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Mothers marrage to Blake is a chance of reclaiming all they had lost. Wealth, privlege and security. However when the price is set for all the riches bestowed, Casey must pay the price with her innocence. View table of contents...


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Chapter 7
As Blake advanced on Casey, she rose quickly and made for the door, kicking boxes as she went. The housekeeper was in the house as well as the workman, she thought, there was help. Two more steps and the large brass handle of the door was at her fingertips and with a a jerk, Casey threw back the door and ran straight into a man in a suit. Casey gasped and nearly fell, but the gentelman grasped Casey to steady her.
"Whoa there, wheres the fire?" He said with amusement in his voice. Casey looked up and met the kindest , bluest eyes she had ever seen. His golden hair was worn a bit long, and his curls brushed the top of his collar. He had a full mouth and tanned skin. He reminded Casey of a surfer or the blond guy in those fast car movies, except taller. Casey was at a loss for words, but Blake, who now stood behind Casey was not.
"Micheal! Great save. Always right on time, come in and join us. Casey was rushing out, however I think she will stay," Blake said as he turned Casey way from Micheal and back inside his office. The vibrator had fallen out of its box and lay on the carpet beside her chair. Casey looked back and was stunned to watch Micheal casually pick it up off the floor. What must he think now ,Casey thought, her cheeks turning violet.
"Casey I would like to introduce you to Micheal. His mother and I were married a few years back and Micheal now works for me. He is my right hand man. How is your dear mother by the way?" Blake asked
" She is living in the south of France right now, taking painting classes I believe Sir" Micheal answered " She wanted me to congratulate you on your new marrage and that she is so pleased for both you and Jane."
"She is a wonderful women and worth every cent I pay her in alimony" Blake replied laughing
Casey was confused and unsettled by this polite conversation around her, was Blake different with his last wife? And why did she not know about Micheal, he spoke Mothers name like he knows her.
"I guess this is yours" Micheal offered as he handed Casey the vibrator. Casey looked at Blake and thought he would explain why a sixteen year old was in his office with a vibrator. All Blake did was nod and smile. Something wasn't right Casey thought.
" Casey?" Micheal still held the thing out, and Casey gingerly accepted it back. On Micheals left hand she notice a heavy golden bracelet with the same crest as hers on his wrist. Beads of sweat poped out across Caseys brow. It can't be, she thought.
" Casey , Micheal was once where you are right now, sixteen with a very sore ass. But over time, he has realized the benefits of being obedient, at twentyfive, he is a very wealthy, powerful man in his own right. He is Harvard educated, handsome and is going to marry the youngest daughter of the Chief Advisor to the President. He has life by the balls Casey, But his balls are mine." Blake looked lovingly at Micheal with his last words. Micheal looked at the floor.
Blake continued " So as you can see Casey, Micheals mother is no worse for wear, the divorce had to come, we both new it, when Micheal was almost done his education. He would service me when I called, but he was away more then at home, so there was no real need to stay living with his mother. She is taken care of and Micheal came out of school making six figures . Everyone is happy. And he is always there when I want him, in business and otherwise. "
Casey was shocked by what Blake had said. Micheal was his forever, he wore the bracelet that said he was Blakes and he was a grown man! He was raped too and still is under Blakes thumb, was there no escape from this nightmare?!
" You will never control me like that" Casey said,." You will not control my life, and I will never go to you willingly. You are a sick twisted man."
"That is enough out of you " Blake stated calmly, rising he went to the book self and tipped the book. Casey rose to run, but Micheal was too fast , he had is arms around her and off her feet before she took a step.
"I was going to let you rest today, but you have to learn what happens with a sassy mouth" Blake explained as Casey was carried into the awful room by the man ,she thought , looked like an angel.
The click of the lock behind her and the bed with the shackles infront of her, Casey flew into a panic. She kicked and screamed and struggled against Micheal, who didn't budge. Blake nodded and suddenly Micheal dropped her in a heap on the floor. Moving to the door, Casey pulled and pushed on the door and frantically looked for a lock or deadbolt, but all that was there was a little box with a screen on it. " It a fingerprint scanner, no one can open that door but me, So get over here and take off those cloths" Blake demanded. Micheal was shedding his suit and Casey couldn't help but notice his lean body and sculptured muscles. Blake noticed too and Casey watched Blake drink in Micheals beauty.
