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Daughters of The Incubi-Book 1: Scarlet

Novel By: NansiLondon

I hate writing synopsis. Just take a look and if it is not your cup of tea, it is because its coffee. come on...you wanna...
*UPDATE: This story is currently on hold. Sorry!!!! View table of contents...


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How does one begin a tale as tantalizing as this? Ah yes as all great tales of magic, enchantment and mystery have begun…

Once upon a time, in the land of Gevra, there lived a fair maiden of middle class standards, with a heart as pure as the waters that flowed from the Fidore Rivers. Eliza Govferi, daughter of Phiona and Cecil Govferi, lived high in the hills away from the norm civilization, yet she was more than aware of what occurred in her absents. A beauty as great as Eliza would cost much mayhem in the streets of Gevra if spotted by one of the many eligible suitors. Still, despite her distance from the village, many of them came in hopes of claiming the hands of the nobleman's daughter whose hair was fashioned after spun threaded gold that brushed gently to the curve of her back. Many dreamt of waking up to the sight of it spilt over white, satin pillows and the glow of her emerald eyes peeking out through thick dark lashes. Yet, not one had achieved such hopes. Eliza was the prize possession of her parents and so she was forbidden to have private contact with any of the opposite sex. This was hard on Eliza. Many a nights, deprived of the warmth of another's body, she squirmed effortlessly for some sort of release, some knowledge on what it felt like to be touched. But Cecil would throttle her to even suspect her of having such thoughts. So every night in the dark, quietness of her chambers, for the sake of sanity and need, she would found her self caressing the very spot that pulsed angrily between her thighs. Hurried breaths would whisper silently in the shadows, echoing the arrival of her release until the tingle would spread through out her body and fill her with that intoxicating sensation. She would never tire of this act; it was all that kept her from screaming and pulling her hair out by the roots. For now…with this only, Eliza was suffice. Till the night of the ball, and all changed.
"Here ye! Here ye! His Lordship, Lord Aaron Lawrence Senthwil the Third will be hosting the annual Winter Solstice Ball. All worth mentioning are invited to feast and celebrate at Senthwil Manor the twenty-first eve of the twelfth month, 1452."
This announcement was carried through the walls of the city to the very hills the Govferi resided. So that night at dinner, in the warm inviting dinning room of their home, Eliza found courage to make her request.
"Mother…Father, I wish to go to the Winter Solstice Ball…if you will."
"I'm afraid you won't be attending Eliza." Her Mother said without as much as a second's thought. Eliza knew that would be their answer but she was tired of being denied.
"Mother…I am more than capable of attending to myself if you and father wish not to escort me."
"No you are not and even if that were so, you know the rules Eliza. Now this conversation has met its end."
"But mother-"
"Enough!" Her father yelled allowing his spoon to clink hard against the porcelain bowl. His fiery emerald eyes burned into his daughter's face, causing all words to come to a halt in her throat. Eliza went completely still and quiet as her mother became too concerned with her beef stew soup. Cecil's anger was pulsing through the room and it brought tears to Eliza's eyes. Always denied. Why did she even expect so much when she was never given any? It was the fact that she hoped so hard and nearly believed they would let her that brought those tears slipping down her face.
"Now Eliza, you need not attend this ball nor any other event down in the valley. You have all you need and more than you can possibly desire right here. Don't be a cruel child and ask so much of your parents." Her mother stated, never giving her the view of her eyes. Eliza allowed it to rest there. She was never going to be free of her parents. Only death would free her, sadly.
The ball was the most talked of thing in the town and now that day had come, there was nothing but scurrying about amongst the people in final preparations. Everyone was busy; the bakers with there artistic and mouth watering treats can be smelled traveling all through the village. Eliza stood on her terrace with tears trailing silently and hopelessly down her pink cheeks. She had cried all night in despair, wishing so hard for a means of escape.
Just as she was about to turn a light sparked beside her and grew magically till there stood a maiden. Eliza stumbled away with a perplexed expression, as she watched the maiden open her eyes to reveal such an enchanting color.
"Hello Eliza…" Twas enough for her to appear out of no where to surprise Eliza, but for her to know her name brought fear to her eyes.
"What sorcery is this?" Eliza whispered growing paler in fear.
