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My first dates with my Ex
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My Girl Jo

I met her at a Saturday dance at the local Women's College We seemed to get along, just talking and dancing. She gave me her phone number, and I promised to call her.

The next night my girlfriend of a year told me she had found a better guy to date. She said his cock was bigger than mine. I knew she was lying because I had seen him in the shower and he had a pitiful cock but he did have money so I knew it was his wallet that was bigger than mine.

I waited till Wednesday to call Jo. We made a date for the following Friday and I took her out to dinner and a movie. Then she surprised me with a heavy make out session, and when I put my hand on her boob she didn't move it. Her curfew was up so I kissed her chastely at the door.

My mother who had medical problems had to go into the hospital on Friday and would be there till Sunday.

I told Jo I would make her dinner, On Saturday. I picked her up early because I had dinner almost finished so when we arrived we sat and had our salad and a glass of wine. I left while she was finishing her salad. I pulled the potatoes out of the oven then I put the meat under the broiler. 10 minutes and I turned the meat and I5 minutes I served dinner with another bottle of wine.

When dinner was finished we went to the couch and started making out. I unbuttoned her blouse and in as I slipped it off her shoulders and in the same time unhooked her bra. She had a DD cup, and when I started licking had sucking on her nipples. I put her hand on my hard on. She started rubbing it and I unzipped her skirt, slipped it off her and pulled her panties down stood and undressed. We went into the spare bedroom and I ran my fingers along her slit and found her clitoris and started rubbing it with my thumb and I slipped 2 fingers in her tight hole. I rubbed against the front wall of her vagina and found her G spot, rubbing that and playing with her clit, she stiffened and I could feel her clamping on my fingers. She screamed my name and said Oh God don't stop. It took her 5 minutes to quit shaking.

Then she grabbed my cock and started pulling it I told her to slip her fingers into her core. She did and then her hand slipped up and down my cock. She got turned on again. She pulled her knees up and spread them and I slipped my cock along her slit. I started on her clit and rand it clear to the back and then up to her clit again I then slipped it in to her honey hole. We started making slow love and increased to a good fast fucking speed she kept yelling harder….faster Oh Dave fuck me hard faster, harder faster. OOOH I'm coming again when she clamped down on me it was too much and I filled her with my sperm.

We collapsed and I managed to collapse to her side. We snuggled for a while and I swung her feet to the side of the bed and then I pulled her knees apart and went down to lick and suck her pussy. She had never had that done to her and she tried to push me away until I hit her clit with my tongue and then started sucking in it and she then started pulling my head closer and I could feel her tensing and when I put 2 fingers in her it drove her over the edge and she screamed stiffened and grabbed my hair and pulled my head tighter onto her cunt. I sucked and tongued her clean. Then she collapsed. Fell asleep. I woke her in time to keep her parents happy we showered, dressed and had to run to my car to get her home on time.

She called me the next day and told me no one had ever made her cum. I told her turn about was fair play. I picked her up and we went for a drive and when we made it to a back road, she unzipped my pants and while she was doing that I unbuckled and pulled open my Levis. She didn't seem like she wanted to do it so I open the door and went to her side holding up my pants. I opened her door I opened the button on her pants. I pulled those and her panties off her. I think she thought I was going to fuck her, but I buried my face between her legs and orally got her to orgasm. I then walked around to my side of the car and told her to get dressed again.

I started the car and told her that she had the last orgasm she was going to get from me. She reached over and shut off the ignition and then pulled my cock out again and started sucking the head and I asked she to take more into her mouth and she started sucking it in and still sucking she slipped her head off of it. I kissed her and made sure when I stuck my tongue in her mouth she could taste her cum on my tongue. She went back to work and when I came in her mouth she swallowed it. I kissed her again and we swapped tastes with her and I asked her if it was as bad as she thought, and she said it was not bad at all but she said it was the fear of the unknown that scared her, just like the first time I gave her oral sex. Now with the fear I would stop making her cum she decided she could suck cock.


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