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Mothers marrage to Blake is a chance of reclaiming all they had lost. Wealth, privlege and security. However when the price is set for all the riches bestowed, Casey must pay the price with her innocence. View table of contents...


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Chapter five
Casey was so weak that when the restaints were removed she slid to the floor in a heap. She curled into the fetal position and wrapped her arms around herself. She just wanted to close her eyes and wake up someone else. Or better yet, not wake up at all. Blake scooped her small frame up in his arms like she was nothing and cradled her against his chest. Caseys bottom lip was trembling slightly and Blake stood in the middle of the room looking down at his prize. He sighed wondering if he should put her to bed now and let her rest or continue with her education. He decided to let her sleep for an hour then continue. A bit of rest will give her some energy to fight back. If he took her now, she would just lie there, and thats no fun. So Blake layed Casey down across the bed and smoothed her hair that was stuck to her cheek. Casey didn't stir as he placed her wrists into the cuffs. There he thought, incase she wakes before I return.
Casey was having a sweet dream when awareness crept over her sleep. She groaned in protest when her peace was broken with Blake securing her ankles to the bottom corners of the double bed she was stretched out on.
"Please let me go, I just want it to stop now ok? Please, I will do whatever you want tomorrow Ok? Just stop for right now Ok?" Casey bargained
" No Casey, its been my experience that opening a new toy should all be done in the same night", Blake explained " You can do this sweetheart" Blake said in a tone that almost sounded like affection as he stroked her hair.
" No, no no " Casey pleaded as his hands moved over her body, fondling her firm breasts, cupping one, then the other. Blake lowered his head and licked and sucked her nipples until they were hard nubs in his mouth. Casey couldn't help but noticing her body responding to the attention. She swirmed under is mouth but remained silent . She watched has Blakes head went lower to her stomach and lower still until his mouth was above her slit. He looked up at Casey and was pleased she was watching his progress, a smirk was on his lips when his tongue flicked out to taste her.
A jolt shot from her crutch and Casey jumped, Blake flicked his tongue again and her reaction was the same. The pain from the spanking of her pussy was gone but the whole area was extremely sensitive. Blake opened her hood to gain better access to her clit and sucked it into his mouth and rolled his tongue on it. Casey gasped at the pleasure of what he was doing, electric shocks were running down her legs. On and on Blake licked and sucked until Casey was moaning, arching her back and rolling her head from side to side. She was throbbing so hard that her legs were trembling, and all the blood seemed to be pooling in her clit, a tide was building and just as it was about to crest Blake pulled away and looked up at Casey.
"do you want to cum on my face? Ha ha yes I think you do. Ask me Please, and you will"
Casey stared at Blake, the days events all but disappeared, the intense throbbing in her pussy was all Casey could think about, the release his mouth would give her.
" Please" Casey breathed, Blake returned his attentions to pussy and again and Casey felt her orgasm build and explode over Blakes mouth. Wetness pulsed out of her hole and soaked the bed beneath her. Casey cryed out and and panted from the pleasure of it.
Blake lifted off the bed and returned with a vibrator, he layed that on her still hard clit and turned it on. "Show me how you can squirt sweet thing" Blake said. Casey arched her back and curled her toes, moaning and moaning as another orgasm rocked her body, again she gushed.
" You are ready to be fucked now aren't you" Blake growled as the positioned himself between her legs, "open your eyes and look at me Casey" he said , Casey obeyed and looked into Blakes eyes as he grasped his manhood and positioned himself at her entrance. Slowly he entered her and Casey could feel her stretch around him painfully. Her eyes widened as she took more of him in her until he stopped at her barrier. Blake reached up and took her neck in his hand. Slowly he pushed further and searing pain ripped through where pleasure was a moment ago.
"Oh ya you are so tight and wet" Blake gasped and continued to push himself inside. Withdrawing he moaned and Casey whimpered. Again he thrust, more forceful this time, squeezing slightly on her neck. In and out he drove himself into Casey, all the while he never took his eyes off Caseys face. He kept the pressure on her neck to remind her who was in charge . Blake couldn't believe how good she felt under him, but he couldn't get enough of his cock in her. Pulling out completely he leaned back and unclasped her ankle. When her leg was free Casey tryed to close it over the other. Blake hooked his arm under her knee and put his weight against it, pulling her leg up and open. Casey tried to lower it but Blake grabbed her again by the neck and squeezed, giving her a warning glare. He drove himself fully into her and grinded his hips.
"Thats right, take that cock. Take it, oh ya take that big cock, Thats a girl" He chanted as he drove himself fully into her over and over. Blake pumped and pumped in and out, every time he would withdraw the muscles in her cunt contracted and grasped the head of his cock. He was quickly losing his grip on his lust and faster he fucked her. Harder and harder he pushed into her. Everytime he could feel her muscles grasp him. Cum rose up his dick and Blake concentrated to keep it from spilling.
Casey felt Blakes balls slapping against her sore ass. The force of his thrusts was brutal and the pain seemed to spread all the way into her belly. Sweat glistened of his chest and his face was twisted in a mask of total abandonment. Suddenly he pulled out and drove two fingers inside her, curling them up to hit her g spot. As soon as he started rubbing inside her Casey could feel exquisite tingling and pressure building. The pain gave way to the climax as Casey cryed out and squirted over his hand and up hisq arm. Tears of shame and hatred for her own body, as well as for Blake ran down her face and anger coursed through her limbs. Casey kicked out with her free leg and connected with Blakes side spinning him slightly. She was so small compared to his bulk. He grabbed her ankle and lifted it back so far it was almost touching her ear. He entered her again but with only a fraction of his length and pumped his dick on her g spot again. Faster and faster the fucked her and again Casey knew her body would betray her. With a scream she sprayed across her belly and thighs. Blake drove him self fully inside her and Casey screamed again but out of pain. Three pumps and and Blake pulled out fully and came across Caseys already wet tummy.
Both were panting and trembling as Blake undid the cuffs. Casey rolled on her side to cover herself and shivered there for a moment. Laying down, Blake spooned into her and hugged her close to him.Breathing in deeply he hummed in contentment. Casey lay there wondering if it was rape when she had orgasms herself. How could she get pleasure after being beated and sodimized, her virginity stolen and yet climaxing too. What sort of person is she. What sort of man is he to make her do those things. Blakes power over her was not only physical, but he now was in her head.


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