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Hannah has always been a good girl, but at seventeen, she gets raped, and introduced into a world she never knew existed. A world where monsters, werewolves, specters, demons, and vampires like the one that raped her exist. The good girl she once was no longer exists, and she has to learn to be a warrior, and to fight and uphold justice as she joins the cause to uphold laws in this world of shadows. View table of contents...


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*Contest Entry*

It was a warm and sunny afternoon in Shadow, Ohio, and Hannah had no idea that this night would change her life forever. Hannah was coming back from school, she had her dark brown backpack on, and was delighting in the warm October air. Hannah was beautiful. Her hair was a dark brown that offset her light brown skin. Her eyes were a really pretty dark green, and it accented her black/nativeamerican/white features. Her legs were long and toned, and she had a nice slim hourglass figure, with a somewhat modest bust and matching hips. That day she had decided to wear a tan cami and a green and white horizontal striped sweater over that. She wore a dark brown skirt and boots to match.

Hannah decided to get home extra early that day, because two days from now was Halloween. She decided to cut through the forest. Separating her school from her neighborhood was a thick forest. Hannah decided that she would just make a beeline for her home through the trees, no big deal, so she said goodbye to her group of friends and headed off into the woods. Soon, she was lost, and it was dark.

"Ugh!"she yelled in frustration, throwing her arms up. " I am completely lost! How is it possible that I didn't come out at the other side already!?!?" she mused. Suddenly, she sensed a presence behind her, and turned. It was hard to see by the light of the waxing moon, and all Hannah could see was a figure of a boy her age. "Hello?" she called. "Could you guide me to Hallowbrook? That's my neighborhood." she said. The figure came closer, and then disapeared.

Hannah felt the hairs rise on the back of her neck as she felt something behind her again, this time much closer, and suddenly, her bookbag was ripped from her back and thrown into the distance. "Sure," a smooth and seductive baritone voice said into her ear, and Hannah was suddenly pinned against a thick tree. " I'll do you this favor for you, but first you have to do something for me." said the voice, and it's lips nuzzled against her neck, and an erection pressed into her back. Hannah's voice was shaky when she spoke, " Um, that's okay I can find my own way home. N,nice meeting you though." and she tried to get away from the tree, but he held her there, pinned, with his strength.

" Oh, you want to leave so soon? But were just getting started!" the voice said. Frightened, Hannah pushed with all her might at the boy's body and managed to take a few steps before he grabbed her arm and hurled her back to the tree. Hannah saw that he had light blond hair and a pale complexion. He was of a nice build, and he wore a sweater with khakis. But his eyes made Hannah's senses scream DANGER! They were bright red, and they were looking at Hannah as if they would like to devour her. "Mmmm, pretty kitten, don't run away, I'm gonna make you feel so good." he said, " My name's Darius, what's yours?" "H,H, Hannah." she stumbled out.

He smiled, showing pearly white teeth, teeth with unusual points, like fangs, but not quite. He leaned in close to her, his arms on either side of Hannah, and smelled her. "Mmm, you smell nice, you look nice, and your name is even nice. Nice." he said. "Now, why are your clothes still on?" That was when Hannah broke down and cried. "Please don't do this. Please." she begged. Ignoring her cries of fear, suddenly, Hannah was in a different place. It was an alleyway, and gaslights illuminated the streets beyond where she was pinned by Darius. At her back was a brick wall, and she looked down to see that she was wearing a brown and white dress with her bust held up by a corset.

It was a maid's uniform, with lacing up the front, and Darius was grinning down at her. " I thought you should be wearing a different wrapping" He said with a malicious glint in his eye. His accent had now turned British, and Hannah could feel that if she spoke, her's would be as well. Darius began to unlace her corset, and Hannah tried to stop him, but to no avail, he just kept easily knocking her fingers away, and eventually had it so that her white blouse was all that was covering her breasts. It was cold in the alleyway, and her nipples with their dark areola hardened into little pebbles.

The blouse had a deep cut that went alittle bit below her breasts, so that the cloth covering them were really just flaps. Darius unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, so unusual in this old victorian setting, and made it so that his cock sprung out. It was ten inches and thick as a small pipe, and erect. Hannah began pleading again for him to let her go, but Darius ignored her, and lifted her skirt up. He ripped away her panties and lifted her legs so they were around his torso, and the wall was supporting Hannah's back. "Do you like my cock?" His voice no longer held an accent, " You should, I'm a good size I should think." and he gave a little chuckle.

He poised himself at Hannah's entrance, and before he entered her, he sucked on Hannah's nipples. They sent electric little shocks when they were enveloped in his mouth, and Hannah couldn't stop herself from letting out a moan. Why is my body betraying me like this? I don't want this, how can it feel good?Hannah thought. Soon,she was wet, and Darius fondled her mound when he found out, fingering her until she was letting out bigger moans. He fingered her until she came, his cock still pointed at her entrance. "Please," her voice was a sob, "don't do this." she begged.

In response, Darius plunged into her cunt, breaking her hymen. " Hunh, so you were a virgin huh? Well, now your not, but you are a woman." Hannah was crying at the pain and at her situation. Darius, suprisingly, waited until he knew pleasure had taken over the pain, and he began to move. Hannah felt full, and when Darius began to move and create even more pleasure, she couldn't help moaning loudly. "Ungh, uh, mm, ugh, unh, Ung!!" She couldn't help making noise as he pulled in and out of her.It felt so good,and Hannah rode the wave of her orgasm, crying out loudly as it consumed her. She felt Darius' fangs pierce her neck. As she heard Darius grunt and felt him shoot his load inside of her, she woke up.

She was in the institute, not in the forest. The memory turned nightmare still had its grip on her, and she wished she could shake it off. To reassure herself, she grabbed her favorite knife, and held it close. It was a throwing knife, but Hannah had found another use for it. Slowly, relishing the pain, she drew it across her wrists, watching the blood leak from her veins. After a minute she washed it off with some water and a rag and bandaged herself. When she was done, she looked in the mirror. She looked the same since then, nothing had changed physically. Her dark brown hair was long and straight, and her dark green eyes glittered in the moonlight.

No, nothing had changed physically, but she was still scarred from what Darius had done to her. One day, she thought,that bastard will pay, and with his life.Exhausted and angry, Hannah went back to sleep.


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