Micheal casually removed his underwear and stood up , folding them, before placing them next to the rest of his cloths. Caseys heart was pounding and fear of what was comming didn't distract her from the nakedness of Micheal. His rod was hard and its enormous head was shining, it was so engorged. A drop of clear fluid hung from the tip and as Casey watched, slide down the crease of the head. Her womenhood pulsed and kept time with the heartbeat pounding in her ears. Heat spread across her belly and Casey slightly licked her lips, he was amazing to look at. Blake quickly undressed as well and he too stood naked, he lightly stroked his cock while he took in all that was Micheal. " Casey," Blake said thickly " Take off your cloths...now" never taking his eyes off Micheal.
Casey stood and slid out of her shorts and top, and the three stood looking at each other, Micheal stepped over to Casey and took her hand and led her to Blake. Once there he kneeled infront of him, dragging Casey with him. " can we Sir?" he asked looking up at Blake.
"Would you like to suck my cock?" Blake answered.
"Yes Sir" Micheal replied
"Show her how to milk my dick, and if you are good, I'll let you cum as well" Blake growled as he tipped his shaft towards him. Micheal immediately opened his mouth and covered it over Blakes head. Casey watched as his tongue darted out of his lips and licked as he sucked. Gently he cupped Blakes balls and rubbed them and moved his mouth up and down the stiff cock. Micheal's free hand reached for Casey and softly led her head next to his. He released the dick from his mouth and kissed Casey, letting her taste him as well as Blake on his lips. Deepening the kiss, he slid his tongue into her mouth and teased her tongue to join his. Casey closed her eyes and kissed him back following his lead. The head of Blakes penis glided between there lips and Micheals tongue licked and suckled as it moved back and forth. Casey did as he was doing and they were kissing and licking each other as well as Blake.
Micheal stroked Caseys back and moving down kneaded her buttocks gently. Grasping her hand he moved it up to Blakes ass and resummed his exploration of her. Caressing her breasts and rolling her nipples with his thumb, a small moan escaped from Casey and was answered by a moan from both Micheal and Blake. Micheal stroked her belly tracing little circles around her naval and dropping down further lightly teased Caseys hard clit with his fingers. Her dark curls were wet and her womenhood slick to his touch making it easy for his finger to slowly enter her. Casey gasped and withdrew slightly from Blakes cock between their kiss, but Blake placed his hand on her head and guided her back. Micheal stroked her clit, making Casey tremble with wanting. Her lips swelling with need and her opening pulsing from the pleasure of it. Casey grasped Blake harder as she could feel her orgasm building and her juices flowing out onto Micheals expert fingers. Moaning she opened her knees further,allowing him further access to her need. Just as the climax was about to crest, Micheal withdrew his hand and placed Blakes cock fully in her mouth. As she continued to suck it ,Micheal gave the same attention to Blakes balls, licking the soft skin and engulfing one then the other into his mouth. Casey moaned with the exquisite wanting in her pussy, Blake understanding, raised Casey to her feet and backing up, he lay across the bed sideways.
Blakes cock stood straight up and Micheal positioned her over it with her back to Blake and facing him. Casey watched as he grasped Blakes rod and ran his mouth over it, stroking it with one hand and her with the other. Blake placed his hands on her hips and with a slight pressure directed her aching pussy closer. Micheal lowered his mouth to Casey and licked at her clit as she sat on Blakes member.
"Lean back little one" Blake directed supporting her small frame with his hands around her ribs. Casey did ,and could feel his dick hit her g spot. Still Blake did not thrust, his whole shaft was buried inside her tight hole, and Micheal lifted her hood to draw her clit into his mouth. Casey had never felt such ecstasy. She dropped her head back and her loose bun falling free to brush across Blakes chest. Instinct took over and Casey started to rock on the cock in her while Micheal brought her to the brink of orgasm, only to withdraw slightly then resume. Everytime he did, her rocking became more forceful, seeking release until she was riding Blakes cock hard, thrusting herself down on his dick.