"Stop dear, or you shall pass out in your fear. I come only to aid you darling. My eyes have forever been on you…watching you blossom into the beauty you are now. Your heart is an untainted one that asks only for a little and gets nothing. I fine that to be unfair Eliza, and have come to grant you your desires for this one eve." She said only taking a few steps closer, and she had already covered enough ground to stand two feet away from Eliza.
"My desires? But who are you?" She asked in bewilderment. Eliza thought of sunrise when she saw the woman smile and nearly sighed for it.
"Ah yes, how could I be so rude? I am Rowena Tavrek, an enchantress of the Sendu Fey. We are somewhat of a tribe of fey like creatures, who's only desires are to grant long awaited desires. You are my next charge Eliza…I am to see to yours for this eve."
Still perplexed, Eliza looked away as her mind tried to make since of the situation. She'd never heard of the Fey or any mystical creatures…all Cecil's doing. He allowed Eliza to know only what he wanted her to. Some how, her thoughts had taken a different track, and she could only think of the ball.
"So…you can help me be free of this bondage…for just this night? For the ball?" She asked giving pleading and hopeful eyes to Rowena. Rowena showed Eliza sunrise again as she smiled and nodded her head slowly. Not one strand of her pale golden hair was disturbed as she did so.
"For this night my dear…"
"Anything I ask?" She was still skeptical and confused. She shouldn't be so trusting so quickly when she'd only met Rowena woman moments ago.
"Anything…of course…I already what that 'thing' is." She answered knowingly.
"I suppose you would. I really want to go to that ball Rowena…really." Eliza said, on the verge of more tears. This almost felt too good to be true but she was going to take whatever help came her way.
"Then you shall be there love…" Was only after she spoke the words, that Rowena was embraced in a heartfelt hug. Tears were streaming down Eliza face as she thanked Rowena profusely.
"There, there dear…let's get you ready for your big night.
Rowena had done something that seemed almost impossible. She had made Eliza even more beautiful than once before. Eliza stood in her room with a gown of pure silk and lace. The bodice, cut dangerously low had a center pies of lace on a fine piece of emerald silk, which was on both sides were only silk. The gown fell low, and only when she walked, one would see a peak of emerald slippers of silk and lace. Accentuating the dress was a few embroidered beads about the base of the bodice and wrist of the fitted sleeves. The sleeves were of lace alone leaving spaces between the fabrics to reveal her skin. As Eliza panted, she noticed her full breast rising and falling on each breath. She made note not to breathe so hard or they'd spill out. Her hair was gathered atop her head with spirals of curls tumbling down her back, powdered to perfection, with an exotic feather sticking out from the top. The feather was of emerald and a sapphire blue, the bird obviously a peacock. Not much makeup was needed for Eliza; her skin was pure perfection in the moonlight and her cheeks already a rosy color. Rogue was applied to her lips and under her eyes darkened slightly with coal. She was a beauty.
"Could this truly be me?" She asked her reflection in disbelief. She watched from the mirror as Rowena came to stand behind her with a pleased smile.
"It was always you dear. Have you never noticed your beauty, or are you so modest that the mistake can be easily made?" Rowena's words brought a blush to Eliza's cheeks and left her looking away with a smile. She turned slowly and looked up at Rowena with the gratitude evident in her eyes.
"I know dear…and you are more than welcome. Now…I do believe this is a masquerade ball that you are to attend, which means you will be in need of this." She lifted her hand and in it appeared a wearable half mask of silver and emerald with tiny jewels in the forehead and a shape of a swan was carved to perfection to the right cheek and extended away from the mask. It was a mask that seemed to be before its time, and was too unique to have been crafted by human hands. Yet there Rowena stood, with it in her hands and fastened it to her head. She was complete. Eliza was suddenly loosing her nerves. This was too much for her. She wasn't use to dressing up and looking like this.
"Rowena what have you done to me?" She asked in amazement. The dark coal under her eyes made them shimmer and pulse from behind the mask.
"I've only showed you who you truly are. Now come…we must get you to your ball or you shall miss the entire event. Are there any other wishes that you would have me grant before you leave?"
Eliza pondered and found that it would seem rude and ungrateful to ask for anything else. She'd gotten too much as it seemed. Yet there was something else she could think of.
