, run until there was safety. She brushed pass servants that were in the yards and heard them yelling for to come back. That was the last thing she was about to do. She smelled freedom and she was running for it. Moments later she was in the forest panting still from her sprint. Her feet was not about to give out on her yet. It still wasn't safe. Eliza knew that if she lingered in that part of the forest too long, they would still be able to find her. Cecil wasn't one to give up so easily, and he was going to see to it that she was found and brought back bond to a pole both hands and legs. No, she wasn't going to stop and that thought was all the encouragement she needed to keep her feet moving.
It felt as if hours hand passed since Eliza had taken an even breath. She sat slumped over with her arms wrapped tightly about her knees and her head resting against the rough bark of the tree. She knew she was too far from home to even think of finding her way back. It was the first she'd ever ventured to the forests so her bearings were off. Just then as if things couldn't get any worst, the sky let out a deafening boom and rocked the forest. With it came rain, crashing to the earth and upon poor Eliza. She shivered and tried to pull her self closer to avoid the rain. Her head was pounding and though the bleeding had stopped, the cut in her head stung. Even though the canopies of the enormous trees were thick, the rain still found its way through and drenched her completely.
As she sat there, staring at nothing but the thoughts in her mind, she couldn't believe how such a beautiful day had gone so wrong. Her father had made it impossible to ever come back home, but she had no intensions of doing so. But where was she to go? She had no food, no clothes, no sense of direction…no one. It was that thought that had her wondering where her knight was. Aaron was the only thing she wanted right then.
The second the thought was complete in her mind, she felt a heavy load between her thighs. The load grew with warmth and she felt her body becoming aroused. What was happening to her? She shouldn't feel aroused at a time like this. It simply didn't make any sense to her. But no matter how senseless it seemed, she was still aroused. Her flesh began to feel as if there was fire licking at her in a languid motion. Her legs parted and her back arced as a wave splashed over her body and drenched her as the rain did. Eliza released a moan of both pain and pleasure. Her thin delicate fingers dug their way into the soil and her hips rocked and grind uncontrollably. There was no reason for this, but it was something that could not be helped. She felt her body open as if it was anticipating some touch, some caress but the painful part was, there was no one. She screamed, it was all she could do to not rub at her drowning bud between her legs that was exposed to the charged air about her. The sky was split with a blinding flash and soon after came the roar of the thunder. The earth beneath her vibrated and it was then that she threw her head back and yelled into her climax.
Moments later she was trying to stand on her two feet, but her knees were not quite ready for that task. They quivered under the pressure and gave out. The storm was getting worst and the clouds had made the sky darker. The forest was dark enough when the sun was out, but with it hiding behind such dense dark clouds, it appeared to be like twilight. She couldn't stay there, she had to get up and keep moving. With a will she didn't expect to still have, she got to her feet, with the support of the tree, and continued her journey into the forest. Her legs were so soar from the running and the events of the night before, they cried out for just a moments rest. Resting was not an option for her, she had to keep moving.
Just when she thought that she'd never find civilization, she broke free some bushes and came into a wide clearing in the forest. There Eliza stood with her mouth ajar and it was not because of the opening, it was what sat there that made her dumfounded. There in the forest, with its chimney puffing little clouds of smoke and a pathway outlined with red roses was a white cottage. It was such an odd place for it to be, but it was still there when Eliza rubbed her eyes and blinked twice in disbelief. She hobbled her way up the stone path and up to the front door. It was very inviting, that much could be said. Just as she lifted a fist to knock on the door, it swung open slowly to reveal a short, grinning old woman, who's hair was snow white.
"H-hello. I'm sorry to intrude-"
"Oh you are not intruding Eliza…I've been expecting you."' The little old woman said, her pleasant grin never faltering. Eliza's breath stopped short in her throat and she fought for the words that she wanted to say.
"How did you-"
"Like I've said, I've been expecting you of course. I almost thought that I was going to have to come get you myself though. Gave me quite the scare little flower. Come in, let's get you a warm bath and some dry clothes." With that, the little old woman stepped away from the door and left Eliza sputtering on her thoughts. Seeing that there was nowhere else for her to go, she stepped into the warmth of the cottage and sighed a sigh of relief.
"Come now let's get you cleaned up." She yelled from somewhere in the house. Eliza truly was a mess. Bare feet, with muddy water dripping from every strand of her hair, and her ragged robe that was once a pearl white, was now a multicolor of the forest. She felt ashamed to look such a way, and even more ashamed that she was naked under her robe.
"Come now, you'll feel better after your bath Eliza." The woman called again. Eliza gripped the collar of her robe and held it together as she walked to where the old woman's voice came from. She didn't know what the outcome of all this would be…all she knew was there was nothing else that could possibly surprise her.
