By: monica maybe

Chapter 2,


Chapter two
Casey and Mother took a taxi from the trailor park to across town, Jane payed the fare with what Casey was sure was her last forty dollars. As they crossed the street Casey noticed that the gates to the property were left open and a paved drive curved to the left. Trees and bushes made a canopy over their heads as they briskly walked toward the house. The house itself was huge and at once Casey felt uncomfortable in her shorts and flipflops. But on they marched to to click click of Mothers heels. As they neared the door it swung open and a tall man, perfectly tanned, with broad shoulders and dark hair stepped out. The suit he wore Casey was sure cost more than the trailer she lived in and by the way it hugged his long legs and chest it was handmade, just for hi. A dash of white hair at his temples just added to his image of wealth and maturity. He greated Jane with a broad smile and a chaste kiss on the forhead. Odd Casey thought. On the forhead?  But before Casey thought to much about that he turned to greet her.
   " You must be Casey! How nice to finally meet you my dear, Your mother told me you were a pretty girl however she failed to mention you are simply stunning"
Casey didn't know what to say , she wasn't used to flattery, especially from a man.
    " Thank you, you have a beautiful home"
   " Mr Heartford Casey, but I hope you will call me Blake." Casey noticed a brief glance Mr. Heartford gave Mother and just as fast Jane apologized.
   " I am so sorry my dear, I was so excited about our day that I completely forgot to mention your name please say you forgive me " she pleaded.
    " Please dear, alls forgiven, lets go inside and have a glass of sweet tea" Black replied, again his smile returned. And the girls followed him inside the cool foray. 
   Casey took in the room as Jane and Blake made chit chat about the heat and the church. The walls were all cream with white marble floors, a huge vase of flowers sat apon the round table , again in tones of cream and white. The stairway that led to the upstairs was on the right, curving up to a carpeted hallway with white doors overlooking Casey. It was simple and clean and the most beautiful home Casey had ever seen. The house they lived in before Edwards death was nice as well however this spoke of old money, never ending wealth that builds over generations.
    "Come ladies I have lunch set out in the garden, there is a breeze and it should be nice under the arbor" Blake said as he ushered through the french doors leading to a professionally landscaped garden brimming with roses and every white and cream flower you could imagine, it was breath taking.
" Wow Mr.... I mean Blake, this is so beautiful, have you live here long ?"Casey asked, eyes wide as her head swiveled back and forth trying to take it all in in one look.
 " I have had this house all my life but never lived in it until four months ago, It was in the family but nothing ever drew me here , so it was empty aside from a gardener and a house keeper. " Blake replied
  " But now of course ,I will make home"
  " Blake can we tell her right away, I am so excited, I can hardly contain it, please?" Jane looked up and smiled at him like a puppy looks at a sock. Casey didn't notice the exchange , she was smelling an exotic looking orchid by the step to the patio. 
  " Tell me what?" Casey said, just catch a bit of the conversation
  "Well " jane started still glancing at Black for approval, and he nodded so she continued " Black has asked me to be his wife and I of course excepted.....and. The ceremony is in a week"
  " What? " Casey gasped " Wow"
  " I am so glad you are happy Casey and we are going to live here with Blake and be a family" Jane said, unaware that Casey didn't say she was happy, but Casey knew that was par for Mother. She heard what she wanted to hear and disregards the rest.
  "Your mother and I have made all the plans , so you just need to go do some shopping and be there on time" Blake instructed " It will be a civil affair with just the close family, private, just the way we like things, isn't that right my love"
   "Yes , just the way we like things" Chimed Jane
Never before , when dad was living was Mother anything but small and private, Casey thought, There was two hundred guests at her tenth birthday, and they rented a whole floor and the ball room in the most lavish hotel in town for Mothers thirtieth . But small was totally OK with Casey so she smiled and listened to Jane telling her about the secret love affair they had been having and how excited they both were to let her in on it. Casey smiled and nodded when she was expected too and all the while her mind was racing to catch up to the huge changes that were happening.