"Rowena. My body is craving…it is in need…" She felt to ashamed to finish her sentence.
"I know Eliza…and I know what you want, but that is something that you must and will fulfill with out my aid." Eliza asked no more after she heard Rowena's words. She felt her touch her cheek and then there was a chilling breeze. When Eliza looked about her, she stood behind a big oak before Senthwil Manor.
"Never mind that…this is your night Eliza, and I want you to enjoy it. This is as far as I will go with interference. Go, and enjoy this eve and be brave in doing so. As for your parents, I have fanned them off to sleep and they shall never know of your departure."
"But how am I to return?" She asked, her eyes taking on a bespelling glow in the luminous moon.
"I shall return for you when you blow this." With that a thin silver whistle on a thin chin appeared in her hand. She placed it about Eliza's neck and stood back to take one more look at her.
"Till then young one, be safe." Just as she had appeared, she'd disappear, leaving Eliza standing in the chill of the night's air. She turned and stood amazed at the beauty of Senthwil Manor. People were still piling in for the biggest event of the year and just as one coach left another appeared. She had no coach and realized to late that she should of requested one. Still it mattered not. She stepped onto the gravel and made her way to the manor. It was a short journey and she needed some time to gather her nerves.
Moments later she stood at the bottom step and tried to pay no attention to the stares she was getting. Many whispered and nudged the person next to them as they whispered words that Eliza was sure to be confusion.
"Who is she?" One would say.
"Where is her escort? Hopefully there is none…"
"I must dance with her this night…"
"Look at her gown…"
"Why have we not noticed such a beauty before?"
"Damn Lord Senthwil for making this a masquerade party…"
On and on they went, supposedly whispering but speaking loud enough for easy conversation. She placed a hand on the rail to take the stairs, but before she could take one step, a hand took hers firmly under his and waited for her to step first. Turning to see who this gentleman was, she was greeted by mysterious deep blue eyes and a grin that seemed to make her body warm in the chilly air.
"Th-thank you…" She said and his response was a slow nod. Finding that she was getting no where by simply staring in those eyes, she broke free of the gaze and cleared her throat as she climbed the stairs slowly. Her silent escort gentleman remained just that and held her firm till she had reached the top of the stairs. Releasing her hand, he stepped back, took a bow and was gone before she could give him thanks, leaving her with only the view of his back and a rather long pony tail of a fiery red. It was her first ball, so she assumed that this was a tradition of some kind that was done to maidens who had no escort.
"Very well then…" She mumbled to her self.
Senthwil Manor aglow with music that was festive and classical. Women of high and middle class were dressed in high fashionable gowns and masks of extravagant colors shapes and genres. Some were fashioned with beaks, feathers, silly faces or animal faces and all cost a small fortune. The moment her feet were over the threshold, eyes went in was on her. How was she expected to enjoy the eve if she was constantly being watched so boldly. She prayed that she didn't stumble over her own feet because if it kept up that would be the end result.
"Milady, I must say that you are a beauty, but pray tell, what is your name?" A gentleman asked from beside her. She hadn't noticed when he had approached and nearly gasped when he spoke. His mask was a harlequin, like that of her mysterious escort. Black powdered hair was tied back on his head and stopped about neck length, and eyes so pale a green that they appeared almost translucent, grazed over her body with something Eliza had never known from a man, but was she was sure of.
"Eliza Gov-…Govet" she lied. She had no choice but to lie. Despite the fact that she lived out her life atop the hills far from civilization, her family was still well known and so was she.
"Lady Govet…I am Lord Senthwil as you may already know. Welcome to my ball."
She curtsied and acknowledged him. "'Tis an honor milord."
"I am the one who should be honored my dear, you're eyes, they speak of the beauty that lies beneath the mask. I wished only that I did not listen to my wife when she requested a masquerade ball. Then I would be able to be sufficed by the beauty that stands before me."
Eliza was sure her cheeks had burned a deep burgundy by now. She smiled and with a flattered voice she said, "Milord! You speak such words to a maiden's ear when she you are wedded. Please I fear others will see my blushes and come to conclusions."
"I do not fear or value others opinion in matters such as this dear. They mean so little to me."
