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Mothers marrage to Blake is a chance of reclaiming all they had lost. Wealth, privlege and security. However when the price is set for all the riches bestowed, Casey must pay the price with her innocence. View table of contents...


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Chapter Six
Casey woke in her own bed, the sun shone through the floor to ceiling windows , making her whole room glow in the cheery light. She stretched and the soft sheets felt like sand paper on her behind. Oh God, Casey thought as the previous nights events came rushing back in vivid detail. She jumped out of bed and rushed to the mirror on her wall. The full length view showed no outwardly signs of the abuse. The only evidence was the red welts cross her buttocks. Her anus and vagina were humming with discomfort, and raising her cheeks Casey discovered they too were and angry red. Dryed semen was on her, and Casey dashed for the shower. Like a women possessed she scrubed and lathered and scrubed again until her whole skin was pink. Wrapping herself in her robe, she returned to bed and pulled the blankets back over her head. Sleep was not going to come and steal her away from her nightmare any more today and after an hour of replaying her assault in her mind, she sighed and threw her covers back once more. Might as well get dressed and go out to the garden , Casey thought, and doned soft shorts and a tank to wear. Underwear was not an option this morning, the chafing would be too much on her raw bottom. Dressed, Casey coiled her long tresses in a bun , grabbed a book and made her way down the stairs.
"Well look who decided to join the land of the living!" Jane exclaimed at the foot of the stairs. Dressed in a white tennis outfit that Casey had never seen, the pleated skirt was flared out around her long legs and she twirled around for Casey to see. " Do you like it?" Mother asked, giggling like a school girl "Blake surprised me this morning with it and a new racket, shoes and private lessons ! I start today, He said he would like to play doubles with the Senator and his wife, but I needed some lessons first"Mother gushed almost skipping to the door with racket in hand.
" I saved lunch for you, its in the kitchen and Blake is working, so keep it down. Don't answer the phone, he will get it in his office...umm Am I forgetting anything....yes.. I wanted to tell you to start thinking about schools. There are three that has invited you for the fall term. The papers on them are in the kitchen, look them over and we will talk over dinner which one you will attend. Bye sweety" And just like that, Jane was out the door. Casey went to the window and watched her mother climb into a shining new BMW . Mother seemed much more alert today Casey mused. But like always she didn't have a clue. What would Jane choose, she pondered, All these things or me, Casey knew the answer, however that was better left alone.
In the kitchen the housekeeper was loading dishes into the dishwasher and humming a happy tune. On the marble island were a stack of glossy brochures for exclusive private schools. Casey had already decided she would pick the one that would be far enough away that boarding there would be a must. Living away would be like a gift sent to heaven, but Casey had a suspicion Blake would not allow that to happen. The food Jane had mentioned sat beside the papers and Casey decided to take the sandwiches and a bottle of water with her to the garden. As she made her way through the house to the back doors that overlooked the garden a man was leaving the den in a white workmens overalls, with a heavy belt on his hip full of pliers and screw drivers and tools of his trade. Casey stepped aside to let him pass and noticed on his back that he worked for a security firm. She watched him go up the stairs and disappear on the second floor. As she turned she bumped into Blake.
"Good afternoon, sleepy head " Blake chuckled , grasping Caseys shoulders to steady her " Did you sleep well darling"
Casey looked up at him and shot him a glare, hoping she looked more pissed off then terrified.
"Fine" She replied stepping back and shaking off his hands. Shame and fury coursed through Casey and she to feel her cheeks burning.
The smile on Blakes lips faltered a bit and a hard look crossed his face. He again placed his hands on Caseys shoulders and squeezed, just a little.
"Fine what?"He asked
"fine...sir" Casey grated out through her clenched teeth. His smile returned and he released Casey.
"Thats better. Now I guess you are wondering why I am adding more security, Its more for the people in the house then for intruders, I installed cameras and a one way intercome in all the rooms, so that I can keep an eye on my ladies from my office. Plus if I need you, it will save me the trouble of walking to the other side of the house. "Blake explained "I will always be watching you Casey"
A shudder ran down Caseys spine, all her privacy was stripped away now, she had nowhere to hide.