   Five days later Casey along with Jane moved in with Blake. Everything was so fast that even Casey's lost Saturdays wardrobe was just jammed into bags unfolded. That was all they had to move, everything was declared trash by mother at packing time. Even the pictures of her father was left for the next tenants to throw out. The wedding was indeed small with just Casey, Mother,Blake and his lawyer standing in front of the judge. Cake was served with coffee and everyone left. There would be no honeymoon, as Blake didn't see it fit to leave so soon after the wedding, when he and Casey we just getting to know each other, Jane of course agreed.
   The next morning over breakfast Blake declared" Darling, why don't you take the day, go to the spa, relax and finish off you new wardrob, Casey and  I will get to know each other a little better"
Jane looked back and forth from her new husband to her daughter and agreed, as she rose she leaned down and whispered into Caseys ear " Don't make a bad impression" Then Jane walked around the table and bend to kiss Blake, however he positioned his bead that she missed his mouth and caught his smooth cheek. With just a slight hesitation she straighten up and glided out of the room. It had been a few years since Jane could spend the day shopping and relaxing in a spa.
   " Come into the den Casey, so we can talk" Blake said over his shoulder as he left the room, Casey smoothed her auburn hair down ,took a deep breath and followed.
   "Sit here beside me " Blake instructed, patting the silk on the sofa seat next to him. 
Casey sat down and smiled up at him, waiting for the ' I love you mother and we can be friends speech' she was sure was comming.
    " Casey, I am going to make you a promise, I will never be untruthful with you, never lie, do you understand?" Blake started, 
    "and I am going to let you know how this arrangement is going to work" he continued
Casey frowned now, wondering what he meant by arrangement.
    " Your mother is happy and she has everything she lost , she will reenter society as I see fit and will have more money at her finger tips than you can imagine. Now for her to have all that, it comes at a price. Nothing is free. You my dear will pay the bills."
   Casey stared blankly into Blakes handsome face, Still not understanding what he was saying. Her heart started beating loudly that Casey could hear the drum in her ears.
    "What do you mean?" she whispered
Blake smiled and rested his hand over Caseys, covering it completely.
   "You will do as I say, say what I want you to say, and never lie , am I being clear?" Blakes thumb started rubbing the back of Caseys hand. 
   "You and your mother will never in your lives want for anything, everything will be payed for, and it will be the best. I am a very powerful man, if you refuse to pay your end of this arrangement then I will make sure your mother lands in an asylum, and you will be sent to a group home for troubled teens" Blake hand continued to caress , moving up Caseys hand to her forarm. 
    " Do not test me, If you try to tell your mother she will not believe you, and you know I am accurate in that" He stroked Caseys biceps with the back of his hand. ". Now I was some questions for you, assume if I am asking you a question I already know the answer, So do not lie and answer yes or no."
    Panic pulsed through Casey as she struggled to accept what was happening. She nodded to Blake.
   " Good girl, now, are you a virgin?" Blake asked. Caseys heart beat pounded, and her panic kicked up a notch.
 "yes" she whispered
    " Have you ever had a boyfriend?"
    " No" Casey replied, she could feel the heat in her face as Blake placed his other hand on her bare thigh, pushing the hem of her new sundress up slightly.
    " have you ever sucked a cock?" he asked casually, a small smile playing on the corner of his full lips. Casey tensed her legs together as his hand slowly moved to the inside of her thigh and her hem crept up further still. Every inch of her body wanted to flee but Blakes words rung in her head. Casey believed he would send Mother away and he would follow through with his threats, and who could she turn to for help? No friends,  no family aside from Mother, who would never believe this was happening.
    " no" Casey answered, tears filling her eyes.
    "Perfect, no bad habits. I will teach you how I like my dick sucked, starting now" As he pushed his hand further and lightly rubbed the panties at the apex of Caseys legs. " Do exactly what I tell you, stand up infront of me and take off all your cloths so I can get a better look at you" Black said thickly, Casey sat there shocked, her whole body started to violently tremble, this has to be a bad dream she screamed in her head.
    "Make me ask you again, I dare you" Blake hissed, his face hardening . Casey stood on shaking legs.
    " Please don't do this , please please please" Casey pleaded as the tears rolled down her flushed face
    " I have already done it, now its time to collect" Blake leaned back on the sofa and smiled up at Casey.