"Well Lord Senthwil they mean too much to me. If you will excuse me sir-"
"Where is your escort Lady Govet? Surely a damsel such as your self has not come to a ball filled with more rogues that gentleman…" His voice had dropped lower and held lust in each word. Eliza knew that this conversation was going wrong. Yes she wanted a man to want her, but she was not so far gone to take a married man.
"My Darling, there you are…" A deep voice spoke from behind her, as a strong hand took her by the elbow. She turned to find her gentlemen from the stairs grinning down at her with a look of familiarity in his eyes. She watched his gaze shift to Lord Senthwil, who was slowly deflating before her.
"Lord Senthwil…if you will excuse us, I wish to have this dance with milady." He said and pulled her away before wither of them could protest. Eliza was dumbfounded and didn't know how to form the words in her head first. The waltz was about to start and she found herself standing ready to begin. The music started and she was being carried about the dance floor by the stranger. His eyes bore down on hers and she nearly stumbled, but she felt his grip keeping her upright. She had to know who this man was before the dance was over, and she didn't care about being bold right then.
"I do owe you thanks again this eve sir…but to whom is it that I am thanking?" She asked as he continued to stare at her and twirl her around the room.
"Stay from Lord Senthwil…" His voice still surprised her even though she knew it was coming.
"Yes that I know better of now, but, who are you?" She frowned behind her masked and saw that his eyes were pulling her in.
"That is not important…" The dance was over; he bowed again and was gone, leaving her lost on the floor with applauding dancers. She moved to exit the floor, but found her self in Senthwil's arms.
"Now I wish a dance as well Lady Govet." He said drawing a gasp from her. She wanted to pull away, but if she did it would appear suspicious.
"M-milord…I am a bit weary from the waltz, perhaps when I-"
"No. Now is fine." He took her hand firmly and started moving in a serious of twirls. She always wondered who was the daft fool who thought it fun to create a dance solely on spinning. She was already dizzy and her bearings were long gone. The music was getting faint as he twirled her until she felt her back against a hard surface. She blinked twice and found that he had twirled her right out to the terrace skillfully without an eye to bear witness.
"Eliza…" Was all that was said, and then his lips was crushing hers. She pushed at him and found that he wasn't budging an inch. When he released her lips, he lifted her over his shoulders and proceeded down the marble stairs and into the maze garden below. She kicked at him to release her and even tried screaming for help, but there was no one to hear her.
"Please! Stop this!" She cried as he threw her onto the ground and straddled her. His body crushed hers with his weight and he cared little about that. She felt the fabric of her dress being ripped down the front to reveal her pale breast in the moon light. She pushed at him and tried hitting him, but he slammed her wrists hard onto the stone pavement and clasped them there with one hand. Eliza wasn't strong enough. She didn't want to betaken like this…not her first time. He ripped of her mask and gasped when he saw her face.
"Eliza…you are a beauty! What luck I have this night to lay with such a beautiful woman."
"You swine! Release me now!" She shouted in his face, and received a slap so hard it left her ears ringing. She cried softly and felt his mouth on her nipples. Sadly, her body reacted to the touch, but her mind was still screaming no. He suckled them to hard and that crossed the line of pleasure to pain for her. He pulled away only to rip the rest of her dress down the front. The fabric gave way easily under the pressure and the sound was terrifying to her ears.
"Please! Not like this…not like this! Stop!" She cried as he reached under her skirt and ripped away fabric. She felt when her garter tore and his hand touched bare skin. What she really felt was when his finger entered her hard and fast. She tried to squirm away from beneath him but his weight left her immobile.
"You will know this night the feel of a man deep inside you. I will bring my self till my seed spills inside you Eliza. Wouldn't you like that?"
"NO! Stop it hurts! I beg you…please" She whimpered and just as she closed her eyes, she felt his weight lift off of her. When she opened them, the sight that greeted her both scared her and relieved her.
There in the pale glow of the moon in the middle of the clearing, stood the stranger and dangling of the ground in his left hand was Lord Senthwil, choking for air. Eliza crawled backward on her hands until her back touched the wall of shrubbery. She gathered what remains of cloth and tried to cover her self. It was then her hands bumped against something cold about her neck. The whistle. She'd forgotten all about it. Just as she grabbed it and placed it to her lips, she heard Lord Senthwil's body hitting the ground with a thud. She gasped and looked up to see silver eyes coming towards her. With a deep breath, she blew the whistle and seconds later, Rowena stood before her. Her heart pounded in her chest as Rowena hissed at her hero and spoke a language not familiar to her ears.