She entered a room with a large tub in the middle of the floor; steam rose from the water that filled it and sweet scents made Eliza's senses tingle. She looked to the corner of the room and saw the there was a mirror and dressing table, and next to the table was a lovely pale green dress. Her knees nearly buckled at the thought that she was permitted to indulge in all that was before her.
"Yes, 'tis all for you dear. I will return for you when dinner is complete." Before Eliza could respond she'd closed the door and didn't make a sound on the loose boards in the flooring as she walked away. She sighed and wondered what she had done to deserve such good fortune now. The old woman was not someone she'd ever met, and she was sure she didn't know a thing about her…well maybe she knew something but it was weird. With a slight shake of her head Eliza looked back at the bath and how inviting it was. She shrugged out of her soiled robe and let it slip to the floor with a loud squash. She found her self in a trance as she walked to the large tub of warm water. It seemed to sing to her and she loved the melody that she heard. Lifting soar legs over the edge and into the water, she sighed with relief and pain as she sat. The water crawled over her skin and sent a much welcomed chill through her. She sunk lower into it and closed her eyes as her muscles cried out from the aches of past pleasure and past abuse. Resting her head on the frame of the tub, she hugged herself and felt the flood of thoughts rushing to the surface of her mind. She didn't wish to think upon them but it was if they had an agenda of their own. She thought about her father's unyielding boot upon her head and his harsh words. He'd struck her mother and that didn't sit well with Eliza. She'd never seen him hit her before, so it was something to be taken off guard by. Then as if they it was moving backwards, her mind gave her a vivid picture of Rowena's distraught face. She had made Eliza feel far worst than her parents had. She'd left her to fend off her parents alone, so should Eliza feel betrayed? Perhaps…but it didn't seem as bad as what she had done to Rowena. But what had she done that was so bad? She'd only laid with a man…
Her breath hitched automatically as she felt her mind going there, but just before it treaded that ground, she heard Rowena's voice in her memory. She heard her words ring out and she gasped as she'd finally figure out what she'd meant.
"Fool! It may not hurt now but it will when your flesh aches for his…or worst." She had said. Ache. That was the feeling she felt when she thought of him, and that thought made her groan and made her stomach feel as if it was a keep for many butterflies. They brushed the insides of her stomach wall with an urgency that suggested they were trapped. Eliza began to sit up and held her stomach at the same time. What was Aaron doing to her? She thought his name and her head nearly hit the tub as it flew back. The ache became a burning under her skin. She felt the load, or a pressure easing its way down to the sudden pulse between her thighs. It was the same as what had occurred in the forest.
"No! Not a-ah!" She groaned as she felt the beat of pressure against her little pleasure bud. She'd only thought his name and it happened again. Water splashed about her as she flailed and soaked into the wooden flooring. Her back arced, her legs parted and she rocked against phantom fingers between her legs. Her breasts were perked into hard knobs as a tongue, lips and teeth that weren't there teased them notoriously. All Eliza could think was that she was about to die from pleasure and loved it. It was frightening yes, but it didn't seem so bad when she felt those invisible fingers plunge into her opening.
"Please…Aaron please…" She knew it was him, even if Rowena hadn't informed her of his powers. Her body remembered his touch and each pore and hair that stood at attention right then answered to that power. She gripped the edge of the tub with one hand and rocked her hips in urgency. She felt pressure building in her like the tide crawling away from the shore in preparation to engulf the land with a mighty wave. She felt herself standing on that shore, watching and waiting for the engulfment that was about to hit her. Eliza legs shook in the lukewarm water and she felt herself slipping lower into it. What was coming had her entire body on the brink of eruption. She felt Aaron's hard, slick flesh enter and escape her body. How he was doing this to her without being present nearly scared her senseless, but she didn't have the time or will to think on it.
With a final cry of pleasure and for the second time for that day, Eliza released her body into the wave of bliss that crashed in and onto her. The golden strands of her hair clung to her glistening moist skin as she panted an inclined her weaken body against the tub. Everything seemed blurred around the edges. She didn't dare to think about standing because it was one thing she was sure she wasn't capable of doing. What was he trying to do to her? It was physically impossible for her to survive another attack such as the last. With trembling hands, she pulled herself up in the water and waited for her breath to return to her.
"He has touched you again I see…" A voice sounded into the steamy room. Where had the steam come from? Eliza found that that was the least of her worries, because there in the door way stood the old woman grinning her spacey grin. She glided into the room with a presence that suggested pure grace. Eliza's head went limp against the tub and she shivered as the last effects of the wave drained away. She should feel embarrassed about being found in such a predicament but she was too shocked to hear the woman's words.
