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Runaway Unloved

Novel By: MzBettyB00psStories

Tiana is finally sick and tired of this hell of a life with her parents, shes not a maid..and knows there is a better life for herself and Charlie somewhere else...somewhere where she will be loved... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 10, 2010    Reads: 122    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Chapter 1
It was a cool Thursday afternoon in Houston, Texas, and Tiana Montelo was packing bags getting ready for the airport. Tiana was not your average 17 year old. She was smart, beautiful, rich, and had everything she could almost wish for. But unfortunitly...it wasn't what she wanted. In her parents 3 story mansion Tiana wastreatedlike a dog..worse then her dog charlie, her adorable pug. Tiana was more like a maid in the house. Her parents didn't hire servents or other maids to do the house work or anything else. They decided to use their daughter, cheap asses. She had been treated like a servent for the past 3 years and couldn't take it anymore. Tiana told herself one day she would raise up enough money to get out of this hell whole, and she has. She had her master card ready for everything. She already booked her flight and called a taxi. She wrote a "Goodbye Forever" to her parents and left it on the computer desk. Her bags where pack, all 5 of them.
It was 9:03 when the taxi pulled up outside and honked. Tiana was already outside eager to leave. The driver helped her place her bags in the trunk andthen they drove off. She didn't take one look back at that house. She didn't feel loved there, she didn't feel wanted like a daughter should. So she hated it there and everybody in it, except for Charlie of course, who sat beside her sleeping lazily unaware of them running away. As they arrived at the airport sometime around 9:30 Tiana's phone had been going off like crazy, her parents had found the note. She didn't answer any of the calls. The taxi driver helped her get her bags on one of the buggys in the airport, she paid him her fee plus tip. She heard the flight attendent come on speaker, "FLIGHT 72 WILL BE LEAVING IN 30 MINTUES THANK YOU", that was her flight. So she had 30 minutes to spare be for leaving...so she walked around to the different stands, got a hot dog, read a book. Every once in a while turning to her right and seeing tall guy with deep brown eyes staring at her. Tiana was cute, no sexy, but she didn't like to show it off. Especially guys. She could be a flirt when she wanted to be but only when it was nessecary. She's had plenty of boyfriends, had sex, and could almost say she was in love for once. But that all changed soon after she turned 17.

25 minutes had passed and the guy the eyes was still staring at her. She thougth about staring back and sticking her tongue out. But decided not to. But then, all of a sudden he got, he starts walking towards her smiling. Her heart starts beating fast, "Screw this..." she thought. As she got up with particular speed she got behind her buggy and started heading for her gate. She was fast walking, pasteing herself. But he stayed right behind her. "68..69..70..71....come on damn it where is 72?" she thought out loud. "It's right down there on your right instead of your left"..Tiana turned around in suprisement. There he was pointing the direction for her to go. "Um thanks.." nervously turning around and heading off again towards the gate. "Hey wait! Can i help you with your bags ms.....?" he was searching for a name with his hand stretched out. "Montelo" she shook his hand, "Tiana Montelo". She made a fake smile. "Ah, very sexy..is it italian?" He was walking with her now, " Actually it is" she answered, "But your skin...it's darker then most italians...and your accent is right soo..", "My mom is white and Italian and my dad is black." she sounded irritated, she hated it when people ask her about her race. "Oh, well thats cool...by the way im Tyler, Tyler Jones" he flashed a cute smile "Nice to meet you, but I really.." the speaker interrupted, "FLIGHT 72 LEAVING IN THE NEXT 10 MINUTES THANK YOU" , "So im guessing thats you?" he asked "Yea it is, it was nice to meet you though Tyler. Bye" And she hurryed off before he could say anything else. "Saved by the loud speaker" she thought. She louded her bags up and got on board first class on the plane. All she wanted now was to be alone and sleep. And then start her new life in Miama with Charlie.


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