"Thats it, fuck that cock, oh god yes, ride that big dick" Blake growled as his own release was building, grabbing Casey and stilling her rocking,his manhood pulsed and he spilled his load into her hot hole. Micheal licked at the cum dripping down Blakes balls, and when he had licked it clean, he grasped his shaft and withdrew it from Caseys still pulsing opening. Semen oozed out and Micheal sucked at her lips and darted his tongue into her lapping up every drop. Taking Blakes semi hard shaft into his mouth he cleaned Caseys juices off and any remaining jizz. Returning to her clit Micheal enclosed his lips round it and sucked it into his mouth. Casey moaned and opened wider for him begging for release.
"not yet, you've been a bad girl" Blake whispered and Micheal withdrew, Casey let out a cry of protest. Blake rolled Casey off of him and reached for the vibrator, Micheal laid her back and positioned himself between her legs, raising her buttocks and lifting her legs open and back. He rubbed her clit with the tip of his dick, and then sliding his shaft across her slick opening. Casey reached down to touch herself, but before she could Blake had her hand,
"No no, you cum when I decide. You need to learn some obedience, you dirty little slut" Blake drawled, clicking on vibrator and Micheal slowly entered Casey.
He was much bigger than Blake and Casey could feel herself stretching to accommodate Micheals girth. As he pushed further, threads of pain and pleasure snaked outward from her center. Just as the pain threatened to be more intense then the wanting, Blake placed the buzzing vibrator on her bud. Instantly Casey was again adrift , rising to her climax as Micheal pushed harder to enter her narrow cavity. Moaning she grinded on his thick shaft, wanted his size to fulfill her need.
"Do you want to fuck that big cock he's got?" Blake said softly in Caseys ear, "Tell me what you want, and maybe you'll get it,"
"Please.....oh god please" Casey beged.
"Tell me, say please can i get fucked...sir." Blake said softly kissing her neck and taking the vibrator on and off her throbbing sex.
"Please.. Can I...get ....fucked ....Sir?" Casey answered breathlessly, rising her hips.
"Show me, Micheal how many times you can make my little slut cum"
"Yes Sir" He replied and started thrusting into Casey, holding her body in an angle that allowed his dick to rub her g spot with every movement. Combined with the buzzing on her clit the orgasim that had been building burst forth instantly and Casey cryed out over and over as wave after wave surged through her. Her vaginal walls constricted and released around Micheals cock, but he controled the urge to join her in her rapture. Pulling out completely his dick was seeping clear fluid and it made a glistening thread from his sex to hers. He watched her cum dribble down her ass and form a wet spot underneath her. As her climax was easing he entered her again, fucking her harder, using his cock to rub her g spot. Blake rolled the vibrator back and forth and Casey arched her back, the pressure and pleasure of another orgasm was building and a long moan came out of Casey, a primal sound that let the men know of the impending climax. Micheal pulled out again completely and a gush of Caseys cum followed. Blake rubbed the vibrator over her lips and more followed. Again and again they repeated this until Casey was begging for more and pleading to stop. The bed under her bottom was saterated and Casey was exhausted. Blake nodded to Micheal, who Casey now considered a fucking machine, and he leaned forward , bringing himself eye to eye with Casey. He slowed his thrusts and instead withdrew slowly, then reenter with the same deliberate pace. Casey wrapped her legs around his waist and tilted her hips at the apex of his entry. She watched his tropical eyes darken with passion and his breathing come out of him with coarse gasps. His huge manhood was swelling inside of her and Casey again was rising to meet him in lust. Just as the steady , slow in and out was bringing Casey to another peak, he finally lost control and grabbing her ass cheeks in his hands he drove himself into her, withdrawing and slamming fully in again, and again. That was all Casey needed and she and Micheal came, grasping each other like they would never let go.


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