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My love triangle

Novel By: MyLittleDreamCatcher

Rosie is married. She is happily married in fact. But when an argument gets out of hand she finds herself storming out into the night where she finds a mysterious man. Who just happens to be extremely handsome. View table of contents...



Submitted:Apr 3, 2012    Reads: 842    Comments: 5    Likes: 0   

"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE" Kyle bellows. I rush to the door and slam it behind me. The crisp evening air pinches my skin and I shiver despite my woollen H&M cardigan. I slip into my little, rusty car and drive without any idea as to where I am going. I just need to get away from this horrible place. It was supposed to be a romantic evening with me and Kyle. It's our one year anniversary. It was supposed to be special. I had really dressed up for it as well. I spent hours in front of the mirror curling my hair, applying a thick layer of foundation. I applied about twenty layers of mascara. Lets not forget the amount of eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, the whole works really. As for my outfit, well lets just say you can see more skin than material (this was before I put on the cardigan- obviously) My tight dress compliments my slender figure and barely contains my breasts that almost fall out if it. It only just comes past my buttocks. I felt so sexy in it. Now I just feel cold. And sad. I snuggle against the cardigan appreciating it's warmth as I drive. I scowl wishing I was wearing something a little less revealing now. My mind replays the last hour. It started wonderfully. I came downstairs to find Kyle in the kitchen pouring out two glasses of posh French wine. His face when he saw me. I smile as I remember his surprised expression. I walked over to him, draped my arms around his sholders and started kissing him passionately. I opened my eyes for a split second and caught sight of a valentines card sitting on the kitchen counter. Valentine's day was yesterday, I gave him a card, but it wasn't that one. I pulled away from him. He gave me a puzzled look and I walked over and picked up the card. Kyle's face grew pale, then angry as I read the dirty message written in bubble-gum pink gel pen. I speed up and start driving at a faster pace as I remember the next bit. The message was so undignified and very naughty. Whoever she was, she was obviously a slut. Kyle grabbed hold of my arm pulling me away from the card, he didn't realize the force he was using. I take my eyes off the road and look down at my arm, it's turned a dark shade of pink. I winced in pain as he dug his nails into my skin. He shouted at me. I shouted at him. His voice grew louder and my crying grew louder. He hit me. He wasn't the man I knew. Not the man I married. So of course, when he 'asked' me to leave. I left.

I find a quiet car park, I have no idea where I am, nor how far I have driven. I know i'm in the countryside somewhere as thats where I was heading. It's nice and quiet out in the country. I can clear my head and look at the stars. It's late and the stars are especially bright tonight. The car park is practically empty only a couple of other cars dotted around. I catch sight of my reflexion in the car mirror. I look dreadful. My mascara has travelled half way down my face along with the eyeliner. My foundation appears blotched and uneven. My hair sticks out in places from where I have driven my fingers through it. I sigh. It's light enough for me to see outside and I spot a bench. I drag myself out if the car and sit on it. I'm not as cold but I wrap the cardigan tight around me. I sit there for a few minutes before bursting into tears with my head in my hands. Unaware of how loud I am being or how much time is passing I sob and sob. Suddenly I hear a deep male voice cough. I sit up quickly. Who is there? I glance around and sure enough I see the silhouette of a tall man. I can't see him clearly enough. I sniff, not quite knowing what to say. "Is...er..everything ok?" He asks again. I love the sound of his voice. I could listen to it all night. Hmmmmmmm it's so deep and.. "Are you alright?" He sits beside me on the bench and I struggle to find my breath.

"Um...." I wimp quietly, desperately thinking of something to say. "I just.....had a bad evening"

"I can see that clearly enough" There. His voice again. Ugh. Snap out of it Rosie. You don't know this man. "I'm sorry" I say.

"Sorry for what?" He asks. I can see him more clearly now. He's handsome. Very handsome. I find myself staring deep into his eyes. "I...I don't know" is my reply. He smiles. Ahhh such a lovely smile. He has dimples. I love dimples. "What happened?" He asks. He sounds genuinely concerned. I smile and find myself spilling everything. He listens to me. I feel safe, calmer in his presence. Slowly I find myself edging closer to him on the bench. When I finish telling him he reaches out a hand and brushes my hair from my face. I close my eyes. His touch sends tingles through my spine. I feel the whole 'butterflies in the stomach' sensation rising up in me. "I'm so sorry about what happened" He whispers his face close to mine. I can feel his breath on my neck. I breath in heavily, my eyes still shut. He continues to stroke my hair gently. I lean in closer. He does the same. He kisses me softly.

Thats when my phone goes off. Why? Why? WHY?? WHY NOW? We pull away I thumble in my cardi pockets and find my phone. It's Kyle. I curse under my breath. The mysterious guy looks at me as I answer the phone. "Baby" Kyle says. "Come back baby i'm sorry".


"Please babe i'm lonely. It's our anniversary for Christ sake. Lets spend it together." I feel my insides melting. It's our anniversary. What is going on? Just a few minutes ago I loathed this man. Now I was feeling all romantic and happy. "Ok." I find myself saying. I hear Kyle sigh in relief and we hung up. I look around the mysterious man is walking towards me. "I'm sorry.." I begin to say.

"Ssh" He presses a finger against my lip. "Enough apologies." He slides a slip of paper into my hand and walks away into the night.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully the nexy tchapter should be abit jucier ;) Tess xxx


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