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Taming Scylcenna: Lessons for Raeswa

Novel By: Nadia Fairwood

Presently, only one man can tame the Scylcenna and very few in history ever have. It is a skill that is rare, but how do you teach a skill that simply cannot be taught? How do you teach the impossible when so much is at stake? View table of contents...



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Author's pre-note - I hope you don't mind my asking you to comment if you read this. Pretty please? It will help encourage me to continue and we all know that encouragement is always a plus.


A short squat man stood under the canopy of trees gazing at the large and oddly shaped wooden house in the clearing. The unusual silence was deafening. Not a bird was chirping, not even an insect was buzzing. It was only this part of the forest that was always filled with an uncomfortable silence. He reasoned that it was likely the result of the Scylcenna, but why this was the case he could not guess.

Smoke was rising from the chimney, a fair indication that the man he sought would be there. There were two reasons the chimney would be lit. No matter which it was, he would be there.

He mopped his face off with a cloth and took a deep breath. He was bringing news that the great warrior, known as Bede, would not be happy with. Bede preferred to life an obscure and quiet life here with his court if Scylcenna, the lucky bastard. The area was protected for his privacy. Gepingedd, or Gep, himself had to leave his horse a mile behind. Not only were his short heavy legs tired, he was ready to get the entire affair over with, even though he knew that Bede would not appreciate being assigned to this task.

This was a task without choice so it simply must be done, Gep reasoned with himself. There was no since in worrying over it. Gep noted the smoke rising again. Besides, there may be some visual rewards for today, he smiled lasciviously to himself.

Gep stepped forward into the clearing. As he approached the house he once again wondered why the house was so oddly shaped. Some of it was rounded, some of it was jagged. It's as though there was no plan for it at all. Maybe that was it. There was no plan and each time he caught a Scylcen he added a room. One day, he should ask Bede about it.

The dwelling was surrounded by a fence that was covered in vines. Today those vines were friendly, but that was not always the case. The gate swung open on its own just as he reached it. Yep, Bede is definitely here. Were he not the gate would not open, and there would be no climbing over the fence. That was a very hard earned lesson. The memory of that fiasco was still a fresh wound on his mind. He reddened just thinking of it and tried to push the memory back.

Never sure if a new lesson was around the corner, he cautiously made his way up the path to the front door. He raised his hand to knock, when it too opened. This was a good thing. He was 0 for 2, so far. He hoped that it would remain that way throughout the visit. It's too bad that he didn't realize his hope was a futile one.

"Bede?" he called out. He was not very sure of what to do next. There would be grave consequences if he made even the smallest of mistakes. He tried to push that one out of his mind too.

The entrance hall was rather dark. Gep squinted struggling to see as his eyes adjusted to the dim light. He thought he heard a man talking toward the back of the house, but wasn't sure. He strained to listen. "Is that you?" he spoke a bit louder. The door was open, so Gep reasoned it was an invite to come in, so he stepped into the hall.

As the door closed behind him he felt a slight breeze along the back of his neck. The faint scent of perfume began to fill the room. He knew it was a Scylcen, which were known to be mischievous. He had been the victim of many pranks by Bede's Scylcenna, most humiliating but somewhat enjoyable at times. Gep straightened his jacket and stood straight as a pencil, "I want to speak with Bede" he announced to what appeared to be nothing. He was determined to beat the tomfoolery this time. Of course, he thought that every single time he ever visited and every single time he had a new memory that he wished to erase.

The fireplace lit up and then he felt a warm and gentle hand on his shoulder. "This is not going to work," he announced. He was determined to resist it, but he knew full well he must face her whether he resisted or not. He turned and there she stood. Today, as was usual, it was Gwenfudd, though occasionally others would greet him. Gwenfudd is one of the most voluptuous Scylcenna ever known, and was generally thought of as the leader of Bede's fairy court.