"How do you know…" Her voice was shallow and breathy.
"I know more than you'd ever imagine dear Eliza. I know that he has touched you and chosen you for his mate." The little woman said as she stood over Eliza's head and stroked the top of her head. With a languid motion she slid a lock of wet hair from her forehead and cooed at her. Eliza was too weak to protest, and found that she didn't care to. It was a soothing touch.
"You know of my white knight?" She asked. That was the title she had given him from the moment he rescued her from the eager and cruel clutches of Lord Senthwell. She watched the woman's eyes grow soft and the deep blue pools shimmer in her eyes.
"If you and I speak of the same person young one…then yes, I know him very well." She said. Eliza didn't know where the wave of relief had come from but at that moment, she was.
"Where is he?" Eliza asked, her eyes slowly taking on excitement. She missed the man who had showed her body what it truly meant to be touched. All she needed was to see him once more and she would feel complete.
"That is a question that I am not allowed to answer even if I did know of his whereabouts." The woman stated and stroked her index along Eliza's collarbone. The touch wasn't sensual but it was suspended on the edge of it.
"I need him….I need him now…"
"Yes I know little one and you shall have him if you will fully accept the consequences that follow." The woman started to stroll to the other side of Eliza, blocking her view to the outside. A frown creased Eliza's brow as she tried to wrap her thoughts around what the woman was saying. Her words seemed vague to her and she wondered if it was because she was still not yet over the last blow of pleasure her body had taken.
"What is there to accept? Tell me so that I may give my yea to this." She rolled her head towards the other woman and waited for her answer. She watched that grin grow serious and her eyes unreadable.
"He has chosen you Eliza. You are to be his mate, but I think it only fair to enlighten you of your wifely duties to him."
"Very well." She said after a deep breath. Eliza watched her sit on the edge of the tub, facing her and she placed her hands in her laps.
"Eliza, Aaron has-oh so sorry dear, I'll be careful not to call his name." She apologized after Eliza had hissed and arced her back upwards. She waited for the feeling to subside and then she continued.
"As I have started to say, he has made you his. Nothing can be done to undo this…I'm sorry, but I'm sure you're not. His kind chooses one woman and there is only one woman to each that can capture him into solitude. They are an intriguing set of beings, and quite enjoyable."
"They? The demons?" Eliza asked slowly recovering from the sexual attack on her body. She watched a slight smile creep onto the old lady's face and saw her nod her head in response before her verbal reply.
"Indeed Eliza…they are demons, but there are many genres of demons in this world."
"So which is he? Tell me so that I may know him more…so that I may understand how to please him." Eliza spoke as if that was all that matters. She didn't care about the consequences of loving him, all she needed and desperately wanted was him.
The other woman watched Eliza; looking into her eyes and seeing only the fear of not knowing and not having him, looking at her soft and delicate features and seeing that it screamed out for only him. She was ready then, and that brought a true smile to the woman's face.
"Why do you smile? Do you wish to taunt me by keeping your knowledge of him to yourself? I must know…you must tell me now!" The last came out a few octaves higher than she had wished. Her knuckles had gone white as she gripped the other woman's wrist in what was close to a death grip.
"Eager…so eager to know my child. The man-the demon that you crave, that you threaten to detach my wrist from my body for, is an Incubus. They are the ones that feed solely on pleasure….lust. They can give any woman what their body yearns for the most, no matter how perverse or strange…'tis what they do. You my dear have captured the heart of an incubus, and as I have said, this only occurs once for them."
"Incubus…" Eliza let the word roll of her tongue and she tasted it in the air. He was an incubus. Of course she'd never known of them, or anything out of the ordinary, thanks to her parents. She hated feeling vulnerable in her mind. There was so much to know and no one to teach her.
"That is right…do you still care to have him Eliza? He has already marked you and claimed you as his…he will come looking for you and find you no matter where you flee to." The woman warned.
"So why do you make it seem as if I have a choice? If he owns me so much, as you have stated, why ask me if this is what I want?" Eliza couldn't fathom where the woman was going with this. She didn't feel doomed after hearing her say she was owned by the incubus demon, so why did she seem as if she was trying her damnedest to persuade her with out really saying she was? The woman gave her blank eyes, they gave Eliza no inkling of what she was thinking.
"You are wiser than you give yourself praise for little one."
"Self praise prophets me nothing, and you are evading my question." Eliza pointed.
"Ah I suppose I have, and I do apologize dearly for doing so." She paused and Eliza waited because it was obvious that she had more to say.