Slowly she slide the straps down off her shoulders and reached around to grasp the tiny zipper under her arm. She was trembling so hard that her fingers couldn't seem to grab the clasp. Her breath was comming out in little gasps. Blake just watched her fumble , looking like a wolf about to eat a rabbit. Finally the zipper came down and the dress crumpled at Caseys feet. 
    " take off the panties and bra as well " Blake commanded and Casey felt that she would burn up right there on the white rug from embarrassment. She did as he asked and stood naked infront of him.
    "Turn slowly so I can see all of you" Black let his eyes roam over every inch of her. Her flat stomach dipped perfectly to her mound covered in dark short curls. Her breasts were small with slightly upturned soft pink nipples that stood erect . As Casey turned her bottom was flawless and well rounded, with two dimples at the crevice where her butt meets her back. Blakes bulge in his pants grew larger and strained agains his belt. He needed release, he wanted to take what was his now, right here on the sofa, but he didn't want to rush. He had all the time in the world to play with her. He knew he had her, she was trapped and had no one to turn to. Comming inside that sweet mouth would do for today. Let her taste me he thought. Then let her process what happened here. Then she will be better when he did open her up.
    "good girl" he purred as he reached for a cushion. Placing it on the floor Blake stood infront of it.
    " come here Casey, " Casey took two steps to stand infront of him. The top of her head was only at his shoulder so when he tipped her chin up to look at him her hair swept across her bare bottom. Blake reached down and cupped her mound, letting his middle finger slide across her clit. Casey squeezed her eyes shut and bit her lip to stop a sob from escaping.
    "Open your eyes and do not close them again. You will not block out what is happening. I want you to remember every detail little one. Now kneel on that cushion at you feet"
Casey placed her knees on the cushion  and bowed her head so as not to look up and see what was position so near her face. Blakes erection was obvious and Casey was terrified about what was about to happen. She could hear him opening his belt and zipper and releasing his dick above her but Casey still prayed this would not happen. Blake placed his hand on Caseys head and tipped her head back. She wanted to close her eyes to the sight of his hard cock in her face. But again Black warned her.
"eyes stay open. Now open your mouth as well. Be mindful of your teeth . If you bite me I will snap you neck right here and tell you mother you fell down the staircase. Understand?" All Casey could do was nod yes. Slowly she opened her mouth a bit.
    " wider" Blake snapped ,Casey did 
Blake watched as the head of his cock passed her lips and he could feel the wetness of her tongue inside. Her mouth felt so hot around his cock that he had to restain himself from burying it down her thoat.,
"mmmm that a girl, open wider and use your tongue to stroke it"
Casey did as instructed and opened her mouth wider, Blake slowly slide in and out pushing further to the back of her mouth with every entry. Soon there was slick saliva covering his head and shaft and as he withdrew it dripped across Caseys breasts. Casey thought he was through so she started to move away from Blake and wipe at the wetness around her mouth.
    "Leave the spit on your face and tits love. I think it looks good on you. Come here and milk the cum out of my cock like a good little whore"
A sob escaped Caseys as she leaned back in and opened her lips once again. Blake could no longer contain himself and shoved his cock down her thoat and held her by the hair so that she couldn't pull away. Casey tryed to breath but couldn't and pushed against his legs .
     "mmmm god yes" Blake gasped as he withdrew and watched her gag and spit ran down her belly. Again he slide down her thoat pauseing for a second and withdrawing fully. Over and over he did this until he could feel the sperm rising and the head of his cock ready to explode
   "I'm going to cum in your mouth and you will lap every drop up, drink it like your life depends on it, because it does" Blake growled all the while raping Caseys mouth.
Casey was sure she would vomit if he didn't stop gagging her, forgeting her warning she tryed to close her eyes to the assault.
     "Open those eyes so you can watch me orgasm" Blake gasped and just as there eyes met Casey felt his dick swell even bigger and hot creamy liquid spray the inside of her mouth. Blake called out a guttural "Yeesssss!" and stayed in as his cock pulsed over and over again. 
     "now swallow it" He commanded as he pulled.out. Every instinct told Casey to spit out the foreign tasting goo in her mouth. But fear made her swallow. Still she could taste it and couldn't wait to brush it out of her mouth. 
Blake patted her on the head and walked out, fastening his pants as he walked, leaving the traumatized Casey to herself.

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