"Rowena…please take me home…he has helped me…not hurt me." She said softly, a blush and the bruise on her cheek standing out on her pallid skin. Rowena took awhile to move, feeling that there was no way to trust the man that stood before her. He might not have hurt Eliza, but he was not good news either.
"Very well my little one…I will see you home."
"Wait…" The stranger interjected.
"No! You say nothing! Let this be the last you ever touch or see her." She demanded to him and with her arms about Eliza, she spirited her away back to the castle, but not before Eliza gazed one last time into enchanting silver eyes.
The castle was quiet and all was fast asleep. For that, Eliza was grateful. The last she needed was for her parents to see her coming in late in such a condition.
"I am so very sorry Eliza…this was not what I wished for you…" Rowena soothed, as she stroked the top of the young girls head. She had finally gotten her to calm enough to heal her bruises and put her to bed. Still, she was more than aware that there was no way for her to heal the emotional scar the night had caused Eliza. Sad eyes with a tinge of fear looked up at her skeptically
"Rowena…tis not your fault. Tis mine." She croaked softly, clearing her throat for the lump that was settling slowly in it.
"You are not to blame if I am not dear. No woman should be hurt like how you were tonight." She waited for Eliza's response but she spoke nothing. Her eyes stared aimlessly into hers and it took a shake of her shoulders to grab her attention once more.
"Eliza? Are you sure that you're well?"
"I don't want to go back out there Rowena. Here is where I belong and where I want to stay. My parents were right in their actions. Now I had to learn that the hard way, but it was taught well non the less."
"No…I am content Rowena. Thank you. Now I am fatigue, please let me rest…"
There was nothing else to say. She truly was content but there was a pinch of yearning still left in Eliza and it was to know who the stranger was. She had meant to ask Rowena about him, but there had seemed to be too many fowl words between the two to ask.
"I will leave you be for now Eliza…but shed a tear and my presence you will have." With that, she kissed her forehead and was gone in a flash. After awhile, Eliza sighed into the darkness and turned onto her side to snuff out the candle. She stopped and decided to leave it lit.
It was the wee hours of the night when deep sleep had every mind lost in dream land, when Eliza's eyes opened to the sound of her balcony's door being swung wide open. She felt the hairs on the back of her neck and her face stand on end at a presence and made her shiver in the dimly lit room. She sat up slowly and shifted her gaze towards the balcony. She saw nothing but her doors were open. She couldn't leave it as that, so she threw her legs over the side of the bed, and made her way to the balcony. Her feet patted softly on the brick flooring, her hair tumbled about her and her heart was slowly calming from the jolt. Reaching the threshold of the balcony, she looked and saw only swaying trees in the evenings breeze. It caused another shiver to run down her back and she closed the door quickly for it. With the door firmly secured, she stepped back slowly and stopped short when she bumped into something hard. Her heart froze in her chest as she felt hot breath on her neck, blowing at her hair. A whimper escaped her throat when she heard a deep exhale behind her.
"Don't fear your knight fair maiden…" It was only a few times she had heard the voice, but already she knew it and the eyes and grin that accompanied it. She couldn't move, that was the only thing she was sure of.
"How…h-how did you get in?" She whispered into the ever growing silence.
"You invited me…" he said matter of factly
"I don't recall doing so." Why wasn't she so afraid anymore? Was his voice that soothing to her nerves?
"Eliza…I came because you wanted me as much as I wanted you…" He finished and she felt his arms about her waist just then. Instinct told her to tilt her head slightly to the side, and thus she did so. Her back arced to the feel of his lips on her neck, and instantaneously, Eliza felt the moisture and a pulse grow between her thighs. She grasped the back of his neck and moaned when she felt his hands on her breast through the chemise.
"Why do I feel this way?" she asked and her voice was more air than sound. She found her self grinding her buttocks into his crotch like a wanton whore and found no shame in doing so.
"Let me show you what you've dreamt of for so many nights Eliza…you have summoned me and now I must obey to your call…" She had only closed her eyes for but a moment, when they opened again she was lying atop the bed, completely naked and the delicious weight of him sprawled out over her. She was in heaven and loving every moment of her stay.