"Eliza…when an incubus chooses his mate, he consummates with her rather quickly. When his seed is spilled within her, the more she thinks of him the more his powers locks onto her and makes her yearn only for his flesh, such as what is happening to you right now. The maiden will wait in agonizing pain for her lover…never knowing when he would come, for he only will come when she is at her ripest, just when the pleasure has filled her body to the brink. Before this, she will know only pain to every other touch. Silk would feel like fire upon her skin…yes 'tis that sever. When her body is prepared…he will come and take her, drinking the desire from her body, and in return he will give her his seed again.
Once he has done this…she will mother his seed…a seed that is difficult to harvest Eliza. A seed that could take the life of the mate and the child or one of each. It is a gamble Eliza…could you take that risk? Would you burn in lust for him and die in pain for his child?"
It was a heavy situation to think upon. Eliza was certain she felt her heart climbing up her throat as it pulsed violently in her chest. Death could be the end of her, but wasn't that the end for all? She wanted him like he was the only driftwood in the raging sea, in he midst of a storm and she was being tossed to and fro by the angry waves. That was where he stood in her life, a want that was more needed than wanted. She felt that he was her answer…she knew he was. There was nothing left to her, for her to look forward to. She was never going to return to her home, that was simply out of the question…so why not take this risk? She had nothing left to lose. Nothing. And with that thought, she looked up at the waiting woman and released her wrist. She licked her bottom lip and tasted vanilla there…like his kisses.
"I want him. I will risk it all for him…" The tension released its self from out of the woman's shoulders and out of the room. She watched the smile come to life on her face and Eliza saw hope there.
"Good, because my master would be heart broken to know that his mate did not wish to have him." Her words had sent Eliza fighting to make sensible words.
"Master?! He is your master?" She placed both hands on the tub, bended her elbows and steadied herself to stand. She listened to the woman chuckle and stand to walk across the room and fetch a robe for her.
"Well I couldn't tell you then, but now I could, now that you have chosen your fate. By the way my dear, I am Eyola." It was only then that Eliza had notice that she'd never asked the woman's name. So as she stood, she blushed and fought for words.
"I am not offended dear Eliza. You could not have known to ask even if you wanted to. It is a small spell that I perform to keep vital information away from the wrong ears and eyes." She wrapped the robe about Eliza's body and lifted her long wet hair from beneath it.
"I see. So…what do I do now?" She asked as she stepped out of the water and onto the wet flooring. She'd really made a mess of the floor with a flailing about in the water.
"First of all…do not worry about the water dear…that is a minor situation. Secondly, you must be patient for our master. He is a wise one, and he will know when and where to find you, till then, I will keep you as comfortable as I can." She said as she wrung water from her hair. Eliza tried to take a deep breath and willed herself to be patient and not a nervous mess. That, of course, was going to prove to be a hard task. Eyola placed her palm at the small of Eliza's back and ushered her out of the bathroom, speaking sweet words of her master and how kind he was to her. How was she to reamin calm if she spoke to dearly of him?
"How long do you suppose I would have to wait Eyola?" Eliza asked. She'd had a meal for two and was stuffed. Eyola was surely gifted in the kitchen. The little front room was cozy and warm. The rain still pelted against the ceiling put it was soothing in the dimly lit room, with the last rays of twilight twinkling trough the clouds. She watched a small smile work its way onto Eyola's face as she looked up from her needle work.
"Could me minutes…could be months…even years." At her words Eliza choked on her sip of water. She coughed and tried to clear her throat before she spoke.
"Years? Years! I can't possibly wait that long." She croaked.
"Ah but if it takes that long dear Eliza, you must. " She was so at ease with the thought, but Eliza felt her stomach working into knots with worry.
"But…" She stopped the thought from becoming words and looked away from Eyola. What she was thinking was, what if it did take years for him to come to her? She was human….seh would age and grow old surely he wouldn't want her then. But she didn't want Eyla to be offended by the thought so she kept it to herself.
"I am not offended Eliza." She heard Eyola say, her voice just an octave above a whisper. Eliza had forgotten that Eyola could hear her thoughts and blushed at being caught.
"Eyola I-"
"Silly beautiful girl, your thoughts are too pure to mean any fowl. If you wish to hear the words love, you are forgiven, though I must say there is nothing to forgive." She went back to her work and kept the half smile that Eliza was already becoming accustomed to.
"Years." She whispered still not over that thought.
"be patient Eliza…and enjoy what you have and rejoice for what is to come." Those words were enough to settle her mind and to loosen the knots in her stomach. In that moment Eliza was grateful to have found Eyola. Se would need her more than she'd ever needed her own mother. That was a sad thought, but Eliza was too elated to feel down for too long. He would come for her, and she would wait whether it be minutes or years.


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