She lowered her head and coyly gazed at him through long dark lashes. Her raven hair gracefully cascaded down to her hips, a trait that quickly melted Gep. She wore her usual dress that is so fine and sheer, it looks like the mist left after a heavy rain, he thought to himself. Fortunately for Gep, it hid absolutely nothing, as all their dress did. Her slender body was absolute perfection. Her eyes were pools of blue, or were they brown? They seemed to change with her mood, but that's not what Gep was thinking about. Her breasts were round and firm such as the ripest of fruits, with dainty pink stems. Her hips were graceful and the soft curls between her legs were always tantalizing. Her scent became stronger and it floated under his nose, he began to become light headed and dizzy. Even so, his arousal was swift.

He was fading into a fog; a dense fog. He felt lost but content, anxious but calm. It was as though he felt something evil ahead, but that there would be pleasure first. Slowly, the fog began to clear. There were trees and streaks of sunshine. He was now in a dense forest and kneeling before him, was the exquisite and seductive Gwenfudd. She reached up and unbuttoned his pants to expose his member to her. Her wings fluttered for a moment in delight. She smiled wantonly at him, then leaned forward and flicked her tongue over its tip. His response was immediate, as his cock began to throb. She took him into her mouth and it felt as if dewy velvet was tightly engulfing him. He looked down and watched as he thrust himself into her. Each time he went further further into her mouth. Her could feel her hot wet tongue dancing about, which nearly made him come. "You are an angel," he groaned, never wanting her to stop, but at the same time wanting to fill her mouth with his seed and make her his forever. He slid his fingers into her hair and began to thrust harder into her wet mouth.

He opened his eyes and he could see their reflection. It was as if he were watching them in a mirror. He could see himself as he forced his cock all the way in. "You will be mine," he breathed. His stomach was warming and there was a pressure building up, "you will be my angel... my fairy." His breath quickened and she slid a finger up into him. "Oh Gwenfudd," he moaned in absolute ecstasy. He was about to come, he was almost there. "Yes!" he was ready to gush, but wait. A drop of something fell on his shoulder. He opened his eyes to look and it was water. Another drop fell and then another. Soon many were falling. He looked up to see where it was coming from and then suddenly sleet and rain began to pour down on him. He body was going numb. He looked back down at her and now she was fading away, or getting blurry. He wasn't sure which it was but he knew what was happening. "No!" He cried out, "Don't go my angel!" He was now falling, faster and faster until....

He opened his eyes. He was lying on the floor with his pants off and his rock hard shaft was in his hand. He had fallen under her spell, and with her fluttering above him, was watching him masturbate on the floor. A bucket hovered alongside her and he rightly guessed it was ice water. She was laughing hysterically, but without sound for the Scylcenna have no voice. She allowed the bucket to float down and rest beside him. He half wanted to finish and make himself come anyway just to play it off, but he knew better.

"Gwenfudd, why do you do this to me?" He groaned pitifully. He stood up and began putting his pants on, wondering how she always manages to get them completely off. For that matter, why did he fall for their tricks every single time? It was infuriating!

There was a large wooden desk in the corner. She lifted the roll top and in a slot she removed a piece of glass, which he recognized as a glass that made objects look larger. She then began to examine his (still exposed) member with it, as if it were so small she couldn't find it.

"Very funny." He reddened and quickly finished buttoning his pants. If only he could just get this over with.

She sent the glass floating back to its spot in the desk, when her giggles began to erupt. She covered her mouth and, not very convincingly, tried to stop the fit. Her shoulders began to shake and it wasn't long until she erupted into hysteric laughter as she bent over holding her belly trying to contain herself. There was nothing like having a silent fairy laugh her ass off at his expense. "I may not be the size of Bede, but couldn't you just pretend every now and then?"

Freaking Scylcenna!


Author's post note - I hope you have enjoyed this. Just wait until we get to meet the infamous Bede! If you want to read more, please tell me!


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