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Mothers marrage to Blake is a chance of reclaiming all they had lost. Wealth, privlege and security. However when the price is set for all the riches bestowed, Casey must pay the price with her innocence. View table of contents...


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Casey hit the floor and scrambled to the nearest corner. Wide eyed and terrified she watched as Blake strode towards her. His strong jaw was clinched and the muscles in his neck was popping out. The fire in his eyes convinced Casey he would kill her in the horrible room. He grabbed her buy her hair and dragged her towards a wooden bench with leather padding on the top. The top of the bench was only a foot wide and he bent Casey over it. Reaching around her waist a heavy leather strap was tightly secured around her hips. Casey was crying and kicking but couldn't release her self .Blake grabbed on ankle and bound it to the base and then the other.Casey was now bent over with her legs tied partly open, from the waist up was hanging over the other side , she could raise her chest and head up, but not enough to straighten. Her bottom was in the air for all to see, Casey was thankful for the panties that covered her. Behind her she could hear Blake getting something from the bench and returning to stand behind her.
"Casey this is a totally secure and sound proof room, so feel free to scream if you need to". Blake said as he rubbed her pussy over her panties.
" you are going to be sore tomorrow" he added with a chuckle as he tore her panties free exposing her ass and pussy to him.
"mmmm look at that little pink pussy and asshole. We are going to open you up baby" Blake grabbed her ass cheeks and raised her a bit more spreading them open . Casey struggled and screamed for her mother, and Blake rubbed his rock hard cock up and down her crack. She felt him move off her and she sobbed and pleaded to be released
"Shut up or i will gag you , you need to learn some manners. Only speak if i ask you to, understand. And address me as Sir" Casey couldn't believe this was happening, anger rose up and she screamed even louder.
"You fucking asshole" she screamed
The pain exploded across Caseys bottom .
Caseys legs buckled from the force and whatever he was hitting her with also stung her pussy lips. She had never experienced anything so brutal and humiliating. He was spanking her with something!!
Blake stepped around the bench and lifted Caseys head by the hair. He bent and looked in her face, Casey opened her eyes and discovered he was totally naked, his cock stood straight up , she looked up to his face and it was flushed with lust.
" Your ass and pussy look good pink, but its looks amazing red" Black growled " you see what happens when you are a bad little whore? Tell me your sorry"
Casey just stared into his face and couldn't beleive that it was real
" Fine have it your way" Blake sneered as he let her go and stepped back around to Caseys bottom
" Im sorry im sorry " Casey yelled as she heard him pick something up
"Too late"Blake said . WHACK WHACK WHACK
Again he came around to Caseys front , she chanted Sorry, sorry sorry over and over. Blake stood in front of her and said in a soft purr. " Show me how sorry you are"
Casey raised her head and Blakes dick was infront of her face, she turned her head away
WHACK He had swung the tool he was using across her back to hit her ass, in fact it curled and struck her pussy harder, Casey screamed and tears streamed down her face. She turned her head back to Blakes rod. In his hand he has a three foot long thick leather belt in the other he tipped his dick to her mouth.
"Now show me how you can be a good girl" Casey enclosed his cock in her mouth and waited for him to pump it like he had done before
" No no you suck it . Use your mouth to stroke it " Blake instructed. He stood still as Casey slide her mouth up and down over the top of his head. "Deeper" He gasped as Casey tried to fit his big size further in her mouth.
"Fuck you suck cock good , your mouth is so wet and hot, but no jizz for you yet" Blake said as he pulled out of Caseys mouth.
Black walked across the room and grabbed something else and returned to Casey bottom. Casey could hear him rustling and then felt him rub oil across her crack. She grateful for the cool feeling to ease the hotness of her ass, then she could hear a humming sound before she felt the instrument placed on her clit. It felt good but Casey wished otherwise. A soft moan escaped her lips as he rubbed it back and forth across her womenhood. Wetness dampen her curls and her clit swelled to a hard little button. "oh god please stop" Casey moaned as her orgasm built and built , just as release was comming Blake moved the vibrator away . Stunned Casey shifted her head and cryed a fresh batch of hot tears.
Black set aside the toy and stepped up behind Casey , grabbing her cheeks he spread them wide and slipped a finger into her asshole. Casey went wild bucking and screaming with every ounce of energy she had but Blake pushed another finger inside her.
"shut that fuck hole under your nose" Blake hissed as he pulled his fingers out and reached for a gag. He shoved the ball past her teeth and fasten it in the back of her head." there thats better" He chuckled as he resumed fingering her hole. When Casey felt him withdraw his fingers the second time she relaxed a little, maybe he lost interest and would move on, but when she felt him stroke the head of his penis on her asshole. Realization set in on what was about to happen. Casey fought the bindings and screamed against her gag, but Blake pushed his head into her and rode out her bucking.
"The more you tense to keep me out the more it will hurt" Blake said matter of fact, Casey was panting and sweating, her back was slick with sweat, but for all her efforts Blake was going to get what he wanted. He pushed inside her slowly and moaned as he buried his whole rod as deep as it would go, as he started short pumps Casey sobbed at the tearing pain. With every push she could hear him moan at the pleasure he was having, she could feel his testicles bounce on her injured pussy lips. Blake thrusts became longer and more forceful as he came closer to climax, until his thighs were loudly slapping against hers. Casey grunted from the force of Blakes trusts , he grabbed her hair and twisted her head back painfully and used it for leverage. He pushed and spilled cum inside Caseys rectum, and with a long sigh withdrew from her.
Blake opened a door behind Casey and she heard water running. She guessed he was washing her rape off himself and hoped he would offer her the same mercy. He returned and slaped her sore bottom with his hand.
"Casey, tell me how grateful you are to have me open a new fuck hole for you" Blake demanded as he removed the gag. Casey slowly closed her stiff jaws and tryed to do what she was told, She repeated his words back to him and he smiled and kissed her mouth.
" Good girl. You don't know it yet but I did you a favor. I last far longer the second time and an hour slamming that ass would leave you in bad shape. Can't have you not being able to sit for two weeks"


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