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Mothers marrage to Blake is a chance of reclaiming all they had lost. Wealth, privlege and security. However when the price is set for all the riches bestowed, Casey must pay the price with her innocence. View table of contents...


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Chapter three
The remainder of the day Casey spent in her room, the immense bathroom off her bedroom bellowed steam across the carpet, from the fourth shower of the day. Casey lay on her bed crying until all her tears were gone. What will she do. She was living with a monster she tbought. Just as the options were being weighed the door burst open and Mother stood in the doorway looking like she just stepped out of the pages of Vogue. Casey sat up and greeted Jane.
"Hello Mother.. Umm how was your day?"
" Don't Hello me young lady" Jane spit. "How are you so stupid and selfish!"
"What are you talking about?" Casey was confused, she was assaulted today and now getting chewed out by the mother she was protecting.
"You know very well what I am talking about! Blake told me everything!"
Casey s blood turned cold, be told her what he did to me and she is mad at me?Casey thought. The little grip Casey had was slipping
" Everything he has done for us and you treat him like that?All he wanted to do is talk and you told him we were better off without him! Are you MAD!! Do you just love to see me suffer?" Jane ranted "Blake suggested I start seeing Dr. MacDonald and you know what, I am going to. I just don't know how else i am going to be able to cope with you. I raised you to behave and act like a lady. You are becoming a disappointment to me. Just do whats expected of you and we will both reap the rewards.. Is that understood" . Jane stopped for a breath, " Promise me Casey" She demanded
" ok " Casey whispered, feeling like her whole world just came to rest in the pit of her stomach
"Well I should hope so" Mother huffed, spinning on her new pump and slamming the door behind her.
The following days drifted by like everything was normal , Casey wanted to believe it never happened. Sitting in the garden reading was how she spent her days, staying away from Blake was easy to do because he didn't seem to go out of his way to see her. Casey even started to believe it could be a bad dream, and life would be good if that day never happened. Casey had thought a lot about telling someone what Blake did to her , but as time passed and Casey met the most powerful men and women for fourhundred miles, come to the house and grovel to Blake. The threats he had promised become written in stone. He was a puppeteer, and had his finger on everyone who held anykind of power who could help. Judges, lawyers, Police Captains, politicians, and even the Governor and his mistress came to speak to Blake in his office. Casey knew his office was in the house, just off the den, but had never been in it. When the seven foot double doors shut, you could hear it across the downstairs. Bang. If he was not happy to see his guest then the doors sounded like a shotgun blast when he slammed them shut. Casey hoped she never had to enter that office. Lives were made or broken in there. A shiver ran down Caseys spine. She had seen dangerous people before, In the trailor park there were dealers full of tattoos leering at her as she walked by, there was man who returned from jail after serving time for beating his wife to death, however, none of them were as frightening or dangerous then the man who her mother married. Casey was sure he could make people disappear and no one would ask questions. Casey was stuck where she was and would have to do exactly as he wanted she thought. Tears threatened again but Casey blinked them back. I am sixteen, in two years I will go to college, and be free of this prison. Can I avoid him for two years?Casey pondered I hope so.
Dinner was the same as every other night. Casey was silent and kept her head down through the meal as not to have to look at her attacker. Mother prattled on about the club and this person and that person. Casey could hear Blakes deep voice respond to her questions and inquire how so and so was faring. Jane was chatty more than useal, mostly in part to the pills Dr. MacDonald put her on for a condition he said was due to the trauma she suppered with the death of her first husband. Her eyes were glassy and as the day wore on, her speak becomes slower. She was retiring to her room as early as eight in the evening everynight. Tonight was no different, Jane left her dinner mostly uneaten and left the table to make her way to bed. As Mother rose to leave, so did Casey, not wanting to be alone with Blake.
"Sit" Blake commanded as Jane left the room, Casey wasn't fast enough with her exit. She returned to her seat and put her head down again.
"Casey," Blake began " Tonight I would like to get to know you even better. There is some cloths waiting for you on your bed, go upstairs and shower, put them on and come down to the den".
Casey bit her lip and looked at Blake. He sat back and stared back at her, a smile spread across his handsome face. Casey wanted to spit in that face.
"Do it now girl and do it fast, fuck around and things will only be worse for you" Blake said.
Casey nodded and rose from the table. Her mind running trying to find a way to escape. All the doors and windows were locked and alarmed. Mother was in a deep drug induced sleep and was no help even if she was lucid. By the time Casey entered her room she was shaking and her breath was comming out in little gasps. She had no choice, no power over her own body. H e will take what he wants and there was nothing she could do to stop him. Maybe if she just did everything he asked it will be over soon and she could go back to her books and the lovely garden.
On the bed was a white slip and Caseys tummy flipped. She walked past it to the bathroom and undressed and showered quickly. Returning to her bedroom she looked down at the nightie. Swallowing the bile that threatened to rise she slipped it over her head and walked bare footed down the staircase and into the den.
Blake was standing along side the fireplace with a crystal glass in his hand, swirling the amber liquid inside. He looked relaxed and he smiled as she entered.
"Ah there you are, you look good enough to eat" Casey stared at the floor and covered herself the best she could with her hands as the fabric barely overed her crotch and chest.
"You modesty is sweet my dear," Blake said, "Follow me into my office, there is something I would like to show you."
Panic pulsed through Casey and the flight response urging her to flee, Casey couldn't seem to make her feet move. Blake crossed the room in long strides and grabbed her by the back of her hair, dragging her along with him through the doors. Once inside he continued across the room to a bookshelf that ran across the back wall behind the huge desk. Reaching out with his free hand tipped a book and the section of shelves clicked and swung inward. Blake dragged Casey though the portal and into another room. It was white and in the middle was a double bed. There were handcuffs hanging from each corner of the bed. There was even a large wooden stock in one corner. Layed out on what looked like a work bench was various leather whips, sex toys and other things Casey didn't recognize. Her eyes widen and she succumbed to the fear and started to kick and swing . A blow landed on Blakes chest to no effect.
"Now i will show you now bad it can be you little bitch" he growled as he threw her to the floor.


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