Blake studied her reaction and waited for her to accept what she cannot change, then he continued
" I have some gifts for you as well my dear, they are in my office. Follow me, I'm sure your lunch will wait a few minutes." Blake took Caseys plate and book and set them on the small table next to them and led her through the rooms to his office doors. Panic coursed through Casey as he opened the double doors and stepped through. Her feet were planted and she stayed where she was , unable to enter. Blake turned and laughed outloud, " I said I have gifts for you, that doesn't involve my dick Casey, get in here you twit" Casey slowly passed the threshold and stood behind one of the leather wingback chairs facing his desk. She watched as he unlocked an armoir to her right and returned with some packages.
"Sit" Blake instructed and Casey creeped around the chair and sat, wincing at the hard surface on her tender behind, Blake chuckled again at her discomfort, and layed the brightly wrapped boxes on her lap. "Open them" He said. Casey pulled the bow on the first box and removed the paper, lifting the lid she stared down at a black phalus shaped instrument. She looked up a Blake confused.
" It a vibrator Casey, and I want you to use it only when I tell you to. You are not to masturbate without permission, if you disobey I will punish you, am I making myself clear?" Casey noded as she closed the box and set it at her feet, opening the next box. Inside was a leather collar. In the center was a strange crest Casey had never seen before. The thing was beautifully crafted and the leather was black and soft as velvet. Casey looked at Blake for explanation. " you will wear this collar when I tell you to, it has my crest on it and that will tell anyone thats around that you are mine and cannot be touched without my permission." an overwhelming feeling of dread settled in Casey. Who else is going to touch me, Casey thought, as she dropped the horrible thing back into its box. She didn't want to open anymore boxes. The next one Blake handed her was small, and when she lifted the lid a ring and bracelet was nestled inside .It was beautiful, delicately crafted gold filigree chain attached the bracelet to the ring and a small crest, Blakes crest, surrounded by tiny rubies set into the gold of the bracelet. Casey thought it was the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. Blake removed it from the satin and held it in one hand and took Caseys left. He slid the ring over her middle finger and clasped the bracelet around her wrist, snapping the lock closed.
"there, beautiful, fits perfectly" Blake murmured as he looked lovingly down at Caseys hand. " the only way this comes off is if I take it off, understand?" he asked " You would have to get a locksmith to remove it otherwise and that would be bad.. Very bad"
"How am I supposed to wear this all the time? Mother will want to know where I got it. What about school?" Casey looked down at the cool metal and shuddered.
" You will lie to your mother and say you bought it at a jewelry store with money I gave you. You will explain if anyone asks that it was different and unique and thats why you wear it. But you and I and a select few will know the difference. If you are ever approached and someone comments that you belong to me or that this is a slave ring, you will say nothing. You will not look them in the eye nor will you speak unless demanded to. Even then you will only answer yes and no, thats it. Are you perfectly clear?"
"Crystal" Casey responded
" Now because you were such a good girl lastnight I have decreased you mothers medication and I have employed a gentlemen to seduce her. It will be great for her selfesteem and she will enjoy his favors. You and I will have more time together and everyone will be happy." Blake stated as he sat behind his desk.
" Wait a second, do you mean you hired a guy to get in mothers pants?" Casey exclaimed
"Yes" Blake answered
"How do you know she will go for it, she loves you, she would never cheat on you"
"Yes she will because I go out of my way to make her feel like i don't want to fuck her. I cover her face with the sheets when I am screwing her and I make sure she doesn't cum. She will love to have her pussy licked by a young stud, drooling over her every move. I'm sure he is rubbing his sizable cock across her ass right now as we speak"
Realization dawned on Casey as it clicked into place, the tennis lessons.
Blake continued " You see Casey for this to work, everyone needs to play their role. Your mother married me for my money and for respectability. She is on top of the world. She will do whatever it takes to remain with me. When I tell her that affairs are allowed as long as they are discrete then she will agree. She knows monogomy was not something I value, and I have no intention of being faithful myself, she agreed. Honesty is always best."
"Did you mention you raped her daughter? Mister honesty" Casey spit
"No thats our secret.. And for the record, women don't cum all over the bed when its rape, you sassy pup. You were moaning like a whore when I was sucking on your cunt. You loved it."
"No I didn't, I hated every second and I hate you" Casey growled, the words dripping venom.His words were true, she was moaning and acting like a whore when he was licking her, she did cum, but she was never going to admit that to him.
" You lie little one, and I told you already not to lie" Blake said raising from his chair and advancing on Casey


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