"Who are you?" She asked as she looked up into a face with such striking features that it made her breath come short in her throat. A soft grin came to his lips and she was amazed all over again to see it.
"My name is Aaron. That is all that needs to be spoken right now my precious…let me explore your body."
As if on cue, another wave of hunger surged through Eliza and nearly drowned her in its essence.
"Take me…please…" She said as she opened her legs to him and trapped him there. He needed no more coaxing. His fingers pinched and teased her nipple while his mouth suckled the next. Her soft moans were music to his ears and a melody that he would never tire of. She raked sharp nails gingerly over his back and it set his desire afire, and as a result he grew harder between her legs. The scent, the feel of his flesh warm and slick on hers drove Eliza's senses crazy and left her clawing at him for more. Slowly, Aaron made his way down her ribs, kissing and licking every little bump his lips met and showing her in that one act that he had only just begun his torture on her flesh. Eliza's body was hot and wet for more, begging silently to be touched everywhere, and thanking Aaron at the same time for touching those places. She felt his tongue dip into her navel and wormed about in that tiny hole.
"Aaron! Your tongue is bittersweet to my flesh…please…no more tempting."
He lifted his head and gazed up at her through rich fiery red hair and eyes that had taken on that eerie glow of silver again. Eliza should have been afraid, but she felt even more aroused at the animalistic look he gave her.
"Oh but there is so much more Eliza…" With that, he lifted her legs over his shoulder as he knelt up in the bed, and brought the pink, delicate moist flesh to his mouth. Viciously, and mercilessly, he ravished Eliza's hungry flesh between her thighs and brought her panting and clawing at the bed. She cried out with every flick of his tongue; every suckle of his lips and even the dip of his tongue entering her slyly. She felt her first wave of climax and it left her crying out his name in her chambers. Satisfied by his acts, he gently placed her bottom back on the bed and moved up to taste her lips. She was surprised by the sweet taste on his lips and it left her nibbling at his full lips.
"Hold onto me Eliza. Look into my eyes as I enter you." His words were like a caress in all the right places on her body. She wanted to release again just by hearing him speak, but she did as he asked and braced herself for what was to come.
Eliza had no inkling that her overwhelming desire she felt was partially Aaron's affect. He was giving her body the extra sensitive touches that left her panting for his hands. So when he placed the head of his member at her opening, Eliza arced and tried to move her hips for him to enter her, not like most virgins who would shy away. He gave her body what it was begging for, and with one deep thrust he filled Eliza to the brink. She gasped and cried out at the bittersweet sensation that ran between her legs. Her breathing was wild as began to move slowly and deeply in her. She felt her hymen break and the light flow of blood but she begged him for more, and more she was given. Finding a rhythm, Aaron, thrust deep into Eliza, pounding hard at her walls and bringing her again. She was so lost in her pleasure she didn't care for the noises she made. Aaron slipped his arms under her back and lifted her quivering body off the bed. There he knelt, bouncing her atop his hard shaft, with arms locking her in his embrace.
"Oh! Aaron! Yes…"
'Yes…cry out for me Eliza…" He murmured in her ear and bit down teasingly on her lobe. With that one act, Eliza came again in his arms. Still deep and hard inside her, he turned her to stand on all fours in the bed and continued to thrust mercilessly inside her. She cried out harder at this new feeling. It was still him she felt but it was all of him from that angle and she couldn't love it anymore than she did right then. Aaron's nails dug into her buttocks and drew blood in shallow cuts. She loved it and it only made her move her hips faster to meet him with each pump of his thick cock.
Feeling his desire coming to a swell, he pulled her up, never ceasing to give her the full trust of his cock and held her in place with a arm over her chest and a hand teasing the tiny bud between her legs into insanity. She closed her eyes and rested the back of her head against his shoulder, feeling another surge coming from deep inside her. Just then Aaron squeezed her nipple hard and growled as he felt it nearing.
"Take my seed Eliza and give me your cries of pleasure." With that he bit down hard on her neck, not breaking the skin but holding the flesh. She gasped and in a burning haze she was climaxing with him pouring his seed deep inside her body.
"Aaron…" Was the last she said and saw as she fell onto the pillows, looked up at him one last time, and succumbed to the darkness behind her lids.


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